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    Wrapping the wood

    I was thinking a few coats of clear over the wood to make it a smooth place to start. Then carbon and matte finish. Thoughts .
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    VIN Assignment

    Just got my vin as well!! VIN 92xx. Configured 02/08 Vin assigned 03/30 White/areo/eap
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    VIN Assignment

    I am Indy too. White areo Ap ordered on 02/08 and still no vin yet? Looks like we all probably are coming together on a truck in the next few weeks?
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    I'm 2/8 order white with aeros and no vin yet.
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    No recent VIN assignments?

    Ordered 02.08 pearl white with hubcaps. No vin yet. Seems the white is the hold up?
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    Looking for Aftermarket Winter Rims

    I just picked up a set of Niche M117 staggered 20x9 20x10 wheels. THey are right around 1k shipped on ebay. Then will put a set of Continental dws's on them which are great in the snow. I ran the 22s last year and they were horrible. Probably will end up keeping the 20s on. But that should be...
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    Roadster 3.0

    Anyone own VIn 1266?
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    22" Wheels in Snow

    Read the first review/comment posted under the tires. That experience is exactly what I experienced when I woke up this morning. What stinks is there are not many spare wheel options to make up a spare set temporarily in the winter months.
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    22" Wheels in Snow

    I have 90d, pirelli scorpion all seasons but in light snow pack they feel like what someone above explained how the performance tires are. They feel like hardened hockey pucks and slide way more then id expect. My michelins on my model s were astronomically different then what I would of...
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    2013 RAV4 EV

    I've got 2 of these for sale. PM me if you are looking for one.
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    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    I was heading to work in my X and passed a Bolt. I went whoa..threw an immediate u-turn, chased it down. The guy gave me a ride and I am totally impressed. The inside is way more roomy then expected. The tech and features are extremely impressive. the power is plenty to have a blast driving, I...
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    X: What's your 90%?

    90D 90% 7300 miles 232 i have days when i run it down, so based on what I am reading in here it seems like balancing and using maximizes the miles
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    Random Model X sightings

    I've got a white on black in Carmel. If you see me feel free to introduce yourself.
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    I am on 7.1 2.24.86 delivery was 30th.
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    What firmware build are you running?
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    I just drove up and down my street in the daylight. In drive when i slide to parking they both illuminate and stay on. I will keep an eye out and see if it changes. They really need to add DRL button to the screen, silly its not on there lije the model S. You try as well and update if figure...
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    Things you didn't know about your Model X

    Range Mode on the driving LED headlights will not be on. Range mode off the driving LED headlights will be on. Manually switching headlights from 'Auto' to 'Parking' gives BOTH headlight led and fog led.
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    Model X June Deliveries

    With my model s and now the X I doubt I will ever shut it off. You can still dial in the temp's very sufficiently with it on. I believe there are threads on this.
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    Model X June Deliveries

    Make sure you have range mode activated. I have seen quite a few who have not had it and it greatly affects the range.
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    Model X June Deliveries

    I ordered 5/10, Confirmed, 5/17, Delivered 6/29 in Ohio. Crazy fast. I checked and my Firmware number is v7.1 2.24.86. What does this mean?
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    Model X June Deliveries

    Received 90D Vin #81XX today in Ohio. No issues. Extremely impressed. Everything was as it should of been and I went over it with a fine tooth comb. Weird is I swear this has a lot more power then 4k under vin numbers. A few times it wanted to turn all 4s over. In my head or possible battery or...
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    Model X June Deliveries

    I got 90d 22s, cold, white on black vin 81XX pickup scheduled for Wed 29th. Way faster then anticipated. Lets hope there are no issues!
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    2014 Tesla Model S Green 85kwh Auto Pilot Hardtop

    2014 Tesla Model S Rare Green color Auto pilot car, extremely rare to find with all convenience features. Summon, auto park, etc etc. 12/2014 build date 24k miles will go up daily hard top Tan Leather Heated seats, cold weather package heated nosles, rear heated seats. Power liftgate Lighting...
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    2014 Tesla Model Red 17k miles S85 Rwd Auto Pilot 3rd Seat Pano

    2014 Tesla Model S85 Rwd car since everyone will ask. Auto pilot 17k miles > warranty to 50k > battery/drivetrain 8 yr unlimited miles yes supercharging its standard Gray Leather interior 2 sets of mats weathertech, and carpet Pano Matte Wood trim Standard 19's, Michelins are in great shape...
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    Model X July Deliveries

    Ordered white on black 90d, 6seat, AP, Cold weather, 22s 5/16 VIN'd on 5/19 #8140
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    2014 S85 W Autopilot

    Hawaii? How you get that here? You can't use that as a comparable number to justify pricing.
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    CPO's are Back

    I posted a 68k mile s85 2013 loaded up in for sale thread as well as on ebay for 48900. Make me an offer would love to help someone out.
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    2013 Tesla Model S85 Brown Metalic, Pano, 21s, Air, Duals 68k miles

    Did you just ask and answer your own question?
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    2013 Tesla Model S85 Brown Metalic, Pano, 21s, Air, Duals 68k miles

    Call tesla service and ask. I have seen a few on here make it an option to purchase. Not sure if I misread or how they did it.
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    2013 Tesla Model S85 Brown Metalic, Pano, 21s, Air, Duals 68k miles

    2013 Tesla Model S 85kwh Rwd of course Brown metalic Tan leather Dual Chargers Supercharger enabled Pano Roof 21" wheels good shape few nicks here and there Continentals tires 50-70% Premium Sound 4gLTE upgrade 68k miles 8 Year unlimited on batteries and drivetrain Everything works, the car is...
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    AP hardware in late-2014 builds?

    On the Oct, Nov, Dec 2014 builds. This is correct. Because the car paid for tech package at the time auto pilot is essentially free or included in the cost of the tech package since it wasnt a real option. On the early 2015s and up. The cars who can call and pay for it to be turned on would of...
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    Used 2012-14 MS 60/85

    I have a 2013 rare brown metalic s 85 tech pack 21s, pano, supercharge capable, dual chargers, 67k miles I would offer at $48,000 in excellent condition.
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    I just got one to sell. 13 s85, pano, rustic brown color, tan, 21s, 67k miles for $49k. If anyone wants it. It prob won't last once I get pictures up.
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    Model X Financing questions

    You can get 50% bonus depreciation on the first year too. So I think the way it works is 25k + 50% of purchase price + 7500.00 fed. Then on year 2 you can get full depreciation the standard way per year. As well as tax, insurance etc. Anyone clarify?
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    Tesla Model S CPO Website - Now Live

    Supposedly they just keeping all CPO to ramp up loaners for service of all the new customers they will gain over this next year or two. I have 2014 autopilot S85 green I'd prob let go for an upgrade for myself if there were some serious buyers.
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    Model X Financing questions

    This article came out way before the government updated and allowed bonus depreciation. I believe the bonus depreciation is 50% of the price of the vehicle on an incentive to force to purchase new. I believe its only allowed on the 2nd year of ownership forcing you to keep it a few years? Anyone...
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    Model X 90D Delivery End of March (Will to Trade for Model S)

    Interested. Have a 2014 green s85 22k auto pilot cold weather. No roof. 19s. Not sure how we'd do it but I'm wanting to sell to upgrade asap.
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    What's your 90%?

    S85 18500 miles 236 miles at 90 temp is 20 degrees
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    Depreciation Modeling/Guestimate price per mile

    There are several ways to slice the cost per mile equation. I feel this is the only car to profit from IF you purchase the car correctly. There are a lot of good deals on the CPO. Ive seen several 70d's pop up for 69 to 74k. If you were a small business owner and did the .57 cent per mile...
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    WTB: 2012/ 2013 S85 w/ Tech, Pano, Air Suspension and Sound Studio

    What are you looking to spend? I see them at the auctions and maybe able to find you something.
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    IBJ Article - Tesla expanding in Indy

    Read this today, curious if anyone posted it on here or not already. Good to see some other indy people in here!
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    Older 2014 Auto Pilot capable cars. Did yours work smooth? Issues?

    This thread is for 2014 S85, S60, P85 cars who were built with the autopilot hardware but not necessarily marketed as such at the point of the sale. Did yours work smoothly? Thought you had it but turns out you dont? Why? My understanding its just the tech package but has the added sensors...
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    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Totally Agree! I think if you are the guy needing to fill out a hurt feelings report over the fit and finish of presentation or time, then you should check out the companies who have nothing better to do other then focus on videos and commercials. There is a quote somewhere that some of the most...
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    Estimated Model X starting price?

    Tesla model x price, features: Elon Musk says production gets underway September 29, price tag is $5k higher than Model S | Vine Reporter Musk comments on base price costs here.
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    How did you buy your Tesla?

    I was debating going broke on buying a new one. Decided to wait it out as I am a small car dealer. Sure enough someone traded one in at a dealership in chicago and I went up to that auction and bought that mildly used with only 4k miles for a hefty savings. After owning hundreds of cars a year...
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    What's your 90%?

    S85 12/14 build date. 239-240 about ready to roll 10k miles.
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    Windows 10 - Edge browser

    You can skip this step. Google how to install windows 10 now. There should be links and a exe file to click and get you installed right away.
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    Who Buys Teslas?

    I own a small car lot that stocks 30 cars, sells 15 per month etc so I was always driving older cars and basically the 'car' or philosophy behind them became like pogs to me. They had no value or sense and only became a chip of bartering power. I never cared to stay with one or another as they...