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  1. towelie

    Permanon Aircraft Supershine on my Tesla – supposedly the latest and greatest in car finishes

    I use Chemical Guys Mr. Pink soap and follow up with a maintenance coat of Permanon Silver. My Midnight Silver gleams. Love it.
  2. towelie

    How Long Will You Keep Your MS?

    Until I can buy one that comes without a steering wheel. That's the dream.
  3. towelie

    Major Colision Repair, Whats your experience?

    Sorry about the accident. A family member of mine drove my P85D into a tree at 40MPH. Front end was caved in. Insurance declared it a total loss. Your car looks like a total loss as well.
  4. towelie

    Just finished my chrome delete and window tint!

    amazing shots. What camera do you shoot with and how much do post processing work does it take to make these spectacular images?
  5. towelie

    Supercharger - State College/ Bellefonte, PA

    Awesome, I can finally visit Cherry Springs! Appreciate the photos
  6. towelie

    Firmware 7.1

    Still no 7.1, P85D in NYC. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. towelie

    Dashcam installers in/around NYC area?

    I'm terrible at DIY, does anyone know any reputable shops that can install a Blackvue front/rear dashcam?
  8. towelie

    P85D Ludicrous Pre-Order Upgrade Available 9/25/15

    $7500 for .2 seconds? No thanks. Had Tesla mentioned the .2 second difference earlier I never would have paid the deposit money. I was under the impression that the upgrade would bring it down to 2.8. Looks like I'm SOL. I'm gonna try and see if I can get a refund.
  9. towelie

    Will the ludicrous upgrade improve P85D performance by only 0.2 seconds?

    Yup, they recently added that little tidbit to the website. When I put my ludicrous mode deposit down I was under the impression that 0-60 time would match the P90DL....looks like that isn't the case. On top of that the deposit is apparently non-refundable :frown:
  10. towelie

    nYc - what energy supplier are you using with your Tesla?

    I don't use a supplier, I just pay whatever ConEdisons rate is. Should I look into ESCOs? I always stayed away after hearing horror stories from friends/neighbors 7-8 years ago.
  11. towelie

    Think I found replacement lug nuts for the 21" wheels

    artsci, thank you for the suggestion. My new lug nuts are much better looking than OEM, plus they dont get all scratched and deformed by the slightest touch :smile:
  12. towelie

    Supercharger - Tinton Falls, NJ (Jersey Shore Premium Outlets)

    Amazing! I can finally drive to AC through the GSP!
  13. towelie

    XPel, Opticoat etc. alternative for cheapos

    I've done all the research I can and have come up with the following system: 1) 2 bucket car wash (grit guards in both buckets) with CG Citrus Gloss and 2 microfiber wash mitts. 2) Dry car with Homelite leaf blower (35 bucks at Home Depot). Wipe off whatever's left with waffle microfiber...
  14. towelie

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Got a call from my DS saying I might not be able to take delivery on Friday. A scratch was found on the rear quarter panel while they were detailing it. Looks like I'll have the car next week.
  15. towelie

    Insurance in NYC

    Update: Allstate was able to give me a better quote, 4200/yr for full coverage :smile: Taking delivery Friday!
  16. towelie

    Insurance in NYC

    We pay 3600/yr liability with Allstate for 3 BMWs (all ~11-12 years old). Family of 4. Live in the Bronx. No DUI's or suspensions. Dad (late 50s): 1 cell phone ticket in 2012. No accidents Mom(late 40s): 1 at-fault accident in 2013. No tickets Myself (28): 2 not-at-fault accidents in 2014...
  17. towelie

    Picked up my P85D today

    Awesome to the max
  18. towelie

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Anyone receive an email similar to this? It seems weird for Tesla to try and push their older seat, must have something to do with the next gen seat shortage. I called and told them I want my rear seats to be next gen. "I just tried reaching out a moment ago to see how you would like your...
  19. towelie

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    My delivery estimate went from Late February to Late March :cursing:
  20. towelie

    PA EZ Pass never ever gets read!

    Can you share a picture?
  21. towelie

    Rick's Model S Rear Lighted T - No Longer Available

    Any installers in or near NYC? I'm pretty sure I'd mess this up if I tried it myself.