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    Leaving car with valet

    Had my Model 3 valeted a few times now without issue. All were already familiar with the vehicle and knew exactly what to do with the key card. Maybe y'all should be going to some classier places ;) @dhrivnak, like my S, the 3 also has 'valet mode' that can be enabled either locally in the car...
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    Model 3 Radar Detector Hardwire

    Hi folks, has anyone hardwire installed a radar detector in their Model 3? Apparently the BlendMount MirrorTap power cord is compatible with the Model 3, but hoping someone else has tried it, can confirm it works, and can give some pointers for removing and reinstalling the AP camera / mirror...
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    Has anyone been able to connect their wifi to their 3?

    Looks like they recently updated the Wi-Fi section in the manual to call out that the capability isn't yet available
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    Has anyone been able to connect their wifi to their 3?

    Strange because it was definitely connected to the WiFi at the Fremont delivery center-- not sure why connecting to home WiFi would require anything further. I don't care much about the browser, but I want to make sure I get software updates in a timely fashion especially given how many...
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    Those who have taken delivery: Phone cable choices?

    You may want to hold off until you get your car @run-the-joules -- the official Tesla-provided lightning cord sits too low to connect with my iPhone X (with a relatively thin case). I ended up installing an Anker cord instead and just threading it through. Doesn't sit as flush but at least it...
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    Auto high beams

    Auto high beams don't appear to be enabled as a feature yet. Coming soon?
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    Has anyone been able to connect their wifi to their 3?

    Nope, I've been having the same problem. Good to know I'm not the only one.
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    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Picked up the new baby yesterday! Black with grey 17s. BTW, for anyone picking up from Fremont, my DS gave me the wrong address. The original address provided was 45500 Fremont Blvd-- the address for the Fremont factory (which is where I picked up my Model S three years ago), but Fremont...
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    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Current Model S owner in California near Fremont, here's my timeline: 3/31/16, early afternoon - In-person reservation @ Palo Alto store 4/1/16, 3:16PM - Reservation confirmation email received 8/17 - Model 3 delivery estimate shown as "October-December" 11/1/17 - Model 3 delivery estimate...
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    [POLL] CA Current owners ONLY. Have you received your config invite yet?

    Same boat. Hope we both get some good news soon.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Ah, got it, thanks. Any such speed restriction on freeways?
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    Firmware 8.0

    Wait-- like you can't drive faster than 70 in a 65 in Autopilot mode on a fully divided highway? (If so, is this AP1 or AP2?) What happens if you manually exceed it using the accelerator pedal when AP is on?
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    Anyone else extremely frustrated with getting Model S in for service?

    What is the best way to escalate this concern to Tesla? I attempted to email Ownership@ but received an auto-reply that the address is no longer being monitored. I then tried ServiceHelpNA@ and got an email back that the service manager at my local center would be reaching out to me. Three days...
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    Topfit Tesla dash cam?

    Looks pretty cool. Keep us posted if you decide to order one.
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    I need to reset screen every day for 3G cellular to work.

    For what it's worth, I opted to upgrade to LTE after I had similar problems, and I've still been having issues with cellular connection that occasionally require me to reboot the screen. So don't think that an LTE upgrade will necessarily solve everything. I've noticed that the connection drops...
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    Anyone else extremely frustrated with getting Model S in for service?

    I just recently had a really bad experience with service-- I had scheduled an appointment months in advance to drop off my car on a Friday before a week long vacation. My service advisor said it would likely take a couple days to complete. When I got back a week later my service advisor emailed...
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    Official "ludicrous speed upgrade for existing P85D" installation tracking thread

    According to the folks in the Fremont SC, they received way more demand than they were expecting and are still not equipped to perform these upgrades at scale. They are only doing one upgrade a week, with each upgrade taking 4+ days. I put down my deposit as soon as I could through the Tesla...
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    Dangly weight tied to steering wheel to fool autopilot that you're paying attention?

    You'd probably have similar results tying a weight to the accelerator pedal.
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    Autopilot with Vinyl Wrap: Does it hinder performance?

    Wraps have no effect on the ultrasonic sensors. Doesn't matter if holes are cut or not.
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    Dash cam install experience

    That would be awesome. I've never heard of a Mobileye unit being used as a dash cam though, so perhaps there is some technical limitation that would prevent this.
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    How useful is replacement value on insurance policy?

    Gap insurance only applies if the car is leased or financed. If you paid for you car in cash 'agreed value' or 'replacement value' is the only way you are sure what the insurer will pay out if your car is totaled.
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    Firmware 6.1

    Just got the notification for my P85D as well. Slightly off topic-- I wonder why there isn't a way to begin the update directly from the mobile app itself?
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    Count me in for any campaign to expedite development of 3rd party app support, via CarPlay or otherwise! And much thanks to @jpasqua for the ongoing development work on VT. Looking forward to actually being able to run it for the first time :D
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    "Ticking" issues on new cars

    For me the clicking noise starts at exactly 25MPH while in drive. I also do hear a very similar sound every time I lift my foot of the brake pedal, even in park.
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    Removing side blinkers

    Sorry to have to dig up this old thread. Has anyone figured out the right way to remove the side marker housing without damaging anything or breaking any clips?
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    It is indeed a huge window. The estimated delivery at confirmation and on the My Tesla dashboard shows 'December.' My DS initially e-mailed me with a delivery window of December 17-31 on 10/21 (as part of the Pre-Delivery Actions List email), and then emailed again to update it to December 10-24...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Has anyone picking up from the Fremont factory received any indicator of 'end of line' date? I've asked Nikki (my Fremont "Delivery Experience Specialist") a couple times and this was her response: "To confirm, the estimated delivery window highlights the estimated timeframe in which your Model...
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    Will the Model S know a switch from 21" to 19" wheels?

    Yeah, given the same tire I'd expect very similar straight line performance. Wheel weight might be the determining factor, and 21s are generally heavier than 19s. I'd still bet that the 21s with their shorter, stiffer sidewalls would perform better around corners. Anyone with 19s on their P85D...
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    Best way to incorporate "concealed" radar and laser detector functionality

    I'm also very interested in this topic. As randompersonx mentioned, the Escort Passport 9500ci and Beltronics STIR+ (both siblings, around the 1.5-2K range) are both tried and true, and seem to meet all of your criteria. There is are several threads discussing & comparing the two here on TMC--...
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    Will the Model S know a switch from 21" to 19" wheels?

    The 21s might do a bit better in a drag race, just because the tires for the 21" wheels are sticky 'Ultra-High Performance Sport' summer tires, whereas the tires are the 19" wheels are considered 'Luxury Performance Touring' all season tires. I'd expect to see a more significant difference in...
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    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Thanks for making the doc, Andrew. I've added my order to the list. My "Delivery Experience Specialist" from the Freemont factory e-mailed yesterday to update my delivery window: December 10th – December 24th
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    Will the Model S know a switch from 21" to 19" wheels?

    Um yeah... the whole point is that the difference between the two is negligible, thereby answering OPs question
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    Will the Model S know a switch from 21" to 19" wheels?

    TL;DR: Switching from OEM 19" to 21" wheel & tire set means you will actually be traveling at 65.17mph when your speedometer shows 65mph, and will be actually covering 100.3 miles for every 100 miles logged on your odometer. For anyone interested in more detail: The tire size for the 21" rims...
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    Will the Model S know a switch from 21" to 19" wheels?

    Josh, the diameter of the tires on the 21" wheels vs the 19" wheels are virtually identical. As such, switching from one to another should have virtually no effect on speed or milage display.