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  1. Kurt'sX

    2017 Model S 90D Battery Fuse Replacement

    I just got the "Fuse Alert" and scheduled an appointment with Tesla. The estimate for the fuse replacement was $213.00 but upon inquiry Tesla service responded that the item on my 2016 Model X 90D was covered under the 8 year 150,000 warranty. I just checked my messages again and the quote has...
  2. Kurt'sX

    Model X Replacement Tire Options

    I also purchased from Tirerack and had them shipped to a local installer. (Tirerack with let you know who they ship to) and the process was great. I got a much better price on the tires and I got them delivered within 3 days of ordering. Not to sound sour, but it was a much better experience...
  3. Kurt'sX

    How does an owner contact Tesla Management?

    Extended Service Plan Issues Sorry, the above link discusses what I was having problems with..... This discussion, although related, was just an attempt to find out how to contact Tesla Management, I cant seem to find any contacts and the service center has the opinion they are the final stop.
  4. Kurt'sX

    How does an owner contact Tesla Management?

    No, you are correct and thats how my agreement read, and I did miss the mileage mark. Part of my aggravation comes from my getting a third year service when I had 49,700 miles on the odometer. Now the policy was still in effect, but I was at the 50K mileage mark and I think Tesla Service could...
  5. Kurt'sX

    How does an owner contact Tesla Management?

    I received a standard answer to a question of coverage, "sorry its expired" which was given to me via Text message. I asked again and it took a week to get another text response, which was "sorry its expired" - without an explanation. I decided to drive to a service center so I could speak...
  6. Kurt'sX

    How does an owner contact Tesla Management?

    awwwww, this isnt making me feel any better! :( On a good note, Im retired and trapped at home with nothing but time on my hands. How complicated was the arbitration approach?
  7. Kurt'sX

    How does an owner contact Tesla Management?

    Does anyone know how to contact Tesla above the Service Center level?? Ive recently had a service inquiry over an upcoming annual service on my Model X. Ive reached out using the tesla app and over a period of a week, received back very brief unacceptable text responses on my phone. My...
  8. Kurt'sX

    Extended Service Plan Issues

    This really isnt a warranty issue.....I purchased the service package, 4 years, and paid up front. Now, as I schedule for my 4th and last service, Im advised the package has expired. The cost of this last service visit is quoted as $798.07, something I dont think I should have to pay again...
  9. Kurt'sX

    Extended Service Plan Issues

    I could use some advice......I have a 2016 MX 90D that I purchased new. At the time, I also purchased the prepaid service plan to provide 4 years of recommended factory service. I have now taken my car for service 3 years in a row and had the prepaid service done without issue. Today, as I...
  10. Kurt'sX

    New Service Center - Renton

    Just had my vehicle serviced yesterday (1-7-2020) at the new Renton Service center which opened on Jan 6th, 2020. Nice facility but they have very limited charging, and no super charger planned at this point. The service adviser said they will be closing the Seattle SoDo location at the end of...
  11. Kurt'sX

    Pacific Northwest Owners (Seattle, Portland, or towns/cities in the region)

    Hey All, I just went on line to book service and got scheduled for Jan 7th 2020 at the NEW Renton service center, south of Seattle. I know folks have been waiting for this location, so Im hoping they are up and running as scheduled!
  12. Kurt'sX

    New Service Center - Renton

    Just scheduled a service visit, they booked me on Jan 7th, 2020, so Im hoping they are open and ready for me :rolleyes:
  13. Kurt'sX

    Poll- Res holders, would you have made the deposit if $1000?

    Im good with the $100 deposit.....I placed a $2500 deposit on my Model X and waited nearly 21/2 years for delivery. Havent regretted one minute as I love the car, but boy, that wait is the worst! Now Im excited all over again and I want my truck NOW!! :)
  14. Kurt'sX

    Stupid question of the day ... AM radio...

    Driving a 2016 Model X with a premium sound package.....and sure enough, no AM radio available. Found it unfortunate because here in the Pacific Northwest our weather/road conditions activate the weather warning system which directs drivers to tune in on an AM radio station.
  15. Kurt'sX

    New removable front plate holder (Snapplate). Anybody try it yet?

    Any chance there will be a Model X or S version? Im currently using "The Law" but its really difficult to take on and off.
  16. Kurt'sX

    Dolby Sound won't stay on

    Im at the same level of frustration.....My 2016 X with premium sound shuts down Dolby every time I park. Glad to hear Im not the only one irritated by the hick-up, now how do we fix it??
  17. Kurt'sX

    Has anyone found the switch 12v power source ?

    I had a Blackview camera set up installed in my MX.....the installer hooked into a hot wire on the drivers side, down in the foot well wall. He pulled a small panel that covered a variety of wires and connected to an "Always Hot" wire that keeps my camera powered 24/7. I believe there may be a...
  18. Kurt'sX

    Windshield Replacement

    Just suffered a large rock chip right in front for the driver. I was directed to Safelite by my insurance and they responded and made an attempt to fix the flaw. Unfortunately it doesnt look much better than the chip, so I inquired about replacement. Safelite technician stated they wont do...
  19. Kurt'sX

    VINs of cars who lost back bumper cover?

    Im curious, in Calif we get our new vehicle plates maybe a month or more after delivery....up to that point we have a paper plate taped in our window. The only exception to that is a used car and a plate is attached from the previous owner. Do Florida and New Jersey give out license plates at...
  20. Kurt'sX

    Model X 22" Turbine Wheel Onyx Black Scratched

    Being unable to find a matching touch up paint from Tesla I found a black Marks-A-Lot marking pen works wonders. These rims are very susceptible to scratching whenever you get close to a curb. I now carry a marker in my glove box and after washing the car I usually do a little touch up on any...
  21. Kurt'sX

    Anyone Notice a Random Steering Vibrate?

    Model X owners have been experiencing a vibration upon acceleration for some time. It happens at about 30MPH and disappears at higher speeds. Solutions from Tesla havent proven to solve the problem and many owners have had the front drive shafts replaced in an attempt to eliminate the shutter...
  22. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Oddly, during construction there was a full set of parking stops in the parking spaces.....once they got hooked up the crews removed the stops and painted the lines. The stops never returned, but on a hopeful note, perhaps they are just being stored in a back room and will be replaced.
  23. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Just walked past ......CHARGER IS OPEN!! but nobody there.......YET! On a sad note.....the attendant advised parking fees apply, so you are in for $2 for 15 Mins, $8 per hour, and $24 per day once you enter the lot. There is currently no signage to direct you into the lot, so be...
  24. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Ive also talked to several employees over the last couple of weeks and found their answers were based on their current procedures, and that is if you pull into the parking structure you pay the rate. (which is currently $2.00 for 15 mins, or $8 an hour). They also confirmed that they close at...
  25. Kurt'sX

    Superchargers in public parking lots

    San Diego is installing its newest supercharger in a multi story pay parking lot. Its a private lot, but public parking. Dont know yet what if any cost will be attached to those just wanting to use the chargers and not entering to actually park in the lot. We utilized a similar set up in...
  26. Kurt'sX

    What goodies to expect with delivery?

    Ohhhh......I did better that that! I got a tesla coffee mug......only one tho, not a set. :(
  27. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego, CA (Qualcomm / Pacific Heights Blvd., 12 V2 stalls)

    I had to stop at the Qualcom charger today and found myself in line with 9 other drivers. All 12 chargers were occupied and the back up was at least 45 mins to get plugged in. Once we got a spot, top speed charging was only 38kw......making our stop almost 21/2 hours to get topped off to...
  28. Kurt'sX

    Calif. Registration Fees of Model X

    San Diego Based 2016 X 90D......$759. California is also imposing a new 2018 fee for electric vehicles....adding $100 to the registration to offset the fact we dont pay gas taxes when we charge our cars. Apparently the loss of gas tax revenues is also concerning our legislators, so I see...
  29. Kurt'sX

    Tesla App - stuck on waking up today

    We are performing network maintenance from Monday, May 28, 2018 at 9pm PDT to Tuesday, May 29, 2018 at 2am PDT, and would like to inform all owners that there may be intermittent disruption to the Tesla app during this time. We recommend that owners keep their key fobs and key cards on hand. We...
  30. Kurt'sX

    Need advice on installing the BlackVue DR750S-2Ch rear camera

    Interesting......I did not know that such an adjustment exists, but will pull out by owners manual and look into it. Thanks!!
  31. Kurt'sX

    how to mute radio/music during directions on navigation?

    On the X you use the scroll button on the steering wheel to adjust the radio and then you use the same button to adjust the volume of the Navigation when she is speaking. This will allow you to adjust the Navigation louder than the radio so it seems to almost mute...kind of :D
  32. Kurt'sX

    Need advice on installing the BlackVue DR750S-2Ch rear camera

    I followed the norm and had my rear camera attached to the window. Only real issue I have experienced is that the tint on the Model X rear window darkens the picture for the rear camera making for poor quality. Not sure there is a fix for that since the tint is in the glass. Would be great to...
  33. Kurt'sX

    Am I the last one

    Im locked up on 18.6.1!! I unfortunately park on a 4th sub level parking space in a building with no internet connectivity, so Im at the mercy of the service center to get updates. Only twice since I got my car 2 years ago have I gotten over the air updates. Makes me a little crazy sometimes...
  34. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    I stopped in at noon on Friday, May 11th to check out the progress. Lines are painted and marked, signs are up and chargers look ready to go. All contractors except for one electrician have left the location. It appears the owners are installing a couple of non-tesla chargers to accommodate...
  35. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Im not too worried about the pay lot situation....I encountered a similar situation in Colorado Springs. The lot is downtown and is a pay lot. As I exited, prepared to pay, the attendant advised Tesla gives 1 hour free. The lot is open 24/7 and an employee is inside the office near the exit...
  36. Kurt'sX

    Touch up paint for 22" Onyx wheels

    Just stopped into a Tesla Showroom and a Service Center attempting to find touch up for my 22" X rims......very hard to avoid all curb contact and rashes are common. Up to now Ive had great luck with using a black indelible Marks-A-Lot pen.....it does take a couple of coats to cover the silver...
  37. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    Drove by both Saturday and Sunday.....the lot closes its doors, it was totally locked up on the weekend. Wonder if that will change when the chargers are turned on? I havent checked late evening, but this place is definitely isnt a 24/7 facility at this point.
  38. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    I live in downtown SD and stopped in on a daily walk to check it out.....got a couple of odd responses. First, I saw the workers doing their hook up stuff and inquired how long it would be til it was ready. The worker stated "we aren't allowed to talk about it" - ODD? I then walked up the...
  39. Kurt'sX

    Dumb question but how do I turn on voice guidance for navigation?

    The mute button is on the upper right hand corner of the navigational directions once you put in a location. You do adjust the volume while navigation is speaking. It will override the radio so you essentially have two volume settings, one for music and the other to control the navigation.
  40. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - San Diego CA - A Street (LIVE 27 Jun 2018, 16 Urban type)

    I stopped into the parking structure on my daily walk to inquire about the Super Charger rumors. The garage office advised they were aware of the permit being issued but had no time frame on actual build out. The parking manager also stated he thinks the install will take place on the ground...
  41. Kurt'sX

    San Diego: Where are the Superchargers?

    I found a building permit for a 16 stall urban charger at 6th & Ash.....applied for in Dec 2017 - the parking lot confirmed the build, but had no time frame on opening date. The lot is a multi story pay parking structure, but its too early to say if they will charge parking fees to charge.
  42. Kurt'sX

    Supercharger - Riverside, CA (LIVE 28 Dec 2017, 24 urban stalls)

    Recent travels to Colorado Springs had me charge at a downtown super charger which was also in a multi story parking structure. When I exited I inquired about people charging and the response was "oh, you charged? You get one hour free". I have heard that other locations inside pay lots do...
  43. Kurt'sX

    2017.50.2 Torture Test: ails, but fails more consistenly

    On a good note.....Highway design is changing nation wide, and now requires a dotted line to separate on and off ramps because I believe the reality of autonomous driving is upon us. In California nearly all of our freeways have now updated this process and have painted thru most of the on and...
  44. Kurt'sX

    Conditions for the auto-presenting door to auto-close

    I had an situation where I parked in a parking lot and as I walked away I placed the fob in my pocket. My car auto locks, so I wasn't concerned about clicking the fob to lock the car. When I returned to the car about 1/2 hour later I discovered one of the falcon wing doors was wide open. I...
  45. Kurt'sX

    Update Push....Why am I still on .42?

    UGGGG........36 here also, and because I park in an underground parking structure, my only option is to drive to the Service Center and request updates. Im 1 year into my X now, and have only had one update come over the air. All my improvements come as a result of visits to the SC, which bugs...
  46. Kurt'sX

    Driving the Model X Long distances

    Ive just returned from a cross country trip, 30+ days, going from San Diego, CA to the east coast, then north to Quebec City Canada and back to San Diego. Total of over 9000 miles, using super charging for almost the entire trip. I did take advantage of any free destination chargers at hotels...
  47. Kurt'sX

    2017.44 - Whats in it?

    Im looking forward to trying it when Im in stop and go traffic. In the past, if a car in front changes lanes, auto pilot would shoot me at rocket speeds into the open space, then hit the brakes hard to stop as we approached the car in front of us. It was about the only down side of both Auto...
  48. Kurt'sX

    Rattling noise from sun visor?

    I also have the rattle....so Im headed to the hobby shop and going to pick up some sticky backed felt, thinking a small disc of felt on the magnetic tip will stop the problem. Seems that a simple touch of the hand usually stops the rattle, but I think my solution may keep it from coming back...
  49. Kurt'sX

    New "Chill / Normal" acceleration modes?

    I had issues while driving in stop and go traffic, using either auto pilot or cruise control, and noticed that if a vehicle in front changed lanes, I took off like a rocket to fill the driving gap. It was the only aspect of the cruise control feature that I didnt like. This may eliminate that...