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  1. Fred Drake

    Blackvue Installers in South Florida?

    It's a 3.5 hour drive for me (not counting the supercharger stop in Ft. Myers), but don't think I haven't considered this! Approximately how long does it take to perform the installation? When I had my NVX Boost installed it took a full day (about eight hours, including a lunch hour break).
  2. Fred Drake

    Blackvue Installers in South Florida?

    Hi guys, Does anybody recommend a Blackvue camera installer in South Florida? My personal preference is the Palm Beach or Broward area, but can drive down to Miami-Dade if necessary. Thank you!
  3. Fred Drake

    N.V.X B.O.O.S.T Sub-woofer - Installation in South Florida?

    My NVX Boost was installed at Off The Hook in Coral Springs. They were super great to work with. You might want to call and inquire about a dash cam install. It took them a full day to install the subwoofer for me.
  4. Fred Drake

    Miami Service Center

    Nice. I notice that it's also going to be a service center. Would also be a great choice as a future supercharger location for those traveling through along the coast and don't want to detour to Plantation.
  5. Fred Drake

    SunPass Mini

    Congrats on your upcoming delivery! Here are your two options that have reported a 100% success rate: 1) Order an external transponder. Getting one from SunPass was hassle free for me. I just called, the person on the phone already guessed I was driving a Tesla based on my request, and they...
  6. Fred Drake

    Standard Speaker Placements on New Model S's

    Thanks cgiGuy! That's exactly what I'm looking for.
  7. Fred Drake

    Standard Speaker Placements on New Model S's

    Hi guys, I bought my Model S about two months ago and have a question about the standard speaker system. From what I've read, the standard speaker system has 7 speakers while the premium has 12 (11 tweeters and 1 subwoofer). I looked in my car, however, and can see speaker grills in what look...
  8. Fred Drake

    Reus Audio System Upgrade

    Oh, wow. I know exactly where they're located in Coral Springs. They have good Yelp reviews, too. Yes I'm definitely interested. I can see who else might be interested. If you talk to them, can you find out if there's a minimum before they'll give a discount?
  9. Fred Drake

    Reus Audio System Upgrade

    Welcome! That's a great find on the NVX subwoofer. If you find someone that can install please let us know! I'll see if I can find anybody as well. Even if we could only find someone reputable in the Tampa, Southwest, or Orlando areas, I'd be ok with making a full day of it to get it installed.
  10. Fred Drake

    Reus Audio System Upgrade

    Yes, thank you. Unfortunately Light Harmonic is only available if you bought Tesla's factory audio upgrade.
  11. Fred Drake

    Reus Audio System Upgrade

    Hi guys, I'm exploring the idea of an aftermarket audio system upgrade, and the prevailing option on the TMC forums is the Reus Audio System. What I've typically seen is if enough people are interested in an upgrade, he will fly out and perform them. Exact cost is an unknown but it appears to...
  12. Fred Drake

    Florida HOV Sticker Question

    Yep same with me. The reason was my registration expires on my birthday next year so they couldn't do HOV registration for longer than the vehicle. That ugly red square really craps up a sleek looking automobile, but I get over it real quick when I drive to work in the morning and fly past the...
  13. Fred Drake

    Anyone got SunPass working yet? (Florida)

    David, there are mixed reports on that. Some say that their car is never charged (as if they already have them in the system as exempt). Others still do. The advice I've read is if you are charged to call their customer service each month and they'll reverse the charges.
  14. Fred Drake

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    Based on that last picture, seems like the far right charger is the one you want to go to if the stall is open, because you're guaranteed to not have anybody sharing the charger with you!
  15. Fred Drake

    And now for the wait...

    Your car is almost the exact same as mine. The only differences for me being: S85, air suspension, next gen seats, and no cold weather package. Here's my advice: - Be prepared for fingerprints to show a LOT. I was told by my auto detailer that this blue color shows them even more than black...
  16. Fred Drake

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    No, that's a designated grave site where they bury people who ICE one of the parking spots.
  17. Fred Drake

    Pick up day but with some strangeness

    That made me laugh out loud.
  18. Fred Drake

    Slacker Accounts Controllable Via Profiles?

    Hi guys, I'm picking up my Model S on Saturday! My wife has a question and perhaps one of you could help answer. I've read how you can set your own credentials with Slacker Radio (Settings -> Apps -> Media App), but is it possible to have multiple Slacker accounts that are controlled through...
  19. Fred Drake

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    S85, #102770 Aug 11: Ordered Aug 18: Confirmed Aug 25: In production queue Aug 27: Building Sep 9: In transit from the factory, estimated delivery: Sep 17 - 24 to the West Palm Beach Service Center in South Florida. Sep 15: Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery It's ready two...
  20. Fred Drake

    How accurate is the 'Estimated Delivery' on the MyTesla page?

    Kevin, do you know if yours is being delivered by truck transport or by train? I wonder if one delivery method is more difficult to predict than the other.
  21. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    Thanks David, I became a member about three weeks ago. I'm not sure if I'll attend any meetups or if I'll ever make use of a member's charger, but for me the membership was worth it alone to support the club. I feel really fortunate to live in a state with such a heavy Tesla following and...
  22. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    That doesn't make sense that your super P90D is after our relatively puny S70 and S85! Sounds like a plan on demo. I'm hoping my NEMA 14-50 will get installed in time; permit was just filed, so just trying to get installation set up.
  23. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    What car did you get? I got an S85, not the lowest but definitely not a P85D either. My understanding was that they were prioritizing the higher end cars. If you got a 70 or maybe a 70D it might explain it. If you have higher, then I'm perplexed!
  24. Fred Drake

    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Thanks! My car is currently in transit from Fremont so I can't test this myself, but are you able to start the AC in the car from your phone while out of it and it's in park? If so, is there anything stopping me from just parking it normally, leave the car, then on the way into the store I...
  25. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    Car finished production for me just today, too. But the delivery date they quoted was Sep 17 - Sep 24. I have been wondering if they are going with train or car since we're hitting end of quarter. Check your delivery estimate online in a few days and see if that date tightens up any; perhaps...
  26. Fred Drake

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    S85, #102770 Aug 11: Ordered Aug 18: Confirmed Aug 25: In production queue Aug 27: Building Sep 9: In transit from the factory Estimated delivery: Sep 17 - 24 to the West Palm Beach Service Center in South Florida. I assume that they are sending via car since I've heard of trains taking 3-4...
  27. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    Yep, I'm 33467 as well, in one of the neighborhoods at Hypoluxo and 441. I got quotes from most everybody on Tesla's list and the cheapest one I found was Angelocci Electric, who quoted me $450 (installation + permits). My NEMA 14-50 outlet would be about a foot from the breaker box. The guy...
  28. Fred Drake

    Model S - Window Tinting

    After walking through this monster thread, and perusing a different one, I can see how a 3M Crystalline 40 in the rear window can give a purplish tint. Although I've read that something like a CR 50 *might* alleviate that purple tint, has there been anybody that can confirm this? Tinting on...
  29. Fred Drake

    Can't sleep...delivery tomorrow...

    Did you pick it up yet????
  30. Fred Drake

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    S85, #102770 Aug 11: Ordered Aug 18: Confirmed Aug 25: In production queue Aug 27: Building Delivery to South Florida, projection is September - Early October. The contact at the delivery center said that it may ship out via car instead of train due to nearing end of quarter, so I assume...
  31. Fred Drake

    Supercharger - West Palm Beach, FL (SC, closed)

    When the superchargers were first built, they were inside the fence perimeter, but they moved the fences around so that they'd be accessible 24/7. As far as I know, that location is no more or less secure than any other random supercharger location.
  32. Fred Drake

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    By that rationale, can I take delivery in a state with no sales tax at all like Oregon? ;)
  33. Fred Drake

    Week One Observations - Nashville P85D

    [/LIST] I would have to cite my source on this, but I remember reading in the official forums of people preferring aftermarket sound system upgrades that they deemed better and cheaper than the optional upgrade. That was my primary determinant to not getting the upgrade when ordering my Model S.
  34. Fred Drake

    About to take delivery of new 85D demo. Anything I should be on the lookout for?

    Congratulations! Just curious, how much of a discount do they give you for buying a demo vehicle?
  35. Fred Drake

    Florida HOV Sticker Question

    Thanks for that insight. The thought of putting it in the lower right corner of this windshield feels a bit clunky, but maybe if I round the corner with some scissors it would look a bit cleaner. At least it isn't as bad as California where you have to put stickers on the back and sides as if...
  36. Fred Drake

    Trip Planning: St Louis to Louisville, KY

    Yep this one is a definite hole. I'm a St. Louis native who now lives in Florida. Plotting a trip to St. Louis or Kansas City would mean a long-cut up up through Ohio then across Indianapolis. The most direct route is Nashville to St. Louis which is about 330 miles, too long to make the hop...
  37. Fred Drake

    Florida HOV Sticker Question

    Hello fellow Sunshine Staters, One week ago I put down the deposit for my new Tesla, and spoke to the agent at my delivery location in West Palm earlier today. He said that they can handle getting the plates from my old car transferred over to my new Tesla. However, it would be about 3-4...
  38. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    Thanks guys. Yes, I am contacting an electrician tomorrow to get set up with a NEMA 14-50. Since permits are involved, that's something I definitely don't want to dawdle on. Even though I had read this already, I was still astounded at the range of quotes I got from each electrician. My...
  39. Fred Drake

    Hello from South Florida

    Hi friends, I've purchased my 85 model last Tuesday Aug 11 with a projected delivery date in early October. This is going to be an incredibly long two months since I think about this car pretty much every day! Here are the options I went with, along with general rationale: 85 - I opted for...