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    Can the BMS_w176 (replace fuse) lead to BMS_w035 (vehicle may not restart) and "voltage supply too low" error?

    Oh, yeah, thanks for the extra detail. If you're already planning to sell soon, then that does make sense.
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    Can the BMS_w176 (replace fuse) lead to BMS_w035 (vehicle may not restart) and "voltage supply too low" error?

    This is one of those weird statements I see from people often. "I'm going to spend $80,000 on a whole new car because there's no way I will pay $15,000!" What in the everlovin heck? It just doesn't make much sense. People are trying to compare it to the resale value of the car used, which...
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    Day 1 nightmare with model y Not able to charge

    Oh, I'm sorry about that. There are frequently a couple of things that are very important to learn right off the bat, and it's unfortunate that you discovered them the hard way. I have two general thoughts on this: 1. Oklahoma is just tough. There are very few charging resources there. 2...
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    better to charge to 90% or allow run down to 10%?

    This difference you're talking about is of the small impact variety, where you may have some observable amount of degradation difference in 25 years. But for your own sanity and stress level, when you need to consume that much of the battery, I just wouldn't intentionally run such lean margins...
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    It won't do it from just one rated mile. They do seem to have it programmed to "hide" a little bit of the accumulated energy until it's significant enough to show on the screen. I don't know why they do that, but it's what I have observed. Maybe they don't want the display twitching up and...
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    Will Tesla Semi be affected if Tesla becomes unionized?

    Unfortunately no. It doesn't only apply inside its own state. They only have the power to forbid sales within their own state of course, but the wording of the condition that triggers it of whether or not a company has licensed to a dealership is just an informational/factual question and in...
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    Gen 3 Power Sharing?

    That was a change going from wired to wireless in the Gen3, so it doesn't use that twisted pair.
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    Will Tesla Semi be affected if Tesla becomes unionized?

    Whoa, no, it is nothing at all like that. There's nothing there about "precedent" with the no dealer situation. It's because of actual published law in a lot of states that is a conditional. It says that if a car manufacturer EVER licenses to a third party dealership, then they are NEVER...
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    Nightly charging = slight overcharge, misses target

    There are a lot of threads on this. It happens and can be off (high or low) by a few %. It probably finished right at it, but then afterward, things settled, temperature changed a bit, and it re-estimated and moved some.
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    New "Universal Wall Connector" doesn't charge the Rivian.

    Huh, whoa, that's interesting. I'm still watching a livestream from here on TMC of the Cybertruck event, and they are going over the new updates on the site and hadn't come across that yet. Nice to see that available, but tough that it requires the batteries.
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    Wall Connector installation with 240V in Australia?

    Whoa, yeah, have to make sure not to go over the capacity of the wires. But really, if you have convenient at home charging, that's the vast majority of the benefit, and it will generally do fine. People overrate needing really high capacity circuits.
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    New "Universal Wall Connector" doesn't charge the Rivian.

    I think Tesla should have never tried to be too cute on this by trying to use the Tesla protocol at all. They made a J1772 station before that spoke the J1772 protocol perfectly. And their J1772 to Tesla plug adapter that is included with all their cars is passive and passes the J1772...
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    New "Universal Wall Connector" doesn't charge the Rivian.

    Yeah, that's strange. J1772 has been around for a very long time now. ...except that Tesla did develop for J1772 vehicles. They sold a product that was for exactly that. Yes, that. So since they sold a J1772 station before that could do proper communication, I find it really strange that...
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    How to report a ghost nonexistent supercharger

    I concur with @RTPEV. The title of this thread and what you are saying just isn't what is happening, as the picture clearly shows. It's not at all saying there is a Supercharger there at your location. It's still showing that there are 35 more miles to go to get to the Supercharger. Does the...
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    80% to 100% how long

    Well, OK. I think there's kind of a perception difference of what people mean by "finishing" charging. At that very end, when it switches to the mode of balancing the cells, yeah, that can take some very long and unpredictable amount of time, like another hour or two hours. But during that...
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    12A at 110V slow charging: 3% takes 7 hours

    My electrician friend had his theory that through the cumulative resistance of a series of connections, panels, wire lugs, wire through the house, outlet, plug, and cord into an appliance, that it's not surprising for a lot of end equipment to be seeing closer to 110V anyway, so that may be why...
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    Supercharger - Meridian, ID - Franklin Rd (article w/ pictures)

    Oh yeah, a friend of mine sent me that a week or so ago, but it's sales and service, so I didn't think of it being a Supercharger location. I don't even know if it will have any Superchargers. It did get on my nerves how all through the article it kept referring to it as a "dealership", when...
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    replacement 12V batteries for 2018 M3: OEM or 3rd party "group 51r" ok?

    Very reasonable. It's interesting people spend so much time and effort trying to go other places to try to find batteries that kinda may possibly work because they assume it's a better deal than the manufacturer, but in this particular instance, it's fine just to have Tesla do it for cheaper...
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    Charging with 220V 3 phases in USA Model Y 2023

    I don't see any "again" as I don't see that in here anywhere. That's fine that we are on the same page now.
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    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    Yes, they are separate upgrades. I have the original MCU1, and I did pay to have them do the cellular upgrade from 3G to LTE when they had to take my unit out anyway to replace the screen that was leaking adhesive, but I didn't do the full upgrade to the MCU2.
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    Wall Connector installation with 240V in Australia?

    Well, they have the Australia version of the wall connector, so the wiring inside is a little different, since it has the Type 2 plug and the ability to wire for either single phase circuit or three phase. So the wording of the instructions will be slightly different. Here is the link to the...
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    Current owners of 40 kWh configuration

    Yeah, but I remember part of this a little differently than you do. I remember how it was originally a huge amount--that $10,000 figure you mentioned--and then I remember it being lowered to a much more reasonable price several years later--that $3,000 you said sounds about right. I remember...
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    Charging with 220V 3 phases in USA Model Y 2023

    Yes, I am well aware of that. But that's why this needed to be corrected. Wall connectors do not have CCS plugs on them.
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    Question for home charging install - wire size

    What is the largest wire thickness the Tesla wall connector will take? Is that 4 gauge? For the cleanest install, I might just request to only use 4 gauge so you don't have to split it with a subpanel, even if that makes it be less than a 100A circuit. Other than that, if it's going to be a...
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    12A at 110V slow charging: 3% takes 7 hours

    We're about at the point where you get to use the magical "C" word: century.
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    How Aggressive Should Tesla Be with Variable Pricing to Manage Supercharger Congestion? (i.e. Should Tesla jack rates at chronically congested SCers?)

    ABRP I think is still treating those as if it's a brand new 75 battery with no degradation, which isn't how this really is. And did you have it set for below freezing temperatures, where it has to use heat? Also, the Burley station was added pretty recently. This was much worse when people...
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    Charging history of Wall connector in the app

    Well, sure, it does a couple of other things that are unrelated to the charging act itself. It has some sensing and monitoring. It's verifying things like that the ground isn't accidentally floating or disconnected. It's checking that voltages are within a reasonable acceptable range. It's...
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    2014 P85D Error Thoughts?

    Yeah, that's what I would say. Recell and wk057 were the two shops I would really trust to do this, and one of them seems to not be available anymore, so I would go with the other one. Here is Recell's site for battery replacements. https://recell-ev.com/model-s%2Fx
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    Charging with 220V 3 phases in USA Model Y 2023

    No it doesn't. Wall connectors don't come with CCS plugs. That is for fast DC charging stations only, while the wall connectors are just AC charging. It only has the Type2 plug.
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    How Aggressive Should Tesla Be with Variable Pricing to Manage Supercharger Congestion? (i.e. Should Tesla jack rates at chronically congested SCers?)

    Nope. It's unfortunately a double whammy in some cases where the isolated small town one also is the congested one because it was placed there to connect a really large travel distance. Have you heard of the tiny town of Tremonton, Utah? It has just barely over 10K population. The...
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    80 amp Home Charger?

    ...which will mean that people will have even MORE leftover range in their cars at the end of each day, requiring even LESS charging power to refill it back to the point of range they need. That's the opposite of what you are thinking. I don't think that's me who is doing that. This is that...
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    Mobile Connector Keeps Tripping GFCI

    No, that's not it--or not directly. That doesn't cause anything, and they don't do anything to each other. It's just GFCI's being likely to have a problem, and the more of them you put in the path, the higher the chances of one of them having a problem. Reducing amps doesn't matter, because...
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    80 amp Home Charger?

    That's probably not ever going to happen again, since Tesla's history over the last decade has only been REDUCING the home charging power capability. Back in the old 2012 to 2015 time frame, you could choose options of either a 40A or 80A charging configuration, and the wall connectors could do...
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    How Aggressive Should Tesla Be with Variable Pricing to Manage Supercharger Congestion? (i.e. Should Tesla jack rates at chronically congested SCers?)

    I guess that addresses my main objection I was going to have with this. On the old 60's and 70's there are Supercharger gaps in the West that need charging over 90% just to make it (or to be able to use heat and make it). But those old shorter range cars that are degraded in range some do at...
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    The agony of a 10yo Model S 85 with 300 000+ km

    Well, yeah, the swap isn't what's expensive or hard. It's not like days' worth of difficult labor. It's more the factor of not having a lot of supply of the replacement batteries to put in, since they are old configurations that they aren't building much of anymore, and like you mentioned, not...
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    So Cal Edison bill was $344.35

    Far too many variables in people's driving amounts and houses and lifestyles for us to just take a blind guess if your car is the biggest consumer of your electricity. I remember the person here on the forum who was shocked (shocked, I say!!) to see his electric bill that he had never paid...
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    80%Soc Still charging at 90KW

    Yes, that is kind of why it is strange. It's in the nature of battery charging, that they can't just blast huge high power charging into them non-stop from empty all the way to full. We refer to it as "tapering", where the power rate has to slow down as the battery gets more and more full. In...
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    BMS error today MX 2016 90D

    You don't need to be insulting like that, suggesting it was a con game or scam. There was good faith in trying to get that warranty program going, but several things went wrong in trying to implement it, and it seemed to overwhelm his ability to support it, and he seems to have sold off the...
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    The agony of a 10yo Model S 85 with 300 000+ km

    I also have a 2014 S85. Yes, that's why I am planning to keep mine for as many decades as I can. That's one option from Tesla but isn't the only option. Well, yeah, Tesla doesn't like dealing with any kind of trade-ins, so they lowball everything. A car with a broken battery is way down on...
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    Battery health tracking SS

    Yes, it is in the BIOS, but that's why it is up to the manufacturers which BIOS they decide to build with. It's not "most laptops" since the really big high volume brands like HP and Dell didn't have it. It was mostly the smaller ones like Acer and Alienware and such that chose to use BIOS...
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    Battery coolant heater broken

    I am almost certain that is not true. It is using mains power to run that battery heater as well. But the point is that it is only trying to display the CHARGING amps on that screen. So the extra several amps it is drawing through the plug that are going to run the battery heater are just not...
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    Battery health tracking SS

    But there is no way to actually stop it from charging while it is connected to the docking station, so while it's hooked up to the monitors, keyboard, mouse, ethernet cable, etc. it is still going to charge all the way up to 100% and stay there all day long.
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    Battery health tracking SS

    Literally that exact same thing at my company with our HP laptops--plenty of swollen batteries. They are issuing these with the laptop as the person's only computer, so they bring it home, but also it sits on a docking station all day in the office. My recent replacement is a Dell, but still...
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    NEMA 14-50 outlets, be careful if you went cheap when you purchased them.

    Since the 2017 NEC version, indoor or outdoor is irrelevant. They set the rule in stone that any outlet being installed for the purpose of charging an electric car must use a GFCI breaker. So it's decided for you.
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    Battery health tracking SS

    Some laptop manufacturers have built in that control to be able to limit the battery charge to 80% to try to preserve that long term life. I wish more of them would. It's especially helpful for laptops that sit on docking stations most of the day.
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    Is 23-65 kWh at a supercharger normal for a 2015 model S 70D with recently replaced battery pack?

    It's not just from the battery itself. There were other improvement in the charge port and temperature monitoring by the time the 100 battery came along that also contribute to it keeping up higher charge rates.
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    Are you still on the original battery pack with your 2012-2015 Model S?

    Ideal is an abomination that no one uses, and the fact that I straight up said it is down from the original value of 265 already told you that it wasn't Ideal.
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    Setting a lower limit of charge when traveling

    Yeah, multiple good reasons to leave yourself a bit extra margin of energy.