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    Sanity check model 3 vents

    I have a 2019 M3 P- and I don't know if anyone else is getting the same behaviour? The AC seems to get directed away from the drivers face when going around corners! I'm not sure when this started happening but I'm going to be doing some more testing before booking the car in to the SC before...
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    No such thing as glass roof repair?

    Having had a problems with a crack in the front roof glass (2019 M3 P-) I was checking the rear glass when I found a tiny (3mm) chip. When the front glass was being replaced I asked the autoglass technician if this could be repaired, he wouldn't commit but thought that it could be, as it was a...
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    Tesla top March car sales in UK

    I was at Heathrow this morning, I couldn’t believe the number of 3s and Ys just on one floor of the T3 short stay car park.
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    Strange squeal upon opening driver’s door/unlocking

    Yes, I’ve had a couple of instances of that, no discernible pattern and it’s only happened 3 times in 2 years with my 2019 M3 P-.
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    UK Tesla App v4

    Small thing, but it’s nice to see the correct upholstery colour reflected in the app
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    Partial paying off Tesla (black horse) financd

    If you over fund the repayment then the interest element is adjusted down. Although I think like most loans the interest part of your monthly repayments is front loaded. You end up paying a larger proportion of the interest to start with. You can give Blackhorse a call and they will tell you...
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    Car won't wake from app

    Actually it now appears I’m back to having no access via the app with a Dutch eSIM. Worked for an hour or so, now just a waiting game
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    Car won't wake from app

    I’ve just checked and mine is now registered as a Dutch SIM (yesterday it was Spanish). After a reboot of the car and a bit of a wait the app is now communicating properly.
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    Car won't wake from app

    Another data point mine’s also on Telefonica and not waking
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    I had exactly the same issue, performing a reset on the window in question (front passenger) has cured it.
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    UMC doesn't unlock from charge port

    I also think the behavior has changed over the last couple of months. Previously I would only charge each night from 00:30 to 04:30, I would then be able to release the cable with the button at around 09:00 without a problem. Now I can’t do that, I have to unlock the charge port from my phone.
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    Voice Control Much Improved!

    I have to agree, when on a journey on Tuesday the voice recognition worked sooo much better. A lot snappier too. I haven’t got around to trying everything yet but I’m pleased to report previously unresponsive commands like set heating to 22°C, show me the rear camera and open energy graph all...
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    Puffy rattle sound at driver side window

    After a mobile service visit the engineer replaced my door seal. It seems to have corrected the issue, although... It has now introduced more wind noise which I’m hoping will go away after a bit of bedding in. I was advised that the door might be more difficult to shut for a while which I...
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    Puffy rattle sound at driver side window

    Mobile service are booked in for the end of the week so I’ll update then
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    Puffy rattle sound at driver side window

    Will do, although not holding my breath re the Mobile Service appointment happening any time soon, it’s already been 3 weeks since I was notified.
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    Puffy rattle sound at driver side window

    I have the clicking when going over bumps which I took to be down to lower temperatures and the effect of the window against the rubber. When I booked a service center visit for this and other issues I was advised that a part was required that’s on back order. I’m now waiting for the part and...
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    2019.40.50.1 - Car is mostly deaf to voice commands

    Initially I had the same issue after updating. Nothing, no response to any voice command even ones that worked before. Then I tried a soft restart and then it worked, not faultlessly but about 80% of the time. It might have something to do with coverage as it was patchy. However the start of...
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    Check your v5 on model 3

    Just a bit of an update. After getting my incorrect V5, (read AWD no mention of performance) I got in touch with the DVLA who told me to send it back with a letter from Tesla explaining what it should show. I sent off the required details (after popping in to WD to collect a letter) and heard...
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    Tesla Quality Reassurance Required?

    I have to say I’m not impressed. On pick up I identified a few problems, a badly repaired paint chip on the front bumper and condensation in the rear of side light cluster. I was booked in for an SC appointment at Brooklands 4 weeks after. About 10 days before this appointment was due I...
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    Do I have premium sound??

    Just to say that I have a P- with premium sound but I have to say, it’s not all that premium IMHO. Coming from a Jaguar XF with the B&O system it’s rather lacking. Particularly in the crossover between the sub and the lower mids, definitely a bit of a hole here. Also if you bias the sound...
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    Inventory Orders

    I was incredibly lucky with a Model 3 P- at the end of September, around 72 hours between order and collection.
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    Low sun and Blind spot detection limited

    I had this crop up for the 1st time yesterday. I also thought this was down to low sun, as it turns out condensation in the drivers side B pillar camera was to blame. The interesting thing is that is was only flagged up on the second drive of the day after a short 10 minute drive, followed by...
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    Model 3 Mud flaps

    I’m happy to try them and report back
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    Model 3 Mud flaps

    Has anyone ordered the body coloured versions that have popped up on Amazon? My hopes for an exact match aren’t high but for around £15 delivered I thought it was worth the gamble so I put in an order. Delivery times are around a month, so I’ll update once they arrive.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Little update, all Westbound Membury stalls are CCS enabled.
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    Check your v5 on model 3

    I’m another P- owner with LR AWD on the V5. I definitely also have the red underline in software and in the boot lid. Track mode also available. I’ve insured it as a Performance as per the advice from LV before the V5 arrived. Anyone tried to get the V5 to match the car specs? Thanks
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    Discount on new inventory P3D?

    I picked up a P- on Friday, only ordered it on Tuesday. I was originally planning on an AWD to order next month. A few minor niggles, which I’ve booked in to sort out. Overall pretty pleased and no long wait.
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    Fogging in Lights

    I noticed condensation in the drivers side when I picked mine up. My delivery rep said it was within spec if it disappeared within 15 minutes of turning on the headlights. It didn’t so it wasn’t, it’s been booked in for fixing (along with a minor paint blemish).
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    West Drayton Trade in Parking

    I’m here now, going well so far, parking was easy. Busy lounge and really good coffee. Just waiting to be called now!
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    West Drayton Trade in Parking

    Hi,, not far from picking up my car from WD. For those that have been though the process what's the parking situation like for trade ins? Good Bad Shambles? Just trying to work out how much time to leave for parking shenanigans. Thanks
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    Reg Number before delivery

    Thanks I’ll give it a try, can’t quite believe it’s been relatively smooth sailing so far.
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    Reg Number before delivery

    Hi there, newbie here, long time lurker. Just to say that I ordered on Tuesday late afternoon (of the the inventory M3s P- Red/White) and I have a pickup scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Things were going well, until they issued me my Reg no this morning...not on the DVLA database yet and...