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  1. pwwojcik

    Reengineering the Roadster: Custom Battery Upgrade for the Tesla Roadster

    This is exciting -- it has the potential to ensure that these cars can stay on the road for many years to come. I don't have any insights on the battery choice.... Thanks for doing this.
  2. pwwojcik

    Roadster Bodyshop Recommendations NVA

    It isn’t super convenient for you but the guys at Auto Collision Specialists in Owings Mills are miracle workers…. https://www.acs-md.com/
  3. pwwojcik


    I’m not sure if this is useful but you might check it out. I got this update recently: Hello. Short S2 / S3 Soft Top is now back in stock and available to purchase online from EliseParts. Product Name: Short S2 / S3 Soft Top Product Price: £1087.19 ex VAT Product URL: Short S2 / S3 Soft Top |...
  4. pwwojcik

    Epic Road Trip

    Wow -- that is a great story and the pictures are amazing. Thank you for sharing!
  5. pwwojcik

    Advice on what to do with my 2011 Roadster

    Hey Tim, That’s a tough one. I was recently at the Baltimore service center and saw 4 roadsters in the back that had been traded in. My guess is that Tesla is pulling those cars out of circulation (maybe for parts?) but who knows. It was kind of sad to be honest. But more to your question, I am...
  6. pwwojcik

    Roadster loss

    OMG. So sorry to hear this.
  7. pwwojcik

    Roadster Remote Charging Adaptor Options

    I love the @hcsharp CAN adapters. I use the CAN Sr at home for charging from a Tesla Wall Connector and the CAN Jr for charging from the J1772 chargers that you can find out most places.
  8. pwwojcik

    The day that I gave the founder of Tesla a ride in my Lotus Elise in return for a ride in his T-Zero

    Both the write-up and the presentation are fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I came late to the roadster party, picking up a 2008 in 2018 but I LOVE it. I also have a 2017 Model S. My wife will tell you that the Model S is mine and the roadster is hers....
  9. pwwojcik

    How many Roadster Owners are Electrical Engineers ?

    ‍♂️ lol. I have undergrad and grad EE degrees but spent my whole career in quant finance.... I don’t really tinker as I would surely cause more harm than good!! I bet you’re right though about the car’s appeal to engineers.
  10. pwwojcik

    Intereresting Roadster VINs, are they out there? Roadster #666 and #1234

    lol. They couldn't have asked for $66,666?
  11. pwwojcik

    Roadster visible on Tesla website owner page?

    Oh interesting.... Thanks. I guess I'll try to add it back on the site and/or follow up with Tesla. Although not critical, of course, it is convenient to have it there. Thanks!
  12. pwwojcik

    Roadster visible on Tesla website owner page?

    It used to be the case that when I logged into Tesla.com I could see both my Model and the Roadster. Now the Roadster is gone. Is that just me or is this a change that impacted everyone? Sorry if I missed this in a prior discussion.... Thanks, Paul
  13. pwwojcik

    Accelerator pedal pad?

    Awesome! Good thing we can use so many Lotus parts....
  14. pwwojcik

    Accelerator pedal pad?

    You might try the search tools on Lotus Parts Online. They have nice numbered diagrams which show you the Lotus part numbers. Yours might be the pedal pad throttle (part A120J0013H ). 2008 Lotus Elise Pedal pad-throttle. Box, control, pedals - A120J0013H | Lotus Parts Online, Birmingham MI And...
  15. pwwojcik

    Accelerator pedal pad?

    Hi! I have bought Lotus parts from these guys (SJ Sports Cars). Shipping from the UK isn't cheap but the price wasn't crazy, the online search tool is great, and they shipped DHL so it was super fast. SJ079U0089 ALUMINIUM PEDAL PADS (Pair) I'm not 100% sure that is the part you need, but it...
  16. pwwojcik

    How to shorten windshield wiper stock

    I installed the Pioneer single din unit (avh3500-nex) and I love it. Apple Carplay works great. I also added a rear camera. I was worried about the wiper stalk and it is definitely in the way when the screen opens or closes. In practice I’ve found that I leave the screen out almost all the time...
  17. pwwojcik

    Spare Key

    Yes, I had the local service center order keys.They were able to program the keys to the car and get the new keys cut to match the original. The new keys have the three buttons and the T logo and everything just like the originals.
  18. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    So maybe mine is just different or maybe I am evaluating it wrong. I have the two wall chargers set at 40 Amps (because they are on a 50 Amp circuit in my subpanel). The roadster was plugged in but had finished charging a long time ago. When I plugged in the Model S, it was allocated 20 Amps. As...
  19. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    Hmmm. Interesting detail. I’ll experiment when I can to confirm what is happening and will report back.
  20. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    This is how my setup is behaving. Two TWC and one Model S and one Roadster 1.5 with CAN SR. If only one car is plugged in, it gets the full power. If both cars are plugged in, each gets half power. This is true regardless of the state of charge or even if one of the cars is finished charging...
  21. pwwojcik

    Just put a Pioneer Apple CarPlay Receiver in Roadster

    I don't have a flip out but I'm thinking about getting one. The old JVC has a lot of functionality but it is difficult to use. I love Apple CarPlay which gets me access to Waze and Spotify and some other things.... Plus it would be a nice way to incorporate the backup cam. I am interested in...
  22. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    Just to circle back on this in case anyone else is curious. I had the new wall connector installed so that it is the slave and the original one is the master. I only have one data point but everything works exactly as you would hope. I plugged in the roadster and it started charging at 32 amps...
  23. pwwojcik

    OVMS not updating temps

    Ok! I kept searching for info and there were reports that this could be happening when the car is in diagnostic mode. I don't use diagnostic mode but I went to the car, entered diagnostic mode, and then exited it. I turned the car off and now the temps show up!
  24. pwwojcik

    OVMS not updating temps

    Hello! all three temps at the bottom of the screen had been showing 32F but I hadn't really driven it since installing the OVMS. I did today but the temps never budged during the drive or after. Has anyone seen this? It might be that the car isn't reporting temps through the ODB port correctly...
  25. pwwojcik

    OVMS v3.1 install

    Just to close the loop on my situation.... my modem never said anything except "powering up." As @m1k3 pointed out, my modem had become disconnected from the main board. I opened it up and seated it where it belongs and the rest of the setup was smooth. I do love the ovms! Thank you!
  26. pwwojcik

    OVMS v3.1 install

    Good stuff -- thanks. I was having the modem problem when I powered the OVMS through the USB but now it is plugged into the car. I won't get a chance to try this for a few days but I will try to configure the modem with it plugged in this way to see if that works. If not then I'll take it apart...
  27. pwwojcik

    OVMS v3.1 install

    Hi everyone, Hate to add more questions to the mix but I've got a couple.... First, OVMS is awesome -- big thanks to everyone who has worked to develop and optimize it!! I configured things today generally successfully. It is in the car and I can use the iPhone app to see and control the car...
  28. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    This is perfect. Thanks everyone! And thanks again, @hcsharp , for the CAN devices!
  29. pwwojcik

    Problem with fuse on Roadster 1.5

    That is great to know. Next time I'll check here first for advice! I don't mind paying experts to do things that they're expert at (a couple of hours of diagnostics and repair) but the markup for the part is outrageous.
  30. pwwojcik

    Problem with fuse on Roadster 1.5

    Hi, This is just a note to share my service experience. I took the Roadster in for an annual service and cleaning. When I got home it wouldn't charge (at all with the CAN Sr or the 115 v cable). I wish I had noted the errors better but there were a few different messages such as "Charging...
  31. pwwojcik

    Any problem with two HPWC Power Sharing to charge Roadster with CAN Sr?

    Hi! I am pretty sure this will work but I thought that I would throw it out to the group in case anyone has experience one way or the other. Right now I have a single HPWC that I use to charge either my Model S and my Roadster 1.5. I am thinking about adding a second HPWC to the same circuit...
  32. pwwojcik

    roadster key fob reinforcement

    Great job -- that looks like a great solution for the problem.
  33. pwwojcik

    Owl dash cam

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. It is a great summary and looks like a great addition.
  34. pwwojcik

    Roadster Charging

    @Bunnak, that is pretty much my setup. I have owned the roadster for about a year and charging works great. I actually use the Model S as my daily driver but then when I get to take the roadster out I plug it into the HPWC to charge it up. Then I switch the HPWC back over to the Model S and just...
  35. pwwojcik

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    That is awesome -- well done! Would you consider sharing the 3d print files for the license plate hinges? Thanks!
  36. pwwojcik

    Getting the Sirius/XM radio code from a JVC unit

    It took me a while to find this but I fiddled a while and eventually got it. It is something like this: 1) Tune Sirius 2) Press menu to get the AV menu 3) Choose "Setup" 4) Choose "Tuner" SiriusID might show up or be a menu option Take a look on page 93 of this manual: kd-nx5000...
  37. pwwojcik

    NEMA outlet vs EVSE

    We got the juicebox from JuiceBox EV charging stations - fast chargers for electric vehicles. and love it.... It can be used for both the Teslas and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.... It sends us messages whenever it starts and stops charging, looks good, and is easy to use.
  38. pwwojcik

    What's that beeping???

    Now that you say it it seems obvious! hahaha.... Yes, gregd, you nailed it.... I was pretty sure the car was sentient or I was getting some bizarro interference but it was just my elbow..... Thank you!
  39. pwwojcik

    What's that beeping???

    Hi All, I'm about two months in and I love my roadster!! This is strange but when I raise my left hand towards the left AC vent by the steering wheel I hear a "beep beep" or sometimes a single "beep." As far as I can tell nothing on any display is changing. It seemed coincidental to the hand...
  40. pwwojcik

    Apple Car Play?

    I keep an iPad mini in my Model S for Waze and Siri voice messaging.... I absolutely love my car but it is kind of ridiculous.
  41. pwwojcik

    #209 Has Found a New Home!!

    Wow -- that is beautiful. Congrats!!!
  42. pwwojcik

    Roadster route planning

    Welcome to the family.... :)
  43. pwwojcik

    Roadster route planning

    Made it! Went about 450 miles in 24 hours. Stopped to charge four times: Chili's in Auburn MA -- ChargePoint Promenade Shops at Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, CT -- Destination Charger DoubleTree hotel in Norwalk, CT -- Destination Charger Glendora, NJ -- Destination Charger This last one...
  44. pwwojcik

    Roadster route planning

    OK! So far so good! I've been grinning for years with my Model S but now I have super grin.... :D Using the ChargePoint for now.... I'll try the Destination Charger later..... The range goes down pretty fast but I'm not driving to optimize range at the moment. ;)
  45. pwwojcik

    Roadster route planning

    Thanks everyone! These are great tips and I appreciate them. If everything goes smoothly I will be driving #357 later!!
  46. pwwojcik

    Roadster route planning

    Hi! I'll be picking up my roadster in New Hampshire (Yay!) and then driving down to Maryland. I'll be using Henry Sharp's CAN JR and CAN SR to make the trip (that guy is amazing). I understand that certain chargers don't work well with the Roadster. I have been looking at a few different route...