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  1. HenryT

    8 months old USA MYLR7 to UK

    May be already discussed and I've missed/forgotten it, but just in case; Insurance is likely to be a significant concern and cost. The UK car insurance market is problematical at the moment and the experience of many on here (me included) is that costs for insurance of a Tesla have reached an...
  2. HenryT

    8 months old USA MYLR7 to UK

    Whatever you think you might gain/save in terms of the relative cost of your car versus a UK equivalent, you will more than lose when you try to sell your (US) car over here. You will have to almost give it away or sell it for scrap. Bite the bullet - sell the US car and buy a replacement when...
  3. HenryT

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    -2 C tonight.
  4. HenryT

    [UK] ebike discussion

    I didn't think e-scooters (bar rentals) were allowed on the road?
  5. HenryT

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    "Smells like a V4"
  6. HenryT

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    There was nothing to agree with - I was questioning if he is offering the whole thing or just the extensions, hence the "?".
  7. HenryT

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    You might be talking about the mudflap extensions which used to come with the car routinely, rather than mudflaps proper? According to previous posters on here, the extensions are next to useless as they catch on speedbumps and any raised road surface you cross. Mine are still in the boot of my...
  8. HenryT

    So… Highland is out…

    To be fair, the turning circle on a model 3 can make some of the mini roundabouts a bit of a challenge if you want to go round to the 3rd or 4th exit.
  9. HenryT

    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Still wrong then, but not as wrong as it was. If they make up their own numbers they should say so.
  10. HenryT

    Model 3 Leasing UK

    I don't think they have got it right. The range and 0-60 are both wrong for the AWD M3.
  11. HenryT

    So… Highland is out…

    Doh - I meant 'put off by the M3 having no stalks'. As you were... (Coat please!)
  12. HenryT

    So… Highland is out…

    If you are put off by the M3 having no steering wheel you'll be in for a disappointment with the M2; unlikely to have a steering wheel based in the current 'direction of travel'.
  13. HenryT

    The wacky world of Tesla leasing early termination pricing.

    The basis used will reflect the 'Rule of 78', which is about the interest costs being weighted to the earlier part of the contract. See here. It may also reflect market issues, penalties, etc, as others have said, but the rule of 78 issue will be a part of it.
  14. HenryT

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I think DPD specifically are self employed/franchised drivers so it will be a personal account.
  15. HenryT

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    I live nearby and see them there regularly. Always 3 or 4 at least. They did use to occupy the free chargers at Tesco's in Old Trafford which I thought was very bad form, but I guess at least now they are paying for the energy they use.
  16. HenryT

    [UK] Model S/X LHD Discussion

    Just hope the car behind you is paying attention then.
  17. HenryT

    Plate Changeout - How?

    I'd used the Halfords own brand number plate pads. I had put loads on the front plate but during the hottest days last summer it finally gave up at the ends of the front plate. Admitted defeat and put the screws in. The back plate has been fine with the sticky pads, but obviously not suffering...
  18. HenryT

    Tesla Alternative?

    Let's hope the Taycan doesn't need the dealer time the X did! (And good luck to the buyer of your X).
  19. HenryT

    Plate Changeout - How?

    It may be they have changed the format a bit? Mine is a 2021 car and the holes in the backing plate on mine were about 2 or 3 inches in from the end which worked fine for me. The screws are just pretty short self-tappers. My numberplate is the original Tesla alloy one, in case that makes any...
  20. HenryT

    UK : Ditching the 18" Aero Covers

    Good spot - try this one; Here
  21. HenryT

    UK : Ditching the 18" Aero Covers

    Keep an eye on postage costs with some of these - the ones linked had a £56 postage cost, while others are post free. These are free shipping to UK.
  22. HenryT

    Side Repeater Camera Quality Improved?

    Looks like they have changed the white balance to a more appropriate level.
  23. HenryT

    How concerned are you about the warranty (or lack thereof)?

    Presumably this; Clean and lubricate brake calipers every year or 12,500 miles (20,000 km) if in an area where roads are salted during winter From here.
  24. HenryT

    Octopus (regional price differences)

    All the flexible regional rates from 1st Oct are quoted here. Direct debit rates from that link; Looks like you @Forty_Two are on the N Wales and Mersey rate, so the kWh rate is 28.26p
  25. HenryT

    M3 LR Nearly New - Residual Values

    Yep, that works.
  26. HenryT

    M3 LR Nearly New - Residual Values

    Is there no deposit/initial payment in either calculation? Scratch that - just looked online - no deposit. So the gamble is will a 6 year old M3 be worth more of less than £14,256.
  27. HenryT

    what is the new blue dot in Control screen

    Yeah, the new feature is a blue dot!
  28. HenryT

    Free supercharging in Europe and Israel

    That makes sense. Mrs HenryT says thanks MP3Mike.
  29. HenryT

    Free supercharging in Europe and Israel

    Suspected that, but surprised that there was no mention of it in the sign up nor confirmation of £20 credit on the account?
  30. HenryT

    Free supercharging in Europe and Israel

    My wife has an ID.3 and I have mentioned to her before that she should sign up with a Tesla app as a backstop for when she's on her travels and in anticipation of more SC's opening up to all-comers. Today's bargain offer was too good to miss, so she signed up and we went to the Trafford Centre...
  31. HenryT

    Washer Fluid Low!

    The washer fluid sensor problems will be over soon when they take the sensors out and use cameras instead.
  32. HenryT

    [UK] 2023.20.x

    Meanwhile, on a BMW forum nearby... "Them Teslas are cack innit - did one this morning on the slip road, driver bottled it an the car couldn't keep up anyway"
  33. HenryT

    Plate Changeout - How?

    Depends how reliable the adhesive is on the velcro on the back of the plate. I found that after a couple of goes just using sticky pads (the proper ones for number plates) the tension from the curve in the front plate would cause the ends to come free during the very high temperatures last...
  34. HenryT

    Plate Changeout - How?

    I had the same failure with the front plate using sticky pads last summer so drilled mine too. The slight lateral curve meant the adhesive was always under tension. Mounted onto the backing plate, which conveniently already had 2 holes in to accept a self-tapping screw. Got the covers (with...
  35. HenryT

    Tesla Alternative?

    It does look an interesting proposition. The '5 minute battery swap' idea referred to in the article is a curious proposition. Not sure how keen I would be to give up my suitably nursed battery for another with no certainty of how it has been looked after. Academic point of course, while they...
  36. HenryT

    Park Assist and front camera

    Ah. Not that then. Perhaps I'm thinking of the 'highland' fluff being talked about? Sure I've seen it mentioned somewhere.
  37. HenryT

    Park Assist and front camera

    I think Tesla's 'solution' to the park-assist fiasco is the future move to HW4 with an additional forward facing camera and botched software updates for the lost generation on HW3 with no parking sensors fitted.
  38. HenryT

    Tesla Alternative?

    Yep, that's all I could see too.
  39. HenryT

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I think they should just quote the maximum speed without any scope to confuse the issue with a categorisation. ...and while we're at it, I think the charge stations (if you will) should have a roadside display with the price quoted like petrol stations have to do for price per litre.
  40. HenryT

    Car damaged by another driver right before renewal time

    Bad luck there @Nick77. Feeling it too for the poor girl, there but for the grace of god and all that. On the above point, I asked my (then) insurer about why they made an adjustment for a no fault claim, their answer was along the lines of '...if you've been in an accident you are more likely...
  41. HenryT

    Tesla new model silhouette

    You'll find out after 2 years on the waiting list...
  42. HenryT

    UK: buying from Tesla used inventory.

    I think the Tesla PDI stands for Prevaricate, Delay, Ignore
  43. HenryT

    Constant Driving Speed of a BEV Versus its Range

    This has been around a long time but does go to the point being discussed. Teslike range chart
  44. HenryT

    What Percent is Your Tesla Charged to While at Home?

    So what do you think is an appropriate level of myths?
  45. HenryT

    Prospective M3 buyer - advice needed

    If you haven't come across it already, do have a look on here. Teslainfo is a search aggregator which allows fairly detailed filtering and will search all the popular car sales sites including Tesla inventory.
  46. HenryT

    Octopus Intelligence

    ...and if we all did that I'd expect the tariff would end anyway. Maybe better to just bypass the meter and get it for free?
  47. HenryT

    Insurance troubles May 2023

    Started driving at 12 and married at 13. No wonder he's a high risk.
  48. HenryT

    Tesla readies revamped Model 3

    I think that based on what Musk has said, the likely response from Tesla would be to produce cars with a similar range as currently, but with a smaller battery. The net effect would also increase efficiency, given lower weight.