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  1. SWIPE

    2021 MYP Trunk Leak - bad service experiences

    Westyear, hopefully they fixed it. I took mine in and uploaded the TSB pdf along with a photo prior to the appointment. The Tech said they’ve seen a lot of Teslas for this issue, that it was an easy fix and they completed work within 4 hours. I haven’t noticed any leaks since. It’s rained pretty...
  2. SWIPE

    2021 MYP Trunk Leak - bad service experiences

    Thanks JohnyWiFi ! Awesome timing as I just noticed this a couple weeks ago after some heavy rains in Virginia. ‘22 MYP. Fremont build. Strange in that I did not notice it till recently. No issues last year and I use my liftgate everyday when I go to and from work, so must be new. Coworker...
  3. SWIPE

    3/23 new software phone key issues

    Last week I got a weird green error on the bottom that said I may not be able to drive the car when I stop as the “phone (key) was left behind.”. Yet the phone was on its charging area. Never ever saw that before in one year of driving. I had turned Bluetooth off the day before, otherwise...
  4. SWIPE

    Spotify vs Apple Music

    I prefer Apple but Spotify (free) has more modern mixes and predictive playlists of music and genre from what I’ve noticed. However I uploaded thousands of CDs and songs to my Apple Music back in the day, so I can hear my favorite playlists from way back. I’m still getting used to the new Tesla...
  5. SWIPE

    Unable to login to Spotify

    Thanks All! I’ll try that as I had the same issues in September too. Not a big issue as I’ve been using my Iphone music via BT and the USB (upgraded t parts module) and that Orange app “Top Hits” mainly. Will try that Spotify “fix” this week.
  6. SWIPE

    iPhone 13 calls

    I would try toggling between the Bluetooth icon at the bottom and toggle off, then back on your iPhone. I just had to “Add a Key” under “Locks” today to swap my 13 to a new iPhone 14. Took me some internet searches to assist (on this website). The Search button on this website was the best for a...
  7. SWIPE

    At Home 240V charging Interrupts all the time

    My guess is on a cable or the Wall Charger. I would have them check the Wall Charger.
  8. SWIPE

    No picture of check from 3rd party

    My advice is have patience. I had wired money on a Friday for a Saturday pick-up. On the Saturday, they would not release the MYP because of “paperwork” delays doing an out of state registration and with a significant state sales tax difference. The “delay” went on a few weeks and after...
  9. SWIPE

    Music USB

    It is very difficult to remove using the Tparts tool. This video helped me see where the clips are located which made it a LOT easier to remove using some protective cloth and a flat head screwdriver. After watching this video, only took 5 minutes to swap and install new console. I now have two...
  10. SWIPE

    Game pending

    Well the restart worked. Also first time used the right button to do Mic commands. Sky force !! Pretty crazy game music, compared to my 16Bit Atari or PS days.
  11. SWIPE

    Game pending

    I’m curious too. As I only look at those sporadically when my kid is in the MYP and we’re waiting for something.
  12. SWIPE

    Regenerative Braking "Hold" Sound

    I’m assuming this is the same sound I noticed recently when lowering my windows and going thru some 4 way stops early in the AM. It’s just my MYP on the road and I noticed the “bottle cap” sound when accelerating from 0-2 mph and when letting off the Accelerator coming to the next Stop sign. So...
  13. SWIPE

    5700 Mile Model Y Road Trip noob style

    Great write up! We did the SLC to Ogallala to Springfield,IL to Columbus,OH to Virginia last summer (no Tesla). I’m looking forward to going back Va to Ohio this Summer in the MYP, with kids. They love the car, so far. I appreciate the tips on Mountain highway driving and potential charging...
  14. SWIPE

    MYLR goes right on highway entrance lanes on Autopilot

    Yeah, these fading lines on the right make for a “confused” car and drive, I definitely turn off AP when I see some construction, heavy traffic or faded lines.
  15. SWIPE

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    Shoot. I’m installing mine now. Hope is not a Plan. Removing the cover is insanely tight for a trim piece. Maybe if I get bored I’ll seek out a #1755200-00-B. Thanks.
  16. SWIPE

    PPF Poll

    Not mine however looks different and I’m sure $1K’s:
  17. SWIPE

    Abandoned Model S at Huebner Oaks San Antonio, TX Supercharger

    From my time living in SA, TX I concur. It looks like caliche, for those not familiar it was a clay like material in the soil, which was definitely not good for car exterior per my detail guy there. Based on the coating, looks like it was parked on the side of a highway and after a rain got...
  18. SWIPE

    PPF Installing 50% Deposit - is this normal?

    I went to Sterling (VA) Window & Tint up by Dulles IAP. No deposit, Owner has a MYP, nice area, top notch work and I can see why some areas would want a deposit because the materials are so expensive. Some of these places have 2-4 week wait times too.
  19. SWIPE

    Supercharger details popup obscured by list of nearby superchargers. Workaround?

    Tried that fix and it kept doing it today with the new software upgrade too. Pretty annoying. I used my phone and google maps so I could see reviews of the Tesla SC location and nearby food suggestions.
  20. SWIPE

    Where did the "fold mirrors when doors are locked" selection go?

    Thanks for the freezing tip. I did not know that was a warning. Hopefully I’m done for the year with deep freeze.
  21. SWIPE

    Tunein gone after 2022.8.3 Update

    Mine just got the OTA update tonight. I’ll see what tomorrow holds for surprises.
  22. SWIPE

    Help with setting up at home charging

    Congrats on a new home , charger and a Tesla!
  23. SWIPE

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    MSM is msmerizing…..
  24. SWIPE

    Down payment tesla x plaid

    If you have great credit and can afford it, put zero down, as the risk is if the car is a LOSS in an accident within the first year or two, your down payment could be lost if the INS gives a low ball price of value for replacement. Make sure you have gap insurance and a car insurance with an...
  25. SWIPE

    Got my X

    Wow. Hopefully worth the wait and already sales price is higher!
  26. SWIPE

    Faster delivery on MY if ordering AP

    I just wanted to describe “sleazy”. I went car shopping this week after the wife’s old BMW was “totaled” , wife is fine hit by someone who ran a red ligh and she wanted more space than getting another MYP, so we looked at a Toyota Highlander Plat, only one of 5 local dealers has one in stock...
  27. SWIPE

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    True. Isn’t this when everybody near Fremont gets one ASAP.
  28. SWIPE

    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    I took delivery of my ‘22 MSM MYP a week ago in VA and had none of those installed. I was told it’s state specific and VA doesn’t get factory mud flaps or PPF installed. Needless to say I’m getting them this week (PPF full front, 4 doors) and 4 mud flaps. For the original poster, I feel your...
  29. SWIPE

    HVAC not working

    OMG! Hopefully there’s not a particular “flavor” of wires they like in Tesla’s . Some older Toyota Tundras have that issue when parking in the “countryside “, a particular wire wrap attracted rodents.
  30. SWIPE

    Colorado Springs Super Charger

    Oh man, that sucks. Hopefully it’s not too bad. Do you wait for a worse “rub” and then repair ? I though one of the films can self repair.
  31. SWIPE

    Where is Model Y 2022 USB Data Port?

    So has anyone had any difficulties or bugs with the Tparts after market conversion for AMD MYP on the Monitor. There’s only 3 reviews on their website and at $75, curious if it really does power and data without messing with the audio playback. T parts -CONSOLE DATA TRANSMISSION MODULE
  32. SWIPE

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    There is usually a Tesla “push” to maximize deliveries at the end of a Quarter, so that may benefit you. That said it’s all about the truck haulers and supply/demand at various locations. The DC/MD/VA area seems to get a lot of shipments, so my EDD moved up a month and then I got a VIN. Murphy’s...
  33. SWIPE

    License Plates Delayed

    My guess is it’s in a stack with 100 other plates in FedEx envelopes and is somebody’s “extra” duty to sort out. Sad to see.
  34. SWIPE

    PSA: MY price increases by $1K

    I predict more $1K+ price increases each of the next two months. Truck hauling prices are going to add costs for Tesla and all businesses across the board among many of their “inflated” expenses related to fuel prices. Pretty freaking amazing they are not paralyzed by the Chip crisis. When I...
  35. SWIPE

    Where is Model Y 2022 USB Data Port?

    It shows a difficulty of Two at parts wrenches out of 5. I will definitely look at doing this with some old USB music devices.
  36. SWIPE

    A Lesson Learned.

    So what did they do? History tends to repeat itself, unless we learn from the past. I’m in a similar “boat”, coincidentally with a Virginia Service Center …out of state and with money with Tesla.
  37. SWIPE

    Need an Assist with Tesla HQ Contact

    Bottom Line: I Paid for my MYP MSM, No Tow, No FSD two weeks ago (minus Sales tax) for Saturday delivery (2/19) Tyson’s, VA, yet I have NOT received the vehicle as the local Tesla Registration Dept. says my out of state registration paperwork is complicated and they can’t adjust the MVPA to show...
  38. SWIPE

    Home exterior 240V Downtime Question

    And yes, this is a temporary solution.
  39. SWIPE

    Home exterior 240V Downtime Question

    Wow! Awesome responses. Car will be on a deeded side street spot, so the Tesla designated Electricians said they can’t install a wall charger near “public access”, they’re insurance company won’t let them. I’ll try to attach the photos to show the tight row home style “hurdles”. Thanks again...
  40. SWIPE

    Home exterior 240V Downtime Question

    Hello, So after reading many posts on here my only home charging option is the 240V external outlet with a 30 Ft extension cord. What are my options or recommendations when NOT charging the Tesla? Unplug the cord every time? Or can I have the electrician add an On/OFF switch? Thanks
  41. SWIPE

    Did I really need a new tire?

    Yeah, sidewall nail punctures suck. Hopefully they showed you the sidewall or took a pic that it was really in the sidewall. My friend at work went thru the same as you with his MYP last Fall. After his second tire was replaced, now going on his third tire after it kept going flat ….they...
  42. SWIPE

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    SHORT answer: I’m F3759XX and was told “Not Intel & has Michelin All Seasons.” . I called today to confirm my delivery date scheduled is good to go for this Saturday, as I had not heard from my Tysons Corner store. I asked about switching to a Friday pick-up but they said they were “booked”...
  43. SWIPE

    Tesla blaming aftermarket audio for charging faults and 12v failure

    Or you can Tweet Elon directly and say “Where’s the SEXY pounding bASS?” I hope they do,offer an Uber good sound option in the future, kind of like the “speed” fix with MYP.
  44. SWIPE

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Ditto for me. MYP, MSM, Black interior, no TOW/FSD, cash, 375XXX (OD Dec 17, delivery Feb 19th) in VA. I have no idea on the chip or battery.
  45. SWIPE

    Front OEM mud flap re-install problem

    Is this common? 😳 I find out next week after delivery?
  46. SWIPE

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    I take delivery next week with a MYP and called the 1-888 number today to confirm State registration and pushed the Rep for a “guess” on GigaAustin deliveries. He said realistically Q3. Just His guess and heresay, however seems about right to “torment” those who want to wait, as we all want the...
  47. SWIPE

    4680 Batteries from Giga Texas

    I was also curious if the larger batteries generate more heat or any other issues related to “size”. I have a MYP coming in a week and just chose today to “Schedule a delivery date” with the current Fremont build vs HOLDING /Waiting 3-6 months, after a lot of discussion and research. I’m...
  48. SWIPE

    Another stereo thread...

    Sorry for going off topic a bit, but it relates to the Bass and SW performance. What is everyone using as their “source” for music in the Tesla.? Or “tuning” the system? What is the best quality source? What quality does Spotify have or streaming in general? I am still waiting for delivery, so...
  49. SWIPE

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Finally got a VIN and message, “prepare for delivery” message. MYP Order Dec 17 2021 EDD Feb 18-22 VIN NF3759XX MSM No FSD No Tow A Fremont build which makes me wonder when Texas will get quantity and quality going. Murphy’s Law: I have a vacation planned for a week starting 20th of February...
  50. SWIPE

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    How ‘bout two dollars, it’s in hands by Washington’s Birthday. 😁 Or do I hear three by Groundhogs day?