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    Will my 2015 19" Cyclone wheels with winter tires work on 2022 Model S Plaid?

    Hi All, I recently traded in my 2015 MS 85D for a 2022 MS Plaid. Winters in the North are tough, and Tesla has sold out of their winter wheel sets. I have my 2015 Cyclone wheels (stats below) and was wondering if 1) I could put new winter tires on these and use them with my Plaid and 2) if I...
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    Got V10!!! but no Theater Mode :-(

    I’m late to the pity party (my 2015 MS just got the update tonight. I agree and understand that there will be some updates that just don’t apply to me. However, there have been many messages from Tesla (in the app inbox, software notes, etc) discussing the new features. I spent 15 minutes...
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    Tesla Referral Program

    I would still really love a solar roof token, if anyone has one to trade. Thanks!
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    Tesla Referral Program

    I know a lot of people have many referrals. Unfortunately I only have one so far. I am adding in to my house for my partially disabled (and super awesome) son. Since the solar roof tokens are transferable and a lot of people have posted that they don't want to use them, I would be ecstatic if...
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    A few questions from a potential owner

    Khatsalano- that was a great reply; excellent answers. Mike (OP) I agree with you that there is a lot of outside noise entering the car; more than my Infiniti G and other mid level luxury cars. I think it has to do with the glass and how the window meets up with the door seal. I just turn up the...
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    Retaining Heated Steering Wheel Setting from Trip to Trip

    This would be nice. Alternatively, it would be nice to be able to toggle the heated steering wheel on the mobile app.
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    Chicago owners, your opinions please

    Welcome to the area! (In a few months). The winter weather here is similar to Philly, but on the major roads and outside of the city (if you are in the Burbs), we do a better job of cleaning up the snow. We also have less (actually, zero) hills, which is where the AWD really helps. If you...
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    Auto Parallel Parking feature working for anyone?

    I've tried it countless times. Low curbs. High curbs. 8 mph, 13 mph. super close to parked cars (almost touching:scared:), 1-2 feet away. Stopped at the front of the front car, further than that, and with my rear at the front of that car. I have never seen the "P" on the display. I stop and...
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    Alaska P90D ordered!!

    Congratulations! You are going to love it, and may find that you don't want to rent it out because then you can't use it! Were you able to apply a $1k referral code through the salesperson?
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    S70D Ordered!

    if it helps ease your pain, I have driven my 911s a total of 2 times in the 3 mi the since I received my 85D (similar performance numbers). You won't look back. The tesla is like your Cayman, always on sport plus mode, though effortless acceleration, and as much cargo space as a medium to large...
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    Auto Parallel Parking feature working for anyone?

    I couldn't get mine to active either. It is very specific, apparently, and the type of curb is important. There is a long thread on this in driving dynamics section. But, know that you are in the majority.
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    Tesla Referral Program

    Hi all, I would like to get my first referral. Please PM me if you would like a code, and we can discuss. Basically, I need a new charging cable :scared: Thanks, Gaucho
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    Ended: $2K Off Instead Of $1K From Current VA & OH Owners, Confirmed

    So, my wife decided it would be a good idea to get our garage floor covered with epoxy, and emptied the garage so they could apply it. My charging cable was left outside. :cursing: Anyone care to help a brother out by using my referral code, so that I could fund a new charging cable...
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    Random recognition of my keys

    Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, I don't think this is my issue, either. Car is only 2 months old, and it happens randomly, put in the open and in my garage. I think I am going to try to keep my key in its own pocket, but have to figure out how to make that happen with only two front pockets.
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    Random recognition of my keys

    Yes! Please, someone know the answer to this! I have the exact same problem. Even with the "key not in car" alert occasionally. My key is bare (not with a holder or any other keys) and generally next to a money clip with two ID key cards. This has happened even if my tesla key is not with my...
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    Warning Triangle At Bottom of Speedo?

    Correct. The blind spot warning is disabled at exactly 88 MPH. I'm sure this was done on purpose, since the Delorean in Back to the Future time-travels at 88 MPH.
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    Eyes on Tesla near Chicago, IL??

    If it is at Loeber, I may be able to take a look. Have to bring my other car there for maintenance.
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    Help identifying another strange "hollow" noise on my new 85D

    I'm also very interested in this thread. I have had a new 85D for 2 weeks, and experience what I think is the same thing. I don't know how to describe it, almost more of a vibratory sense than a sound. I though it was only when driving on roads with those tiny grooves to decrease hydroplaning...
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    Firmware 6.2

    Air conditioning not working I just did my OTA upgrade to 2.5.21 (my first one!). I was so excited to upgrade, I let it install while at work. Unfortunately, myAC is only blowing hot air after the upgrade. I reset the computer, but no change. I have the ac on, set to Lo. Has this happened to...
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    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    I take delivery next week, but this post got me to DL the app right away. Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully the troll doesn't get his way, and that you get to keep what you worked hard for.
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    Title and registration delays (Illinois)

    This sounds like it might be a bad situation. Did you get it delivered from the HP dealership? I have been having difficulty getting in touch there as well (I do not have the same issue), and the responses I do get are usually very wishy-washy.
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    Disappointed with sound system...

    Ummmm...he also drives a Tesla!
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    New Panoramic Roof - Good news/bad news

    My $.02. It looks like both the old and new pano style are being produced interchangeably. For those deliveries in the past month with the old and new style, perhaps they were produced in different facilities, ie Palo Alto or Fremont? I am new to all of this (expecting delivery in the next...
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    Recommendation for tinting/OptiCoat in Chicago / North Shore?

    this is awesome news. I am expecting delivery of my 86D in a week or two, and was dreading the drive to Glen Ellyn for Opticoat. Given their reputation, I would guess/hope they would have the same quality in the glenview location. Also, I hear the Tintworks in Vernon Hills is great for Llumar.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    VIN: 94986 Ordered June 14 Confirmed June 22 In Production queue Expected delivery end of July Excited to join the Chicagoland tesla community. Model S 85D Black Paint 19" Cylcone Wheels Grey Next Generation Seats Matte Obeche Autopilot Convenience Features Premium Interior and...
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    70D stuck in production?

    First, congrats on the car shipping. I am a month behind you in the process, and am excited to hear how long it takes to get here to Chicago. Second, not to hijack the thread, but Travwill, I had not heard that they changed the dash from Alcantara accents to leather. I think I would actually...
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    Disappointed in Upgraded Audio System

    Great review. Thanks. I just ordered mine with the base audio as I don't frequently listen to loud music (though when I do, I like it to sound good). Wasn't worth $2500 to me. You mentioned in the review that the NVX sub could be installed with the base system. Do you think the system would...
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    Need help regarding new Premium Interior and Lighting Package

    Congratulations! Let me know about the black interior. I made it out to a dealership (store?) today. The black alcantara is darker than typical car plastics, which will probably be dark, but very cool. The alcantara didn't bother me too much today. How did you get them to delete the alcantara on...
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    Need help regarding new Premium Interior and Lighting Package

    I am going to try. They haven't had a grey interior with black headliner in the past. I will get a better idea with black/black though. Thanks for the advice.
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    Need help regarding new Premium Interior and Lighting Package

    Thanks for the help. Still undecided, but much less confused. Nevek- thanks for the photo. It is the first that I have seen that actually shows the texture of Alcantara. I do think it looks nice, just not my cup of tea. Cyclone- I was wondering if I could have them keep the dash leather. If...
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    Need help regarding new Premium Interior and Lighting Package

    I am 2 days away from finalizing my order. I am getting grey next gen seats, obeche matte inserts, but am agonizing between white and black headliner. I like the black better. I am potentially even willing to fork over the $3k extra for it (because the premium package is required). However, on...
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    Photos of the Grey interior with matte Obeche

    thanks for the advice. I think I will be happy with the white alcantara. But, probably happier with black. I also just found out that the new premium interior package no longer has alcantara on the dash, so I am more likely to go with the upgrade (I like the leather rather than fuzzy dash).
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    Photos of the Grey interior with matte Obeche

    I have a question, and it seems this thread (though old) is the best place to post it. I started the ordering process for my new 85D yesterday, and have 6 more days to change my order. I, too, went with the grey next ten seats, Obeche matte inserts. I chose black exterior. However, I am torn...