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    Convertible Model S

    I'll just leave this right here. Doesn't look factory, but neither does any of tesla alpha and beta cars.
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    Anyone own a car wash business

    Wife came home one day said she wants to start a car wash business. Wondering if anyone on here does this for a living? Any idea on start up cost, what kind of wash (hand wash, self help, full detail) Any pointer, anything you would have done differently if you did it all over again. Thanks in...
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    Advice needed: NEMA 14-50 outlet install

    I used 6 gauge, and with parts and everything it run me a little over $200, that includes cutting and patching all the holes in the wall. Took me a whole day to do it. As long as they are licensed, you shouldn't have to worry.
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    been asked to update 6.2 3 times now

    I've gotten the 6.2 update 3 times now. I would get the reminder that my car is ready for an update. I would update it and it would be the same 6.2. They are happening about 2-3 weeks of each other. Are they revisions of the 6.2?
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    Should SCs be located near stores?

    Was thinking, if the SC are far away from the stores would there be less ICEing. It will make it more of an inconvenience for us, but not as much as an inconvenience as being ICEed.
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    We need a Tesla 'sign'

    I saw one the other day. I told my wife look there's another tesla. I'm going to give him the secret sign. (Joking around) I flashed my lights and waved at him/her. He/she did the same. I looked at my wife and we both had a laugh.
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    Had a chance to black out some of the chrome on the car

    I just wanted to make sure I get a better coverage. - - - Updated - - - Thanks - - - Updated - - - The stock 21's are just beautiful, and so glossy. The dip will hold me out until I need new tires, I'll end up getting some 22" Ace Mesh 7
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    Had a chance to black out some of the chrome on the car

    I would have done the window trim, but the wife came into the garage and yelled at me. She said she wants a little bit of the chrome left. The turn signals are the only thing that bugs. The only way is vinyl decal that. - - - Updated - - -
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    Had a chance to black out some of the chrome on the car

    A few weeks ago I plastidip my wheel. I ended up using some black dlastidip on the chrome pieces. The wheels are a metallic grey with a glossifier finish. The chrome accents are done black with glossifier finish. I did the front bumper, nose cone, door handles, side skirts, and emblems in the black.
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    Plasti dip my wheels

    They hold up very well. Seen the stuff run through some car washes and no peeling. - - - Updated - - - Only thing that needs masking is some plastic bag over the brake system. You can spray the tire with it. The dip "cuts" (peel) off where the tire and rim meets.
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    Plasti dip my wheels

    You start by cleaning the wheels, which is the hard part. You want to make sure there is no water or dirt left. After that, you take some bags and cover up the brake system behind the wheel. Put about 5 coats of the grey, and 3 coats of the glossifier. The 5 coats are just for coverage (making...
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    Plasti dip my wheels

    I went with an anthracite grey with a glossifier finish on my wheels, here are some before and after. BTW these are the 19's cyclone Here are some with different lighting condition I am planning on blacking out the chrome. Not sure if I should use black or this same grey
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    Picked up my P85D today

    I used to be. Haven't been on there in years
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    Mid life crisis??

    Insurance for me it jumped up an extra $150 a month. Tell your husband to get the P85D, he will have buyers remorse, if he didn't. By all means the Model S is not a replacement for the vette. No way are they the same car. I own a GTR before purchasing the P85D. The P85D is fast, but its no...
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    Picked up my P85D today

    The GTR is stock. If launch control is used, I think the GTR will win 1/8 and 1/4. The P85D may have the jump, but wont hold the lead very long.
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    Picked up my P85D today

    In that case, I'm gonna have to make one
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    Picked up my P85D today

    Thank guys. I would like to say it is definitely my dream garage. Hoping to add an SRT Jeep in the 3rd bay, in future, the far future.
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    Where to clip for child seat

    Found it. It was hidden very well
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    Where to clip for child seat

    I have a 2 year old and when I went to install the child seat (2nd row) I notice there isn't a clip for the top porrtion. I went ahead and attach the bottom sides, but couldn't a place were I could hook into for the top of the child seat.
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    Picked up my P85D today

    Really enjoying it right now
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    Tesla leasing getting screwed

    They charged me a governmental tax fee which was my registration fee. They said if you lease from Tesla they must do it for you. That's where the extra cost came from, they never told me that was going to be added into the down payment. An extra $2200 came out of nowhere.
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    Tesla leasing getting screwed

    It seems that the governmental tax is part of my registration. They are registering my vehicle for me, or so they say. Talked to the dmv and they said I have the choice of having them doing it or myself. Tesla is saying I can't opt out of this.
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    Tesla leasing getting screwed

    According to the website it looked like it's about 7k down. From the test drive the sales adviser even said little bit over 7k but 8k should cover everything. Come to find out its over 9k for the down payment. I think tesla is very dishonest in disclosing your down payment. This makes me very mad.
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    Tesla leasing getting screwed

    I was quoted $1190 pre-tax. On my lease agreement its $1290 monthly. $1290 is pretty close to 1190 + tax. Is Tesla trying to double dip on my taxes?
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    Tesla leasing getting screwed

    What did you guy end out doing? Anyone know that this governmental service tax is? Never had to pay it with my other lease.
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    Tesla leasing getting screwed

    I was told that the $2500 deposit is credit towards the down payment. So I'm thinking OK, $5000 down + $1290 first month. Add some taxes + fees should put me around $7000-$8000 down. $8000-$2500 deposit. Its seems like Tesla added a whole bunch of BS and now the its $7300 + my $2500 which is...
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    Do I dare : Firmware 6.2

    Been told by a little bird that blind spot monitoring is coming soon. Maybe this will be on the next up date.
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    Paying Cash - At Delivery ?

    Depending on which state. Some require payment before delivery and some require payment at delivery
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

    I think it will show more charger on your nav/map. Someone that said working with plug share nailed it on the headead
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    Inventory Vehicles

    I was going to build one. The price it came out to be was $118K, found one in inventory listed at $125K had $11k discount. Ended up with $114K payment. Had alot of option I didn't care for Grey paint, pano roof, 19 cyclone, obeche wood, and dual charger. To me I just looked at it like I'm...
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    My 22" wheels for your stock silver 19" wheels + cash.. Cool?

    Is tesla willing to let you swap the stock from you new car? I'll be happy to swap you but I just ordered my inventory and doesn't seem like it will be here until the end of the month (mmaybe sooner)
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    The worst supercharger park job I've ever seen. Any others?

    I would have told the white car to pull right in front of him and backed my car behind his, to block him in. Take pictures just in case he try to hit you. Let him call the cops, they'll just tell him that he's and idiot.
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    What's better? Swap every three years or keep for the long-term?

    The big question is, would you buy an tesla after 8 years? I know i wouldnt. The only way I can see these cars sell is tesla buying them back, replacing the battery and the drive unit.
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    Battery pack

    Seller is saying it has a B pack. Great news
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    Confirmation that Tesla has started a CPO program

    I can confirm that the las vegas dealership will accept orders for CPO.
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    Battery pack

    I'm looking online at this used p85 and the delivery date was June 2013 what are the chances it has a B pack?
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    Battery pack

    Can anyone explain to me the difference in battery pack? Also about when was each pack was introduce?
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    trunk opening and closing question

    Can you open and close the trunk with the remote? Can you open and close the trunk from the touch screen?
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    Considering leaving my just-built P85D at the altar for an 85D

    If you cant get out of that p85d without some type of penalty let me know. I might just take your build instead of building mine.
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    253 mile EPA rating on a P85D

    Just saw the update on Tesla website. P85D is now 253 miles, what happen to 270? Anyone getting more then 253 or closer to the 270?
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    New 60 or Used 85?

    Im kind of in the same boat as you. A fully load P85 or a P85D with tech, sound, air sus, and rear facing seats. I dont drive on the freeway much so the auto pilot wont come in that handy. I live in Las Vegas, so it doesn't really snow here. I do plan on taking some trip up into the mountain to...
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    Did the P85D get a price increase

    I was building one and the price started at $104,500. Then the price jumped $109,000. I took all the options off just to make sure. When I went to refresh the site, it went back to $104,500
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    Need Help with TESLA LEASE Numbers, Do These Numbers Make Sense?

    I think one thing you forgot to add in is, its $5000 + 1st month down.
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    How is the price compared with buying private party and paying the $4k - - - Updated - - - So you have to pay $200 every time you bring the car
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    If that's the case, is it free from tesla. BTW good info to know. Was thinking either go all out and lease a p85d or see if I could get a really good deal on a p85, since a lot of people are unloading them right now
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    Looking into buying a used P85 and was wondering something. The car will have 8 year unlimited miles warranty on motor (drive unit) and battery right? It has a 4 year 50k mile bumper to bumper. My question is before your bumper to bumper warranty runs out (4 year 50k miles) you can pay $4k, to...
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    There IS an 'I' in TEAM

    There is no I in team, but there is a me