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    New Service Center - Renton

    Me too
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    Supercharging slowdown killing me

    This is exactly what I am seeing. It is like someone put the brakes on supercharging my car. It starts out high and starts tapering immediately, truly within 1-2 minutes. It's like it ramps up and then coasts down from there. At least 50-100% longer to supercharge. Never could take the time...
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    Would you give up free supercharging for life?

    I didn't get through all of the comments, but one of the main reasons to not upgrade for me is the loss of free supercharging. I charge 98% of the time at home, but when I'm on the road the inconvenience of the time to charge (just a statement, I think the supercharging and speed is awesome...
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    Steve Hobbs D-Lake Stevens trying to increase EV licensing by $200

    Comments sent--talked about the proposed 133% increase to over what a normal gas tax would generate and how this is contrary to the Governors Green agenda.
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    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Don't make general statements based on your limited sample. I don't like podcasts, I listen to talk radio or sports games and if those are not at the time I'm driving then its always Streaming. But I only speak for me... The UI for media is improved. Not "perfect". Improved.
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    Changing the WA state law on extended warranties

    Agree with all you've said. Was just clarifying not dead, but still stuck in Rules... where many good bills go to die.
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    Changing the WA state law on extended warranties

    They have not adjourned. Feb 5 was the last day bills could move from Committee of Origin "cut off". SB 6309 did move from Financial Institutions and Insurance to Senate Rules. It needs to get through there, then on to the full Senate. Didn't look at the House side... The Senate Bill is...
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    2013 S85 Dolphin Gray for sale 73k mi. Asking 43,500 - No Longer Available

    Kills me that our 2013 S85's have depreciated this quickly! There is no engine which these miles may affect it's long-term value. 50%+ depreciation in under 3 years. Depressing.
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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    Holding it out the pano roof or drivers window definitely works--just not a great solution in bad weather!
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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    I like this idea. I've held it out the pano roof before (sunny day, worth the $0.25 savings :wink:). Hope someone tries it and posts it here. Simple solution.
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    Supercharger - Sandy, OR

    I'd definitely prefer one on the west side of Portland still on 26 (junction of 26 and 101) for everyone using the Oregon Coast--much more heavily traveled. Not sure why the path to Mt. Hood is so critical.... But, always glad for a supercharger in the Northwest...
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    Changing the WA state law on extended warranties

    Thanks. I'll still just ask him if I get the chance about extended warranties in general--but since places like Best Buy offer them on stuff that I don't want, not sure if he'll even know off the top of his head. **Post Meeting Update** He had no idea why the inability to purchase the extended...
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    Changing the WA state law on extended warranties

    I have a meeting with the AG next week (on the 8th), with no specific agenda other than issues facing healthcare and would be glad to ask him in person. Do we know specifically what we need him to "fix"? The other discussion thread didn't really come to a conclusion as the specific blockage to...
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    Pick one: Premium Sound OR Smart Air Suspension

    SAS Costly repairs question: Haven't had a costly repair, but had one under warranty at about 42K mi. The front right hose developed a leak. Took them a couple of days to tear it about, get the part overnighted and everything. No clue on cost... Makes me nervous for the future. But that...
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    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    Same for me on classic 7007--no completion notes. I did it over night after charging, so don't know how long it took. The notice appeared in the car (1/13 in the evening--when I was on 3g, even though I'm on wifi at home), but no notice on my iPhone--however, I went back in to "notifications"...
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    SurfSand resort Cannon Beach Oregon

    Awesome--thank you! In Seaside often, might need to frequent Lumberyard or Wayfarer more now...
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    XPEL Paint Protection Film

    I'm doing the windows at Bellevue Accutint on Monday--J is a great guy. Yes, the two Accutint's are separate--pricing, ownership, etc.
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Been a while since I updated: Lifetime: 38,058 miles 12,556 Wh 330 Wh/mi Takes a lot now to move that average Wh/mi number. we'll see if it creeps up now that it's rainy season again in Seattle... Still on 19" wheels, replaced rear tires and adjusted camber at 23,500mi.
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    Seattle SC

    How does North Bend work for destination/event recharge? Example: Drive from Portland for Seahawks game, turn-around same day for return. Need a charge downtown to get back to Centralia... why drive to North Bend? I guess it truly depends on Tesla's thought process--connect the I-90 new E/W...
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    Seattle SC

    It needs to stay on I-5 for use with Burlington and Centralia, plus if used as destination/quick turnaround for sporting and other events/meetings, Seattle is the only answer for North, South and East. Bellevue doesn't work for that. No need for all those people to go over the bridge if coming...
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    Pacific NW - Superchargers

    Frustrated with this one...was looking forward to taking the car to visit my parents in Salt Lake, as well as Southern Utah (Moab, Zions, Bryce, etc.). Argh! Guess it's fly and rent for a few more years. Also, been trying to convince a friend in Boise to buy a Model S, and one of his...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    End of May update: S85 19" 29,741miles 334 wh/mi Warmer and drier weather is helping bring down the wh/mi number
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    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    It's doable. Barely. Headwinds hurt! Averaged 450'ish kwh coming out of Richland in a strong headwind. Found a 120v thanks to ReddyLeaf and it gave me the 32 mile cushion I needed to not drive 55 on I-90!
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    Model S as a first car

    I'm in the club... '73 Dodge Colt here :smile:
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    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    Thanks. I'm going to try the 243/240 route as well. Should be good weather, but not looking forward to 55 mph on the I-90 portion... May try to find an L2 in Richland, even if for an hour. 20 mile cushion may come in handy... Not carrying grapes :), just me. Good thought on the RV park. I...
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    Supercharger - Ellensburg, WA

    Can you make it safely (EVTrip Planner says 222 Range Miles Used, which is possible if I range charge at Ellensburg) to do a round trip to the Tri-Cities from the Ellensburg supercharger and back? Meeting in Richland, with no where to charge, then a quick turnaround... Anyone done the round trip?
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    How do you have your displays setup? (Touchscreen and Dash)

    Left dash: trip odometers Right dash: energy top screen: music bottom screen: nav left scroller: volume right scroller: everything (usually use for pano roof)
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update today 4/14/14 25,342 mi 335 wh/mi 19" S85 replaced rear tires March 2014 at 23,500mi due to extremely uneven wear Had service center adjust camber two days later.
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    1 year yesterday of driving my car--still love every minute of it! Had to replace rear tires due to camber issues last week... need to do better with rotating! 23, 935 mi 335 wh/mi 8,013.3 kwh 19" S85
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    SB 6272 and HB 2524 to prevent new Tesla stores in Washigton state?

    Here is one of many replies I received from legislators (I sent many notes last week!), which summarizes from their point of view, what happened on these two bills. Take it for what it's worth :wink: Wish I hadn't been out of town and could have been there yesterday with all of you! Thanks...
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    SB 6272 and HB 2524 to prevent new Tesla stores in Washigton state?

    The lobbyist for the auto dealers is Scott Hazelgrove. He just told one of our Senators that this does not affect other industries, it is just a "personal" issue for some (pointed at me directly) who own Tesla vehicles or as he said to her "Tesla operations" (doesn't even know what he's...
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    SB 6272 and HB 2524 to prevent new Tesla stores in Washigton state?

    I've spoken personally with 3 legislators who were co-sponsors of the bill. All of them say the dealer association "pulled the wool over our eyes" and glossed over Sec 1, the offensive section. Tesla has met with at least one of these 3 yesterday. They are on it. All I've spoken to are going...
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    SB 6272 and HB 2524 to prevent new Tesla stores in Washigton state?

    Sent messages to all of the co-sponsors that I personally know asking them to amend the bill and cc'd our lobbyist (healthcare, so not in the loop on transportation and dealer issues--but involved in AWB) so he can keep the heat on all that he knows.
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    End of 2013: 19,196 mi, 331 Lifetime Wh/mi, WA, 85 19
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    Garage Wiring Fire

    +1 I agree Steve. Wycolo, most people charge daily on their UMC, following the explicit instructions of Tesla to install a 14-50 in their garage. Me being one (but glad I have 400 Amp service to my house). I'm sure none of us stay up each and every night to "supervise the charge cycle". The...
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    A Tesla Christmas Story and a Thank You

    Fantastic story! Loved it. My kids love our Tesla and always tell their friends!
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    Supercharging ROI

    Because of newness, resale market and especially wear/tear on the engine. No engine, no known resale market--do we have any idea how mileage #s (long trips for free on superchargers) will affect depreciation on Model S?
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Forgot to post on the 1st...wow, cold, rain and 5.8 effect--lifetime Wh/mi is going up. 16,823mi, 326 Wh/mi, 19s. S85, WA
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    Supercharging ROI

    BMW and GM are also working on superchargers, not just Nissan/CHAdeMO. Three standards? http://www.imakenews.com/bmwseattle/e_article002810181.cfm?x=bn1s2qL,btph0V1g
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    How long for the regen limit to disappear?

    It seems to take about 20 min to disappear. I've only had it when I've left the car at the airport for 2 days. So this time I decided to use the free 110v plug-in and left the car attached to shore power for the two days. It completed charging (didn't want more than about an 85% SOC sitting...
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    Picking up P85+ on Wednesday -- my enthusiasm is significantly dampened after 5.8

    How far down? An inch or a notch? :wink: I agree, poor communication, but 5.6 was rolling out slowly and once they decided to push 5.8 very quickly, at least we all were updated quickly. Honestly, while driving you don't notice the inch. I like the idea of being lower and the look, but NOT...
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    Firmware 5.6

    Still nothing for me...on 4.5 Vin 7007 Their "week" is longer than mine...kind of like "Fall 2013" with superchargers :smile:
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update 323 12,013 85 19" 10/1/13 Seattle
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update: Rolled 10,000 mi this morning. 324 10,000 85 19 Seattle WA
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    Supercharger - Centralia, WA

    I was also there Friday and Monday--from the right to the left (opposite of reading a book) they are 1-5A , then they start over again 1-5B. When I pulled in on Friday, I was alone, but there were 4 of us when I left. Monday morning at 8am, I was all alone... First time with the...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Update: Vin 7007, 19" wheels, 7900,9 mi, 2571.4 kWh, 325 Wh/mi - Seattle
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    Pacific Place (Seattle) Ground Clearance?

    BTW (back on subject), I hit bottom (slightly) on the 7th ave exit (not entering, only exiting) of Pacific Place in Standard (air suspension). Raised it the next time to high and cleared it just fine.
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    LPT for homelink: add an inactive link

    How about having Homelink when activated (for say 5-10 seconds) default to the right scroll button on the steering wheel. Then none of us would "mis-tap" and then the scroll button would be back to regular after that.
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    Puyallup to Seaside OR

    It's not in yet, but I'll be putting an outdoor 14-50 on my get-away house in Seaside, OR. Once it's in later this summer (the service to my home is so old, I need to upgrade the panel and meter) I'll put out a post and let people know opnce it's up and going. Walking distance to downtown and...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Seattle Area 85KW 19" delivery 3/16 4625mi 331 wh/mi