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  1. Jetwash08

    Update failed to apply - Aug 2021

    The issue was the SD card which most people are experiencing.
  2. Jetwash08

    Update failed to apply - Aug 2021

    Do NOT UPDATE! I tried 5 times to get the newest update and after several phone calls with Tesla they tried to force it to my car. After the last time, I received several error messages saying things aren’t working and one important one telling me the car is not drivable. Had to call a tow...
  3. Jetwash08

    Can a Model Y phone key be used to open Model X?

    Mine hasn’t been working for a month
  4. Jetwash08

    flaky mobile connector charging problem

    My rate was also reduced and the car gave me an error message saying the charger was too hot. Tesla came out and replaced the Mobil adapter and it still happened. I then reached out to the company that installed the 220 and he messed with the wiring and I haven’t had problems since. They did...
  5. Jetwash08

    Yokohama Geolandar X-CV

    I just purchased these too. So far I’ve noticed they are significantly louder than the OEMs
  6. Jetwash08

    Powder Coating Gemini

    What color did you use?
  7. Jetwash08

    Dipped my 20 factory rims with Hyperdip

    How do you think this would cover up a couple areas of curb rash?
  8. Jetwash08

    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    what color delete did you get? Please send some pictures
  9. Jetwash08

    Backup camera colors

    yes, but not very convenient when you have to look elsewhere for distance info. The sounds aren’t very loud when music is playing but maybe that’s how mode enabled.
  10. Jetwash08

    Backup camera colors

    Does anyone else have a problem with the model x cameras and judging distances? While backing up I spend a majority of the time watching the upper camera with no distance information and you have to take your eyes off the that camera to find the distance info. Most cars have different colored...
  11. Jetwash08

    how to test drive model X to the max? :)

    I should have spell checked! Sorry
  12. Jetwash08

    how to test drive model X to the max? :)

    When I got my windows tinted they put a little extra on the front and it’s night and day with the amount of sun that come in. I usually wear sun glasses all the time, but after the tint I don’t need them. They sissy do the whole windshield just the upper portion. It’s not noticeable from the...
  13. Jetwash08

    Model X Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) Not Showing

    I bought it. Thanks everyone!
  14. Jetwash08

    Model X Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) Not Showing

    I’m trying to justify purchasing the EAP, honestly it’s just convincing the wife. I drive long distances once a week and it’s slightly annoying to take the AP off to change lanes. I don’t really care for stop light/sign recognition. Why did you purchase it?
  15. Jetwash08

    Steering wheel buttons and scroll

    I have the same issue. The hands free is very frustrating in Tesla’s.
  16. Jetwash08

    Sirius XM update...

    You cannot. I’ve tried several times to listen to the NBA games with no luck.
  17. Jetwash08

    Trunk beeps at me when I walk away

    Check the seals on the roof of the car. Mine started doing this and had a mobile service scheduled for a few other things and the guy noticed the seal was bent.
  18. Jetwash08

    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    Why do you say that? I’m always torn between the 3.
  19. Jetwash08

    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    I wasn’t sure if you did it yourself or took it somewhere. I know some people have DIY spray.
  20. Jetwash08

    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    Where did you buy it?
  21. Jetwash08

    Those with (2) drivers using (2) different key FOBS....questions.

    I don’t think they’re labeled. We never take ours out of the covers. Maybe put a small sticker on 1 of them?
  22. Jetwash08

    Space Gray Model X after Chrome Delete

    What powder coat did you use?
  23. Jetwash08

    Those with (2) drivers using (2) different key FOBS....questions.

    My wife and I have different colored fob covers.
  24. Jetwash08

    Palladium Model X

  25. Jetwash08

    Wireless Phone Charger Upgrade

    That’s awesome! I just ordered mine!
  26. Jetwash08

    Service Center Care

    Out of curiosity, how did you know it was a misalignment? I had a tire plugged at my service center and after that I’m getting a shaking during normal acceleration around 30-40 mph
  27. Jetwash08

    Michelin Cross Climate SUV

    I had a hole in my tire that Tesla repaired. Since the repair my car has been shuddering during normal acceleration. It starts at 32MPH and stops around 37MPH.
  28. Jetwash08


    No, just the front glass for me.
  29. Jetwash08

    Model X - Accessories I've purchased and will review

    Wheel bands!?! No way!? I wish I would have known about these before my 3 curb bumps!!!!
  30. Jetwash08


    If you’re getting a MX I highly recommend ceramic coating or PPF.
  31. Jetwash08

    Backing up protection

    Same here. I just curbed it for the second time last week. Why can’t they add something like this picture? You have to take your eyes away from the upper screen to get distance info. It should be together on the same screen IMO.
  32. Jetwash08

    Im not one for conspiracies but used Model X's..something is strange

    PM me and I’ll shoot you my email address. I have one that I might be selling, but I’m not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.
  33. Jetwash08

    Service left some things after appointment

    Anyone know what the orange tag is? I also noticed they left some flash light thing behind. Anyone know what it is?
  34. Jetwash08

    Inaccurate Backup Camera Lines?

    Might be off topic, but I wish we had colored lines depicting distances while backing up. Most cars have them. I get that it gives us numbered distances but it would be helpful to not have to look in a different area for them.
  35. Jetwash08

    Pics of Midnight Silver w/ Black Chrome Delete?

    I’m in the same boat. I have 20’s and want to do the delete too. I’m debating on just leaving the tires as is. Anyone have a picture of a delete with out dark tires?
  36. Jetwash08

    Front Passenger Safety Restraint System Fault

    Maybe it’s a sign to avoid Krispy Kreme?
  37. Jetwash08

    Model X or Y for our family?

    We considered waiting for the Y before ordering our X. It was tough to IMAGINE how much room the Y would have and we were already able to sit in an X. We wanted a 3rd row and 6 seat configuration. With two kids, sporting events, hauling friends, and a dog the X was right for us especially since...
  38. Jetwash08

    Vendor DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Anyone have picture of this on a midnight silver X?
  39. Jetwash08

    HW3 update

    Question. I don’t have HW3 or FSD. Is it possible for me to upgrade to HW3 without FSD?
  40. Jetwash08

    What to do in first 7 days

    I agree with lake, enjoy it! Drive it fast, show it off, learn where things are. I can’t tell you how many times I just sat in the car within the first week for no reason. Before I ordered mine I came to these forums to get an idea of what I wanted and what to look out for. Keep in mind that a...
  41. Jetwash08

    Bluetooth connection goes bad after 5-10 minutes of a phone call

    Try this- Unpair your phone, do a scroll wheel reset,go into Bluetooth phone settings and deselect sync contacts, repair
  42. Jetwash08

    Navigation by voice

    IMO it’s awful to begin with. Yes, it’s a great start, but it seems very basic. Half of the time is doesn’t work for me. The scroll wheel can be touchy when choosing what you want to do with a message and you’re still taking your eyes off the road to do it. I really wish Apple car play was an...
  43. Jetwash08

    New Model X owner with list of questions

    1. I always have my auto doors off to avoid this. 3. Was it windy out? I’ve seen mine “snake” when it’s windy, but never ping pong when the wind is kicking. 4. Tesla never gives a heads up. I put in an order for my MX and 2 weeks later they stopped making my model and I could have...
  44. Jetwash08

    2020 Midnight Silver Model X with Xpel Stealth

    Looks great. What did it cost?
  45. Jetwash08

    Vendor Tesla Model X Flow Forged Wheels - Model TSS Available in 20" & 22"

    Have you noticed a range increase? I’m considering these for the same color model x.
  46. Jetwash08

    First day of delivery. Falcon wing door fails to close on slope. What shall I do?

    This happened to me. It was fine when we picked the car up but as soon as I got home in my driveway it wouldn’t close. I found that the falcon wing door was actually clipping a piece of chrome every time it tried to close. I called the service center ASAP. They scheduled an appointment and told...
  47. Jetwash08

    iPhone 10x...caller can’t hear me on Bluetooth

    I’ve had the same issue since I’ve bought mine. I have to delete the phone, reset the car, the add the phone. It works but I end up having the same issue.
  48. Jetwash08

    Bluetooth initializing ... problem help!!

    This worked for me too. Thanks for your help!
  49. Jetwash08

    Should I buy? Or Wait?!

    If that’s what you want with the car then go for it. You can search these forums about how different the “ravens” are to help guide you. My “raven” is 4 weeks old today and we custom ordered it. We were looking at used ones, but I wanted something that was mine from day 1 and I didn’t want to...