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  1. android04

    Can I use a tire sealant as a temporary fix to get me to a tire shop?

    Foam inside the tire is not a Tesla design. Many tire manufacturers have that in their tires for noise reduction. Also, no need to replace your tires to get rid of the foam liner. Just have any tire shop pull off the foam liner and rebalance your tires.
  2. android04

    Model 3 pre-2021 owners, would you downgrade the software to what it was when you bought the car if you could?

    I have an April 2018 Model 3 LR RWD. Started off with an extremely basic infotainment software. Didn't have: auto high beams, WiFi connectivity, voice commands, web browser, sentry mode/dashcam, camp mode, keep climate on, driver profiles, Summon, one pedal driving, blended regen breaking, car...
  3. android04

    Signature headlight fix

    Yes, later revisions of the headlight had less chance of the signature light reflector sagging down and going dim. The signature "light" is actually a strip of reflectors that are lit up by the daytime running light at the very top of the headlight. After 2019 I didn't read about many Model 3s...
  4. android04

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Yes. It used to wake up every 4 hours to charge the 12v battery. After I replaced it, it took a little while to calibrate and then went up to about every 12 hours.
  5. android04

    If I buy a Y, will my 3's tires fit?

    The wheels will be too small if you are getting a Performance Model Y, and their weight rating is too low. The tires are definitely too small for Model Y.
  6. android04

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    My original lead acid battery in my Model 3 lasted over 5 years and was still working fine when I replaced it. I only replaced it because I started tracking how often my car would wake up to charge it, and realized that it would wake up twice as often as someone with a new battery. I decided...
  7. android04

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Original battery or not doesn't matter. But you have to follow the right sequence in installing the new one in order to reset the error message. I don't know about where you live, but in the United States you can walk into any auto parts store, hardware store, or big shopping centers and find...
  8. android04

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Here are the specs from the Hankook global catalog. The Tesla owner's manual states that the 12v battery should have at least 33 Ah capacity.
  9. android04

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Just buy any B24 battery locally that has a vent port to connect the vent hose to. Make sure it is at least 33 Ah. Make sure it has the same or smaller dimensions than the Group Size 51R specifications that we use in North America.
  10. android04

    Uber Driver's Tesla Model 3 Battery Dies After 120,000 Miles In 15 Months

    A brand new one would have cost like $14k. Perhaps he was given the choice and between a new or refurbished battery and chose to save $5k in exchange for a small amount of degradation? If I were him I'd keep using the crap out of the replacement battery in case it fails again within the 1 year...
  11. android04

    Gemini Tire replacement - anything better than OEM? (all season)

    Part of the warranty terms is that all tire treads are within 1/32" from each other and across the same tire. If you drive very aggressively all the time, then more likely your tread will not be worn evenly enough to qualify for warranty. Especially true as you wear out your suspension too and...
  12. android04

    Tesla battery longevity not affected by frequent Supercharging, study says

    Tesla will sell you a new pack, but it will cost more money.
  13. android04

    tesla model 3 frunk w/out internal or external battery

    You will need a long tool to pull on the primary release cable, which I believe is to the driver side of the hood latch. You can probably make one out of half a broom handle and a stuff piece of wire attached to the end, with the shape of a U at the tip. To get to the cable actuator, you can...
  14. android04

    Lane Departure Avoidance Doesnt Work

    Are you actively steering the vehicle out of the lane with your hands on the wheel, or letting it slowly drift by itself? Lane Keep Assist used to be really strict and when it was first introduced and would always correct you, but people complained about it when they wanted to swerve around pot...
  15. android04

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Those are just water spots that form when water evaporates and leaves behind minerals or dust. Just clean the glass with a glass cleaner and then immediately dry it with newspaper or a clean, dry microfiber cloth.
  16. android04

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    They never sold lug nuts on their online shop, but a Tesla service center will sell you the OEM lug nuts. You will only want those if you plan on putting the black plastic caps over them or some sort of wheel cover over them, otherwise the exposed end of the lug bolts will start to rust. As...
  17. android04

    Strange code issue.

    No, you cannot clear the codes in service mode. But you can possibly see more codes that are normally hidden and you can also see more detail about each code, how it is set, and what conditions need to be met to clear it.
  18. android04

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    I actually use this low profile jack with built-in jack stand, and I bought it 5 years ago when it was $140. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00OCIBPIM Our lug nuts are nothing special, and you can find replacements anywhere (including local auto parts stores). Keep in mind that they are...
  19. android04

    Is this rusted piece dangerous or replaceable?

    Cheaper or not depends on how much you drive and other circumstances. Discount Tire rotates tires for free, but in my case the nearest one is 1.5 hours away. Also, I rotate my tires every 6,125 miles as recommended and I drive that every 2 months. So if it cost me even $20 to rotate that...
  20. android04

    premium connectivity and Apple Music

    You do not get an Apple Music subscription by paying Tesla for premium connectivity. You only get the ability to stream the music in the Tesla from Apple Music using your own (or someone else's) account.
  21. android04

    Model 3 headlight

    No, reinstalling the current software version will not change your settings. It's just like performing a software update on your car, but using the same software version you already have.
  22. android04

    057 Technology

    Try his Twitter/X at @wk057 Or one of these other options Contact | 057 Technology
  23. android04

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Wow, that's pretty bad. Mine has nothing like that or any rust whatsoever on my battery pack that I can see.
  24. android04

    Keeping my model 3 Long term.

    I'm keeping my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD for the long term. I started driving more about a year ago when I bought a house further away from work, and currently drive about 35k miles a year. My car is 5.5 years old and has 133,247 miles. I also have FSD that I bought for $5k on early 2019, so I...
  25. android04

    Driving on Sanded/Dirt Road Voids HV Battery Warranty

    Exactly what part of the battery got corroded, and did you notice any issues? I believe that the outside shell of the pack is aluminum, because I don't see any corrosion on mine after 133,000 miles and over 5.5 years. I drive mine in the winter and sometimes through dirt and gravel roads. Is...
  26. android04

    Cabin filter access door!

    Get the thumb screw instead. I had and didn't like the air mag cover because I felt like it didn't seal well. The thumb screw is just as easy.
  27. android04

    Wall connector install ferrule?

    I install ferrules on my stranded wire for my wall connector or NEMA 14-50 receptacle for use with a mobile connector. Same reason as fholbert pointed out, it keeps all the wire strands from fanning out and getting damaged from tightening the lugs at the breaker or receptacle. Just make sure...
  28. android04

    Hankook new iON tire, an "EV" tire (not the same as Kinergy GT)

    Switched to Hankook Ion Evo AS tires (have over 5,600 miles on them now). Before I had the Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires and was happy with everything on them, but can tell that the Hankook Ion Evo AS tires are much quieter and more efficient by about 8% so far. My CrossClimate 2 tires were at...
  29. android04

    Review: Hankook iON evo AS vs Pirelli AS+ Elect vs Michelin PS 4S vs Michelin PS AS 4

    Switched to Hankook Ion Evo AS tires (have over 5,600 miles on them now). Before I had the Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires and was happy with everything on them, but can tell that the Hankook Ion Evo AS tires are much quieter and more efficient by about 8% so far. My CrossClimate 2 tires were at...
  30. android04

    Tesla Model 3 Theory of Operations Guide?

    There is nothing that explains what you want to know in the Tesla Service documentation.
  31. android04

    Montana LLC for sales tax? (Moving to LA which has 10.4% sales tax)

    I believe that in order to do this you have to have the vehicle fully-paid off because the title has to be yours. No liens from the bank.
  32. android04

    Model 3 headlight

    You can update the software yourself by going into service mode and reinstalling your current software. However, if there is something actually wrong with the headlight or connection then it might not fix the issue. Did the problem just pop up out of nowhere, or did it happen after an update?
  33. android04

    Experience of owners in Louisiana

    There are two more states that don't allow leasing in addition to the 3 you listed (I don't know what the other two are). I live in Nebraska and we can't lease or buy (take delivery) Teslas here. We aren't allowed to have a service center either, so when Tesla was looking to make one in the...
  34. android04

    Clips stuck behind dash vent

    Do you have a magnetic retriever? I used a flexible once with a magnet tip to retrieve dropped clips when I removed my dash to fix a rattle.
  35. android04

    The perfect Model 3 emergency jack?

    I wouldn't worry about the Tesla twisting and causing broken glass or other issues. Pretty much everybody, including Tesla mobile service lifts the entire side of the car from one jack point. I myself have done it at least 20 times on my Model 3.
  36. android04

    Service manual no longer free?

    Yeah, you might have to renew your subscription again for free if it's been a year. Otherwise, try going to service.tesla.com and then navigating to the the Model S service manual because a lot of direct links to things in the service page won't work.
  37. android04

    jacking car up after [tire] puncture

    If you can't get a scissor jack under the tire with the flat, you might still be able to jack up the car from the other corner on the same side. I did that when I recently had one of my rear tires blow out from running over something. I have a scissor jack with a round nub that fits in the...
  38. android04

    Expired emergency Tesla charging station, Murray, Idaho [Expired]

    If you haven't listed your home charger on PlugShare, you should. You will get a wider audience there.
  39. android04

    Any DIY types out there?

    I replaced my 12v lead acid battery after more than 5 years because I noticed that the car was waking up every 4 hours to top it off. Even though I had no issues with it, I decided to install a new one so that my car would wake up less often and put less wear and tear on my high voltage...
  40. android04

    Model 3 Suddenly won't drive.

    Could be a weak 12v battery, which is required to power up the high voltage system when the car goes to sleep. What year is your car and how old is the 12v battery? Do you have a way to test it?
  41. android04

    Cybertruck preorder

    You can only check on your reservation (it's not an order) from the Tesla.com website, under Account. You do not need to do it from a computer, you can use whatever web browser you have on your smartphone. Make sure that the email address you used to reserve it matches whatever you are...
  42. android04

    Trunk Light Not Working

    Let the car go to sleep for a few hours (turn off sentry mode and any other thing that will keep it awake). That should reset the circuit for that light. If that doesn't work, the LED light probably went out.
  43. android04

    Line-X on rocker panels

    Finally had a chance to upload pictures of my Line-X.
  44. android04

    Jump-Starting 12V Battery Charger PSA

    You can try jumping the wires for the frunk with the new 12v battery. What did you use to try to jump open the frunk? Because many petals jump starters have reverse polarity protection that will keep then from outputting anything unless they detect a small voltage on the two cables. There is...
  45. android04

    Tesla mobile service replaced 12V lead acid battery

    Cold temperatures don't harm the lead acid battery as long as it is charged. Cold will reduce the cold cranking amps, but that doesn't really affect a Tesla because there is no starter motor to turn. The vast majority of early failures that I've read about happen in really hot areas.
  46. android04

    High mileage model 3 LR battery life expectancy

    The higher failure rates of battery packs and motors (due to bearing failure) were in early Model S. Tesla has learned a lot since then and the newer cars are designed better. There are plenty of Model 3 that are above 200k miles that are on original battery and motor. My Model 3 is over 5...
  47. android04

    115K Miles, drivetrain warranty expiring at 120K !

    My Model 3 was made in March 2018 and I'm currently at 119,356 miles. I'll be over 120k this next weekend. I'm not too concerned about things breaking because even though it's my only car I can always borrow my sister's spare vehicle. I tend to work on my own vehicles as well. My driver side...
  48. android04

    What tires are you running?

    I've had the OEM Michelin MXM4, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+, and currently on Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires. My first two lasted about 22k to 24k miles. My CrossClimates should last at least 45k miles, based on my current tread depth at 33k miles. So if you care about how long they last, get...
  49. android04

    Sweet Spot for Replacing Model 3

    My sweet spot for replacing my Model 3 is when I hit a deer and total it :D. I drive half of my commute at night and sometimes there are deer around. Mine was made in March 2018 and has 119,243 miles on the odometer. I am currently driving about 35k miles per year. I have an early...
  50. android04

    12V Battery Replacement - Local Options?

    I bought a Duralast Platiunum 51R EFB (Enhanced Flooded Lead-acid Battery) from AutoZone. There are many other options. Tesla's OEM battery is the cheapest at $85, but the next best one that I found that is 51R and vented for not much money is sold at Menards for $114 ACDelco® Advantage™ 51R...