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    East Coast timing

    Received email invite early afternoon today. East coast (Virginia) S owner since October 15 (103,000 miles) Reserved day 1 at Tyson's Corner showroom Config start page (after clicking on email button) shows 4 wk delivery
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    Trip Planner charge level projection improvements

    Same As We Used to Use Use In Long Overwater Flight The Trip Planner is, as said above, a very good tool. Perhaps I'm showing my age but this is exactly the system we used to use on our long overwater flights. We called it our "Howgozit" chart. For those interested, an aircraft's range is...
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    How well does AP work for you?

    My wife and I are both active pilots (small aircraft up through Lear Jets) and we treat the Model S autopilot exactly the same as an aircraft autopilot. In fact, the S autopilot works almost exactly the same as one of our aircraft autopilots -- almost like the designer of the S autopilot was a...
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    RV Outlet Adapter Problem

    OK, Guys and Gals, this is the rest of the story. The general history is set forth earlier in this thread. This is the conclusion and a final answer as to what the problem was. For all the reasons set forth above we believed he problem was simply an adapter that somehow had overheated and...
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    RV Outlet Adapter Problem

    The adapter has neither -- it has a white face on the UMC side. Tesla said this was one of the "good" ones and, in any case, is overnighting a new one. We will see how this all plays out.
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    RV Outlet Adapter Problem

    Last night I arrived home with only 28 miles left in the tank. For home charging I routinely use my 50 amp /240 volt RV outlet to supply the Tesla NEMA 14-50 plug supplied by Tesla as part of their mobile connector set. Much to my surprise, after, perhaps a second or two of green charge...
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    The Autopilot is learning fast

    I agree. IO have no idea how it is doing it but I'm certain that the autopilot is learning on the fly. For example, early on when I would approach an intersection with a third lane for turning the autopilot steering would make an initial attempt to follow the outside white line which defined...
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    Norfolk Supercharger Now Operational

    Living near Norfolk / Virginia Beach and having had my new Model S for four weeks tomorrow (would you believe; 4000+ miles already) I have been keeping my eye on the Norfolk Supercharger which has been out of service since the unfortunate accident where one of the installing electricians was...