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  1. beatle

    Leaving the car at 0%

    Found this on the internet: "lithium-ion cells undergo unwanted chemical reactions when discharged below 3 V, causing their internal resistance to be permanently and significantly raised. Their capacity will suffer as well, meaning that they won't accept the same amount of charge anymore. When...
  2. beatle

    Sad about Plaid? Attention past or present Porsche 911 Owners!

    Never owned, driven, or even ridden in a 911, but I think the difference between a manually-shifted ICE vehicle and basically any EV is that you have to work for the rewards with even a fast ICE car. In the plaid, just stab the go pedal and you instantly shoot forward. It's like having the...
  3. beatle

    Trunk stopped beeping

    I forget whether the speaker is accessible through the opening revealed when you remove the handle, but that would be easy enough to check. The connector could have come loose, or the speaker may have failed. I actually unplugged the speaker in both of my cars. Consider yourself lucky that...
  4. beatle

    Zero Service Records?

    Personal info in service records? Maybe if they do something dumb like include the address of the previous owner, but that's just poor records keeping/report generation. I got the list of service records from the Honda dealer that serviced my truck before I bought it by just showing up at the...
  5. beatle

    wh/m - P100DL?

    A lot can push consumption high. Some other examples: This Thanksgiving I had an average of 404wh/mi @ 72mph, and climbing 793 ft, 5mph headwind. Temps were 39F on 19" wheels and AS4 tires. In contrast back in July, I averaged 291wh/mi @ 72mph, dropping 188 feet, no wind. Temps were 77F on...
  6. beatle

    Enhanced auto pilot removed

    At least he didn't buy FSD!
  7. beatle


    I've also seen it go up, but this was on a relatively steep descent of a few miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. I had a pucker moment at the top of the mountain as I had fewer miles remaining than I had to go to get to the next supercharger, and cell signal is spotty at best on the BRP. But I...
  8. beatle

    Would you purchase an older Tesla (2014) that has Free Supercharging?

    If you are planning to drive the hell out of the car and supercharge all the time, the calculation may work in your favor, even if you have to replace the battery. A replacement battery will carry a 4 year / 50k warranty. Energy costs in the UK are like 3x that of most of the US. I'd run some...
  9. beatle

    Enhanced auto pilot removed

    Check your motor vehicle purchase agreement (MVPA) and see if EAP was on the list of features. Or if you had any correspondence with the sales advisor that listed EAP as a feature. If you have either of these, they should put it back. Strangely, Tesla remotely took away ludicrous mode from my...
  10. beatle

    Front camera

    Is the camera on the Infinity in the grill or the front bumper? If so, that is why it is useful. Some people have gone so far as to install wireless bumper cameras with auxillary displays in their consoles to get this view. As @vcor said already, however, the front camera behind the mirror on...
  11. beatle

    1,900,000km Model S

    I don't think anyone said the energy came out of thin air. It is a point from the owner's perspective that made the car relatively inexpensive to drive. I wonder what the equivalent AMG or M engine cost/lifespan would be over 1 million miles. They may not be into the double digits for...
  12. beatle

    1,900,000km Model S

    To be clear, the maintenance cost was $17k over 4 years and 103k miles. That was just to take the car from 897k to the million mile mark. I assume you're referring to Matt Farah's LS400 here. The maintenance to get to 897k was likely much higher than $17k, though here is a breakdown of some...
  13. beatle

    Anyone just upgrade midrange dash speakers?

    Good info from TeslaTap here on what powers each of the speakers in the different systems: I don't know if the wiring is there for the mids on the base system. I had new wires run. BTW, don't bother with the rear doors. They make practically zero difference in the sound.
  14. beatle

    Long shot: Has anyone made a custom wireless charger in place of the OEM one?

    I currently use this one: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4542818 I think the Ikea wireless charger that you use for parts has changed, however, and it may no longer fit the print as-is. Previously I used this one which is sized to fit your device...
  15. beatle

    2018 P100D vs 2019 Performance (raven) which to buy?

    Pretty sure the rear drive unit is the same as it's been on all P cars. I've not seen any mention of it being more powerful, unless it's from additional amps from the battery, but that's just the availability of more current. The front permanent magnet motor comes from the model 3 performance...
  16. beatle

    Love my sunroof, can’t get myself to upgrade

    Tesla just uses a solid glass roof so they have more room for robots ingress/egress. They are not that in to "features" these days.
  17. beatle

    My Enelx Juicebox died. Questions on warranty turnaround and slow L1

    A 5-15P adapter on your UMC should start you at 12A and then drop to 9A if the voltage drops significantly. I'd unplug and make sure your charging amps on the car's screen are set to 12A. If it's already dropping at 9A, however, it's likely to drop from 12A as well, but you should at least end...
  18. beatle

    Love my sunroof, can’t get myself to upgrade

    I miss the sunroof from my 2015, but it wasn't a deal breaker. The newer cars have many other improvements and still have glass above to let some light in. Buy a convertible as a second car.
  19. beatle

    Floor mats suggestions

    That's great you found the contrast to be to your liking. I think it looks tacky to have the floormats in a totally different color from the carpet. It's like they were pulled from a different car or were generic. My 2015 had a tan interior with black carpet and that was ideal. The cream...
  20. beatle

    Replacing brakes and rotors on 2018 Tesla Model S 100D

    I would abandon taking the car to a service center. They are just throwing parts at it to generate revenue. None of which are related to the brakes. A set of decent pads and new rotors will only set you back around $200. A brake shop should only charge you a few hundred for labor. Either...
  21. beatle

    Floor mats suggestions

    It's a shame that nobody makes floor mats that match the cream carpet. I know some people just opt for black mats and like the contrast, but the look is not for me.
  22. beatle

    Model S vs Model 3 Maintenance?

    It's not "maintenance" that is so different, but repairs. The S is a lower volume, more premium car and parts that fail will generally be more expensive. This is not a phenomenon unique to Tesla, though. Failure rates may also be higher for the earlier cars as some parts are earlier in their...
  23. beatle

    All-weather floor liners/mats for cream interior

    I don't see cream floor mats at that link. Those are black. There don't appear to be any cream colored mats on the entire site.
  24. beatle

    Regenerative braking reduced

    Yup, it's cold. The battery temperature threshold for reduced regen is actually pretty high, around 66-67 degrees. 4+ years ago it was lower. The yellow triangle is just to get your attention that there was a change in the amount of regen available.
  25. beatle

    Model S Wheel Alignment Advice

    Sheesh, what gets me is that when you look at the "specified range" values for camber and caster, you can see FL is out of spec for caster, and FR is out of spec for caster AND camber. The fact that you have positive camber on any wheel is silly. At least you no longer have toe out in the rear.
  26. beatle

    with most cars being able to use Tesla SC will Level 2 AP on other brands make u leave Tesla behind?

    This is probably referring to the fact that V2 superchargers will not work with non-Tesla vehicles. I wouldn't really call those stations "reserved." V2 is less desirable to Tesla drivers as well since they cap out at 150kw and share output between neighboring stalls. That said, they're still...
  27. beatle

    Curbed Model S Passenger Wheels

    Alignment machines mount to the wheels, so if the wheels are bent, your alignment will also be "bent." I'd have the wheels repaired/replaced and then do an alignment.
  28. beatle

    Single stack for AP/EAP?

    I don't know about merging with FSD, but stop and go behavior has been much better in the past few months for EAP. At the beginning of the year it did a lot of panic stops. Still not as good as AP1, but it's usable.
  29. beatle

    Standard amp location in the '18 S

    I forget whether 2018 cars had UHFS as standard. If so, the amp is in the usual place behind the panel in front of the driver's left knee. If you have the standard system, the amp is built into the MCU.
  30. beatle

    Clunky noise after carbon ceramic brake installation

    Sounds like the SC forgot to grease the pads before they installed them.
  31. beatle

    Tsportline wheels?

    This. Also, you can technically mount a 285 on 9.5" wheel, but running staggered tires on square wheels isn't a great idea. To properly change 19" wheels, you'll want a set of matching 255 tires for the rear. You can reuse your front tires.
  32. beatle

    NEMA 14-50 outlets, be careful if you went cheap when you purchased them.

    +1 Saves on wiring as well since you only need 2+ground for a HPWC, whereas a 14-50 technically needs 3+ground. Depending on the length of the run needed, that could be a lot of money.
  33. beatle

    how can we encourage tesla to give better audible alert of AP status: full, distance keeping, or off

    I'm aware of what the terms mean, but you just described a test for whether TACC is enabled as a test for AP. You also need to jiggle the wheel to see if AP is engaged since AP includes steering as well as cruise. Lifting the accelerator only tells you whether cruise is on. "I thought AP was...
  34. beatle

    Dont Feel Break Regen as much

    The cars with the permanent magnet motors like the 3/Y and raven S/X seem to have stronger regen, especially at lower speeds. The 2017 has induction motors front and rear. I noticed a difference when I bought my 2019 raven that has a permanent magnet motor up front, even at speeds higher than...
  35. beatle

    how can we encourage tesla to give better audible alert of AP status: full, distance keeping, or off

    I've been bitten by the system before, thinking AP was engaged when it was not. This usually happens after I've taken over control by using the wheel and not deactivating AP with the stalk. The fact that there are two ways out of AP which leaves the car in different states of autonomy is kind...
  36. beatle

    Brake Shudder / Uneven Rotor Wear

    Could be a seized piston or pistons in that caliper. My truck had a partially seized caliper in the rear, and I wore out a set of rear brake pads in 13k miles. Does your car stop in a straight line if you hit the brakes without holding the wheel? My 2015 was originally from the rust belt...
  37. beatle

    40A vs 32A -- Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    My 2019 didn't come with a UMC so I sold my 2015 without a UMC. You could offer to throw in the gen1 UMC if the buyer is on the fence. I would keep the gen2 for travel and perhaps buy a universal HPWC for home. Adapters are harder to find for the gen1 now. I don't think Tesla sells them...
  38. beatle

    Premium sound

    The plug and play aspect was more valuable before inexpensive speaker and speaker wire adapters were available for the S. Now most any speaker can be plug and play. Since the buyer has to remove the door panel to fit the new speakers anyway, I wouldn't say their customer base is completely...
  39. beatle

    Tesla Service Alignment Cost

    The rate is pretty standard Tesla (good God, it's now $275/hr!?) and the hours seem a little high for an alignment where you can only adjust toe in the the rear. I've had alignments take well over 2 hours, but that's on a car with adjustable rear camber as well, ballasting the driver's weight...
  40. beatle

    Premium sound

    The LH amp and sub are only compatible if you have the UHFS system. LH in general kind of skeeves me out. The language they use to describe their products sounds like it is written to appeal to someone who doesn't know anything about audio and just wants to buy the most expensive thing for...
  41. beatle

    2023 S/W Holiday Update

    Well, I guess it's technically still there, but they put it at the border of the media pane and the climate controls, so it's basically invisible and borderline (pun intended) useless. It used to be more prominent and easy to use.
  42. beatle

    2023 S/W Holiday Update

    Would be nice to get the elapsed time / total time back for the current song. And bring back the scrub bar. Additional music sources would be nice, though I'll probably just hang on to Spotify. I hope most of the development effort has been focused on allowing 3rd party apps. This would...
  43. beatle

    Premium sound

    Better off going aftermarket. Best upgrade is getting some midranges in the dash and adding a subwoofer. Tweeters would be next. Front doors make very little difference, but are the easiest and cheapest to upgrade since they are a direct swap. It's a pretty slippery slope though as you need...
  44. beatle

    Open door, alarm goes off

    Hmm, I wonder if that's an additional situation that causes the security system to freak out. With the lip on my garage floor, the car will stop moving when I try to use summon to bring it in. I've backed the car out of the garage numerous times and I can't recall it freaking out. In my case...
  45. beatle

    Hesitation from a standstill under moderate acceleration

    I've mostly tuned this out by driving differently - accelerating slowly up to 5 mph or so and then accelerating harder. This makes moderate takeoffs less smooth than using constant throttle from a standstill in my P85D though, but it does not have the jolt of the current car.
  46. beatle

    Thread for the most minor of suggestions

    I wish the song length and elapsed song time still showed in the main media display. It used to. You can still see this info if you put the media info in your gauge cluster, but I use that for trips and navigation. Same with the scrub bar to skip around in a track. There technically is still...
  47. beatle

    Ok... I was DD last night and drove my friends around in one of their Ioniq5's.... Couple features I want in my Tesla now

    Does built in navigation on the the Ioniq5 provide an estimated SoC at the destination yet? Does it support wireless AA or CarPlay yet? I really like the Ioniq5 (and am looking forward to the N) but they are missing some pretty obvious features.
  48. beatle

    Opinion requested. P85D

    If you didn't know how to respond to the original questions you shouldn't have bothered wasting everyone's time.
  49. beatle

    Opinion requested. P85D

    So just use a household breaker? Got it. My hair dryer and space heater aren't drawing over 1500A.
  50. beatle

    Opinion requested. P85D

    I don't think it's as trivial as you say to simply not blow the pyro fuse in the case of an inverter failure or otherwise over current event. This video goes into a lot of good detail about the fuse: What's the solution that doesn't blow the fuse and brick the car? Are other mujlti-motor...