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    Have Tesla and Apple disrupted the auto industry past the point of no return?

    Tesla is the only player on the market that focuses solely on the EV currently. I kind of agree that electric cars will eventually end the "oil age" of the cars, but as said above, it will happen in few decades and not over the night. Tesla only builds luxury vehicles. Before EV take over, they...
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    Best tire dressing

    Reviving the thread again. I know that at the moment there are less people using the tire dressings (since the weather is worse in the north and many expect snow soon), but I got those problems recently. See, I always wanted my tire dressing to stay on the tire as long as possible. I think this...
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    Did anyone every have an issue with their rear bumper pulling off after exiting

    never saw that happen. But it could indeed be a problem. I assume you need a whole new bumper. Do you know how much it costs?
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    A little autopilot humor

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    Another danger of self-driving cars

    Since the cars must be registered anyway, I do not think they have big change with auto driving.
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    Apple developing their own car?

    well entering electric car market is getting more and more expensive. Apple might catch it in the right time, but I doubt it will become as big as other major manufacturers. They will also join the forces with other software developers right away in order to repel Apple from taking too big of a...
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    Glass that generates electricity

    Actually solar panels on houses and elsewhere usually have a bit lower efficiency. But in following years this might improve if somebody finds some new ways to increase efficiency. This is a new technology, give it couple of years to even see if anyone is mentioning it again. If it is, then...
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    Whoever thought VW was the only bad guys...

    Love the analogy. Yeah, it seems like that. That is why it seems only VW will get penalty in the end, which is, at least to me, surprising.
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    Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software

    True that. Seems everyone was doing so and now they just wait nervously what will happen with VW and hope regulators won't test them. Probably more affairs from other manufacturers will come in following weeks
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    Tesla boat motor Italy

    There are virtually thousands of companies sharing the name. Nowadays everyone likes to have their own brand called Tesla :)
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    "Surf Seeker" custom VW Bus

    agree. Nice elegance and exterior. Looks like those from fairy tales :)
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    Energy in 2030; 15 year prediction

    Solar power will rise for sure, but I would have a limited forecasts on its rising. Oil is in abundance at the moment (prices are low) and as other energy sources are trying to replace it, it will keep the value low. That in turn makes incentive for other energy sources to grow their market...
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    Volkswagen Is Ordered to Recall Nearly 500,000 Vehicles Over Emissions Software

    I am pretty sure Winterkorn was aware of the flaws, but for some reason team in VW thought it is ok. Also I wonder what exactly will happen in Europe. They seem to have chance to avoid some of the penalties there. Also, when they start testing other brands, results might be interesting...