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  1. ev-now

    Should I buy a 2021 MY without Radar?

    I much appreciate your input. you specific experience is very helpful. I bought AP1 knowing it would be eclipsed. I very much expect HW3 will not achieve FSD, but to the degree it can assist with safety, traffic jams (not accurately controlling distance is a concern) and highway driving I am...
  2. ev-now

    Should I buy a 2021 MY without Radar?

    I have read a lot of opinions here. I have an AP1 MS which I must admit I have been very happy with. Reading the transition from RADAR to Tesla Vision, it seems it's about 50:50 here in terms of people's experience with EAP/FSD getting better or worse. So here we are in Feb 2023. There's a...
  3. ev-now

    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    S60 - oh well :( This is because the recovered cell packs are of no use, right?
  4. ev-now

    Tesla OEM wheels, double spoke, 19"

    Gonna say Chicagoland based on prior posts.
  5. ev-now

    Snow obstruction on MS nose V1 radar

    Yep snow accumulating on the front, time to hand over control to AP1 - not my choice. Even with relatively light snow covering you may well find AP1 following the black lines (tire tracks in the snow) left by other cars thinking they are the lane edges - and we all know how good people are at...
  6. ev-now

    Off Peak Charging

    Not sure that does solve it 99.99% but I am pleased it's not an inconvenience to you. For my wife's use it's a PITA.
  7. ev-now

    Off Peak Charging

    How can it possibly be that Tesla can manage FSD, but not provide an option to avoid Peak Demand charging tariffs. Even our 2016 Kia Soul EV can do that :rolleyes:
  8. ev-now

    Rial Lugano lugs

    Thanks for the detail. Rial actually responded to me today, confirming the same - Tesla OEM. They also sent me a nice detailed document, apologizing for it being in German, that seems to confirm certification of the wheels was with the Tesla original OEM lugs. The ones TireRack supplied with...
  9. ev-now

    When did you start to see battery degradation

    Is this the recommendation now? Not for my 2015 - which dropped a few percent in it's first 10K (miles) and is unchanged in the last 55K. There was a step change increase of a few miles once on a software change, and again a slight drop on another. But real world use, and charged range claim...
  10. ev-now

    Rial Lugano lugs

    Got a beautiful set of the KBA 47892 Rial Lugano OE 19" wheels recently. Not sure I trust the lugs with them due really small mating surface. So wondering what lugs people are using with theirs. Anyone got a set of Gorilla Nuts they are happy with on these rims? Or what other branded lugs are...
  11. ev-now

    Used Model S vs New Model Y

    Regarding costs for out of warranty repairs - find out if Xcare will offer an extended warranty on a third-party purchase (not a salvage title, I can save you the call). That might factor in to this decision (I am a customer of, not affiliated to XCare).
  12. ev-now

    FS: Model S 19" Turbine Winter Wheel and Tire package w/TPMS

    I picked 'em up, they are sold ;) Thanks for holding them @Barenaked.
  13. ev-now

    A set of new (to the car) tires, but TPMS can't detect them

    If the TPMS are old enough that they've aged out sat idle, I'd also be checking the date codes on the tires - just so you know what you are dealing with.
  14. ev-now

    Used Model S vs New Model Y

    Agree with @ucmndd on salvage, and on the early ones . I have a Jan 2015 MS and it too has had little go wrong with it. Like any vehicle you can be lucky or unlucky with the specific car, and in most cases the way the prior owner treated it will have a huge impact on it's longevity. Sadly...
  15. ev-now

    After the Extended Warranty

    I'd just like to say those speaking against extended warranties - I do agree IN GENERAL for any ICE which is easily serviced outside of warranty. I have NEVER bought one for ICE. For my 2015 CPO which went out of warranty after 6 years, the XCare price was very, very reasonable to add 4 and take...
  16. ev-now

    Quick shout to QCcharge.com - JESLA

    So my 2015 MS burned through one of the pins in the mobile charging cable (faulty charge port). Rather than trash it, I got QCcharge.com to replace the plug with a J1772 head. Works great for charging MS with adapter and my daughters Soul EV. Turnaround time was great, quality of work excellent.
  17. ev-now

    Purchasing a Model S Performance from CarMax

    Yeah all Teslas have ACC now, FSD not listed - then not present would be my assumption. As for whether Tesla would transfer FSD if it were there - why not? If it's present then it is a paid for option which would transfer with the car life any other option. In the past Tesla have reportedly...
  18. ev-now

    Register used car with Tesla from private party

    Yep, what @EVRider-FL says.
  19. ev-now

    9 Years Gone

    Same here - about 10K per year, but such enjoyable miles (mostly for my wife, wish I could justify another one now but waiting on Cybertruck).
  20. ev-now

    Great deal? Or get something newer...

    I love our 2015 - 42K is no miles at all. If you are worried X-Care have a really good extended warranty you can buy. Price dropped a lot early this year. I added 4 years to ours, charge-port failed (turns out due to an issue I could have gotten resolved under warranty if I'd known it was...
  21. ev-now


    Pretty uncharitable - I mean that's why you give it to professionals - in an expectation they will do a professional job. I'd be worried that a pro didn't notice it was not a square setup, on a vehicle which can be either.
  22. ev-now

    Tesla Paint Repair Kit - Midnight Silver Metallic

    Is this gone then? My Friday PM is unanswered.
  23. ev-now

    3D Maxpider Mats - Model S

    Love these mats! Already have them - but if you don't you should get them!
  24. ev-now

    Questions to ask electrician before ordering

    Yeah, that's going to cause a whole load of people headaches with the recent massive house price inflation. Lots of people who have simply taken it that their primary residence is not subject to GC are going to find their COVID inflated house price might push them into taxable territory they do...
  25. ev-now

    Plaid Trade-in $83K WOW

    My guesses. They want to sell new ones. People don't go to Tesla for a used 2021. And as others have said, Tesla trade-in prices have been really bad, for a really long time. But, if you're happy with (effectively) $200K for your new one, they'd be happy to relieve you of it ;)
  26. ev-now

    AC issues

    Interesting thread. 2015 AP1/MCU1 and first experience of blowing way hot air yesterday - o/s temp 90. A/C was serviced in December at end of warranty (CPO vehicle). I also regularly see the HVAC come on in Manual, when to our knowledge it was in Auto when the car was stopped (you can get this...
  27. ev-now

    No Attempts to Connect to Non-Priority Bluetooth

    Interesting - I can't even get that. At home all fobs and phones are with in range of the car all the time. However this AM I tried leaving the house, manually connecting my phone and it still failed to reconnect on return to the car (not sleeping). Sigh ... That all said, this worked fine...
  28. ev-now

    MCU1 / Bluetooth / Text command issues after recent updates

    Thanks for the suggestions. I did forget both ends, but have not done a hard reset, will try that. Thanks for the suggestions and confirmation it's working for you.
  29. ev-now

    No Attempts to Connect to Non-Priority Bluetooth

    I did not find this before posting my latest thread ... basically same experience as you. And no, I've not found a resolution to it (yet?). Interesting we are both MCU1 / AP1 - I am suspicious it is bit-rot for those of us who have not paid to upgrade to MCU2.
  30. ev-now

    MCU1 / Bluetooth / Text command issues after recent updates

    It's great that my 2015 MS gets updates, it's a better car than when I got it! This is the first time I have noticed significant, and irritating degradation - and wish there was a simple "Revert to prior firmware" option. Issue one. When they added Priority Device to the phone setup, all our...
  31. ev-now

    2014 Model S 60 to S 85 battery upgrade?

    2014 60kWh were indeed hardware limited, not software. Tesla would not be modding. I thought the onboard charging, and the larger rear motor was actually fine with the 85kWh battery - and that at least one person hearabouts used to offer that upgrade using write-off reclaimed battery packs.
  32. ev-now

    Model S Modern Spare for sale

    Must have been living under a rock, I've not seen these kits - I carry a fullsize spare in the frunk and rely on road-side for a jack which is fine, but obviously would take way longer. Thanks for posting this!
  33. ev-now

    FS: Signature Gen2 Wall Connector 24ft

    That's a whole lot of S's ... and you seem to have gotten stuck :)
  34. ev-now

    Oedro All Season Weather Rubber Floor Mats, Model S

    With RoninAMG - tried to delete the PM quote when I realized these are not an option for me, but did not post and I was away from desk.
  35. ev-now

    Warranty coverage suddenly changed

    b) is the replacement warranty after the original CPO program changed I believe
  36. ev-now

    Service Records

    Well done, most of us failed on that quest! And no, there are no owner accessible records online - what do you think this is a high tech company ;)
  37. ev-now

    original msrp for used MS

    Your spec is the same as my S60 except the battery (obviously) and the Pano - other than that, exactly the same. Mine was 89K and changed in Jan 2015. So I suspect you are just under 100K with the extra range and roof - I cannot remember the battery uplifts.
  38. ev-now

    Model S is long in the tooth

    Seems to me that even in Tesla-land you are in rarified air - few here (or anywhere) have deposits on the new Roadster. Given the price point you have choices most do not, and I suspect there are cars in there that compete in very different ways to the way MS or MX does for the majority. I...
  39. ev-now

    New guy: maintenance history question

    You will not get the history from Tesla. Many have tried, I believe a few claim to have got it and or been able to read it over a S/C employees shoulder - but corporate policy is that you cannot have it. The price you got, for the miles looks great to me - I hope you have a great ownership...
  40. ev-now

    Tesla (the company) killing itself slowly?

    Wow this thread got legs. I was sharing my experience as the contrast between a few years ago and now. Those who sight the idea that it's hard to provide good customer service due to the costs - forget that argument, the cost of poor customer service is very, very high - with existing and new...
  41. ev-now

    Extended Warranty - Used Model S bought from 3rd party dealer or private party

    I bought mine CPO, the ESA was briefly offered but could not actually make it happen - then it disappeared and Tesla told me it was never eligible (does make sense I guess, in that the CPO extended it by almost 2 years from manufacture, but a further 2 would have been good).
  42. ev-now

    Just bought a 2016 Model S 75

    You will not get a service history out of Tesla - at least many (myself included) have tried and failed before buying a used one. Battery degradation is unlikely to be an issue, there's an initial modest drop and then in plateaus generally - my Jan 2015 charges to 2.5% less than spec as it has...
  43. ev-now

    Is Customer Service Really This Bad?

    I thought they meant that you have enough commitments without having to wait 8 days to get a working car!
  44. ev-now

    Retrofit my Tesla, that’s so Raven.

    At least you have a 75, and not a 60 - I too would probably spend unreasonable money to get range to 350ish. BTW - cool license-plate ;)
  45. ev-now

    Confused about free supercharging on older models

    My 2015 MS60 was bought CPO and has unlimited (confirmed in account). It may be that was enabled by Tesla as a sweeter on CPOs at that time, the original spec. documents which were sent to me prior to purchase show it, do not list it as an option and this was not highlighted as a 'bonus' when I...