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  1. Silicon Desert

    Looking for First Tesla!

    A LOT of people had this issue, and many had the "Half Shafts" (front of car) replaced and sometimes people said the problem would reoccur. It was most noticeable when accelerated from low speed of 10-30 mph. The problem seemed to go away when Tesla redesigned and replaced the "Clevis...
  2. Silicon Desert

    How to insure that cameras will catch the cause of an accident?

    yes, assuming the accident is in front of the car. I haven't seen many dash cams with options to see all around the car.
  3. Silicon Desert

    Autopilot Rainbow

    To turn off the Rainbow Road, press the Autopilot stalk again or tap the "X" on the touchscreen.
  4. Silicon Desert

    Outside Temp Reading Not Changing

    I'm doubtful anything would be damaged because of a non-working external temperature reading.
  5. Silicon Desert

    how much tesla insurance for model x

    Thanks for that info. I forgot to mention it. Wife (who was in that industry for many years) says it also depends on length of time driving (for newer drivers), amount of coverage, coverage options selected, deductible amount, type of car, cost of car, male or female driver (in many cases)...
  6. Silicon Desert

    With all the negative press around FSD, I wanted to share a positive accident-avoidance experience this weekend

    Nice post. A similar thing happened to me last year on the interstate when a woman was on her phone as accidentally steered into my lane. Tesla avoided it.
  7. Silicon Desert

    I bought a super charger for my house

    OP, you bought the prototype version .05. Be patient. It will fully charge your car in 16.8 years.
  8. Silicon Desert

    Mounting a License Plate Bracket/EZpass

    I have a curiosity question: Is there an issue with those passes being stolen if they are on the plate outside the car? not familiar with what they are.
  9. Silicon Desert

    Charging Errors

    Yup! I wonder if the side of the electrician's truck read... "Sparky's Electrical Service, drain cleaning and gardening" :eek:
  10. Silicon Desert

    Looking for First Tesla!

    Nice. One of our 3 Teslas is a 2017 MX. It's been a great car with no issues except for that well known acceleration vibration issue a few years back. After having the new upgraded clevis mount replaced for free a couple years ago, issue hasn't returned.
  11. Silicon Desert

    New Owner

    Welcome. As you may have noticed, lots of smart people here.
  12. Silicon Desert

    how much tesla insurance for model x

    The wife says she wonders if you know that there are numerous individual variables that affect rates. There is probably one or more reasons why you are getting double the quote even if from the same insurance company. Comparisons are of no help.
  13. Silicon Desert

    Model S automatically changes the miles per hour.

    Hmmm, I've not seen this yet. Recently drove from Nevada to Ohio and didn't see that happen.
  14. Silicon Desert

    When to Replace 12v?

    Yes that is also me. I replace the battery before the 4-year mark especially since I often take long trips. Just like batteries in my older ICE cars.
  15. Silicon Desert

    When did Model C start shipping with a heat pump?

    Oh and I guess I should ask if your vin starts with "5YJ" ?
  16. Silicon Desert

    When did Model C start shipping with a heat pump?

    As I recall, the announcement was around October 2021, and started shipping refreshed MX with the heat pump in January 2022. Offered as a retrofit in April, and all MX shipped in October 2022.
  17. Silicon Desert

    Dent Question

    If it is mine, then 3. Especially if i lived in a big city like LA.
  18. Silicon Desert

    Why do some superchargers give you the price throughout the day and some don't?

    yes and that is probably what commercial businesses are charged 24/7
  19. Silicon Desert

    2017 p100d test drive found 800wh/mile ??

    That is simply TOO SHORT of a distance to judge what your average will be. There are lots of variables as you likely know. Air conditioning, heating, elevation changes, speed, wind, etc.
  20. Silicon Desert

    Model S Estimated Delivery Dates Keep Changing

    Deliveries up here in the Reno Sparks area are delayed on a couple models as well.
  21. Silicon Desert

    Autopilot is getting worse, not better.

    Hmmmm, in 7 years of ownership, I saw this only one time, and that was when it was snowing so hard, I couldn't see well either.
  22. Silicon Desert

    TPMS warning... but tire pressure not too low

    Good thought but there is no comparison between tire pressures in the software.
  23. Silicon Desert

    Is Tesla prototyping a motorcycle?

    yup and he doesn't even want to do a golf cart much less a motorcycle.
  24. Silicon Desert

    FSD Owners - Do any of you prefer leaving it off?

    On trips, I have it on ALL the time I am on the freeway. I would not want to be without it. The only time I use it on city streets is if there is stop and go traffic. Otherwise never use in on city streets.
  25. Silicon Desert

    Dead Mouse in Frunk. Countermeasures?

    how do they get in there?
  26. Silicon Desert

    Finally! Free Unlimited Super Charging FUSC can be transferred

    I would guess another minor glitch in buying a new car and transferring free supercharging is that you will probably be charged for premium connectivity as it won't be transferred if you had it for free on the older car. I'm sure someone will confirm if true or not.
  27. Silicon Desert

    Supercharger - Sparks, NV

    Same here, but EM is trying to tease you and me into buying a newer car to transfer that free supercharging :)
  28. Silicon Desert

    VW will trample tesla

    I thought that was the Toyota Corolla. I guess you mean best selling EV?
  29. Silicon Desert

    Steering Correction

    I should think some other reason. The cameras are better than that.
  30. Silicon Desert

    Supercharger - Sparks, NV

    yes, I guess you mean for the "life" of that car :) With those rates, I'm glad that supercharger credits are based on miles and not money. Us local people can pay 13 cents at home or even less depending on the subscribed program.
  31. Silicon Desert

    DMV renewal fees breakdown

    Gee whiz. I'm speechless.
  32. Silicon Desert

    What is this exactly on my brand new Model Y?

    The reason I say that is because our new Model Y had some marks somewhat similar on the hood but the rest of the car was fine. It was faint like yours and visible only at certain times. I did a claybar on the whole car because even though the paint was smooth, it was not "slick". Marks went...
  33. Silicon Desert

    What is this exactly on my brand new Model Y?

    Did you try some claybar and water yet?
  34. Silicon Desert

    Parking Assist Unavailable in brand new MX

    Hmmm I guess it is all about perspective. I drove for 60 years without such features and on our newest Tesla I don't care if it is there or not. But I'm in the minority.
  35. Silicon Desert

    Is there a single source to view ALL EV charging stations?

    Same answer.... plugshare
  36. Silicon Desert

    Tesla says I can't put solar panels on my rear porch roof

    Any time an installer of anywhere quotes building codes, I actually call the building inspector because he/she is the final word. All too often I find that installers use it as an excuse to do something differently.
  37. Silicon Desert

    Steering Correction

    I hope that what you meant is that the CAR was in the center of the lane, not you. The reason I say this is that my wife was routinely getting these alerts and couldn't figure out why. With me in the passenger seat I could see that she was hugging the right white line. Yup, SHE was in the...
  38. Silicon Desert

    At what point in the ordering process can I add the roof rack for a model Y ?

    OP, I don't know about how car registration works in your state, but in many states, it is based on the purchase price of the car and slowly depreciates over the years. Out here I never buy things WITH the car that can be added after purchase because it increases the registration fees.
  39. Silicon Desert

    Not receiving loyalty credits and Tesla is telling me to kick rocks

    Right, we have LOTS of referral credits and we have noticed the value of things change regularly. Like you say..... recently the wall charger requires about twice the credits that it did a couple months ago when I got a second one.
  40. Silicon Desert

    Can I postpone delivery of a Model Y

    Glad you said that. I see a lot of people using the word "Deposit" wrongly. "Technically" we lose the $250 whether we buy the car or not because as you say it is not applied toward the purchase. Some other manufacturers like GMC it is actually a deposit applied toward the car purchase.
  41. Silicon Desert

    Not receiving loyalty credits and Tesla is telling me to kick rocks

    Can you explain more what you mean about the $500. The buyer never loses the $500 discount if that is what you mean. And referral credits have varying value depending on what you buy with them. EDIT: I should add that the discount also is not always $500. Sometimes it changes to $250 for the...
  42. Silicon Desert

    Not receiving loyalty credits and Tesla is telling me to kick rocks

    A great reply..... and I assume the purchaser was NOT already a Tesla customer. Otherwise, referral credits won't be paid although the purchaser still gets a discount.
  43. Silicon Desert

    Bumped garage door frame, $5k repair

    good. A better solution than burying her in the back yard :oops:
  44. Silicon Desert

    Tesla sales rep told me things about tax credit, and M3 Highland I don’t believe.

    OP, I would not believe anything a Tesla sales rep says about tax advantages. Contact a tax expert.
  45. Silicon Desert

    Limit charging speed

    For a low level charger you could limit the amperage in the car screen, but my opinion is that would be rude to other potential drivers who might need a charge if all of them are in use. Why not just go out and move the car when it is finished charging?
  46. Silicon Desert

    Supercharger - Sparks, NV

    It's a high frequency antenna so that "StarMan" coming back from around the solar system can find it easily. :oops::)
  47. Silicon Desert

    Tesla Card

    Curious if you have the app running on your smartphone at the time you are doing this?
  48. Silicon Desert

    Model Y Blind Spot Question

    yes we were thinking the same thing. We drove for decades without blind spot indicators. We never even thought about a blind spot in our new MY. We use the camera display and a slight look to the right as a double check.
  49. Silicon Desert

    2023.32.9 release

    Have it on our 2017 MX. Been on vision for quite a long time. Nothing new. I haven't noticed anything different from the previous vision versions.