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  1. eMileage

    Barrie (ONTARIO) supercharger is down

    A recent blog post indicated that the relevant billing information would be readily available on screen and in MyTesla: " Supercharger pricing information may be viewed on the 17” touchscreen and is summarized below. Supercharging is simple and convenient—just plug in and charge up...
  2. eMileage

    New Ontario Chargers

    I noticed a Koben Systems coming soon at Metro Centre (Metro Centre (Coming Soon) | Toronto, ON | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare) Also apparently 145 King W (145 King St W (Coming Soon) | Toronto, ON | Electric Car Charging Station | PlugShare), 175 Bloor (175 Bloor (Coming Soon) |...
  3. eMileage

    Bolt Availability

    Frost GM Cadillac had 3 Volts on the lot and one on the showroom floor. When asked about the Bolt EV, a sales rep said they had already pre-sold a couple and were expecting them sometime near the end of the month.
  4. eMileage

    New Ontario Chargers

    Wasn't yet online when I stopped in last week. ChargePoint L3. It was dark so I didn't get a good pic. And I noticed it no longer appears on plugshare... I'm sure it was previously posted as coming soon, or some such description.
  5. eMileage

    New Ontario Chargers

    The interactive map does appear to be updating... It's the Ontario 511 interactive map which shows a variety of services including the EVCO network. The sites represented by a black plug with green background icon are Level 2 & 3 In Service.
  6. eMileage

    "I Drive Electric" Cruise - A National Drive Electric Week Event

    Check out the "I Drive Electric" Cruise Facebook Event for some of the latest updates! The Event is this Saturday, Sept. 10th! Register now: http://bit.ly/IDriveElectricCruise
  7. eMileage

    "I Drive Electric" Cruise - A National Drive Electric Week Event

    I'm sure the week will be packed with events. There is one planned for Conestoga Mall in Kitchener and a couple of other tentative events that I've heard about (Milton and Brantford). But to get the definitive list check the events page on NDEW site regularly. I'm sure more events will likely...
  8. eMileage

    "I Drive Electric" Cruise - A National Drive Electric Week Event

    In celebration of National Drive Electric Week, Plug’n Drive invites you to join us for the “I Drive Electric” Cruise at the Canary District in downtown Toronto on September 10th, 2016. This year's BIG event is Plug’n Drive’s way of recognizing the leadership of early EV adopters who are...
  9. eMileage

    EV Day Kingston - Princess Promenade 2016

    EV Day Kingston at the 2016 Princess Promenade on Saturday July 30th! Join us as we close Princess Street for an active, fun and entertaining experience. Businesses, community groups and restaurants will take to the streets for this day-long celebration! Come out to enjoy the day with lots...
  10. eMileage

    Vancouver Sun - Anti-Tesla electric vehicle subsidy article...

    Here's the press release: https://www.facebook.com/eMileage/posts/1084313608285898 or http:// ow.ly/YZGHc The CEV price cap will result in an additional 450 CEVs on the road over the course of the next phase of the program versus a program without a price cap.
  11. eMileage

    Vancouver Sun - Anti-Tesla electric vehicle subsidy article...

    New Story in the Vancouver Sun or Electric cars in B.C. to get HOV green light, bypass occupancy requirements
  12. eMileage

    How often does Tesla offer referal credits and or rebates

    Not sure I understand. Why would you not get the referral credit if you ordered today? It is also possible to place an order and then schedule delivery for April. As to your question, Tesla is currently running their 3rd referral discount/credit program. The first was last year. I think each...
  13. eMileage

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    While I would probably still try to do the right thing, it would end up taking longer before I could. This will slow down sales, rather than speed them up. The cap based on MSRP will most likely result in a sudden drop in sales of Tesla vehicles, which could last until Model 3 eventually...
  14. eMileage

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    @hingisfan Yep. Waterpark Place. It's one of many Oxford Property managed locations to offer EV charging.
  15. eMileage

    Ontario EV incentives upped to $14K... and decreased to $3k for Tesla

    Here is a link to the announcement: Ontario Making Electric Vehicles More Affordable
  16. eMileage

    Preventing Unintentional Keyfob Button Activation

    Lots of potential "folding glasses" cases that might meet your needs: folding glasses case - Google Search Example: Guessing you may have already tried this? Tesla Accessories and Charging Adapters Maumee Key Fob Sleeve
  17. eMileage

    Event: EV Cruise Night - Drive Electric Week

    EV Cruise NightTM joins National Drive Electric Week #NDEW2015! https://www.facebook.com/eMileage/posts/998493403534586 National Drive Electric Week 2015 edition of EV Cruise Night™ featuring: See the latest electric cars Test-drive electric cars (courtesy Plug'n Drive) Talk to owners...
  18. eMileage

    Event: EV Day Caledon - Saturday Sept. 12

    EV Day Caledon - Saturday September 12th https://www.facebook.com/EVSociety/posts/753634348092099 or https://driveelectricweek.org/event.php?eventid=479 Hope to see some of you there! ‪#‎EVDayCaledon‬ National Drive Electric Week - #NDEW2015
  19. eMileage

    TESLA OWNERS MEET near MARKHAM & RICHMOND HILL area (HWY 404 & Major Mack)

    You're all welcome to drop by EV Cruise Night on Sundays. Hope to see you there! http://www.Facebook.com/EVCruiseNight
  20. eMileage

    Electric vehicles move closer to widespread use, experts say - Business - CBC News

    I wondered about that myself. Perhaps McMaster has some data to support that? Here are some photos that I posted from the PowerStream DCFC launch event: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.835105166540078.1073741850.118788858171716&type=1 It is an ABB dual-standard CHAdeMO/CCS combo unit.
  21. eMileage

    Join in the festivities in Vancouver, Saturday Nov 1st, E-mazing Race 2014 Concludes!

    Link: Sun Country Highway’s E-mazing Race, Concludes in Vancouver BC
  22. eMileage

    E-Mazing Race 2014

    The World's Largest Electric Vehicle Race: E-Mazing Race 2014 Bigger and Better in 2014! Sun Country Highway Partners with the David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot Tour The 2014 E-mazing Race Kicks off in Toronto at Younge & Dundas Square Register Now at the main site: www.E-mazingRace.com On...
  23. eMileage

    Please sign petition for ZEV law in Quebec. Only 12 hours left

    I believe you can also via PETITION FOR A QUEBECS ZERO EMISSION LAW !! - Time to Electrify
  24. eMileage

    Recommendation for Commercial Chargers

    I work for Sun Country Highway. So of course I believe that we offer the best solutions at the best prices. :smile: Feel free to contact me if you require any information on our product portfolio and latest promotions. Thanks. Cheers, Emile.
  25. eMileage

    Got it!

  26. eMileage

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Nice grey Model S with 21s on tonight's Almost Human.
  27. eMileage

    Chargepoint cost

    Another recent article including some pricing: https://www.facebook.com/eMileage/posts/644074982320300?stream_ref=10
  28. eMileage

    Question about my daily commute

    I think you meant fast AC (up to 20kW) evChargers from Sun Country: https://www.suncountryhighway.ca/ev-trip-planner/. So just be sure to carry your J1772 adapter to make use of public charging infrastructure and you should be fine.
  29. eMileage

    BMW Suffers Big Setback Against Tesla in California

    It's possible the article could be based on the current carpool lane single occupant eligibility list for 2014 model year vehicles: http://www.arb.ca.gov/msprog/carpool/carpool.htm#vehicles There has apparently been no communication thus far with California ARB to confirm reasoning for the...
  30. eMileage

    Toronto Airport - Charge Stations for Long Term Parking?

    No worries. Hopefully you'll get a charging spot. Good luck. And have a great vacation!
  31. eMileage

    Freezing Rain

    Underground lines here too. Just got power back after midnight... Many trees down. Street was blocked.
  32. eMileage

    TESLA MODEL S - just 2,000 miles - 60kwh, Grey/Black leather/Glass roof/Tech/Air Suspension/Obeche -

    Congrats on the sale. Almost exactly matched my desired configuration. I wish we were allowed to import these vehicles into Canada! :mad:
  33. eMileage

    Toronto Airport - Charge Stations for Long Term Parking?

    I'm not too far from the airport and I do have a level-2 evCharger. You are welcome to park at my place for the week. PM if you would like.
  34. eMileage

    It arrived!!!

    Congratulations! Thanks for posting your first drive story. :) Would you mind sharing a few more details about your selected options, charging setup, etc.? Thx.
  35. eMileage

    Model S Signature Red - S2108 - Canada - 38,500km - $85k - SOLD

    Congrats Colin. All the best in New Zealand!
  36. eMileage

    Need Votes! Put Tesla in 1st - Dutch Autoblog Car of the Year

    Model S now in the lead by a few votes.
  37. eMileage

    GreenUp Expo October 19th!

    Thanks Jaff! - - - Updated - - - Thanks Doug! As you mentioned there are a couple of nearby options.
  38. eMileage

    GreenUp Expo October 19th!

    The GreenUp Expo will take place October 19th at the Lansdowne Place in Peterborough, Ontario. This invitation is open to all Tesla owners who would like to show and talk about their vehicles, and perhaps give a ride or two to VIPs such as the Mayor, MP, or MPP, etc. Lansdowne Place, located...
  39. eMileage

    National Plug In Day - GTHA

    If you missed EVFest 2013 last weekend here's another chance to mingle amongst EVs. NPID Hamilton is now listed on the National Plug-in Day site! Sunday Sept 29th, at the North Wentworth Arena/Community Centre. Hope to see some of you there! I hear the count is up to 96 cities now! :smile:
  40. eMileage

    National Plug In Day 2013: Sept 28/29

    In the GTHA in Ontario, Canada, EVFest 2013 took place last weekend, and also as NPID Hamilton is now listed on the National Plug-in Day site! Sunday Sept 29th, at the North Wentworth Arena/Community Centre. Hope to see some of you there!
  41. eMileage

    Question on electrical contractor

    If you need an addition quote, you could also contact FRESCO -- Joe at frescoltd.org 289-800-1541
  42. eMileage

    Installing an outlet in a condo garage - Toronto

    Hi Mike, What type of charging station are you planning to install? A CS-100 (80a) evCharger will have greater power and wiring requirements than a 30 or 40a charging station. And as indicated by FlasherZ and others, the distance from the source can be a large factor in the overall cost. Feel...
  43. eMileage

    Tesla Roadster on Government of Canada Surplus

    Diesel powered Roasdter ... Too bad it's diesel powered... :wink: ------- I guess Kijiji might be missing some options... The main purpose of the posting is probably to direct people to the GCSurplus.ca site. Hopefully it's working and the "diesel" fuel type and "other" drivetrain...
  44. eMileage

    Tesla Roadster on Government of Canada Surplus

    It has also been posted to Kijiji Ottawa...
  45. eMileage

    2010 Tesla Roadster S Auction

    Just FYI, it has also been posted to Kijiji Ottawa...
  46. eMileage

    2010 Tesla Roadster S Auction

    Perhaps I got it wrong when we spoke. I was sure he said it was a Roadster S. Would a moderator mind updating the thread title? Thanks.
  47. eMileage

    2010 Tesla Roadster S Auction

    That, I have not done. So I'll let someone on your side of the border respond. But if it is anything like importing from U.S. to Canada, it may be a little tedious but not too painful. I just had to follow the steps laid out on our Registrar of Imported Vehicles site (as well as advice from...
  48. eMileage

    2010 Tesla Roadster S Auction

    I have it on good authority that a 2010 Red Tesla Roadster S will be on auction shortly on the Canadian Government Crown Assets Auction site. I'm told it has about 25,000km on the odometer. It should appear here once posted: gcsurplus.ca Cheers, Emile.
  49. eMileage

    Tim Hortons Charging Infrastructure/An Introduction

    Congratulations Daniel! Hope to see you again soon at another GHEVA meetiing.
  50. eMileage


    ^^^ This is what I was thinking. Of course, you would have to figure out how to do rapid mobile swaps (without robots and automated nut drivers). You would also need to be able to cool the pack while charging. Have you considered taking two cars, one Model S to drive and one on a trailer --...