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    Tyre wear & price UK

    I meant warranty for the tires not the whole car. Tesla will not cover the warranty for a component which is installed by a third party. I think that is normal for all their safety components. Regarding the finance/insurance, a friend of mine got his insurance claim refused as the car had a...
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    Tyre wear & price UK

    Tires replaced at 24K for 90D X. Regarding the OEM option, it is about the T0 (For Tesla) marking on the tyre. The cost is approximately £310 per tyre. My issue was the availability. My usual tyre fitter place could not find stock anywhere in Europe. The only place to get T0 tires is Tesla and...
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    Model S 3G connectivity in south-eastern Europe (Bulgaria in particular)

    The USB port is not always on. But search in this forum for dash camera install. Depending on your model you'll find different locations for a permanent 12V connection.
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    Model S 3G connectivity in south-eastern Europe (Bulgaria in particular)

    You can always install a permanent 3G/4G wifi mobile AP in the car with your choice of Internet Provider.
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    Neural Networks

    I have experienced this while I was changing lanes. The car in front decided to change lanes at the same time, the collision warning came on and the moment I pushed the brake the car performed emergency brake. I could feel the brake pedal going down faster than I would press it. It was a strange...
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    HW2.5 capabilities

    I have AP2 since May this year. But until May AP1 has read speed limit from almost everywhere, back of the trucks, parallel streets, car parks entry etc. It may got better after May but AP2 solves this problem, it doesn't read the speed limit signs. :)
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    HW2.5 capabilities

    AP1 reads the speed limits from the back of the trucks. It's very annoying.
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    Air Suspension Longevity and Frequency of Use

    Yes, it did. Luckily I was driving very slowly in a queueing traffic and I had found a place to pull over. By the time I got out to check the car the front was totally collapsed.
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    App login issues?

    Same here. It worked ok this morning but the app says Unknown error on connecting.
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    Air Suspension Longevity and Frequency of Use

    After 15 months, 19k miles and daily use front air suspension collapsed, during driving, leaving me stranded. The problem was front left shock absorber failure. The service centre was very quick in fix it but the recovery experience wasn't so pleasant. I think Tesla should improve the air...
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    Major MyTesla issue in the UK

    No problems here.. I'm using safari on iOS.
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    Unusual steering wheel vibration and noise

    Is it something like this? Acceleration Shudder
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    Front vibration when accelerating - accelerometer graphs....

    As expected the vibration returned after the third pair of half shafts. It took approximately 1000 miles for the first symptoms to appear and now the vibration occurs in the 40mph range. With the last repair I took great care not to accelerate hard. I even manually lowered the suspension to...
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    Front vibration when accelerating - accelerometer graphs....

    I had this exact problem from the first month of ownership. @mmccord unfortunately replacing the half-shafts did solve the problem but only for one month. The vibration came back. After four attempts by the SC to fix it the car still has the vibration. Now that you mentioned HIGH setting now I...
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    Call Simon from Holbon.com TEL +44 203 589 1558 TECHNICAL +44 7831 107 852 EMAIL [email protected] WEB www.holbon.com He fitted mine last year. He is very professional and knows the car very well.
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    autopilot overly sensitive to cars in the adjacent lane

    It happened to me as well. I was about passing a truck then suddenly the car slowed down thinking the truck is in my lane. I was doing 70 mph and I had to slam the acceleration pedal in order to avoid being hit from the car behind. It was on M20 at night with wet road. (2.20.45).
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    Real-world range anxiety - first experience!

    I think your main problem was the headwind. If you get 10 mph headwind it's like driving with 10mph more speed, and if you follow the energy meter wh/m you will see a drastic increase in energy consumption. I found this great page for your tesla browser...
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    National Grid breaking point in UK?

    Usually EVs are charged at home during the night when people sleep. I only see it as a more useful way of using the energy than burning petrol/diesel. The demand from the grid is low during the night. By the time EVs will grow in numbers the batteries will get better too and only night charging...
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    [Europe] DAB+ reception and reliability

    You can stream BBC from your smartphone over BT. It sucks not to be able to test exactly the car you want to order. Even now, in UK, Tesla have obsolete cars on display and for test drives.
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    Buying second-hand from another owner in Romania or not ?

    Hello, I think you must consider first the fact that even you have the warranty, you still need to bring the car to a Tesla Service Centre when you need to. Bringing the car to the nearest Tesla Service Centre can be an expensive adventure when you can't drive the car. People who have Tesla in...
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    Premium Interior or not?

    The tailgate opens quite high and if you are less than a medium height ( wife ) that could be a problem when you want to close it down. That for me was enough to order the premium interior. The price is not worth it but Tesla know this, hence the power lift tailgate included.
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    Any deals to be done?

    It's already there: Pre-Owned Model S | Tesla Motors UK BR VM
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    Any deals to be done?

    Recently a few pre-owned Model S cars are available on UK site. Maybe you have a chance of getting a deal there, also there is no wait.