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    2020 MYP Springs on 2023 Dual Motor?

    Hey all, I had a 2020 MYP that had UPP Comfort Coilovers on it that was totaled. I still have the suspension from my original MYP and was wondering if the springs were compatible with the comfort suspension on my 2023 dual motor. Would be nice to get a bit of a drop and tighter springs as the...
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    Ordered MYP and am looking for options of 19" wheels that clear the bigger brakes.

    Vossen VF-5's in 19x9.5 with MPP Coilovers, 15mm spacers in the front and 20mm in the rear.
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    So, I have had my coilovers for a bit over a month.. and not having a manually adjustable suspension before I have no idea how to dial in for the specs that I want. Right now I feel like there is something going on in the rear suspension that causes some rear wheel hop or bounce under...
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    Performance model y stud and pocket

    I got these for my MYP... though Im running Vossen 19's on it, they look great with MPP Coilovers...
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    New rims? Well, covers.

    LOL, Your implying that there are tesla employees that can afford to drive thier cars these days?.... have you spoken to a tesla employee lately.... at best they are slightly above minimum wage.
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    Install of MPP Lift Kit (Washington DC)

    Check out Ptuning in Manassas... they did awesome work for a reasonable price on my MYP for the coilovers. Great serious tuning shop and they obviously love cars and do great work at a reasonable price. MPP turned me onto them and I drove 70 miles to have them do my coilovers and alignment.
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    Tesla installed wrong shock assemblies on MYP

    It was a huge improvement and Im still on recomended settings.... night and day over the MYP stock suspension. Once I get a few 1000 miles on them I will dial them in even more and I am sure I will be pleased. I expect I will find a local shop to set me up with summer and winter settings for...
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    Tesla installed wrong shock assemblies on MYP

    I agree with that statement, just installed MPP Coilovers to correct the horrid MYP suspension.
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    Very happy after driving 60 miles on them... also 20mm spacers in the rear and 18mm in the front.
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    T SportLine Seats Anyone???

    Thats pretty interesting, but would only be interested if there were sportier bolsters on the seats... right now I wish the MYP had a sport type seat.
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    Model Y sunroof breaking issue?

    Ive been through a hail storm with my Y and I was worried about the body before the glass... If it breaks the glass, then likely its near totalled the body of the car.
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    I finally got a Kuat 2.0, but hitch pin won't fit my MYLR

    I was on 1UP's site a while back and wasnt able to identify which hitch pin fit the model Y.... I have a 1up rack but didnt come with a lock. Any idea which one fits?
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    Replaced the Wood Trim with Suede

    Do you have a link to what you bought? Dont see one anywhere.
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    Which of these expensive mods would you buy first?

    Started with a MYP.. First was PPF, then wheels, now I have coilovers on order... Shoulda done the coilovers first but I bought the car in the winter and the 21" tires were in no condition to drive in cold weather.
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    Tesla Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbine Wheels - MD - $2,800

    Sure, but would still charge $2,800 and the other 3 would be free! :)
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    Tesla Model Y Performance 21" Uberturbine Wheels - MD - $2,800

    FOR SALE: 21” Tesla Model Y Performance Uberturbine Wheels with Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Tires and TPMS with only 1100 miles on them. Laurel MD Tesla Model Y Dual Motor Performance 21-inch Uberturbine Wheels with Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Summer Tires in their Staggered Setup and Tire Pressure Monitor...
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    Trailer hitch lock

    Also really interested in someone who has a working lock setup with the 1Up Ive ready some stories of people pulling these off card due to how easy they are to get on and off.
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    Request from new MYP owner - Please Review the updated LED Matrix headlights

    The US laws for automotive lighting suck... my last car had a bunch of features (golf R) that couldnt be used in the US because of our stupid laws... advanced lighting has gotten really good and we should be at the front... also our stupid preoccupation with mirrors that just create drag. My...
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    $25k down, possible/ease to get return if cancelled?

    Yea, I totally wouldnt do that... Get the funds from your bank... Its not like there is a benefit to do this, but I would count on a bank to give me my $25k back before I would trust tesla to cut me a refund check. When I picked up my model Y they "Lost" my bank draft and couldnt find it for 3...
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    Model Y Performance - going from 21" to 19" wheels

    The model Y rides so much better on 19's, I do occasionally wish I went with 20's but I saved $500 on the wheels so I can put that towards coilovers later this year... Car is so close, just needs a drop.
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    New battery tech for 21 models

    I have read that the new roadsters hover tech is built into the model Y and will be enabled through a future software update...
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    Regenerative Braking - Safety issue

    I have a problem in my ferrari that when I hit the gas pedal it is faster than my Tesla and very dangerous.
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    Updated my model Y dash trim

    Oh man, where is this from? I would love to do this.. but the kits that I have seen have been way pricier than Alcantara has a right to be...
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    Unplugged Performance Luxury Coilover Suspension Kit

    how are you all finding somewhere to install them? My detailer/semi performance shop has done some tesla springs, but I wouldnt want to trust them with installing and setting a full suspension... Actually having never done more than springs in a car before, what needs to be setup when...
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    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    Confirmed working on a 50xxx VIN delivered 9/25. Just turned it on tonight to see it work.. havent played with it much.
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    Recommended performance Coilovers for MY

    Do you have a full on side shot of the car? How was ride quality when that low?
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    MYP with P Zeros - Going down to 25 degrees tonight.

    Good news, just waiting on my 19" Vossens to come in and have PS4AS waiting at costco to be installed. Cars sitting in the garage today though as I dont trust the 21's on this snow.
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    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    You know, the mudflap agency... I think they are a division of space force.
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    EAP to FSD upgrade down to $5,000 again

    I went for it, had a bit of buyers remorse not getting it on my Y and going for EAP.... then seeing the price increase pissed me off. Elon is talkling about some updates to all FSD in December, we'll see what he has in mind.
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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    HF-5's in 19" ordered today... now to sit and wait and pray for warm weather until they get mounted.
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    Best all around tires? 19 and 20"

    So, I am sure that most posters here will come into this thread to say why a dedicated summer setup and winter setup is the only way. With the Golf R I just left I loved my combo of PS4s in Summer and A/S 3+ for winter, Im in the DC Metro area so while we get some cold weather and occasional...
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    New Wheels And Tires

    So glad I found this thread.... but now Im torn... I was almost ready to pull the trigger on some HF-3's in 20" but seeing the 19's in this thread has me second guessing myself. I guess Im thinking that a 19" tire is going to be cheaper than a 20". Also Im surprised on the range hit of the...
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    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    Anyone have any pics of 20" Vossen's on a Y? Im interested in HF-3's in a 20x9.5 square setup for my Performance.