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    Being pushed by Tesla to take delivery this month?

    Yes. In May 2022, I ordered a blue MYLR, 5 seat, no hitch and it had an original delivery date of Dec 2022/Jan 2023. I was surprised when they gave me a VIN and delivery date for 3 July 2022. I was out of town, so couldn't take delivery. It was odd because the advisor told me it was a Austin...
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    Is this a reject?

    Here's a follow-up. Tesla skipped me on VIN 7SAYGDEEXNF489352 and then a few days later VIN 7SAYGDEEXNF481557 popped up in my app. Both are obviously Fremont cars. It doesn't matter, since I'll probably reject the 2nd car too. Tesla has come down on their trade-in offers.
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    Is this a reject?

    Spoke to an advisor about it. She said the other customer couldn’t take delivery. She also told me the Austin factory was starting to produce the MYLR and that this car was from Austin. The VIN I was given was from CA 7SAYGDEEXNF489352. Either way, I’m out of town, so they skipped me.
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    Is this a reject?

    Yeah, I agree
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    Is this a reject?

    Living in San Antonio, so not far from the Austin plant. Ordered a MYLR on 10 May 22 and until today; my delivery was Nov22-Jan23. Today I get a VIN and a delivery in the next 4 days. It’s a 2022 Fremont build. This is obviously a reject from another customer, right? I’m shocked I’d even be...
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    Ever hit a brick at 60mph?

    I have! I was driving on the highway and distracted by trying to figure out why my 2022 MYP lags behind other traffic while on autopilot. I'll be in right lane of a divided highway with AP set at 70 and a posted speed limit of 65. Even if the left lane traffic is traveling at 75-80, I...
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    Is my Model Y Performance normal?

    Make a TeslaFi account and let them track all of this to verify.
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    No CCS compatibility; legal?

    Ahh!!! Someone else with my issue. Picked up the car in March and that's my only problem. It first occurred within 5 minutes of leaving the dealership on delivery day. Mine will start going up and do a little dance where it goes up/down 4 or 5 times and then finally goes up or stays down...
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    MY LR Fremont VIN for PA delivery?

    Start flipping MYLRs. Estimated delivery for a MYLR order made today is Nov 22 - Feb 23. Pay the $250 now for a chance to get an Austin MYLR. If that still isn't enough time, cancel that reservation and make another. In the meantime, you have a MYLR order from Oct 21 that's already worth...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Picked my MYP today and it's beautiful! Everything looked good except for scrapes on the lower part of the bumper area and a scratch over the RR wheel well. I told the Tesla rep about them and said I'd submit a repair request. One electronic issue came up on the way home though...when the...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    It must change depending on how you finance. I had a third party loan for my first Tesla in 2019 and I'm doing the same for my upcoming MYP. It must be different if you're financing through Tesla. They're giving me $50K for my '19 M3LR, so my tax liability for my MYP will only be 6.25% of $16K.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    If you're paying with a loan, be happy you can roll the tax in. They don't give us that option in Texas. I have to take the registration paperwork to the local tax office and then they ask for $5K!
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    Model Y FSD Poll

    I have it on my '19 M3 that I purchased used, but declined to get it on my Y. The only thing I'll miss is the auto lane change. I should add that my safety score was never high enough to get the FSD preview.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Keeping it. I‘m trading in my ‘19 M3LR, so I’m just driving down my trade in value by driving.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Ha! We're in pretty rare air...well, at least for a few days 😄
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    When it first popped up, I looked to the right side and thought I was #12 from Austin, but realized it was 400,012. That's still cool though...I just want my car!
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    Ugh. 21 Jan 2022 order date for black MYP and got a Fremont VIN today. 7SAYGDEF2NF400012
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    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Placed my MYP order on 22 Jan 2022 and got my VIN today. It's a Fremont build. Found that strange since I live in Texas.
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Red Rocket