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    Expired Ohlins R&T coilovers, BBS CH-R rep wheels, GLoc brake pads, wheel spacers + more! [Expired]

    $2500 shipped inside the CONUS for the Redwood Motorsports tuned Ohlins!
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    Expired Ohlins R&T coilovers, BBS CH-R rep wheels, GLoc brake pads, wheel spacers + more! [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Ohlins R&T coilovers, MPP camber arms, Schroth QuickFit harness, BBS CH-R rep wheels + more!. Please add to the discussion here.
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    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    My 2021 M3P had been great until I took it to the service center. The past week it's lost more energy while parked than I ever thought possible, on the order of 2-3% per hour. I left the car on Sunday at 70% to go on travel and now the SoC is so low I can't even connect to it via the app 😞...
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    Text notifications pulling texts from 2 years ago

    haha, I clicked on the "+1" in your other link, we're up to 95 people now! Here's the link again for anyone else: Google Issue Tracker If you read the comments in the issue tracker link it's happening to other cars like Braumin said.
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    Text notifications pulling texts from 2 years ago

    It's almost 2023 and both of my Model 3s do this on both my wife's and I's new Pixel phones. It's basically become a joke at this point. It doesn't happen with my work iPhone 🙃
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    Would you drive your car with wheel/tire fitment like this?

    This was extremely helpful, and a fun read! Thanks. I wasn't searching the right key words (not sure why I didn't think of "wide" or "widest"). Knowing I need to zip tie the speed sensor wire back behind the arm is huge, thanks again forum. I'll probably throw these back on today and go for...
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    M3P tires.

    I'm running these in stock size on my Uberturbines: StackPath They aren't anywhere near as sticky as the stock Pirelli's my car came with, but they were cheap, are all-seasons, and are slightly more efficient. Sounds like they may work for you.
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    Would you drive your car with wheel/tire fitment like this?

    I've seen other people saying "a miss is as good as a mile" but dang this is pretty close for me... Car: 2021 M3P Wheels: Custom 19x10, 35 mm offset Tires: 275/35/r19 Yokohama Advan Apex ... I took them off and ordered a 3 mm spacer. I didn't even try driving it like this even though the...
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    WTB - Ohlins coilovers + track wheels

    Looking to buy a set of street-friendly coilovers and some lower cost wheels for track usage. I'm not looking for anything exotic for the wheels as I infrequently track the car. I have my eye on some Konig Ampliform wheels for about $1200 new (or around $2100-$2200 otd with tires) from a local...
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    Sold Model 3/Y Forged 19x10 ET35 wheels

    Interested but it's hard to commit with such limited info. I mean no offense but can you post some sort of evidence about any ratings that they meet? Also evidence they are truly forged and not "flow forged" or other words that some manufacturers use. I'd hate to break or bend one at the track..
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    M3P: I'm done with the stock Pirellis. Where next?

    I decided to take a "risk" and went with some cheaper all seasons. They are Toyo Proxes Sport A/S in the factory size (235/35r20). I'm thoroughly impressed with them. At $169/ea I was wondering if this was going to be a case of getting what I paid for... But it was quite the opposite. I feel...
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    When is First Scheduled Maintenance for Model 3

    Sounds like my kind of guy. I obsessively check tread depth and air pressure in the tires. Luckily the air pressure check is literally a 2 second endeavor on the Model 3. I rotate my tires every 5000 miles regardless, it's really easy if you have the right tools.
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    Just upgraded from a 2018 LR to a 2021 Performance

    Just my initial thoughts here... I ordered my first Model 3 on March 31, 2016 and received it in February 2018. Just got my new M3P today, same day I ordered my very first Tesla 5 years later :) Big differences: * Speed and performance ... The M3P is nutty * Seats in the 2021 M3P are WAY...
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    Owners of demo cars, was the discount worth it?

    Car is home now 😁 Was the gamble worth it? Yes absolutely in my case. It's like a brand new car but just $2300 cheaper and 602 miles on the odometer. Wheels and paint are perfect, PZero tires at at 9/32" all around, and everything looks great. Panel gap isn't great but well... It's a Tesla. I...
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    Owners of demo cars, was the discount worth it?

    The car is on its way here already and I've only paid the $100 reservation fee so far. I'm ready to pay in full but will wait till I actually see the car before transferring any money. I'm all prepped with a paint gauge, tread depth gauge, and the Inspect T app :)
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    Martian Wheels MW03 - New discussion thread

    I'd assume 80% or more of us here won't be getting any stimulus. Either way, these wheels have caught my attention. Can't decide between trying to go for a range play or full out track package and keep my Uberturbines for daily use
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    1.69% at my local credit union. This rate is actually what spurred me into upgrading my car.
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    Owners of demo cars, was the discount worth it?

    I asked... this is basically the response I got:
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    Owners of demo cars, was the discount worth it?

    Just placed my order for a 2021 demo M3P with 600 miles... I feel like I'm rolling the dice but you guys are helping me be slightly less nervous. Here's what my SA said: 1) There is no "grace period" anymore when buying any Tesla. If I take delivery, it's mine no matter what. No 7 day buy...
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    Terrible experience selling house with SolarCity/Tesla Energy panel lease on it

    Sorry to hear their service still sucks. Here's my one year update: They never transferred ownership over to the buyer of my old house and we gave up trying. I haven't paid them anything in over a year but the solar array still shows up in the Tesla app as "my home" and I can still see...
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    Has anyone replaced their 12V battery yet?

    They are coming to my house tomorrow morning to swap it out for free. This is the first time I've used any sort of Tesla service and the process has been great so far. The service advisor told me that the Model S gives you upwards of 2-3 weeks of drive time once that warning appears however...
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    Has anyone replaced their 12V battery yet?

    Mine just stranded me. It popped the warning yesterday and I setup a service appointment but it's still 2 weeks out. No local places seem to stock this battery and my closest service center is almost 3 hours away. Car jumped just fine with my mobile jump pack that my wife brought me. Car...
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    Diy Tire Rotation - Jack Stand Cradle

    I just bought a QuickJack 5000 for $999, $100 instant rebate and $100 Costco cash card. So effectively $799!!! I haven't used it on the Tesla yet... I'm a little disappointed to see that it is too small for the car :(. I was surprised to see it work on my Fiat 500 Abarth which obviously needs...
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    After market model 3 air filter

    K&N, yeah, K&N! I found a service center that had the filters in stock, just replaced them with the factory filters... took like 15 minutes. That said, the average person may not have a trim removal tool and a million torx bits laying around, but if you have the right tools this job is super...
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    Model 3 LR tire rotation?

    I do it myself pretty religiously at 6000 miles (done 3 of them now). I use the opportunity to check the suspension, brakes, etc. as well. It's incredibly easy on the Model 3; if anyone is in Arizona feel free to PM me and I can do this for you. I have all the (proper) tools and am ASE...
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    My Model 3 is so perfect....

    I've owned a ton of cars (mostly interesting ones) and after 20k miles in my Model 3 it's definitely my favorite. It's such an awesome machine, even if it wasn't "green" I still would have bought it for all of the advantages it has over normal cars. Now if Tesla can fix their absolutely eye...
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    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    I tried that today and yesterday and it didn't work. They must have caught on to people doing that.
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    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    I try to put myself in the shoes of the people working at the service centers. They are barely holding it together, neck deep in angry customers, and are constantly behind in everything they have to do. Likely because they don't have the support from "corporate". Hopefully they will get this...
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    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    San Diego, Friars Road supercharger
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    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    Just drove over there and was able to pick up some Model 3 cabin filters without any issue. It was a mad house however, with customers everywhere and cars stacked deep all over the parking lot and spilling over into the adjacent businesses. It really is a different (Tesla) world out here in...
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    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    I tried that but all it did was have me schedule an appointment time at a service center 100+ miles away. I'm on a road trip right now in California so I was hoping to pick up a pair at a service center. I'm 26 miles (like 3 hours in California traffic lol) away from one right now, debating...
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    Terrible experience selling house with SolarCity/Tesla Energy panel lease on it

    Cliff notes: If you plan to install a Solar City / Tesla Energy system on your house and EVER plan to move, find a different company. Caveat: I'm a huge Tesla fan, own 2 vehicles and (formerly) their solar array. Their service has always been terrible since day 1 but I figured the product...
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    Why does no one at the service center or parts counter ever answer the phone?

    I've been calling multiple service centers looking to see if anyone has a pair of Model 3 cabin air filters in stock and not a single one will ever answer the phone or return messages I leave. Is this just a bad week (been trying since last Wednesday) to call or is it always like this? I've...
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    2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance / PUP / 20” Wheels / gray on White / 15k miles

    Please don't sell to CarMax. PM also sent.
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    Cabin overheat protection

    It's been about a year since I made this post so I figured I'd make an update. Car facts: * 2018 Model 3 LR * 20% PhotoSync tint on all vertical windows, 75% PhotoSync on windshield and back glass * Still using cabin overheat with no A/C, temps hover in the 125-135 F range with the windows...
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    Lol you must not live in a hot climate... I've seen interior temps over 170 F in my heavily tinted car already this year. Won't surprise me to see battery temps over 120 F just sitting there. But I agree, I hope they add something to indicate what the normal range is. Most people don't realize...
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    Why did you purchase a Model 3 and what were your other options?

    Interesting others posted the Macan as another choice... we were really close to picking one of those up also but luckily decided to wait for the Model 3 :) I ended up just adding it to the stable (our 5th car :-x) and didn't cross shop anything else. What, we had over 2 years to plan for it!
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    Be aware of ICE Bullies

    Does anyone have any personal experience with rage or is this just another attempt to sensationalize something that isn't even an issue? I've only had curious and friendly people approach me since I've owned a Tesla. Here's a hardware solution (only in America... or maybe Russia too) to help...
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    Model 3 wrapped in holographic chrome

    Is this the 2018-2019 version of that purple chameleon paint job from the early 2000's during the height of the Fast and Furious craze?
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    Referral Reward: Forged Performance Wheels

    SolarCity aka Tesla Energy did the same thing to me also, yet I still walk around telling everyone how much I love my solar array like a blathering idiot :)
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    Keep plugged in over long break.?

    WTF really? Mine had 314 miles of rated charge when new and now only charges to 297. I keep it between 70-80% religiously... it's plugged in right now at 70%.
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    Referral Reward: Forged Performance Wheels

    I did have the new owners ask and Tesla said: "yeah, he got it". They even showed the second person (who bought a P3D+) my name and referral code. But it never showed up, this was months ago...
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    Referral Reward: Forged Performance Wheels

    Tesla hasn't honored either of the two referrals I sent in. The second person even asked no less than 3 times to make sure I'd get the credit because I complained to him that they shafted me on the first one. I always get: "We'll look into it and call you back" and never hear anything back...
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    Epidemic of Model 3 small window break-ins

    Remember this is mostly happening in California where they have laws that protect people that engage in criminal activity. Doing something like this will likely land the owner in jail and the petty window smasher with a slam dunk law suit (they won't ever have to steal again!).
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    Would you swap M3LR RWD for Performance Version if you could?

    I was thinking similar thoughts as you but decided to keep my Model 3LR. I love the balance and efficiency the car has, I think Tesla really nailed it with with the RWD version. I also have another "high end marque" car in my garage that helped make my decision. I still don't think EVs are...