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  1. gambit48

    Driver door takes extra effort to close?

    Hmm, maybe it's time to get an appointment in the Bay Area. My local dealer said they couldn't do anything more. Said if they did more, it might cause more harm than good.
  2. gambit48

    Model 3, Blacked out

    Nice! Now smoke the lights to complete the look.
  3. gambit48

    Road/wind noise

    I agree. It's a matter of context. Wind/road noise is a LOT more than my BMW X3. It's quieter than the Honda that got replaced when I got my current cars. It's not outrageous or anything. And the sound system is light years better than my extra cost option Harmon Kardon speakers on the BMW.
  4. gambit48

    Model 3 mud guards

    FWIW, your method is how the OEM mudflaps on my BMW X3 are installed. I did have to drill a hole in the plastic wheel well. They came with 3M tape to help keep it secured. I think it's been over 10,000 miles now and rock solid, but it is an OEM product. I'm leaning towards these Chinese...
  5. gambit48

    RPM Spoiler

    6 months in, no issues with spoiler.
  6. gambit48

    Model 3 reliability so far?

    Firmware hasn't fixed the charge cable issue. I had mine replaced roughly a week or so ago. Mine got stuck at a SuperCharger. It was around upper 50s or in the 60s F so not very cold. Tech said he "hoped" it would be fixed soon via firmware, but it hasn't yet. He's had to replace a ton.
  7. gambit48

    I had no idea insurance was so much!

    Yeah, thinking that's gonna be necessary if you have Ameriprise.
  8. gambit48

    Sweet Rack

    Holy moly that's one neat and organized garage. Major props.
  9. gambit48

    3 is too quiet

    I totally get that and I agree... to a point. The problem is, I bought a "lower" end BMW who's MSRP was within a couple hundred dollars of my Model 3 and it's like a freaking bank vault. Yeah it's got some motor noise, but a TON less noise everywhere else. Less wind noise, less suspension...
  10. gambit48

    3 is too quiet

    Make a MP3 or play Pole Position. The 3 is NOT a quiet car. I bought a 2018 BMW. NVH is not a Model 3 strong suit. It lacks a motor sound, but that's about it.
  11. gambit48

    Why did you purchase a Model 3 and what were your other options?

    I was gonna keep driving my 10 year old Lexus until the wheels fell off. I really wasn't in the market for a new car until this came along. As the delays came and went, I wasn't bothered cuz until it finally released, I was gonna keep driving the same car anyways. Another year or two wouldn't...
  12. gambit48

    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    That's not the issue. It does you no good if they crack the window, regardless of whether they get into your car or not. You still have to replace your window. Since it's a Tesla, parts are NOT easy to get. You want to avoid the problem entirely. I like the DropLock more for the bright red...
  13. gambit48

    I had no idea insurance was so much!

    Hmm, I do only have $100k with Property with Ameriprise. I was always more concerned with bodily injuries and medical bills. With depreciation, I suppose you'd have to hit a brand new exotic type car to crack $100k. Still, I guess if you cause a multi-car accident, $100k can go by quickly...
  14. gambit48

    The Tesla hate is real

    Double parkers. I've had that done to me, in SF, while I was in the car. I tried to do the WTF look with the shrugged shoulders and raised hands, but they pretended to ignore me and ran into a nearby building. Ignored me again as they ran back into their car and drove off. Yes, there were...
  15. gambit48

    Problem with releasing SC cable - TM3

    I'm currently waiting for my service visit for this problem. I got locked to a Supercharger. They sent a mobile tech out who initially said it's a firmware issue. They see it a lot apparently. Hoping for a future update to fix it. For me though, my locking mechanism fell out! It's this...
  16. gambit48

    No audio bug in Model 3

    Chiming in just to say it happened to me. I made an earlier thread cuz I only had access to my phone and it's hard to search on it. Looks like it is a frequent problem and we should start bugging Tesla about it.
  17. gambit48

    Model 3 frequently starts up with T logo/no rear view cam

    LR RWD model here. I frequently get no response for about 5-10 seconds, then the car will let me move (only way I can tell is that the side mirrors tilt down when I try to put it in reverse). Screen will stay black for about 30 seconds to a minute or two. Then T logo appears. The map pops up...
  18. gambit48

    No sound

    Yeah, I played with all the volume and everything else. Clicked randomly, etc. Power Off seems to have done it, but I had to wait over 3 minutes. When I tried Power Off and turned it right back on, it still didn't work. Seems to need at least a couple of minutes totally off. I think. We'll...
  19. gambit48

    No sound

    I have this very intermittent problem where the car makes no sound. No music no matter what input. The weirdest thing is that even the turn signals don't make that ticking sound when you initiate them. Doing the two button reset doesn't do anything either. It only seems to happen after the...
  20. gambit48

    Model 3 seats with lower back problems - others having discomfort?

    LOL, man people's bodies are different. I prefer the old Model S seats over the nextgen ones. But of the nextgen, the fabric (only fabric S I've ever sat in) felt better than the leather ones. My 3 is fine. I do have to adjust my seating position to make sure I am pressed up against the...
  21. gambit48

    Model S definitely quieter than Model 3

    I can't imagine a 340i is all that different in build quality than my X3. Exactly. I love my Model 3. The drivetrain is fantastic. The UI is a lot better than the iDrive system, even though iDrive is now pretty much universally loved by pro car reviewers. But the fit, finish, and NVH is...
  22. gambit48

    Model S definitely quieter than Model 3

    It's a lot smoother and quieter. It's also got a longer wheelbase. The 3 is a lot more tossable and doesn't feel like a boat. But it has a much shorter wheelbase. They're totally different cars, which only makes sense that they would feel totally different. It makes more sense to compare...
  23. gambit48

    Why do the front heated seat controls deserve so much room on the UI?

    My sister lived in SD for a while. Hawaii and the Caribbean gets worse weather than SD.
  24. gambit48

    Is there a chance that people waiting for standard range will receive better hardware for EAP & FSD?

    There's not much out there. For the battery size, the i-Pace and Audi SUV are woefully short of what Tesla can do. There's no reason to think the upcoming Mercedes and BMW EVs will be any better. I'd say for the next 8-10 years, Tesla is going to be the CLEAR leader. However, if your bar is...
  25. gambit48

    Is there a chance that people waiting for standard range will receive better hardware for EAP & FSD?

    While that's technically possible, especially considering Elon's drive to have Tesla make a profit every quarter, it's extremely unlikely. He's made a profit on the 3 while including AP on every car. Removing it to save costs just doesn't jive with what Tesla has been doing and what their...
  26. gambit48

    Why do the front heated seat controls deserve so much room on the UI?

    Exactly. Just like you have to adjust a little and learn that charging a little all the time is better than draining to 0 and charging to 100%, kind of how you would fill up an ICE car. It's training owners. It's vastly more inefficient to heat using the a/c vs using the seat heaters. Now...
  27. gambit48

    Anyone still having vampire drain?

    I get it, but it's not that bad daily. I think. I left for about 5 days and lost about 20-25 miles. Not plugged in or anything. It got into the 40s at night too. I remember being a bit shocked at how little was left, but not enough to note the difference in detail.
  28. gambit48

    Model 3 - Accident, Frustration, and Looming Repairs

    For what it's worth, even Tesla is moving to Enterprise handling loaners for them. Enterprise has Tesla loaners (I got one), but it's definitely a work in progress according to the Enterprise rep. Rollout seems very disorganized and there are weird tech issues (like some can't Supercharge, and...
  29. gambit48

    It would be nice if EAP features can be a la carte...

    I get why they do it. Profit. Once the overwhelming demand dies down (could be years as they haven't really gone international yet), then they can break it up to eke out profit from dying demand. Right now though, too many "true believers" who willingly pay the "premium" and buy the full...
  30. gambit48

    Tesla 3 isn't perfect, but after a full day rental this BMW driver is buying one!

    Interesting. Overall, my build quality was ok. And it doesn't get all that cold here. 30s during the day in winter. I get that phantom collision warning too as the residential street to my house is curved. Very annoying. The media could be better, but my 2018 BMW isn't perfect either. No...
  31. gambit48

    Mercedes C300 or Model 3 for Son?

    Some things I wanted to put my own 2 cents in. For the typical younger driver, a car with less power is a good idea IMO. We drove everything aggressively. Old minivans, jeeps, base econo cars, 10+ yr old cars, etc. All that "power to pass or escape situations" things don't apply really. A...
  32. gambit48

    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    Yeah, I got that at 59. Totally didn't expect it. That's still shorts and t-shirt weather for a lot of the country.
  33. gambit48

    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    I feel the same. After I think the V9 update, the sounds lost it's "punch". Same music. It used to be, even over a crappy Bluetooth mp3 source, music sounded noticeably punchier and fuller. Was amazing, really. Was great no matter what the source (Bluetooth from phone, internet radio, FM...
  34. gambit48

    Found out what’s causing undercarriage composite to break apart

    Thanks! This explains the weird dirt streaks I get and why I have a LARGE pool of water under the car after I park the car after a wash. I haven't washed the car in a while, but it's supposed to rain in the next day or so so I'll get a chance to see what rain does.
  35. gambit48

    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    It's weird. I get cold temp warnings even when it's just at the high 50s. I got a warning to charge car NOW at stated 45 miles range left. The thing is, I don't think the range has actually been any different. Not that I've noticed anyways. I just get warnings I've never gotten before when...
  36. gambit48

    How is your Model 3 doing filtering out the smoke from the forest fires?

    I'm about 20 miles North of you, so even closer. I don't smell smoke in the car. Outside is nasty.
  37. gambit48

    How long does it take for referrals to show up?

    I'll have her do that too. Thanks.
  38. gambit48

    How long does it take for referrals to show up?

    At this point, what do you recommend that I do? The referral is important for both of us. She gets 6 months free Supercharging. I at least get 1 referral on my record. I mean, I could see if I can go with her when she picks up the car this weekend and talk to the people at the center. Would...
  39. gambit48

    PSA - Buena Park Service Center provided Excellent Service

    I bet it's because they're swamped and using the Superchargers to either charge or park the cars in for service. That's what happened with my center. The Superchargers were taken off the car's navigation for a while (I went anyways) and I noticed it's cuz they were swamped with cars. It's...
  40. gambit48

    "Off menu" waiting room

    I bet they just found one that matched your build order somewhere. If you take it, someone else probably is getting some "unexpected mixup" and their order is delayed.
  41. gambit48

    "Off menu" waiting room

    That's good news, right? Finally get your car?
  42. gambit48

    PSA - Buena Park Service Center provided Excellent Service

    Good to hear as that's probably where my parents will go if they have issues. I got a S loaner on my last appointment too. And they goodwilled the tire rotation. I also could tell after driving maybe a block that the 3 was the right choice for me. My S was kinda messed up though. Couldn't...
  43. gambit48

    "Off menu" waiting room

    That makes no sense. Whether you finance or not makes no difference to Tesla. They get paid regardless. Whether it's from your bank account or the bank's, it's still the same cash to Tesla. It might be a little more hassle for the workers and you to get the paperwork right, but at the time...
  44. gambit48

    CA HOV Stickers

    That's like Decepticon colors. Just call your car Megatron or Starscream or something.
  45. gambit48

    How long does it take for referrals to show up?

    Hmmm, she already got a delivery date for this weekend. Can I contact Tesla about it, or does it have to go through her?
  46. gambit48

    How long does it take for referrals to show up?

    I just had a friend use my referral code yesterday. She ordered at a Delivery Center but said she used my code. How long does it take to show up in my app?
  47. gambit48

    EAP trial missing NOA and Autopark

    You're not missing much. NoA is marginally more useful than AutoPark.
  48. gambit48

    Anyone else getting Fobs with late number VIN?

    So many people have this problem, both Android and iPhone, that Tesla is coming out with a key fob. Something they specifically tried to avoid doing when designing this car. You can just do a search on this site, but the fact that they're coming out with a key fob should tell you what a...
  49. gambit48

    Anyone else getting Fobs with late number VIN?

    Huh, I thought they were $10 each? Good to know. Anyone know if the fobs are supposed to be free or how much are they?
  50. gambit48

    Help me: Buy a Used Model 3 or Used Model S?

    Just returned a S loaner cuz I had to take my 3 in (they goodwilled everything, including tire rotation). I'd say the S is more like the 7 than the 5. I know what you're saying, but I feel the S is even more "large car" or boat like than the 5 (although the past couple gen 5 series is very...