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  1. byeLT4

    wh/m - P100DL?

    I had a 2017 P100D for 45k miles and iirc it averaged around 320-330 for the time I had it (roughly from 45k-90k miles).
  2. byeLT4

    21+ refresh regen 'moan' when wheel turned

    That sounds like it! I need to get it in an empty parking lot and test it in reverse.
  3. byeLT4

    Do new Tesla Model S's still have the camber / tire issue?

    '21 S here, 21"tires definitely had the uneven wear. I'm on the 19s now but not enough mileage yet to say it's a fix, but I'm hopeful!
  4. byeLT4

    Vehicle may not restart errors

    Same, 2017 S with 80kish miles. Warranty was through Tesla when they sold used vehicles with 4 more years and 50k more miles
  5. byeLT4

    Interior 10 degrees warmer than outside

    No recent charging? My S shows warmer than the garage but after charging it's always a few more degrees more than the 'warmer normal' lol.
  6. byeLT4

    21+ refresh regen 'moan' when wheel turned

    Good question. I'll try it out later today. Also a thought- I do not have apply brakes when regen limited turned on.
  7. byeLT4

    21+ refresh regen 'moan' when wheel turned

    My '21 refresh is getting a strange 'moaning' sound when off the throttle, slowing and the steering wheel is turned. Doesn't happen when the wheel is straight and seems to only happen during regen. Almost sounds like a worn bearing. Going to setup a service appointment but would like to get some...
  8. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Luling, TX

    Sure is taking a while to pop up on the map and app.
  9. byeLT4

    S Plaid couldn’t pull on 16X P100D

    Plaid was in chill mode or not full throttle. I'm glad you are happy with your X!
  10. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Luling, TX

    Not showing online yet but something is going on. They are blocked off still by cones but there were 3 Teslas there. It looked like 2 were trying to charge. The Tesla logo is lit on the stalls as well.
  11. byeLT4

    What has changed?

    My '17 had heated seats but weren't vented, I really like the cooling here in south Texas haha! Also came from MCU1 so the new one is light years quicker. I miss the free supercharging I had and now that the weather is starting to cool off I think I'm going to miss the sunroof.
  12. byeLT4

    Tire particle problem

    EVs really do change the way people think. All of a sudden, people care about car fires, how much fossil fuel is used making cars, what devastating effects digging up elements used in batteries is causing. And now tire pollution.
  13. byeLT4

    Transferring unlimited, super charging

    Maybe they could add the option when purchasing? Kind of like when Uber asks your preferred temp and level of conversation?
  14. byeLT4

    Neighbor took delivery today - received 2022 build?

    I bought a new 2015 Z06 in April of 2016. Chevy had 15% off '15 models and tacked on to the dealer discount I ended up with 20k off. It can happen.
  15. byeLT4

    Are bragging rights worth $15k?

    From your post, absolutely not. Not saying it isn't for everyone though. For me, it's a no-brainer. I came from boosted and highly modded Corvettes so 15k extra for a low 9 second daily driver? As soon as one fell in my price range I couldn't throw my money down fast enough 😆
  16. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Bastrop, TX

    So what's up with the two Teslas with manufacturers plates in the marked section (Tesla flags) next to the chargers? Looked like they had QR codes in the windshield. I was getting a ride from the airport and noticed this last Sunday. Maybe a way for owners to check out the newest model?
  17. byeLT4

    Refresh Model S charge port doesn't open with button on wall/mobile charger

    My 21 doesn't open that way either, however my '17 did.
  18. byeLT4

    Model S reliability compared to Model 3

    I put 45k miles on a used S and traded it in at 90k miles. No major issues. Rear trunk latch, headlight drls and door handles, most fixed by a Ranger coming to me. Got a few thousand miles on a used '21 I bought, not enough to comment on reliability yet though.
  19. byeLT4

    Trunk dented, repair costs?

    I had something fall on my hood, left a small 6-7"area with 2 or 3 little dents that looked like hail damage. Estimate for repair was around 550. Was told they'd just bondo it smooth then repaint and blend. Was going to see if pdr could tackle it, not crazy about having the bodywork done.
  20. byeLT4

    NEW Model 3 Highland review!

    I bought one in April, in about 30 minutes I was used to it and haven't looked back. Different strokes for different folks 😉 Now to convince the wife she needs the new 3 😁
  21. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Luling, TX

    Went by early Sunday morning. Fences are down but chargers are still wrapped up. Can't believe how busy the Bucees was at 3am 😆
  22. byeLT4

    Supercharger - New Braunfels, TX

    Used this one finally early this morning, showing one other stall occupied, was surprised to find a Mercedes charging! Bucees really makes a great location!
  23. byeLT4

    Supercharger rates?

    Around my area between 30 and 40 cents.
  24. byeLT4

    Texas air conditioning mode

    I loved that the 'auto' mode had low, mid and high for fan speed when I first got the car but I quickly realized even on high the fan gets down to 2 when the cabin gets to the desired temperature. I am constantly switching to manual to up the speed or turning the temp down in auto so the fan...
  25. byeLT4

    Ever see this?

    He likes you! Lol Seriously though, that's a bummer.
  26. byeLT4

    Battery Degradation Experiences

    2017 P100D was at 12.7% range loss when I traded it in at 89,476 miles.
  27. byeLT4

    Looking for an older Model S - Do I understand the differences? What amenities can I skip?

    Starting to second guess myself but I thought the Raven came later? 2016.5s+ were known as face-lift models, I thought the Ravens didn't come out until 2018 or 19? If you have a great home electric rate and you can charge at home, free supercharging loses some value. If supercharging is going...
  28. byeLT4

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    Oh I know, the one they replaced we both thought that the uneven wear was the cause of the leak until I found the nail afterwards. I did the swap to 19" fix 😆
  29. byeLT4

    Plaid 21” rear tire woes - factory defect?

    I'll be interested in seeing the cause of the clunking. I have something similar on occasion when the rear suspension loads or unloads. Also just switched to 19s and my other rear 21" tire was showing the dreaded wear as I thought it would. No signs of it yet on the one the dealer replaced due...
  30. byeLT4

    2021 S refresh, just bought, surprised at the low range

    LR or Plaid? 21s? My '21 Plaid with 21" wheels gets 300 at 92%, 325 at 100%. I'm the second owner and the car now has almost 40k miles.
  31. byeLT4

    How is the Air Conditioning in your refresh Model S?

    Mine seems to be doing rather well and it's hovering around 100 here in Texas too. I do have my car ceramic tinted and have a sunshade on the roof.
  32. byeLT4

    2017 P100D loaner

    Your Y feels quicker than the P100D? Surely you must know that it is in some kind of loaner mode, right?
  33. byeLT4

    POLL: vibration felt when slightly accelerating refresh Mode S Plaid or LR

    37k on mine, I got the hat trick with the vibration, rear clicking and front popping. The clicking and popping are intermittent and the rear noise rarely happens (10% of the time?) and almost sounds like the vehicle is flexing and a rear seat/ seat belt bolt is loose. Enough high frequency that...
  34. byeLT4

    Model Y- Super Dirty Car immediately after car wash

    Are you using car wash mode when you wash it 🤣
  35. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Refugio, TX

    No signs of construction yet. From what I saw not even ground markings. I know it's a bit early but I figured maybe as fast as some of these pop up.
  36. byeLT4

    Currently stuck by the side of the road in France...

    If the phone is connecting I would ping the service center and see if they can find any logged error files.
  37. byeLT4

    Trade your Model S Yoke for my Steering Wheel

    No wear/peel on my yoke yet. I do notice that at certain steering angles when I'm getting in my leg rubs the yoke and I'm always afraid to look 😄
  38. byeLT4

    TIL: Plaid acceleration mode continually conditions battery and affects HVAC?

    Well, the data is in, and I don't see any real difference. My numbers for the month of testing actually came out a bit higher but I'll chalk that up to the hotter weather and more AC usage. I ended up at 336 wh/m in Sport mode vs 330 the prior month and half in Plaid. I do wonder if this...
  39. byeLT4

    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    @X-Care EV ^
  40. byeLT4

    One year with my 2022 Model X Plaid

    That efficiency is insane (beyond Ludicrous even maybe? Haha). My MSP I'm only getting around 320 wh/m. I actually bought a set of 19s to see how much I can improve that. Nice write up!
  41. byeLT4

    When Is Midnight Cherry Red Coming to the USA?

    My wife loves it too. If it does come here I think her next car will be a 3 😁
  42. byeLT4

    TIL: Plaid acceleration mode continually conditions battery and affects HVAC?

    Full disclosure, it's warm here in south Texas too 😆
  43. byeLT4

    TIL: Plaid acceleration mode continually conditions battery and affects HVAC?

    Ever since this thread, I've changed to sport mode and haven't noticed any difference yet. I plan on keeping it in sport mode for a month straight and then average out my reported consumption from teslafi. See you in two weeks 😉
  44. byeLT4

    Underbody of the battery bent from impact

    I can't see the situation where a new battery would be a bad choice.
  45. byeLT4

    Supercharger - Corpus Christi, TX

    Not sure what the issue is but heads up for anyone currently in the area.
  46. byeLT4

    Ford will add NACS to next gen EVs!

    M/Fer? (Mustang/F150) 🤣
  47. byeLT4

    Tesla App outage -- universal or local?

    I had about a twenty minute span earlier around noon today that I couldn't get the app to communicate with the car. But other than that no recent issues. Central Texas area.
  48. byeLT4

    Texas estimated delivery date (EDD) & proof of insurance

    Not a silly question at all, the process is what is silly imo. I can only tell you my experience, albeit with a used car in California purchased from Tesla delivered in Texas. I was told that I had to have the car on my insurance before they would ship, and to send proof so that it could be...