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  1. Ulmo

    Why does Tesla winter test their vehicles in New Zealand rather than USA?

    Why does Tesla winter test their cars in New Zealand rather than USA? USA has several mountains with snow on them, and several states where it snows a lot. It seems counterproductive to avoid working with the primary customer base and readying the local facilities and instead spend a lot of...
  2. Ulmo

    All discussion of Lucid Motors

    I haven't looked at Tesla, Lucid, and NACS closely for a long time, but from afar, to me it seems logical that Lucid would adopt NACS immediately, even offering a competent retrofit option. Is their board ruled by logic, by any chance? I have no insight into that. Hopefully, there's enough...
  3. Ulmo

    China pro/con turned political

    I'm looking for a place to put this post I already put elsewhere, and this seems like a somewhat relevant thread. Here goes: China information video maker Serpentza did an interesting piece on yet more China corruption, this time about EV ponzi schemes possibly setting up to cause undue...
  4. Ulmo

    Elon & Twitter

    I just found out that someone claims Apple never tweeted, which is odd since I thought I saw Apple tweets, but I am about to go to bed, so I'm not going to figure this out tonight.
  5. Ulmo

    Elon & Twitter

    Can I get a good Christmas deal on a used Tesla from all the Apple employees about to sell their Teslas, or is that currently off limits from the wheezers who make those decisions at Apple? This article claims Apple did not delete their tweets: Yes, Phil Schiller deleted his Twitter account...
  6. Ulmo

    I thought the battery packs were sealed from water intrusion

    Seems pretty clear they're talking about flooded EV cars including Teslas that are catching fire: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/electric-vehicles-exploding-water-damage-hurricane-ian-top-florida-official-warns
  7. Ulmo

    Model S Battery replacement costing a fortune...Any reliable 3rd party shops near phoenix, AZ who can do it for cheaper price?

    Fixing the first cell to go bad in a bunch of cells going bad isn't going to stop the other cells from going bad.
  8. Ulmo

    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    From that comparison, looks like the less expensive option is a better deal for most tasks.
  9. Ulmo

    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    The current website product description at POWER+ Nexus Portable Power Station says "Pure sine wave, safe for sensitive electronics", which means this power station should be able to supply a variety of needs without damaging equipment. That's pretty good news!
  10. Ulmo

    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    CaseCE.com/580EV https://www.casece.com/northamerica/en-us/products/backhoe-loaders/580ev-project-zeus?utm_source=Content&utm_medium=CCE&utm_term=Vanity-Redirect&utm_content=Announcement&utm_campaign=ZEUS That ad released in 2020, 2 years ago. Any entities able to buy it yet? It should be an...
  11. Ulmo

    Lawn mowers and gardening equipment pollution: Why are ICE engines still legal in California?

    That's my concern: backup generators could be used to enable a transition to cleaner energy: Adopting solar panels and home battery backup is expensive and doing a smart economically affordable installation currently does not bridge the dark stormy periods; generators could fill in for the...
  12. Ulmo

    Lawn mowers and gardening equipment pollution: Why are ICE engines still legal in California?

    On a recent visit to Home Depot a few weeks ago in Soquel, California (in Santa Cruz county), the electric landscaping tools available have blossomed! There are lineups of a variety of tools (perhaps full lineups??) from Ryobi, DeWalt, Makita, and Rigid! I do not know their quality, but since...
  13. Ulmo

    CyberTruck Image Leaked

    Yes, but he and I are opposite: I want the front to look like it used to, like a stainless steel refrigerator, and I'm glad Tesla kept the rest the same, but he likes the probably focus-grouped rounded Astra barf minivan look in front and doesn't like the rest. Stop focus grouping things...
  14. Ulmo

    Watch: SpaceX to Launch First Flight Crewed by Private Citizens - I4 Launch Thread

    Has anyone found the link for the Follow Dragon Tracker on SpaceX.Com?
  15. Ulmo

    Tesla Owners API v3 enabled

    I am trying this, but when I submit the curl command, I get a zero size output. Here is the curl command: curl -c cookie-jar -k --post301 --post302 --post303...
  16. Ulmo

    Tesla Owners API v3 enabled

    I've been using the local API in my PowerWalls since they were installed in July 27, 2017, with scripts I wrote. Public records are at Solar, Battery, Home and Grid PowerFlow. I have never needed to do anything outside the home to receive the primary data. However, my scripts stopped working...
  17. Ulmo

    Solar Roof, big price increase

    They raised the price after you signed a contract? That's both false advertising and violation of contract. Highly illegal.
  18. Ulmo

    [UPDATED] 2 die in Tesla crash - NHTSA reports driver seat occupied

    I get the impression that a lot of people die in Tesla crashes because firefighters refuse to go past a few little tiny flames, and law enforcement keep people away from helping the car occupants get out, under the impression that it is ok to make them die since more dead people is easy to write...
  19. Ulmo

    Prediction Thread - "You Called It"

    Shifting from a pro-business administration to an anti-business administration will cause difficulties. Some will show up immediately (this and next month), and others will take a few years to reveal themselves (2023). Past examples that would spread more: the Alameda County health department...
  20. Ulmo

    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    My guess is single phase vs three phase, and at a different voltage (which would require a transformer, but that is not impossible).
  21. Ulmo

    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    To build up more than a day, since there are many windless dark days.
  22. Ulmo


    I agree. I was just curious. We know that electric has drive-up-a-hill-with-a-trailer long distance problems, but maybe that's not the only use case. I know a lot of vacationers would love to pull their trailer to a camp site in the Sierras when it is snowing, but a lot of camps close when it...
  23. Ulmo


    Who cares. I already have one of those.
  24. Ulmo


    I got curious about towing. In order from most towing weight to least ("cargo" is my word for what the pickup bed can carry): Ford F250: $63K, 11 tons towing, 2? tons cargo. Ford F450: $50K, 10.5 tons towing, 3 tons cargo. Ram 3500: $35K, 7.5 tons towing, >2 tons cargo. Ram 2500: $34K...
  25. Ulmo

    Cyber truck will be the best selling vehicle ever

    I think as you do, that Cybertruck conceptually fills a good market segment. However, I have a warning. Cybertruck has dragged its feet being released, I suppose being held up by factory space and development teams being unavailable. Well, now that it's coming, I want to remind social media...
  26. Ulmo

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Overall that project looks half done to me. Great news on the MegaPacks themselves being 7/11ths made. Still in their wrapping. (Christmas presents?) Almost none of the parts at the end of each row done. (Combiners? Switches? Transformers?) Some of the other buildings with few pipes going...
  27. Ulmo

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Does anybody know where production numbers for Model Y vs Model 3 are? I can't see them in the latest IR release. In the last few months I drove almost ten thousand miles, and this became a rather prominent question in my mind as a result.
  28. Ulmo

    4680 cell design, chassis integration & factory discussion for investors

    Which might be why that isn't how they usually do things that I've seen. Of course, if they look at making something modular and find it easy to do, that would be a different matter since "usually" doesn't matter if something is easy.
  29. Ulmo

    Breaking through the shell

    On the background of why we like the good side: On peace: The peace deals in the Middle East, of course. Saves millions of people! On opening up free markets in USA for USA citizens: we are allowed to work and live again, rather than die in the war of China against us (who have killed a...
  30. Ulmo

    Breaking through the shell

    On health: https://twitter.com/GuyGadboisGuyG1/status/1336732164897996802
  31. Ulmo

    Breaking through the shell

    I thought this would be an appropriate time to inform others of what we see from this side of the wall. You can have your own opinions, of course. I just thought it was responsible to disclose it in case anyone ever blame me for "not telling them". This is representative of what we've been...
  32. Ulmo

    Beware SMETS2 meters

    Maybe I'll find a better thread for this later, but I'm seeing frequent instant_reactive_power measurements between -2,081 and 5,156.5 in my sample period of August 1 til current (2020) in my records, where negative corresponds to times when there is generally inflow from grid and positive is...
  33. Ulmo

    Tesla Battery Investor Day

    I just watched the Tesla Battery Day presentation. I can’t really add much to what they said, other than that they are doing the obvious things that they should do. Tesla hiring competitors and also making the cells themselves: best of both worlds, internal improvement & competition and...
  34. Ulmo

    Dark skies during day

    Right now my 5.6kW solar system (not a Tesla system) is generating 56 watts. That's how dark it is right now. I first saw this problem in my Tesla PowerWall app. It's showing 0 solar (I guess it rounds down). Today it peaked at 840 Watts. Mostly it has been low. In the picture, solar is...
  35. Ulmo

    Supercharger - Morgan Hill, CA (LIVE 24 Oct 2019, 14 urban stalls)

    Has Tesla been good about keeping their SuperCharger status accurate during this? Also, I presume SCs have been impacted by traffic, so preparation (charging up slightly more before needing it, on first notice of something strange coming) would be a good idea.
  36. Ulmo

    Energy vs. Politics

    I just have a general three paragraph piece I wrote to open people's minds up and clean out some of the crud that's collected there. Here's the post, which I copy below: Energy vs. Politics If you take the politics out of clean energy, you learn that all the political people on all sides are...
  37. Ulmo

    Blog SpaceX SN6 Prototype Conducts Successful Test Hop

    That is SpaceX, not the government: not specifying the exact date, time, and location means your data is ambiguous. Yes, you specified location, and there there are only roughly less than or equal to one launches per day right now, but you're already ambiguous about which week that was...
  38. Ulmo

    Jack Rickard - RIP

    EVTV Motor Verks - Custom Electric Car Conversion Instructional Videos Also: https://www.youtube.com/user/marionrickard/videos Most of his videos are archived on the web site, but a few of the recent ones are only on the ytube. Get them while you can. One of the best people on the planet...
  39. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink 11 - LC-39A

    The local thugs would just locate you by your antennas. (Fahrenheit 451. (Special credit for those who can figure out if antennas are good or bad.))
  40. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink 11 - LC-39A

    Seems like a charity could offer to fund local businesses that get rid of the damn mice and pay more for less mice than more mice (to not have perverse incentive to keep the mice around). I'd tend to stay away from cats, since I'm pretty sure animals farm their prey, but even if the cats were...
  41. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink 11 - LC-39A

    Please stop depending on weekday names to specify how recent a Starlink SpaceX launch was: if we are caught only half a week away from an article written half a week from a launch, we could be mistaking the article for the wrong launch.
  42. Ulmo

    Are powerwalls a necessity for SoCal residents?

    Weird. Our usage almost never gets as low as yours, and they've never complained to us. Do you live in a stack and pack? This property has been detached home with a small quarter acre lot since the late 1960s. Maybe they feel like they can mistreat you more in a stack and pack. We've had solar...
  43. Ulmo

    Supercharger - Greenfield, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    I think Greenfield is a good to great place for a SuperCharger. It is an excellent location in terms of filling the gap. The town also has some semi-homely if a bit urban little shops a few blocks away (although I recognize the SC is in a strip mall). As usual, be aware of your surroundings...
  44. Ulmo

    Supercharger - Santa Cruz, CA - Soquel Avenue (LIVE 16 Jul 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    Both SuperChargers have roughly similar kinds of food grocery stores nearby, and both are sort of a few major roads off of the freeway. They are almost, but not quite, interchangeable. Both neighborhoods will change with time, with both pushing to install huge no-yard mass-density apartment...
  45. Ulmo

    Supercharger - Santa Cruz, CA - Soquel Avenue (LIVE 16 Jul 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    30 years from now some kid will ask "why did they put the superchargers here, mommy?", and they'll never know it was because at the time I liked going to Whole Foods and they had an EVGO there I could use with my Chademo adapter, so I spiked the where-do-Teslas-go statistics for their charger...
  46. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

    I have an answer. I don't think it's anything we like, though. Engineers at one company and government workers at one agency. Scientists advising engineers at one ecosystem and China-run WHO-guided government agency CDC advising government workers at another. Physics First principles at one...
  47. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

  48. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

    “The United States is a distillation of the human spirit of exploration. I think this is something that’s particularly important in the United States, but appeals to everyone throughout the world who has, within them, the spirit of exploration.” -- Elon Musk, May 30, 2020, representing SpaceX...
  49. Ulmo

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

  50. Ulmo

    My new Model Y's range SUCKS

    My Model S never got under 325Wh/mile while I drove it the same as my Mercedes. Driving style probably had a lot to do with it. Also, going up and down a 2,000 foot hill with loads of turns twice a day probably didn't add to the milage per energy unit a whole lot.