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    2 * Men's Corp Jacket - Black - XXL

    No longer for sale - I will give them to a local Charity shop
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    2 * Men's Corp Jacket - Black - XXL

    I have 2 Tesla Men's Corp jackets for sale, both are in XXL - For folk who have tried these they are very small and despite being XXL I would sya they are more a UK L size Tesla — Men's Corp Jacket, Black One jacket was worn once before I admitted it was simply too small for me o_O...
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    UK Cables, Plugs and Supercharging

    Best advice I ever received on the CHAdeMO adaptor was "unless you have 3 hands, plug it into the car first, then play around with the stupidly large CHAdeMP socket/plug"
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    Teslas Sold in UK 2014 Q4

    Reservation numbers and VINs are assigned randomly via Tesla, there is no way to guess how eitherequate to number of cars made
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    Heathrow Clubhouse Event

    Not if driving a Model S and using the Sat nav .. he will be at Northampton for a Zero min charge
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    Any deals to be done?

    Tesla UK have a lot of good spec cars just traded in against "D" upgrades, they need to get them on the web page
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    Any deals to be done?

    I am going to call my DS and demand my retrofitted free mug ! :cool:
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    Any deals to be done?

    Tesla do not discount .. simples
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    'Game changing' Qualcomm wireless charging could feature on BMWs by 2017

    Chris, If it helps - We have had wall to battery efficiency in low 90's % efficiency for a while now, compared to AC Plug in efficiency (also measured wall to battery) which is at best a few % more and generally in the 95% area [yes I am the same G Davison]
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    Any integration foreseen with brand new Apple Music?

    The world is not all Apple .. last poll on TMC put IOS versus Android with Android slightly ahead and also a not to be ignored set of Windows users. Any solution would have to include all three OS's otherwise you just alienated more than 50% of owners
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    The Summer of Model S Holidays

    We used to do a lot of diving up in the Orkney's and playing football or cricket at 1am in "dusk" on way back from pub on last evening before heading home was always good fun:smile:
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    The Summer of Model S Holidays

    lovely scenery
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    RHD Tesla Advice on selling used

    Your timing is "terrible" as the first P85D's are literally just arriving in the UK and therefore there is/will be a lot of one year old and younger Model S's becoming available second hand as folk pick up their D's This article may help Teslapedia - Selling your Tesla Model S in the UK
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    Budget 2015 Bad News :-(

    yes thats the 2nd "metering"
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    Budget 2015 Bad News :-(

    I was .. hence the smileys
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    Budget 2015 Bad News :-(

    On an up note .. all that cash collected will go to improve the roads :cool:... wont it ? :redface:
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    Home charging advice.

    Adding to Matts comments, if you ever are planning a "largish" trip there is an option of renting a CHAdeMO adaptor or possibly even borrowing one from a fellow owner
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    The One Serious Flaw With The Model S

    +1 like many others
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    Purchase of inventory/demo cars in the UK

    I bought a inventory car (P85+), very painless and usually good specs. An interesting comment to me when looking at the lists they have was to ask what the car had been used for and if possible get one of the "press" cars. As these are the ones loaned to the press they usually make sure they...
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    Chrome Delete / Blackout

    Fantastic work - Would love to get this done to my P85S and the D when it arrives
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    U.K. price - import from Japan?

    The maths comparing US cars to UK RHD have been done numerous times and always come out close once all taxes and VAT have been applied, this follows Tesla policy for cars to be around the same price worldwide Don't think Japan to UK has been discussed, however I'd guess once all taxes and...
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    P85D Brake Noise

    <<< +1 to this
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    Does the UK/EU have a Ranger Service?

    No Ranger service in UK .. Interesting at the WD Open house it was mentioned if you had bought Ranger service you could get a refund..
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    Measured: P85D 0-60 in 2.7 secs.

    guage view ??
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    Adjusting wiper sensitivity

    its that stuff California needs .. maybe the UK should export some to you :)
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    UK prices increased

    Is that because they are on 21 Inch turbines and steel springs :cool:
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    Who would have thought--at Lovelock?

    It normally looks upside down ??? :scared:
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    Anyone with a white MS black the chrome accents out?

    looks great .. very tempted to do mine
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    CHAdeMO Adaptor in UK Yet?

    They are shipping in Small batches - I ordered one when first batch appeared in the UK in Feb and received it a few weeks ago
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    looking after my Tesla

    If you want to spend even less time on car cleaning use (or have professionally used) a paint sealant / treatment such as Gtechnik (others exist like Zaino etc) rather than wax based finish - Whilst the "depth of shine" from a wax to the critical eye is generally considered to be superior, the...
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    looking after my Tesla

    Head on over to detailingworld web site and spend some time in the intro threads here Newbie Nuggets - Detailing World - two bucket method, no sponge, grit guards etc etc Congrats on the new car, I'm not far from you in Baughurst and there is another one in Overton
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    Tesla App on Android

    For Android - I find that hard to believe :confused: especially as ownership has moved more and more out of California into RoW - I can see windows & Blackberry ownership being low as generally they are low everywhere Android app is for some reason is simple under supported ..
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    Order confirmed today

    Chinny - I asked and they have decided not to pursue a Macan - GL with selling the slot, however with a 15 month wait list I dont think you will have a problem :)
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    Order confirmed today

    Chinny Thanks .. will do
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    Order confirmed today

    Chinny .. Did you have a Macan production slot ? as I have a friend who wants one but wont lve the 15 month wait list
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    When the Boat Comes In...

    Seems the boat has Centre consoles on it too as i got my email mine is due soon UK D is "delayed" because right hand pixie dust is in short supply at the moment :D
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    P85d insurance - any luck?

    That is an interesting change .. and overall I can see a noticeable price drop if I respec my car .. reading the spec I dont think they have bundled in the alarm
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    is your 3G better than mine?

    Last night (around 10pm) I was driving down the M4 out of London - No Internet radio from J7 all the way to J12 wjere I turned off - Car was showing all Full bars Edge .. So dunno what O2 was doing but there was no 3G in that zone
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    P85d insurance - any luck?

    FWIW The Porsche system is 270 GBP a year with no "bundled" in free years
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    P85d insurance - any luck?

    All good news, so as others have said if they applied for (and got) a Thatcham rating a lot of folks problems would simply go away
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    P85d insurance - any luck?

    Sadly they dont .. in 5 months of ownership the "app" has been down for 24 hours plus 3 times
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    P85d insurance - any luck?

    Tesla will invalidate your warranty if you fit a 3rd party tracker (and with the few 12V battery issues a few folk have experienced I can understand why adding any more drain on the 12V system is a bad idea). Its a dead end that many of us have experienced, Tesla Alarm system does not have...
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    Tesla security issue

    Jerry - have a look at lastpass from lastpass.com. Create and store different random very complex passwords for any web page (and some apps) .. the free version is for PC only and has adds, however the licensed version at 12 USD a year includes all mobile devices and is add free. Free version...
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    UK CHAdeMO L3 chargers status

    Is it scary that your wife knows what a CHAdeMO adaptor shaped parcel looks like ;)
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    Tool to estimate the head wind while driving !

    Pretty cool .. seems to work in the UK too :D
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    Tesla Registration plates

    Just a heads up - A lot of folk went with TE55 plates direct from DVLA without having to pay silly money for them
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    Hi from a new UK member, just ordered a P85D

    Ordering is via the web site, delivery dates differ per model and the D currently has the longest. for the ones who ordered P85D's back in late Oct we are having a Late May delivery showing now. If your interested in a second hand S there will be a bunch of low mileage, sub one year old cars...
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    New purchase - finalising options

    Congrats on your order .. earliest was pretty much 19th October which was when it first appeared on the web page, After the update to dashboard last week, folk ordering around week are now looking at delivery as "late May"
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    Telsa Roadside Assistance - double blowout

    As expected, If you check the Model S Quick Guide (available on your Dashboard) "Warning: Do not use any tire sealant other than the type provided in a Tesla tire repair kit. Other types can cause tire pressure sensors to malfunction. If your Model S did not include a tire repair kit, you can...