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    Lost Voice Commands

    Got it working for me... Ran into exactly the same issue. Just upgraded from MCU1 to MCU2 and when I got the car back I instantly got the connection error when pressing the voice button. Rebooting did nothing. Same issue over wifi. 2022.40.4 update came through and I installed it this morning...
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    Panoramic roof creaking noise.

    Looks like the factory has began an effort to address the problem -- I took delivery of my 70D two weeks ago; same problem began after the 4th open and close of the pano; a faint tapping noise coming from above. Upon inspecting the lip, I discovered that a felt strip had already been placed in...
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    Seatbelt question

    Nissan/Infiniti uses the same type of "pre-tensioner" on the front seats as Tesla and also requires replacement after activation. However, they do go a step further and have an extra added feature on some of their models that they call "pre-crash seat belts." An electric motor retracts the belt...
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    Seatbelt question

    Not based on what I am seeing, the entire manual says Model X at the bottom of every right-side page where it used to say Model S. Only other mention of Model X is page 35 "Warning: Do not use Valet mode when towing a trailer. Torque limitations can make it difficult for Model X to pull a...
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    Seatbelt question

    Actually, the front seats do indeed have pre-tensioners, but they only activate in conjunction with the airbags; page 20 of the new 7.0 manual --- "Seat Belt Pre-tensioners The front seat belts are equipped with pre‑tensioners that work in conjunction with the airbags in a severe frontal...
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    Request for black obsidian MS pictures

    Been following TMC for forever and finally placed my Model S order 10/18, order confirmation is tomorrow! Couldn’t be more thrilledto support Tesla and to get the privilege to soon drive this amazingengineering marvel every day. I choseObsidian Black (site unseen) for similar reasons as...