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  1. Tiff_619

    More Uses for Cameras

    I know there have been posts about cross traffic alerts from cameras and the new auto-park that is only in the S that can park between spaces that don't have cars on both sides. But I have some other requests that almost lead me to buy another car. I wish the front camera was on the front of...
  2. Tiff_619

    Feature Request: Backup cameras that look left and right down the parking lanes

    Or at least Rear cross traffic warning. If the camera doesn't do a better job of showing it, then it would be nice to at least get a warning beep
  3. Tiff_619

    Model Y Mattress personal experiences

    I got a blow-up air mattress that I took camping over 4th of July. It has an air pump that plugs into the 12-volt in the center console. I like that it has a bunch or configurations. It has a 60/40 split to match the seats, so since I was alone I just used the one side and had lots of room to...
  4. Tiff_619

    Loot Box - Suprise Free Miles

    Dang, no surprise miles for me. Still at 948 after my first charge.
  5. Tiff_619

    12v adapter for powering air compressor

    I want to get an air compressor for an upcoming camping trip. I want something that I can use for the tires and our air mattresses. But I have read that the 12v cigarette lighter plug does not have it's own fuse and it is easy to blow the fuse. Should I also get something like this?
  6. Tiff_619

    Just had my Y tinted - South Florida recommendation

    Pics? Do you have any issues driving at night with 55% on your windshield?
  7. Tiff_619

    Anyone heard of Excel IRP window tint

    I was getting quotes from a few local places and one shop gave me a reasonable quote for the Excel IRP. At first I thought it was a typo and he meant xpel, but he said it was Excel IRP, so I looked it up. The numbers are good, but will it look good, will it last? This isn't the shop I contacted...
  8. Tiff_619

    Current Delivery Times

    Check your service center. They told me when I picked up my car that those are the one thing they try to keep in stock. I'm still waiting for the electrician to install my outlet so the service advisor said I could come back and get one anytime.
  9. Tiff_619

    19" Sport Stiletto OEM wheel set for Model 3 - flawless!!!

    So are the Model 3 and Model Y the same then? Sorry, I was asking if it would fit my model Y and you said yes it would fit any model 3.
  10. Tiff_619

    Current Delivery Times

    I spent way too much money today. I had a Tesla wish list and got a bunch of stuff off it today. Figured I would buy it all eventually so I might as well get it on sale. I got a new micro SD with reader, a headliner, console organizer, and window shades and air mattress for camping.
  11. Tiff_619

    Potential PPF/Ceramic Group Buy - Sticker City (Los Angeles Area)

    Any idea what they would charge for a full PPF Stealth? I'm not sure if they would include that with the group buy since it is also a PPF, but an upgraded version. I really want the matte stealth, but the cost is killing me.
  12. Tiff_619

    Current Delivery Times

    I honestly don't know why my order came so quickly. I know others who ordered in San Diego have not had such good luck. My original delivery date was Late Aug - late September, then it jumped to July, then it was suddenly done and had a VIN number last week. Maybe they had someone else in the...
  13. Tiff_619

    Model 3 OEM 19" Sport wheels

    I noticed you said Bay area or LA? I'm in San Diego, what part of LA did you have in mind? Trying not to drive too much since my current tire and wheel are just holding on by a thread at this point. I curbed it really bad and took a chuck out of one of the tires and bent the rim, I probably...
  14. Tiff_619

    Current Delivery Times

    I really lucked out. I ordered my LR My on June 8th and picked it up on Saturday June 19th. I was not prepared for it to be ready so soon, but I'm not complaining. The really crappy part was that I curbed my wheel so badly on my way home, that now I need to replace the Right rear tire and...
  15. Tiff_619

    Rotiform KPS Black 20” Model 3

    If you still have these I'm interested. I curbed my wheel the day I brought it home from delivery. It was so bad I need to replace the whole wheel. I would love to take the chance to just get some nice aftermarket ones.
  16. Tiff_619

    Blind Spot Monitoring Question - New 2021 Model Y with Vision and no Radar

    This is a bummer. I was going to wait and get the Hyundai Ioniq 5 because I liked the safety features like the fact that when you turn on your blinker it pops up the side camera for you. Tesla has those camera, why not do that?