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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    As someone who has sold wholesale connectivity to MVNOs and had colleagues who have dealt with Tesla on B2B level I think Tesla will have very, very attractive data rates; they negotiate continent wide deals; they have sunk costs in terms of having to have their own upload and download when not...
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    Advanced TSLA Options Trading

    Don't forget that $30k gain (if successful) will have cost you $4,700, so not quite the 6x your money, unless I am reading something wrong.
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    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I am waiting for my TSLA shares to transfer to IB to allow me to start doing covered calls. Have not even thought about using margin, but good to know. If I get stuck on usability of IB platform I might ask for some advice...unless you know of some good IB tutorials...thanks.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Question for UK-based investors: after buying and holding shares for a couple of years I might be ready to get more adventurous. I only have 800 shares that are not in ISAs, but selling covered calls is an acceptable risk before i dare think about other options. I use a couple of very basic...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Oi - I just bought 70 and hoping the Americas will walk it down to 790 and 780 for my other buy orders to execute :-)
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    GME and AMC stock action (out of main)

    The problem being in the UK is that my broker is very slow and can only manually place orders for me, but I have stuck some random sell limits in there early @ $950; $4950; $9,950 and then a couple of jokers at $99,950 and $999,950 that I fully expect to hold next week. Quite a few Robinhooders...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I bought ~120 at $412, so blame me for pushing it back up!!!
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    It was a bug. They have already rolled out a fix and new reports show it does not work. Usual go fast and break things approach knowing they can patch just as quickly.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Ah - good to know. Cash account, but pretty simple online broker. Still surprised they did not buy between 9 & 9.30am NASDAQ time, but no worries.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Which brokers or entities actually get to buy AH and pre-market? I placed an order at 5.30pm in UK yesterday for 126 shares @ £415 limit, but hoped to snaffle them lower than that. Throughout AH and pre-market they were at £380, but my broker did not buy until US market had opened and got them...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Finally seen my dividend shares in UK account. General thanks to this forum which is the only one I really read in TMC anymore. Despite so many Bulls it is actually the caution and counter-arguments herein that encouraged my fairly risk averse approach to HODLing. Took me a while to buy shares...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I doubt this will be massive benefit to Tesla as a lot of their UK showrooms are in shopping Malls that will likely remain closed. Also, they seem to be doing loads of test drives near me anyway (not sure how that works), but I had to do repeat visits to the pharmacy which is pretty much the...
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    Kinda disappointed that I have 5.5% degradation after 18k miles

    Age often has bigger impact than mileage. Yours is 2 years old? I did my first 18k miles in less than 9 months.
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    Big car....

    Bigger than ideal but 4.5yrs later no major problems. Parking it is probably the easiest of all the cars due to the high quality camera and sensors, except I still struggle to park dead-straight between lines and multi-storey car-parks can be a right nuisance (entrance and pillars). You also...
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    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    At least 2 ships were delayed by the storms in February. One has just been unloading in Southampton and lorry loads heading up the motorways in the UK (delayed into Zeebrugge and then onward transport to UK, so both mainland and UK affected).
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    Acceleration Reduced.... new problem

    Apparently after going through everything they got some errror readings from the harness, obviously not ever been an issue for my charging, but not then right for me to resell. Most of the cost is labour I expect.
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    Acceleration Reduced.... new problem

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread. My 85D has this fault and Tesla are struggling to locate the origin, which is costing a bomb at £200/hour and already replaced charge point harness for no reason at my cost. They now suspect contactors, but say the ones outside the battery so still out of...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    My 85D got those warnings on Friday and I dropped it off at SC Monday. They will be doing diagnostics tomorrow, but I fear it is a non-warranty item (coolant or heater etc rather than battery or motor). Currently using taxi and train to get around. I wonder what they will recommend for you in...
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    I am posting this in every youtube Tesla topic I come across: Range loss, charge gate etc

    IIRC 90s had higher silicon mixed with graphite. So chemistry is different.
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    85d battery deteriorating

    The question has to be asked whether this or similar "now we know" fixes will affect 100kWh cars and all Model 3s...with DC charging speeds ramping up will it push the batteries too much and a massive swathe of customers have a yr 4 negative experience?
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    85d battery deteriorating

    Just over 200 miles return, with car sat all day. Even 100% charge in winter is too tight. I probably logged a lot of DC charging but just a 10 mins splash and dash in the evening, which was fine when I got 110kW. I might see a brief 90kW now if low enough but seems to prefer max of ~70kW. Week...
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    85d battery deteriorating

    A few threads on this in this forum already #batterygate and #chargegate. I think I have both in my 85D 80k miles. SuC is the worst day to day impact for me 46kW at 50%, 55kW at 40% etc. Depressing and not super.
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    Call for civil disobedience - Northampton Supercharger

    I think the logic behind the 30 mins is for “general parking”. It is a small car park so non-charging ICEs etc can park there but for no longer than 30 mins. I believe similar arrangements are in place at a few SuC around the world.
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    UK Northampton Supercharger - reassign as Destination Charger?

    Signs are pretty clear and the reception is so close. Plus easily cancelled when challenged. Not an issue.
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    Tesla Referral Program

    One like this then ;-) You can use my Tesla referral link for free Supercharging on Model S or X. The first person who orders with my code before April 30 will also get a £375 credit toward service or accessories. Unlimited Tesla Supercharging and Extended Solar Warranty
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    Looking for used chademo adaptor

    Just beware of the assumption that CHAdeMO is the same everywhere. It really depends on the rapid charger. In the UK it was only some rapid chargers that were affected. In Spain there are many CHAdeMO that do not seem to like any Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. Nothing to worry about since 99% will be...
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    Looking for used chademo adaptor

    Just be aware there are different versions and some of the older ones do not work consistently with newer facelift cars. Maybe Tesla would swap it for one that works, but if you have not bought it from them... If you see a version on an advert then you could ring Tesla to check it will work...
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    Stolen Model S please help!

    Er, maybe in Canada that is what America means, but in the UK we often shorten US of A to America in the singular. We will of course refer to the Americas or N America, C America, S. America as appropriate. There have been a number of stolen Model S in Europe: proper professionals who have...
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    Stolen Model S please help!

    Oliver, might I suggest you or your dad join "Tesla Owners Group UK" on Facebook (Group not Club as the other one is open) - it is a closed and private group for registered owners and Tesla staff including head of Western Europe can see posts. We have some security expert owners who are about...
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    Model S Smart Air Suspension Problem

    Not sure I can help, but I have a similar use case in that I turn off a 50mph road, travel 100m to my house and in standard setting I will ground between the wheels when reversing in. However, my geofence kicks in within 10-20m of my drive every single time and by the time I have started...
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    EV supply i the UK

    Sounds like you have gone belt and braces! Most charging schemes are moving to app based provisioning and for most of your charging needs you should not need to have deposits held in schemes, but I guess it depends where you are and how frequent you will use the public charging, especially if...
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    Charging help in Suffolk..

    Presume you have got yourself a blue type 2 lead now. For £150 or thereabouts it is a no-brainer. Bet it was Brian who helped you out - great guy. Linda helped me out when I charged at their HO at Rendlesham former airbase.
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    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    Not sure if you are a member of the Tesla Owners Group UK on Facebook, but one of the members has got this up and running and all you need to do is copy the invocations etc pointing to his hosted domain and then enable the skill. My 9 year old did it for me and she has never done coding. This...
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    Damaged Tesla in U.K will not charge...help

    You might have to cut your losses and sell for parts. If an 85kWh battery then someone electrically minded might take that and create stationary storage. The screen may have value if people have faults as a lot of warranties are ending and still no extended warranty option in U.K.
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    Damaged Tesla in U.K will not charge...help

    Where in the UK are you? Might be an idea to join the Facebook group Tesla Owners Group UK and if you are any good at getting the salvage sorted you might have people asking you questions! Also, Tesla staff are in that group up to very senior management if you get stuck, but I expect you will...
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    New UK VED Charges & Impact On Model 3

    And then add 20% VAT!
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    Charging 2 cars in the UK (single phase circuit)

    Good stuff. I have almost 7kw solar already and might get a couple of Powerwall 2s. You might have a 100amp fuse already. Also, I have my 2 EV chargers on different sides of my consumer unit, so if something trips one side I can still use one EV charger (some water was getting into the outside...
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    Charging 2 cars in the UK (single phase circuit)

    2 EVs here. 2 wall chargers - Rolec 32 amp & Chargemaster 30amp. Separate fuses and main 100amp fuse into the property. To save money on wall chargers you could get a switched commando socket for the Tesla (I think BMW offer a free to heavily discounted wall charger). If you are flash then get 2...
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    Used Tesla UK pricing?

    There were some mutterings that free data was limited to 4 years, but not concrete. I have just paid to upgrade 3G to 4G, so I am hoping I get free data for life (4G upgrade cost £400).
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    Model S crash into Mercedes Dealership

    BCH Road Policing on Twitter Short but from horse's mouth.
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    Anybody still bother with Ecotricity chargers with the new 6GBP tariff?

    I have been a domestic Ecotricity customer for over a decade so I get my 52 charges foc. However, I am using the network more now than I have in the past year when it was free for everyone. I just could not trust there would not be a queue and every time I had been at one I waited for an...
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    Bristol Service Centre showing as open as of Monday 18 July

    Unfortunately postcodes do not seem to work with the location very well. It is actually on the other stretch of Lysander Road over the roundabout and you need to be on the Westbound dual carriageway with Vue cinema on your left and then past Porcelanosa and turn left after the FedEx warhouse...
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    Bristol service centre

    Open for test drives and the shop. The Service Manager has said July 19th for actual workshop servicing etc. Popped in at 7.30 this morning - a few workmen around finishing off. Best way in is turn up Lysander Road off the roundabout before Vue Cinema, past Porcelanosa and turn at the FedEx...
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    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    Rouen and Orgeval (West of Paris) just opened, making many Brits very happy. Looks like the Novotel roll-out partnership is building.
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    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    The UK is getting bigger sites now. Gordano services near Portishead opened earlier this month with 8 stalls (half covered at the moment) and on Friday they extended the 2 stalls at South Mimms on M25 North of London to 12 stalls (some covered with no charging leads for some reason). The South...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    At least you acknowledge your original statement was only half-completed and open to the trap I fell in! :-) Agree that where there is a large pre-package fee then not adding up the $ on a week long road-trip of many thousands of miles is refreshing and hoping you do not bump into cars slurping...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    I presume you will have no domestic charging facilities, but most people will expect to charge at home and not fill their boots with pre-paid electricity. If they look at it with your perspective then we will have an "abuse" problem. My local SuC is 3 miles away, electricity is expensive in UK...
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    Spot on. In the UK Tesla is dictating that new SuC sites have electricity paid for by the landowners anyway, after all they beneft from the dwell time. I have also been thinking destination charging becomes more critical. If I have to pay £2k for a bundle with my Model 3 and PAYG is not...
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    Dutch Model S in Supercharger Bay for over 2 days

    The silver P85 must have had a lovely weekend and apparently has departed. Bad enough in a large multi-bay location, but blocking 50% of a 2 bay one is beyond cheeky.
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    Dutch Model S in Supercharger Bay for over 2 days

    Well it is being discussed on the UK Facebook page that is monitored by Tesla UK, but I cannot see them towing. Hopefully they have tried to contact the owner, but Tesla would not tell us if they have got through or not. Thought I would try here, but knowing most users of this forum would never...