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    Expired 2017 Tesla Model S 75D * NEW Tires * 66k Miles [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has expired and has been removed.
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    Expired 2017 Tesla Model S 75D * NEW Tires * 66k Miles [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing 2017 Tesla Model S 75D * NEW Tires * 66k Miles. Please add to the discussion here.
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    Does it matter which supercharger I use on my 2017 Model S?

    Rocky - thanks for your input. I do realize that charging is much faster and an empty battery and it slows down a bunch once it’s mostly charged.
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    Does it matter which supercharger I use on my 2017 Model S?

    UCMNDD, Thanks for your input. I was pretty sure that Tesla support guy was wrong about my car charging as fast as others and I had an idea that I could not take advantage of the 250kw chargers. Regarding the 40 amps setting, does this make a difference when superchareging or does it only make...
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    Does it matter which supercharger I use on my 2017 Model S?

    I have a 2017 Model S and I am wondering if my charging speed will be the same at a 250 KW supercharger vs a 150kw or 72kw charger station. Like everyone else I want to charge as quickly as possible and if my charging speed is the same or virtually the same from the 250 KW and 150KW charger...
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    Best way to lease a Tesla

    I leased it through Tesla. I did speak to an outside company that will lease cars, but they said their option is typically done when leasing a fleet of cars and if my motivation is to save money then leasing from Tesla is the best option.
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    Supercharger - Groveland, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    Does anyone know how busy the Groveland Super Charger gets on weekends in the summer (June/July)?
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    Supercharger - Groveland, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    I'm going to be heading up to Yosemite soon and I'm trying to figure out how busy the Groveland Super Charger is. Does anyone know on the weekends if it is swamped with weekend warriors?
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    Best way to lease a Tesla

    I've got a model X on order so going with an inventory car is not an option. The APR of 4.8% through Tesla/US Bank sounds about right. The thing is this is a really high interest rate and that is why I'm trying to see if I can lease the car through a 3rd party bank to get a more competitive...
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    Best way to lease a Tesla

    I'm new to leasing. I know you can lease a Tesla directly from them as well as other banks. There are a number of threads about getting loans from banks, but I have not seen any about leasing a Tesla. Any recommendations is greatly welcomed. Also, any feedback why I should not lease outside of...
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    Taking a road trip to Yosemite this weekend

    Also note there is an electric car charger in the valley. I forget it's exact location, but it is in the parking lot behind the grocery store. There is some kind of small building in the parking lot. An orange cone blocks the spot. Simply move the cone and charge up. It worked great for us...
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    Ideal EV range?

    I've thought about this a number of times. The question is how far do most people drive in a day when going on vacation? If they are going really far then how long would they drive until they want a break? I think going 75-80 mph is a fair speed assumption. For duration 5 hours. This means you...
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    Best way to orient suitcases?

    The X has a ton of storage capacity even with the third row up IMO. I'm coming from a Highlander that has a tiny trunk with all row up. I took a trip to Yosemite this summer and was able to fit two large suitcases (the largest size you can check on a plane) in the trunk well. On top those went a...
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    SC Alignment Fix Experience - worth doing?

    I had issues with alignment on my car in 4 different places. I took it In to get fixed. It did take a couple of weeks to get the car back because they have to use a 3rd party body shop to do the work, but everything was fixed perfectly. If you decide to bring it in to fix the alignment then ask...
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    AC and fan keeps turning on when not in car.

    I had a problem with my X a while ago when the AC fan was super loud (like a vacuum cleaner loud - I did get this problem fixed). I noticed that the AC fan did run sometimes when the car was parked and connected to the charger. In discussions on why this is happening service did mention that...
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    Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

    NathanWolf, I never had this noise at all before (or at least I never noticed it because it was not loud).
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    Loud Creaking Noise When Turning

    Is anyone else having/had this problem. I've had my X since the end of April. There are just over 4,000 miles on the car. Over the past few weeks whenever you drive the car slowly such as backing out of the garage or parking spot and turn the wheel hard to the car makes loud...
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    6 seat versus 7 seat - need HELP please

    We have a 7 seat version and in hindsight would have order 6 seat version. It is a bit snug back in the third row, but also in an accident you could be trapped there. There is hardly enough room for my slender 13 year old to climb over the second row seats to exit (she did this before she knew...
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    HVAC became inoperable today!

    There are a number of X's including mine that had two lines crossed going into the compressor. My biggest compliant was that the car sounded like a jet engine with the fan at the front going crazy. My AC did work... so I thought. The car was so loud that it's embarrassing. After a number of...
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    Squeaky 2nd Row Seat

    Does anyone else have this issue? We have a seven seat configuration and when the middle row passenger side seat is moved up because someone is sitting in the third row and they need leg room or the third row seats are flat for storage which moves the second row seats forward some then the...
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    2nd Row Seats Do Not Remember Previous Position

    Just to add one more bit of information that I omitted in my original post. The second row seats will not crush legs because when it is moving backwards and meets an unmovable object (i.e. a solid object) the motor will detect that level of resistance and stop the seat from moving backwards...
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    2nd Row Seats Do Not Remember Previous Position

    I've had my X for 2 1/2 months. In that time there are a lot of features I love about the car, but there are some that just don't make sense. Most people who have paid for the 6 or 7 seat version expect to actually use the third row. If you have ever been back there with the middle row...
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Thanks a ton for this info. For me this is a big issue, our car idling with the AC on is twice as loud as ICE cars idling with their AC on. It's embarrassing when this happens... everyone knows that it's an electric car and it should be super quiet and they stare at you when it is much louder...
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    Has anyone received a response from Tesla service about this issue? Mine is in the shop and they just told me that they were able to recreate the loud noise, recorded it and said it was normal. There is no way an electric car should be one of the loudest cars on the road even if it is only...
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    Very loud fan noise from frunk area with AC on...

    I picked up my X at the end of April. I did not notice this fan noise right away... maybe it was not there initially, but now I hear it. I was eating lunch one day and heard my wife park in the garage. I hear her through a closed door leading to the garage and eating 20+ feet away from that...
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    Model X April Deliveries

    I was scheduled for late March to April an I have a vin. I'm expecting it in the middle of the month but who knows.
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    Does Tesla Negotiate on the Lease?

    Thanks everyone. I assumed it was a take it or leave it situation.
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    Does Tesla Negotiate on the Lease?

    I have decided to lease the X. I now need to educate myself on leasing a car. Does Tesla negotiate on it or is it a take it or leave it choice? I've seen through the forums talk of residual value and I think money factor. If there is a thread that talks about leasing please point me to it (I...
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    Install a 40 or 50 amp line for NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Thanks FlasherZ. So now I need to decide if I will stick with 40 amp charging or pay up for the HPWC for the 20% increase in juice. I'll most likely stick with the NEMA 14-50. I just figured since I'm installing everything now I should try and go big! In reality the X only has 257 mile range...
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    Install a 40 or 50 amp line for NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    OK, I understand that you need a 60 amp breaker to make this work and it was mentioned that you need a HPWC as well. Is it possible to use a NEMA 14-60 outlet with a 60 amp breaker and leverage the 48 amp charger?
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    Install a 40 or 50 amp line for NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    My guess is that this topic has been discusses already, but I can't find it! I have a 90D Model X on order and am preparing my garage. I did not move forward with the 72 amp charger on the X opting for the standard 48 amp charger. I called my DS and he said that a NEMA 14-50 can only deliver...
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    HPWC tax benefit

    Are you not eligible for the tax credit is you install a NEMA 14-50 outlet?
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    Is 37 more miles worth $13,000?

    All of this input is really appreciated. I do have a question about why the extra range gives you faster supercharging. Are the batteries different so the 90 can charge faster than the 70? I was just at the Stanford mall and popped into the newly opened Tesla store. The person I talked to...
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    Is 37 more miles worth $13,000?

    Like many of you, I've been waiting years for the X. Now it is finally within my grasp. I received my email to configure the X. My quandary is to go for the 70 or 90. The money miser side is of me is saying it's not worth $13,000 to get an extra 37 miles of range. I realize that the air...
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    Buy or Lease the X... hoping for longer range

    I've been eagerly awaiting for this car to go into production since 2012! I decided not to buy the Model S and wait 2 years for the X. Of course I was not thinking it was "Musk years". So after waiting over 4 years to buy a Tesla I cannot wait any longer. I am very pleased with the Model X...
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    I don't think your looking at this the right way. If it is just a money decision then do not purchase a HPWC and simply get a 240v plug installed. You will get a full charge overnight with a 240 plug, it will just take longer than the HPWC. It should cost less than $1,000. There is no need to...
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    From Early S Owners, When Should I Finalize my X

    I put down a deposit on a Model X pretty early on and have a reservation number in the 1,300's. As time has gone by and I have read about the issues early Model S adopters had I started to wonder if I will be getting my X too soon. I realize that there will be about 1,000 signature X's and...
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    petition for Model S Hot Wheels

    Is there real demand for this (i.e. in the thousands)? I'm a promotional products salesman and I can easily get this done... of course with Tesla's permission. Is this something Tesla may want to sell in their store?
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    Battery Swapping/Rental for the Model S

    An Idea That May Get Rid of Range Anxiety One of the big drawbacks of having an electric car is the range before it needs to be recharged. Even though the Model S can go 300 miles (265 per the EPA) before needing a recharge people still have hesitation because a recharge takes time. They...