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    Choosing A Tesla Home-charging Option

    Thank you for your thoughtful responses. Just to followup about future proofing. Most long range EVs seem like theyre 75-110 kWh batteries, but who knows if I or a future homebuyer might want to put in a 2nd EV, or even something bigger like the 200+kwh cybertruck battery, roadster (unlikely...
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    Choosing A Tesla Home-charging Option

    For 50 amp charging at the plug, what is the benefit to asking the electrician to wire the circuit for 60A?
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    Safety score broken

    That sounds more like a way to standardize FCW per trip or day for display purposes... but is the FCW score incorporated into the Safety Score by how you defined it above, or weighted by # events / miles driven?
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    MY with Rotiform LAS-R with Aerodisks

    aerodiscs are rad. whats the weight?
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    Supercharger - Metairie, LA

    lol. I've lived here more than a decade and it still gets me.
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    Supercharger - Metairie, LA

    My bad, I said North but yes, East is actually correct
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    Supercharger - Metairie, LA

    Theyre up and running. 250kw. Chargers are on the north side of the supermarket. The actual stalls are set up so that they are closest to the car’s socket if you drive forward into the parking spot, rather than reversing into it. Kind of a wordy explanation, but i couldn’t get photos to upload.
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    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    to follow up, I purchase the version 2 kit (magnets + optional opaque sunshade). The magnets are a significant improvement over the version 1. It removes ~70-80% of the 'sag'. I guess I can't speak to the appearance, it looks fine to me but I don't have to see it from the driver's seat...
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    High C question.

    Unrealistic hypothetical question here. Suppose you run down a Tesla battery at 2C over 30 minutes. The first time, you do so by setting a constant rate of discharge over the 30 minutes. The second attempt, you discharge intermittently at 6C over 30 minutes, but average 2C over the 30...
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    Regular 50kwh charging

    I agree with jcanoe... I'm not an expert, but I've only heard the factors that degrade battery life (maximum State of Charge) over time are: high temps (like battery preheating for supercharging), keeping the battery long term at very high or low State of Charge (%), and charging/discharging...
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    2021 model Y scan my Tesla battery size

    side question for ScanMyTesla users... what should a normal range of cell imbalance be?
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    recommendation request: interior cleaning products with no shine?

    I went to a local detailer for the first time last month. Car is 6 months old. Leather surfaces are very shiny, like they hosted an oil wrestling championship levels of shine. Maxxspider mats are now frictionless. Zero traction. These are not exactly the results I was looking for. Was hoping...
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    Battery Condition

    Could OP's results be because part of the "reserve" segment of battery kWh is released by the over time?
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    scanmytesla/OBD adapter cover

    For those of you using an OBD adapter, have you found any fix to cover the cable area in the back of the rear console? The stock cover doesn't fit with the adapter in place on the model Y.
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    Consumption Data

    250 Wh/km (400 Wh/mi) is a lot. I'm getting 250 wh/mi in city>hwy mix at 40 degree temperatures. Check your short and long range consumption graphs, maybe there's a pattern where most of the peak use is. Rain, rough asphalt, colder weather I've noticed increase consumption. Aero covers seem...
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    Driving efficiency in rain

    I noticed the same thing, more or less. Definitely ate into my low SOC buffer Thanks,
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    Scared to go to the carwash

    Another option is to find a true "touchless" car wash, the kind which uses only sprays. I've heard these use slightly more caustic cleaning agents. Or a mobile detailer, maybe.
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    Driving efficiency in rain

    How much of a % hit in efficiency do you all notice in rainy conditions?
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    Small Portable Tire Inflators

    I'm not sure if I'm reading your situation right, as I took the covers off on day 1. But, would a 20" extension/adapter help? The below adapter takes an inflator's screw-on connector, and ends with a regular Shrader valve...
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I'm at 3500 miles. Just installed and ran ScanMyTesla for the 1st time. I know from the graphs that there is an initial fall in battery degradation before it stabilizes... at what miles does that fall take place and whats a reasonable range for that fall?
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    Charging fault at supercharger

    On a recent round trip, there was a specific SC station where there would be a fault when connecting. After retrying charging would start, but had weird charge behavior. It would ramp up to 30-40kW, then go back to 0, and then cycle back and forth, indefinitely. It was a huge pain. 20 min...
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    Model Y Longest Cargo?

    42" to upright rear seats 78" to the edge of seats laid down. Probably longer between the front seats if you have no fear about a broken display Tesla Model Y Interior, Trunk, Trunk Well, Frunk and Other Measurements
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    Range efficiency: Spec vs Reality

    Is the chart accurate? I dont think the EPA range was 326 for the MY LR until it was increased later in 2020. Those test runs were in summer. Not that it makes a difference, 253 is disappointing at either EPA range. But not unexpected
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    What determines when someone gets a regular vs "advanced" setting update? Also what determines who gets invited to FSD beta?
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    One of my best upgrades

    With the blue filtering, do you notice any loss of low-light detail at night?
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    Tesla making CCS adapter for fast charging interface

    Only for some of the states and if you're a member. For a lot of the western states at the per kWh rate, 50kwh is $20+. Even as a member its $15.50. Depending on how slow the trip is (lets say 200 mi @ 250wH/mi, that's getting close to gas $.
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    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    Have to bump this.... does anyone any good or bad experiences with the version 2 magnets?
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    Blinded pillar cameras

    i also received this message on a dark highway before
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    Acceleration Boost Purchased

    has the actual hp boost number ever been tested or stated? Havent been able to find it in searches.
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    Phantom Braking

    In retrospect, a few of these may have been Autopilot going off throttle rather than actually braking. Not sure as it happened quickly.
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    How do I tell if charging issues are from the SC or the car?

    At least one of the 50% max charge sessions started with SoC @ mid 20%, 250kW capable station. At least a few others in that category started at 20-30% SoC, most were 150kW capable SC's
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    Phantom Braking

    I am not on the new beta of FSD yet. Not sure if they are updating the old FSD at all. Is phantom braking relatively more common with pickup trucks towing open trailers? Had several instances yesterday on a trip.
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    How do I tell if charging issues are from the SC or the car?

    Did the car's first long distance trip using superchargers. At one of the SC's (150KW max), charge maxed out at 30KW, but fluctuated between 0 and 30KW every 10 seconds. I think I averaged 15kW. Other cars seemed to charge slow but still faster than mine. On 50% of the other SC's on route...
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    Model Y Supercharger V3 kW Speeds in Cold weather

    Is there a FAQ or concise list of charging behaviors to learn? Also can that list be 'stickied' at the top of the forum? As an example, I will list below what I have learned from this thread. If anything is inaccurate or needs editing, please let me know: -Max supercharging rates do not...
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    Lane Positioning for Autopilot/Autosteer

    Have a question... On US highway right-hand lanes, when these merge with on-ramp lanes, but if there is a short segment where there are no right side lane markers, I notice Autopilot briefly drifts rightward. It then corrects itself when the right lane marks re-emerge. It hasn't actually done...
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    Battery drains 3% within 24 hours

    When you check the app while the car is garaged, does it wake the car from sleep? Check randomly a couple of times over 24 hours. Only other longshot suggestion is to run a charge to 91% (IIRC) to recalibrate BMS. Just once, unless you prefer this charge level. Then see what Tesla service says
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    Frunk storage bags

    For those of you with a more minimalist option, the larger Ikea blue bags fit pretty well in the frunk and the trunk.
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    Where is the speakerphone microphone?

    Where is the speakerphone microphone? Does anyone else have issues with in-car bluetooth phone calls, where the other person can't hear you well?
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    Acceleration Boost Buyers: What do you think?

    Is chill mode still an option?
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    Tote Bag Sale - Hubcaps

    I wasn't able to get the generic amazon ones to fit the 19" gemini covers. The bag definitely had a smaller area. If these fit I might get them.
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    What are your preferred brand/model of wiper replacements?

    My new driver's side wiper leaves a streak.... right in the middle of my vision. Can I get some recommendations for a replacement?
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    Cup holder stabilizer?

    Mine sometimes buzzes from road vibrations at certain speeds if something heavy is in the cupholder. But otherwise it fits pretty well and does a good job.
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    What would you give up?

    The pneumatic assist rear trunk wouldn't stop the trunk from hitting a low ceiling. Pressing the button or resisting movement of the motorized hatch does a pretty good job preventing that. Ventilated seats would be nice.
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    Rear Trunk 12V accessory power socket

    Driver's side, in the upper rear of the side pocket area. There's probably a better technical term for that location.
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    Rear Trunk 12V accessory power socket

    Does anyone know the continuous and peak amp rating of this socket? The manual lists the center console socket as 12 amp continuous, 16 amp peak. But curiously there is no mention of the rear 12V socket in the manual at all.
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    Preventing “stretch marks” / seat cracks

    Mine has no coating, and I actually find it a little too grippy. When I sit, it often seems like it initially bunches up in random places, so I have to readjust often. I was actually wondering what I could do to make it more slippery. Thanks for the idea.
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    Driving menu > creep vs hold settings...

    I wish they made a hold mode with 'creep only in reverse' as an option. Best of both worlds.
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    How to tell if you’re really getting the PPF brand you paid for?

    Get a paint depth gauge, and comparing to a bare area. Or cut a tiny sample and measure with a caliper. Thickness narrows possibilities, at least to the advertised thickness. Then ask a manufacturer about the sample, or if they regularly supply the installer. I would hope the installer's...
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    Driving menu > creep vs hold settings...

    For those of you who have gotten used to Hold and who have other non-Tesla cars, do you have issues with muscle memory when you switch into regular ICE cars?