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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    So my friend got the first ever Model Y in Canada delivered to him in Vancouver on June 9! My wife and I were fortunate enough to get ours on Saturday, June 20. They said they'd done about 20 or so in Vancouver thus far. There a couple other ones being delivered the same day as us (and a...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Picked up my P3D in Vancouver on Friday (replacing my trusty 2012 signature red S). Well oiled operation. They said they were delivering around 60 per day and will close out the quarter doing so. I had planned to wait another month or two to pull the trigger, but the relatively worthless...
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    Tesla Model S Owner's Video -- Parody

    3 years later, a quick update. We were back at the ranch this week (yes, I drove the Model S up there..but not the last 30 miles on gravel). My son decided to make a "Gymkhana" parody using the 1984 Honda Civic. You may enjoy:
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    GM Chevy Volt

    Admittedly we've not driven it much yet, but in sport mode, the Volt seemed to spin out alot on a quick "punch" takeoff. There is just a lot more tire on the road with the Tesla.
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    GM Chevy Volt

    Just got our 2016 Volt fully loaded today too...and...also was quite shocked it didn't have Homelink in it. Overall I'm quite impressed with it as a secondary vehicle to our Model S while we wait for Model 3. Compared to Model S wow is it ever small (which is what we wanted) and wow does it...
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    Old farts reminiscing about computers

    Like many others here, I'm born mid-60s. First program written was at a Radio Shack: 10 PRINT "Hello" 20 GOTO 10 RUN Thought I was king of the world. Saw and played with Commodore PETs during Canada Wide Science Fair in Waterloo Ontario in 1980. Lusted after an Apple ][ but couldn't find the...
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    Good article in Forbes

    Oh oh, I think it is Alternate Universe Musk....
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    Err... hey Vancouver, where do I park?

    I'm quite sure that the parkcade behind Tesla on Robson (where they have the test drive vehicles) lets you self park overnight. It is where Fairmont guests park. Enter it off Hornby as if you are going to the Fairmont just past Robson and keep turning left... Hope this helps and enjoy!!
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    New Tesla Podcast: Introducing RIDE THE LIGHTNING!

    Any chance of getting this registered with Tunein -- that will make it easy to listen to while in the car.
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    Subtle "clunk" from rear when accelerating from a stop

    My clunk mysteriously went away a bit less than a year ago (I noticed I'd posted in this thread when it was prominent). I mentioned it to the service center and they said a software update had fiddled with something. Hard to believe but I know what I don't hear now.
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    Okay, so not a sighting but something close. I was in the Bay Area this week and bumped into a Tesla staffer. He indicated he'd recently been getting training on the X, that the design studio was coming very very soon, but that there were 3 last looks they were experimenting with and hadn't...
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    Driving on Sunshine

    Mods -- please merge this thread over to Driving on Sunshine -- feels like I should have put it there to begin with. Sorry and Thanks.
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    Driving on Sunshine

    Sorry, didn't see this thread when I reported my own status over here Driving on Sunshine (even in the Pacific Northwest) . Bottom line -- 1 year in I'm generating more than enough to cover all my driving, even this far north.
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    Driving on Sunshine

    Love your setup! As for mine, my son made a 30 second commercial for a film class for the Model S: I'd wanted to redub the music as Driving on Sunshine, but we lacked the vocal talent. I lifted two frames from that that show the car in front the of house, I'll paste below. Note -- there was...
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    Driving on Sunshine

    Driving on Sunshine (even in the Pacific Northwest) So we live in a suburb of Vancouver, a part of the world not known for its abundance of sunshine. A year ago today the solar panels went up on our house (after a multi-month wait for them to arrive -- serious backorder/supply issue). Now...
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    Model S Wedding Photos

    Yes, I was attempting to be ironic. I think the photo is not only going to be one of the more unique such shots, but perhaps one of the only such shots!
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    Model S Wedding Photos

    I think its about time we had a thread dedicated to wedding photos that involve the Model S. My former renter/now friend got married this weekend on Saltspring Island, BC -- otherwise known for being the home of @vger. My car was used as the transportation for the bride and groom around the...
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    Picture of a really dirty Model S (ideally white) wanted

    Here you go. I still can't believe I did this -- I was in @Vger's neck of the woods about 2 months after getting my S, February of 2013 I think, and I drove it to the top of Mount Maxwell. I thought it was going to be a "real road" up there but alas it was quite a bushwack. I've never done...
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    P85D Possessed? Car listening to Slacker by itself... (probably a bug)

    I have seen the same thing with tunein. Leave listening to one podcast, come back the next day and it's on another 3 episodes down. Glad that it seems Tesla's engineering believes.
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    Model X Tally

    My friend in Canada just reserved Production 924. I've attempted to update the wiki. That is 13 more production Xs in Canada since the last update. Aside -- while at the dentist yesterday my dentist and another patient told of how they had a total of 3 Xs on reservation for them. I personally...
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    A Few Comments on Safety for New Tesla Owners

    Great power is knowing you can do something but then not doing it. I thought that was a movie quote but couldn't find it. Of course, an equally valid movie quote is "With great power comes great responsibility", and even more so for our new P85D friends...
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    Vancouver Wrapping and Tinting

    Let me know how it ends up. I did the factory coating and wish I'd have gone for the whole car wrap.
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    Who in Canada will order the new P85D?

    As a P85 Sig owner, the one thing this announcement did for me was stop me pining for the parking sensors. What's the point of those now? I am amazed at the pace of Tesla's innovation -- they are much more like an Apple or Google than a GM or Toyota. So we shouldn't be surprised by the pace...
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    Crazy -- my son's school assignment 30 second Tesla Model S Ad

    Now, one unnerving thing about this is that it was filmed while I was in another province, which means my unlicensed 16 year old was the Model S stunt driver. And I'm not sure who the woman is either. Hope my wife was supervising... I did however notice the shenanigans going on via the...
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    Spud's Elektrik Trek -- a 17000km North American Journey Chronicle

    Just found out that an old friend and Victoria Model S owner is tromping around North America with his Model S. 17,000km journey. Full day by day blog at http://elektriktrek.postach.io It is amazing how the Model S + supercharger network has made these kind of extended road trips not only...
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    Canadian Superchargers

    I drove through Squamish this afternoon, won't both posting my pics, but the guy working said that there must have been at least 30 Tesla Owners who have stopped and taken pictures. I asked if he was moving to Hope next, he said it wasn't confirmed but that the crew was really hoping to. It is...
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    Greenest Car Ever

    So my wife texted me this afternoon showing that we've now got Green Kale growing in the frunk. If only there was a 110 outlet in the car, I could have my juicer in the trunk and not only drive green, but drink green too...:smile:
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    Subtle "clunk" from rear when accelerating from a stop

    Exactly the same as me. Hmm, both Signature Canadians. How many KM you have? I'm at 38k-ish.
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    Canadian Superchargers

    Stopped by at the Tesla store in Vancouver today. Huge activity there and very well staffed. But re: Squamish one staffer said 'sometime during summer' but another said sometime in June. So...nothing too definite..
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    Dash cam install experience

    So does anyone know of a place in Vancouver BC or Seattle that could do this excellent install job?
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    BMW i3

    We test drove the i3 today. Our second vehicle (the S is the first) is an aging Honda Odyssey and we are close to not needing a family truckster any longer. What we really want is a (Model S) * 0.8, but the Gen III is 4 years out and we don't want the van for that long. So the i3 would be a...
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    CBC National News TV Feature on Tesla and Road Trip Capability Coming soon...

    I agree, Vger and his wife really represented Tesla owners very very well. Made me be very proud to be part of the club. And wow, the comments on that CBC text article are really amazing. What a fierce debate. It is interesting how passionate the haters are. But I was equally pleased to...
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    <Electric> Cars On Ice

    Okay, by popular demand, here’s the exciting, “gripping” video of the parade on the ice, featuring an in-car-first-person view together with the view from the stands. At 3:30 or so, you can see the Tesla spin its tires a bit as it heads out the door. ...In case you need something a bit less...
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    Do folks ask you if you work for Tesla?

    I've gotten it many times, be especially at the hockey game last night when I was hanging out by the Model S in the concourse. Many of us are quite hard core Tesla fans and can't help ourselves, and rational people assume that we must work for the company to know so much I suppose. I have...
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    Vancouver Store

    Update: Event happened, great success for the Victoria EVers. My story of #drivefreeze at Cars On Ice
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    <Electric> Cars On Ice

    Tonight in Victoria, BC, Canada, the Victoria Electric Car Club held a “Return of the Electric Car” night at the Giants/Royals hockey game. They'd brought out a large # of local electric cars of various stripes – a huge # of Leafs, several Model Ss, some i-MiEVs , electric Smarts, and even...
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    TMC Connect 2014 - Save the Date - July 18-20

    This fellow Canuck has also preregistered. Should be great fun!
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    Vancouver Store

    For what it's worth, I'm supporting the EV Hockey Night by attending with my Model S. Been promised I can drive on the ice. Will be just like old farm days ripping around on the frozen slough in my VW dune buggy...more or less.
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    Articles/megaposts by sleepyhead

    Absolutely agree. I think we're now into a 4th category of Tesla buyers (after treehuggers and performance freaks and early adopter techies) -- that being those that years ago would have bought a Volvo for its safety. Just looking at all the crash pics in this forum and how well the car...
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    Rick Rolled

    One thing that the interactions of the UI in the Model S lends itself to is...Rick Rolling. The first time my sons did it to me I could hardly drive, I was laughing so hard. So here's the gig. Somehow get access to the car after everyone has cleared out. Go onto Slacker, crank up the volume...
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    Electromobility: revolution in the automotive industry over the next 520 weeks

    A German friend of mine pointed me at this talk by futurist Lars Thomsen. (Who, if I believe my queries of TMC, would appear to have a P85). Unfortunately, it's all in German, but the short of it (I'm told -- my German is only at a 20% comprehension level) is that he predicts that the tipping...
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    Vancouver to Disneyland! 2013 in a 60... with little planning

    I somehow can't get holiday road out of my mind as I read this thread. But I gotta believe the Model S is better than the family truckster and should have no problem beating Christine Brinkley off the line. Enjoy but take it easy on fellow Canadian John Candy if Wallyworld is closed when you arrive.
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    Post Links to Your Favorite "Tesla Related" YouTube Videos here...

    Well I just have to relive my family's 15 minutes of Tesla fame. Some of you may recall last summer's thread where I posted that my son had made a parody video of the "10 Things to Love About Model S" video done by Konstantin Othmer, one of the original 10 Model S owners. Yep, those are still...
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    Tesla Experience at "Langley Cruise In"

    So the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) got together a number of EV Owners to have a block of cars at the Langley Good Times Cruise-In yesterday. This event consists of the center of town being blocked off and then filled with speciality/collector cars of all kinds (and a mobile...
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    Vancouver Store

    They do have an "Ownership" guy (Jon) now at the Powell Service center, so they can function a bit like a store. But that is really a temporary measure, I was told directly that they are close to signing papers to get a store downtown somewhere in place by early 2014. And I'll post in another...
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    Tesla Model S Featured in YVR Telus Recharger/Antenna Marriage Video

    This recent video put out by Canadian telecommunications giant Telus is quite interesting and features a cameo by local Tesla fan and TMC lurker-but-not-member MarkV (and his Model S). The win-win concept of providing charging stations combined with camouflaged wireless antennas is an...
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    HVAC Temperature Settings

    It feels to me like the AC got more "wimpy" after some software update recently. Just today it seemed like it was way warm in the car and yet almost no blower action. I know that wasn't the way it was earlier in the year. So my sense is that something was tweaked in the software and the result...
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    Tesla S - Daily Driver or Second Car?

    Daily driver. And on days when we have to take kids to school early before I leave to work, my wife will take the Tesla for that run and then I hop in. Its definitely the go-to car in our home. Only reason we use our second vehicle (Honda Odyssey) is if we have > 5 people needing to be moved...
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    Total Mileage Thus Far

    8 months in, 16500 km (10250 miles aprox). As others have said, the car is better than when I got it thanks to the wonder of a continual amazing stream of software updates. And even my somewhat skeptical wife has taken to preferring it over the Honda Odyssey -- so it is definitely the #1...
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    All Weather Floor Mats Back in Stock

    100% agree. Really am pleased with mine. Completes the car... At least until the Parking Sensors are retro'd....