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  1. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Norcross, GA

    Coming late to this thread. While the city of Peachtree Corners is the biggest in Gwinnett County, it has only existed for 10 years. It was incorporated mainly because of a dispute with property developers over a proposed high density residential development (apartments) at the current...
  2. dc121gw

    Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax

    This was a big source of confusion when I bought my Tesla. All EV owners pay the tax regardless of which tag you have. If you pay for the AFV tag, you get some benefits: - You can drive on the I-85 peach pass lanes (mostly in Gwinnett) for free if you have a transponder set to Free mode - You...
  3. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Peachtree Corners, GA

    The estimate was for six months when the work started in March, so September at the earliest. For now, most people are going to the SC in Duluth instead.
  4. dc121gw

    Why is tesla Asking me to pick up the car ASAP?

    The Tesla no-dealership model means that there is zero incentive to keep customers happy. If you buy a Honda and you have a crummy experience with dealer A, well there are dealers B, C, D and E in the metro area and you can just go elsewhere. Dealerships compete with each other. I am no fan...
  5. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Atlanta, GA - Krog St NE

    LIke others are saying, this is a hipster area and the audience for these chargers are locals who live near the Beltline. I would never want to fight the traffic in this area if I was on a road trip, but there are many intown Atlanta owners who have been complaining that Atlantic Station fills...
  6. dc121gw

    Supercharger invoices no longer available on tesla.com

    Yes. And then use iCloud or Google Drive or email the pdf to yourself. All these solutions are so clumsy compared to just having them on the web site where you can download them from anything. I have done my "old man rant" on the app before and have been kidded about it. It is insulting to...
  7. dc121gw

    Supercharger invoices no longer available on tesla.com

    Most employers pay by the mile unless you are using a company vehicle, in which case they compensate actual costs incurred. But, in my experience, some employers are not 100% on the honor system. Even if they are paying by the mile, they want some documentation that you were out on the road...
  8. dc121gw

    Model S Charging Invoice History

    I asked this question in another thread, and the answer is that it is only in the app now. On iOS, you push the user icon on the top right, then Account, then Charging. I don't like Tesla removing functionality that was working fine before, but at least the information is still available.
  9. dc121gw

    Supercharger invoices no longer available on tesla.com

    Thanks @Randy-12 for the explanation. I would not have found this on my own. Definitely not a fan of this "improvement", as moving documents around using the phone is quite suboptimal. But I guess I am one of the 4 people left in the US that prefers a desktop PC to a phone for most things!
  10. dc121gw

    Supercharger invoices no longer available on tesla.com

    Some time around the beginning of the year, the Charging tab on the left side of the Dashboard stopped being available. Unless I am missing it, there is no longer a way to get a record of Supercharger activity, short of examining your credit card bill. And even then, it doesn't identify which...
  11. dc121gw

    Model S Charging Invoice History

    Resurrecting this just to ask, has this been recently moved? The Charging tab on the left is gone for me.
  12. dc121gw

    Recapping my 3500 mile road trip frustrations

    When I was a new Tesla owner, I was very much of the mindset that there is an optimization problem where you should always be able to eat and take breaks at the charger. Now I don't stress about multitasking so much. If it works out where your food and bathroom lines up with the charger...
  13. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Cordele, GA

    I had this exact complaint down I-75 at the site in Alachua, FL. All the lights were turned off when I arrived about 7pm due to Christmas it was kind of creepy being alone in the pitch black parking lot.
  14. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Alachua, FL

    Stopped here while travelling north on Christmas, about 8pm, bypassing the Gainesville site. As promised, this a large site with many chargers. Unfortunately, because of the holiday, all the businesses were closed and the parking lot lights were turned off. This is a pretty desolate location...
  15. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Port St. Lucie, FL - Fort Pierce Service Plaza

    I am not a Floridian but I took my second trip on the turnpike this Christmas. This is probably no surprise to the locals, but the service plaza was incredibly busy on Christmas, with gas cars taking every possible spot in the plaza, plus stacked 4 deep in the reserved truck parking. I charged...
  16. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Ocala, FL - W. Silver Springs Blvd

    Just another data point to the above comment, I used this site during busy Christmas travel, at night, and found it to be clean and the store staff friendly. The food selection is better than a usual gas station. Wawa will never be confused with gourmet but at least you can get a hot sandwich...
  17. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Ashburn, GA

    Some welcome relief for Tifton. Great location!
  18. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Evergreen, AL

    The closest I came to running out of charge was leaving Foley on a cold Christmas. I just barely made it to Greenville and the charger there is, as we all know, slow and crowded. The Cracker Barrel next door is the worst I've been in. The problem with diverting through Mobile is that you...
  19. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Fort Valley, GA

    Yep, I should have said third entrance. I must not have counted the second one. By all means do not get in line with all the cars turning into the first entrance.
  20. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Evergreen, AL

    Great location, another alternative to Greenville and Mobile.
  21. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Gate Parkway

    I had a chance to visit this supercharger while visiting Florida. It's a shame this is not closer to the main town center area. We ended up just shopping at CVS for a few things and heading back.
  22. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Fort Valley, GA

    Very timely addition as I was travelling from Atlanta to Florida this holiday weekend. The chargers were fast and the Buc-ee's is nice. A guy in a giant SUV stopped me and we chatted about how the chargers work. The chargers are in the back. I recommend turning into the second entrance, not...
  23. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Big Pine Key, FL

    They paint the lines above the lot, so they stay dry if there is a hurricane.
  24. dc121gw

    Atlanta Toll Question

    Yes, this is a special thing outside the EZ-Pass network. NC, GA and FL toll transponders are all compatible. Whichever pass you have will work with all three states. If I use my GA Peach Pass on the Florida turnpike, Florida sends a bill to Georgia, Georgia charges my Peach Pass account and...
  25. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Fort Valley, GA

    Live and let live I say. All of us EV owners are on the same team. I don't mind sharing. I feel like Tesla has been keeping up with demand pretty well in the southeast. The only time I've had a wait on a highway SC is at Tifton on a holiday weekend.
  26. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    I did a fast 5 minute cleanup of the SC area this past weekend. My family was eating at Chipolte and I didn't have time to do more. I noticed that there is garbage all over the outer perimeter of the parking area, not just in the SC area. This makes me think the garbage is blowing around the...
  27. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    Yes, we agree. I meant that Tesla would have to maintain the site, including contracting with a company that would pick up the trash, and probably charge more for the charging. The endgame for EVs is probably going to be third party charging stations that compete with each other on price and...
  28. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    I think this is one of the issues that divides EV owners. I only SC when travelling out of town 4-6 times per year, so I am willing to pay more for a well-maintained charging station. But if I was a SC-only user, I might be focused on getting the lowest cost, because I have to pay every week.
  29. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    It would probably not be up to Target, they are just tenants. There is probably a separate maintenance crew organized by the property owner. I have started carrying a box of the small wastebasket sized trash bags for my family's soda bottles, snack bags etc. and I pick up around the charger if...
  30. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Duluth, GA (3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.)

    I think the idea is that through traffic will be stopping at Buford / Mall of Georgia and the one here and in Peachtree Corners will be more for locals. But it is pretty weird that this one is so close to Peachtree Corners. I don't think the PC one is going away, the city encouraged Tesla to...
  31. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    @ChrisC all Buc-ee's are busy but this one, being on the beach road, is jam packed on weekends during the peak season. There will be gas cars and RVs everywhere.
  32. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    In Foley, the good people at Benson's Appliance, across 59 from the Chargepoint station, have both a Tesla destination charger and a J1772 charger. Both are free. @LandThief From I-10, the fastest way to Orange Beach is to skip the 59 exit and go to the Beach Express, which ends in a toll...
  33. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Birmingham, AL

    That's a bummer. I suppose most through traffic would be better off using Leeds or Mountain Brook. It's too bad the Mountain Brook station isn't closer to the interstates.
  34. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Mobile, AL

    Charged here last weekend. I spent some time inside Target while charging. The mall entrance was locked and there was garbage in the hallway and in the adjacent Mexican restaurant. I don't know if they are remodeling the mall, or closing the interior. It was a little sad seeing how far the...
  35. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Leeds, AL

    I charged here for the first time, on a Saturday around noon. Only one other car charging, but there were oversized vehicles parked almost the entire length of the charging area. We had to squeeze in behind an RV towing an SUV. Buc-ee's is a big place with a lot of parking, but there are so...
  36. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Leeds, AL

    30 minute general parking. :rolleyes: I have only been to this location once, but it was on a football weekend and the place was packed. I would say the odds of getting blocked are high.
  37. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    There are hundreds of parking spots, not counting the pumps. Plenty of room, although it is quite busy on holiday weekends.
  38. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    Nice! I travel to Foley often, and this has always been a bad spot. Either I spend a long time topping off to 100% at the slower charger in Greenville, or I just charge enough to get to Foley and then I have to find somewhere to plug in there. The super folks at Benson Appliance, on the main...
  39. dc121gw

    Does a Model 3 first production with low VIN (#567) increase value?

    The 3 is not a collectible right now, so the VIN is irrelevant to the value. It's possible the 3 will be collectible in 20-30 years, as they get rarer due to being recycled, having dead batteries, etc. If you look at what kinds of cars are collectible today, they are usually iconic designs or...
  40. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Leeds, AL

    Very convenient and an alternative to Oxford for I-20 traffic. I like the Oxford charger just because so much stuff is nearby, but Leeds would get me further down the road and Buc-ee's is a nice stop.
  41. dc121gw

    About to order my first Model 3! Which one though?

    Your commute will be fine in either car. Your 200-300 mile work trips will be simpler with the LR, although plenty of people do trips like this with SR+. The main consideration is whether slightly less aggravation on trips, and slightly better acceleration, is worth $6000 USD. The answer is...
  42. dc121gw

    Unconfirmed: analyst claims there will be a smaller Cybertruck model

    I can't see them making two different trucks. If they commit to a smaller truck, and it's not clear that they would, I would expect that to replace the larger truck. The biggest question is how much they see Cybertruck getting sales from traditional truck buyers. People who have bought a F-150...
  43. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Mobile, AL

    This forum has been quiet for a while. I just wanted to agree with the previous comments that the area is not what it was. I grew up here and this was a fairly upscale mall in its first few decades. I spent most of my teen life here in this mall in the 80s. There has been a demographic...
  44. dc121gw

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    When I did home delivery, they definitely did not want to linger. But like all stuff like this, it probably depends on the person who makes the call. If you are planning a long inspection, I would ask to do it at the SC if at all possible.
  45. dc121gw

    Atlanta/N Druid Hills recommended Tesla Charger installer.

    Late response but I hired TE Certified. Pricey for sure, but I wanted a no-hassle experience. I had them run 50A to the garage plus 4 other small jobs for about $1000.
  46. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    My peak was around 200 the first time when the site was empty, and somewhat slower the second trip when there were other cars there. The charge rate dropped quickly after a minute, as usual. It took 33 minutes to go 30% to 92%, not great but not terrible.
  47. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    Came through Montgomery again on Sunday. There were 6 cars charging. I feel like this station is going to be a preferred destination for weekend holiday traffic. Even for traffic passing through on I-65 that doesn't want to divert, this location should free up space in Greenville. The...
  48. dc121gw

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    Charged here this weekend. No one was there while I was there. The only fast lunch nearby that I saw was at Chipotle across the parking lot. There are several sit down restaurants nearby. Travelling southbound on 85, Tesla nav had me get off and travel for a while down a service road. I think...
  49. dc121gw

    Please help me figure out my charging costs

    I've had the Georgia tiered EV plan for 2.5 years. Your rate goes up a lot in 5 summer months during the day from 2pm to 7pm. But it goes down at night, and all day on the other 7 months. I have a spreadsheet with kWh used by month, plus what the bill would have been if I did not have the EV...
  50. dc121gw

    Please help me figure out my charging costs

    Something else is going on. You have put ~ 300-400 kWh into the car. Even at California peak rates, that should be less than $200 over the time you have owned the car. Probably closer to $100.