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  1. DrManhattan

    Cracked forelink?

    Sorry for the late reply. Tesla would not cover it. They said it's not part of the affected VIN, and my vehicle is out of warranty. Here is a photo, it clearly broke pretty good.
  2. DrManhattan

    Cracked forelink?

    Never driven there. I found SB-17-31-001 (I think this is the relevant bulletin?) and I just sent a message to my service advisor to see if I am eligible. The cut off was May 2006, and I think mine may have been built in June, so we'll see.
  3. DrManhattan

    Cracked forelink?

    2016 Model S 55k miles. Heard a creaking noise front drivers side wheel. Yesterday it was creaking really bad, so I took it in. They are replacing Fore Link Assembly for both front wheels. $1200. Not aware of hitting a pot hole or anything. I'm glad nothing broke while my wife or kids were in...
  4. DrManhattan

    Unintended Acceleration?

    Yeah I've had the cruise control situation happen a bunch of times. But I didn't have it enabled. I've seen all those stories but that's not what I claimed.
  5. DrManhattan

    Unintended Acceleration?

    This is what I think happened. It's the only logical explanation since even though it felt like the car accelerated, I don't see how that's possible.
  6. DrManhattan

    Unintended Acceleration?

    It wasn't that cold this morning. I don't recall seeing the dashes turn on, and every other time I took my foot off the accelerator the car slowed down. Maybe I will contact Tesla but I don't think anything will come of it anyway.
  7. DrManhattan

    Crap..... got backed into.... help please

    Why would an insurance company file a report that they will potentially have to pay out more money for? That seems counter productive.
  8. DrManhattan

    Crap..... got backed into.... help please

    I was told a report has to be sent into the DMV for it to show up on a carfax report, and a bumper replacement probably wouldn't be enough. I was paid out for a minor accident a few months ago and researched it, but the feedback I got was there was probably no need to file a diminished value...
  9. DrManhattan

    Unintended Acceleration?

    This morning I was preparing to make a right turn. As I approached I took my foot off the brake as usual to slow down before I took the turn. The car seemed accelerated briefly before I stepped on the brake pedal. I did not have any driver assist features on. The roads were wet so the only...
  10. DrManhattan

    Close Encounter of the Wallaby Kind

    I was just down under last week and barely saw a Wallaby at the zoo so that is pretty cool. Got to pet some Koalas and Kangaroos as well it was awesome!
  11. DrManhattan


    I think my odometer rolled back yesterday. I was at 5999, and I looked today and I was at 5970. I thought maybe I was crazy, but I saw a note on Teslafi saying the data was bad the last couple days, so wondering if this had something to do with it. Anyone else notice this?
  12. DrManhattan

    Electricians Ripping Off EV Owners

    Giving you a quote is not ripping you off.
  13. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

    400 cars and growing everyday. Anyway your 90% comment is probably not correct. See map.
  14. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

    Seems like a waste since you are relying on self reporting when a site like Teslafi shows actual results. Although it looks like the percentage is close enough.
  15. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

    Yes you're right obviously. Oops. I edited my post but you've captured my error for all of humanity to see. :cool: Also what do you mean "directly from my router" - AirPort Extreme is a router. What other way would you even do it?
  16. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

    That's awesome. I have the AirPort Extreme and I think you need SNMP enabled for logging which it won't do. I would love to be able to see those stats on my network though. Edit: nevermind I see your router info in an earlier post.
  17. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

    How can you even see that through a router log?
  18. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

    I thought that site was just self reporting. Maybe people just stopped reporting?
  19. DrManhattan

    Firmware 8.0

  20. DrManhattan

    Will Apple buy... McLaren?

    That makes me cringe a little
  21. DrManhattan

    Post your data logger stats!

    Probably the most miles I'll ever put on in a month.
  22. DrManhattan

    Air Conditioning Blowing Hot Air

    I've had this happen twice both after Supercharges. Once in Nevada very hot weather. No warnings, can't remember how it came back maybe a reboot? Happened again a couple weeks ago in Oregon. Resetting screens did nothing. Turning off the car and back on resolved the issue.
  23. DrManhattan

    Slow supercharging in hot weather?

    I've put 5000 miles on my S in the last 6 weeks or so. Lots of Supercharging stops. It's been very hot out on almost all of my trips. Usually 100 degrees plus. I've seen a lot of throttling. I would say 2/3 of the time I get 200 mi/hour or higher which is fine. But every 1/3 time I get 150 or...
  24. DrManhattan


    Mr deck: I just noticed my charging effiency at home 110 outlet is usually very low, around 40%. There is almost no reception there. Does that affect the readings? Should I ignore the efficiency numbers?
  25. DrManhattan

    Cleaning inside of windshield

    Any glass cleaner and newspaper (b&w).
  26. DrManhattan

    AP---What do you wish you had known at delivery?

    Make sure your bank sends your check overnight. Get a copy of the check if possible, or at least some tracking info.
  27. DrManhattan

    POLL: Do you carry a spare tire in your Model S?

    Once upon a time I had a flat tire in BFE. I used the slime bottle but didn't seal properly so threw on my spare and drove to random tire shop. Shop said they don't repair tires with slime so they sold me a new tire. Not sure why can't you just clean the slime off and patch the tire? I wish I...
  28. DrManhattan

    Bloomberg Tesla Autopilot Accident Story Today

    His statement would not be grounds for exemption under the hearsay rule since you can cross examine him. I haven't seen any evidence that he would refuse to testify, but I haven't seen how much money he's been offered.
  29. DrManhattan

    Poll: Should Tesla make software updates compulsory?

    I don't really care what you do as long as you aren't complaining on the forums while you're on old software.:rolleyes:
  30. DrManhattan

    What is the 13 14 15 16 numbers for?

    That makes sense why I never saw them before. Oops I guess I basically said tha before. But it was a week ago so I already forgot!
  31. DrManhattan

    Supercharger - Tejon Ranch, CA (expanded to 24 V2 stalls)

    Tejon is now saying "reduced service" and is re-routing me to Buttonwillow.
  32. DrManhattan

    What is the 13 14 15 16 numbers for?

    Ah I've never seen the flair before. I guess it isn't new.
  33. DrManhattan

    221 Rated Miles - 60D

    You may be right but I would be careful what you assume since someone divulging information could lose their job. There is no incentive for them to divulge confidential information to customers.
  34. DrManhattan

    What is the 13 14 15 16 numbers for?

    i see these next to some usernames. Looks like a new feature.
  35. DrManhattan

    Wider Model S stance and improved aggressive appearance with wheel spacers

    It does look nicer, but I don't think I could bring myself to do this. Maybe after multiple people have driven thousands of miles with no reported issues.... Those spacers are pretty fat!
  36. DrManhattan


    Does it not make the leaderboard if there is internet loss? I had a nice downhill drive yesterday!
  37. DrManhattan

    Suggestions for Autosteer Learning

    Another lego enthisiast?
  38. DrManhattan

    My review of new 70D

    Good review but disagree with your autopilot assessment. It certainly can be dependent on road conditions - but it is awesome and changes everything. You should always be on high alert while driving with or without autopilot.
  39. DrManhattan


    Just wanted to say I love the site. I used it on a long road trip and check it every few days. My 60s is still holding strong in that last place spot for longest drive!
  40. DrManhattan

    Cleaning kit for time @ SC

    I use a garden pump sprayer and gently rinse, then gently wipe the dirt off. It has worked well so far. I'm using the blue ONR stuff.
  41. DrManhattan

    Yosemite Valley

    Thanks I should have clarified I'm comming from LA via hwy 41.
  42. DrManhattan

    Yosemite Valley

    Thread hijack for Yosemite: I'm going Thursday anyone know how road conditions are? I went a few years ago and roads were being redone and I drove an hour through loose gravel. Don't want to risk that with the S!
  43. DrManhattan

    Autopilot swerving on freeway with distinct lane markings!

    On a long road trip last month my Model S swerved 3 times in my lane. I had a software update at my destination, and no swerves on the way back. A couple of the swerves were near semi trucks so made me a little nervous. I kept my hands close to the wheel so I never felt in danger and the car...
  44. DrManhattan

    Happy with base Model S 60 with no upgrades?

    This is exactly what I got. No regrets. If I did it over again I MAY get pano roof or the D. But I'm fine with what I got. I thought autopilot was gimmicky but after using it - it's a must have.
  45. DrManhattan

    Red Brake calipers done!

    Where and how much? I would be interested in getting mine done.
  46. DrManhattan

    Putting some numbers on the factors that affect range

    There are already a few threads here about this. I don't know the exact answer but it's very good power draw up to 100%. See this thread: Some exciting observations about the new Model S60 (software limited 75 kWh)
  47. DrManhattan

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I wish the (H) hill hold logo were somewhere I could see better. My steering wheel blocks the upper part of the display and I'm pretty average height. I can't imagine what it's like if you're tall - The steering wheel must block lots of info. Also remembering my phone was connected and...
  48. DrManhattan

    Putting some numbers on the factors that affect range

    This is not perfect math, but I did my first road trip in the 60S and my furthest Supercharger distance was 165 miles, and I had about 10 miles remaining. It was about 100 degrees out, and I drove 85mph most of the way. I feel if I keep it to 80 or below, I can do 180 miles no problem...
  49. DrManhattan

    Tesla Habits ---- argh!

    The single greatest feature nobody talks about. I had no idea the Model S even had this, now I don't know how I ever suffered keeping my foot on the brake pedal.