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  1. autodidaddict

    MIT Tesla/Vehicle Technology Research

    You had me until you mentioned audio/video from the cab. I'm all for research and helping fellow enthusiasts, and I generally allow far more anonymous data gathering about my movements than most of my counterparts in IT, but no way I'm allowing remote storage of video and audio recorded from...
  2. autodidaddict

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Beautiful!! And the scenery looks pretty good too ;)
  3. autodidaddict

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Here's one I took yesterday. I've been waiting for a sunny day to get some better lighting, but nature hasn't been cooperating. This one was taken beside a reservoir in Connecticut that has several really interesting stonework pieces around it (not pictured).
  4. autodidaddict

    Minimum ambient air temp to avoid regen limitations of a cold battery

    @Andyw2100 this is what I was looking for. I've been reading the other threads about separate battery heating controls, etc. and this is what made me curious as to what the temperature is that typically triggers the cold battery regen limiter. When I'm at home, and I know what I'm going to do...
  5. autodidaddict

    We Are All Very Lucky

    I don't need to rent a car. I had to drive my pick-up truck this morning to take care of some errands for which the Model S is unqualified, and I hated nearly every aspect of the driving experience... and this is the pickup truck that I used to refer to as "the single most comfortable...
  6. autodidaddict

    Minimum ambient air temp to avoid regen limitations of a cold battery

    Greetings. I went looking for this information because I could've sworn I had seen it elsewhere before, so apologies to the moderators if this has been asked and answered. Today I noticed that after the Tesla sits for a decent amount of time (raining, 50F air temp), when I get in the car the...
  7. autodidaddict

    Cars,drivers that consistently (and foolishly) want to challenge the Model S

    There must be something about BMWs that brings out the idiots. When I used to own one, I would regularly (as in 2-3 times per week) get challenged at stop lights or on the highway by everything from Mustangs to modded Hondas to other BMWs... holy crap the guys with the M3s and M5s... you'd think...
  8. autodidaddict

    Took delivery of my S70D in Milford, CT yesterday

    I thought we were well past the baby diaper stage as well. I have a 15 year old and a 14 year old daughter... so there's a bit of a gap before the babies :biggrin:
  9. autodidaddict

    Took delivery of my S70D in Milford, CT yesterday

    Honestly the only reason I stopped in Brattleboro instead of continuing on to West Lebanon was because I had to get home to make dinner :) Otherwise I would've driven all night. I agree with shelbri's comment about West Springfield. I felt compelled to check it out (I actually feel compelled to...
  10. autodidaddict

    Production and delivery

    It took, if I remember right, 8 business days from when the page said it was "in transit" until it told me the car was being prepped for my delivery at the store. BTW - congratulations on the car!! I picked mine up yesterday and I still can't wipe the smile off my face.
  11. autodidaddict

    Took delivery of my S70D in Milford, CT yesterday

    Hey all, I picked up my 70D yesterday and spent the entire day with such a big grin on my face that I felt compelled to share my experience. First, here's a picture of our 3-month old checking out the frunk. She approves :) There were a few communications issues with the DS but I think much...
  12. autodidaddict

    Breed of dog Tesla Owners and Fans have.

    I had a black lab/golden retriever mix. Now have a yorkie/bichon mix that probably weighs 9lbs soaking wet.
  13. autodidaddict

    How Long for a Tesla with 400 Mile Range ? Vs. 500 Mile Range in a Decade !

    This is a great point. As long as I have enough range to make it from Supercharger to Supercharger and get from the last SC to my house on the way back from a trip, I don't really care if the max range is some huge number. Here's a great quote a friend of mine gave me when talking about this...
  14. autodidaddict

    Tesla WeatherTech All Season Floor Mats

    I just went through this decision process myself. In a bizarre twist, the Tesla weathertech mats are $50 cheaper than the equivalent ones direct from WeatherTech. However, Tesla's are sold out and I'd spend more than the $50 difference cleaning fall/winter out of my floors while waiting for...
  15. autodidaddict

    WooHoo! 10K miles!

    Congratulations! Can't wait to see the 20k picture!
  16. autodidaddict

    My 70D is now in Production!!

    I had the same issue. I actually let one loan approval lapse because I got it before the vehicle was in production. I ended up waiting to restart my loan until I had a firm delivery date in hand.
  17. autodidaddict

    New Mercedes BEV and it's cheap!

    I think everyone's missing the real benefit of this Mercedes BEV ... you can get a Costco hotdog the same day you take delivery.
  18. autodidaddict

    Faraday Future

    From the Car And Driver blog: "That plant, Faraday Future promises, will start churning out production cars in 2017, despite the fact that the company hasn’t even chosen a location for the facility" While I love the idea that other companies might be getting into the business of making pure...
  19. autodidaddict

    Andy Blau at The Drive lists 7 things he hates about his Model S

    Number 5, the requirement for trip planning, is quite possibly one of the things I enjoy most about the concept of a Tesla. Also, you can just get in the car and go for a random drive, you just can't drive aimlessly beyond your range. Anyone who has owned a premium sports car also knows the...
  20. autodidaddict

    Thinking of getting a Tesla

    I've mentioned this in another post, but when I go into a purchase for something as big as a Tesla, I spreadsheet the hell out of it. I take the concept of a "pros vs. cons" list and that list becomes a 4-chalkboard college professor scrawl of epic proportions. I figured out how much I've spent...
  21. autodidaddict

    Bill Gates Dismisses Free Market's Ability To Counter Climate Change

    I'm a computer guy, not an economics guy, so pardon my ignorance here... How would emission pricing be accomplished? I'm assuming it would have to be a governmental regulation? If so, wouldn't this have to be a global thing, otherwise companies would just end up using safe...
  22. autodidaddict

    Supercharger - Guilderland, NY

    I will be visiting family in Niskayuna for Thanksgiving and am hoping to use the Albany supercharger to recharge either on my way to or from my destination. Unfortunately, I think my travel plans are looking like we'll be traveling on Black Friday instead of Thanksgiving day. Am I going to be...
  23. autodidaddict

    Production and delivery

    Mine was in the production queue for about a week, then it was being built for another week before it changed to "in transit". I've looked around for other sources on this forum and so far it seems there is no hard, fast rule about how to track this stuff. The speed with which your car goes...
  24. autodidaddict

    Honda Clarity FCEV revealed!

    I was hoping someone else would make this point. To me, if you still have to burn something to fuel your car, you're doing it wrong. Trying to find more environmentally friendly things to burn is equivalent to Ford's (spuriously sourced) quote about his customer's asking for a faster horse...
  25. autodidaddict

    Bill Gates Dismisses Free Market's Ability To Counter Climate Change

    I'm probably over-simplifying this but I don't think there's anything inherent to the free market that can solve the problem. The turning point, when it will appear as though the free market solved the problem, will be when it becomes more profitable to be environmentally friendly than it does...
  26. autodidaddict

    Tesla Model S P85D vs. BMW i8

    From personal experience, I'd have to disagree with this. The i8 starting price is something like $30k higher than the starting price of the Model S, the i8 does not have access to the Supercharger network, and its battery is teeny tiny. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if BMW made the battery...
  27. autodidaddict

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    Porkchop Express "I never drive faster than I can see." For reference: JackBurtonPorkchopExpress - YouTube
  28. autodidaddict

    New Englanders -- check in!

    The website shows a 1-2 week gap from date it exits production to date it arrives at Milford. The car carrier may have several stops to make on its way out east as well for mid-country deliveries, so I suspect that's why there's a week of wiggle room in the estimate.
  29. autodidaddict

    CBS This morning runs story on "Autopilot Abuse"

    This is an excellent point. Given that autopilot knows when your hands are (and aren't) on the wheel, I wouldn't be surprised if Tesla could grab a "contact log" for the steering wheel and use that as a way to easily and legally refute people's claims that the car overrode their otherwise...
  30. autodidaddict

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Finally, all my hours of refreshing the My Tesla page have paid off... Estimated delivery changed to next week or the week after!! Wooohoo!!
  31. autodidaddict

    CBS This morning runs story on "Autopilot Abuse"

    I had the same feeling. This feels like one of those things that needs to be enjoyed before some lawsuit takes it all away.
  32. autodidaddict

    CBS This morning runs story on "Autopilot Abuse"

    http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cbs-news-tests-out-tesla-model-s-autopilot-techology/ What do/did you all think about this story? It showed clips that I've seen posted here in the forums, like the one of the moron reading a newspaper while using Autopilot, and the close call video where the...
  33. autodidaddict

    Mt. Washington NH - Tesla car club 2015

    Are there any plans for doing something like this when the snow thaws in 2016? I take delivery of my Model S in about a week and the first thing I thought was what a shame it was I was going to have to wait until spring to take it up to the top of Mt. Washington.
  34. autodidaddict

    Car dealers are awful. It's time to kill the dumb laws that keep them in business.

    And I thought I was the only one. I'm awaiting delivery of my Model S, but I've been planning, scheming, running the numbers, and getting reviews from the Internet and friends for years before I finally pulled the trigger. I will spreadsheet the hell out of any major purchase, especially one...
  35. autodidaddict

    Car dealers are awful. It's time to kill the dumb laws that keep them in business.

    When I was purchasing a vehicle that had very specific towing requirements (I had to be able to pull at a rating of 10,000lbs), the first dealer I went to lied about the specs of the on-lot truck. I was skeptical, so I crawled under the vehicle to check, and it was the wrong axle and tow hitch...
  36. autodidaddict

    Log Book App - Useful/Redundant/Already Done?

    Hey all, please pardon this post if this has already been asked and answered. Growing up, my dad was "the car guy". He spent his life working on and repairing cars for fun, and he was world-renowned for being able to rebuild carburetors with MacGyver-like finesse. Anyway, one of his habits that...
  37. autodidaddict

    Have Tesla and Apple disrupted the auto industry past the point of no return?

    My takeaways from this article: * "To make a good electric car:" ... make it the way Tesla makes it. * Electric has won. Nobody seriously believes that any of the alternatives like biodiesel, fuel cells, or even gas-electric hybrids are the future. * Existing big auto manufacturers currently...
  38. autodidaddict

    "Hidden cost of ownership?"

    While I await delivery of my 70D and for my daughter to be old enough to take it off my hands, I drive a '13 Jeep Wrangler. It sits on 37" wheels with a 4.5" lift kit and has 1/4" solid steel armor on most of the underside, the fender flares, plus steel bumpers front and back. It weighs 5900...
  39. autodidaddict

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Hey all. My Tesla 70D is currently being built by the factory in CA, so I spend every day refreshing the "my tesla" page, chewing my fingers bloody waiting for her to arrive. I'm a car enthusiast, and have owned a ridiculously fast BMW, and I currently have a 6-speed manual Jeep Wrangle Rubicon...