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    Production Halt on Model Y?

    If it makes you feel any better - I ordered a Jeep Wrangler in December and I'm still waiting delivery. The whole supply chain is struggling.
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    21" Uberturbine for 20" Induction Wheel Swap - New England Area

    According to this thread they should fit. Brake diameters are identical with PUP. Model Y Lackluster Performance Upgrade Package
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    21" Uberturbine for 20" Induction Wheel Swap - New England Area

    I'm getting a MYP PUP with 21" Uberturbines in Boston area and would love to do a cashless swap with someone that's getting the induction wheels. Let me know if you're interested.
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    FS: 2015 Model S 85D - Loaded; 49K Miles - $44K - Boston Area

    Extremely Rare - Car was custom ordered with features no longer offered on new Model S including rear-facing jump seats, opening sunroof, alcantara headliner and dash, "next-gen" rear seats, and "yacht floor". Also includes all Tesla favorite upgrades like Autopilot, GPS linked Air Suspension...
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    Auto pilot on the Merrit Parkway

    I have used it on the Merrit and it works well, although the turns down by the NY/CT state line made me a little nervous. Once you get used to autopilot you'll quickly learn which types of situations get dicey, like cresting hills. All-in-all, I would say that it handled 95%+ of my driving. The...
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    Retaining Heated Steering Wheel Setting from Trip to Trip

    It would also be nice to be able to have 3 levels of heating for the wheel, like the seats. I find that the wheel gets too hot for my taste and find myself toggling it on and off quite a bit.
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    TACC with 7.0 - unexpected slowdowns

    I've had this happen a couple of times as well, it seems to react to particular shapes of shadows on the road. When TACC first came it it seemed to rely primarily on the radar and would not slow down for stopped vehicle. Then, over time they started to incorporate more camera usage and now it...
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    Video: what's causing this?? Emergency braking? Collision avoidance?

    This is not surprising at all. Every car that I've owned that has forward collision warning systems (Volvo, Audi, Acura) reacts this same way, the radar system detects rapidly closing distance, but the system can't understand that the car is about to turn left and pull out of the lane. When the...
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    Braking in rain

    Some cars (like a BMW 3 series I used to own) will automatically lightly cycle the brakes when it is raining out to ensure that the pads are always dry and ready to apply maximum braking power. (they are linked to the rain sensor for the windshield wipers). Not sure what impact this might have...
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    Extended Leather - Need help!

    Did you have your car delivered yet? Are you happy with the extended leather option? Is the stitching on the black dash white thread or black thread? I'm still struggling with this option. Can't tell if it looks exactly the same but just feels different or if it provides a more luxurious...
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    Extended Leather - Need help!

    I'm about to confirm my order on a Grey S85 with the following: Pano, Black Perf Leather Seats, Fog lamps, obeche wood gloss, parking sensors, rear facing seats, air suspension, subzero weather, tech package. I'm 90% sure this is the config I want, but I have this nagging feeling that I should...