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  1. Timbo2

    2018 Model 3 - Service Mode Not Loading after CCS Retrofit

    Pretty much "no". Especially for something like a hidden feature such as "service mode". If you want to try your only option is to use the app and discuss it as a service issue. I can tell you with about 99% certainty they will tell you that is not a feature for end user use and will close...
  2. Timbo2

    2018 Model 3 - Service Mode Not Loading after CCS Retrofit

    As far as I know downgrades aren't possible. Sorry you are in the same boat, but I'm happy somebody else has the issue. It's more likely to be recognized and fixed by Tesla.
  3. Timbo2

    2018 Model 3 - Service Mode Not Loading after CCS Retrofit

    Did you updated to 2023.38.X? I'm having the same issue on my 2018. I can't recall if I tried service mode on the prior release. I'm thinking it's the new firmware.
  4. Timbo2

    HW3 / FSD Computer Worth Upgrading?

    Not for the infotainment. Only the behind the scenes driving parts including the video feeds.
  5. Timbo2

    HW3 / FSD Computer Worth Upgrading?

    I'm in the same boat. I don't do that much highway driving and no interest in FSD. One thing it WILL do is start using the cabin camera. If that isn't working or doesn't work correctly that will stop autopilot from working. There have been people here who upgraded the computer and had to...
  6. Timbo2

    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    Looks like you might have fiddle some more. My quick Google suggests that is a generic replacement. This is the Bosch direct application: Amazon.com
  7. Timbo2

    2018 Model 3: CAN bus IDs

    I'd assume the issue is something with your phone and the device. My OBDLink LX continues working fine on my Pixel 5a. Do you have an ICE vehicle or friend or family member with one that you can plug the dongle and software and check?
  8. Timbo2

    Do Not Buy “HEPA” Cabin Air Filters for Model 3

    Depends on your climate and usage. I'm also in NJ and I've averaged about 18 months before I start noticing a smell. It's never been terrible smelling, just a slight funk. But a noticeable difference after replacement. I just did my 3rd change on the older design and I've got it down to...
  9. Timbo2

    Cabin Air Filter Replacement Questions

    It's too much a pain in the neck to try to remove the filters without cleaning the coil and see if the smell remains. If I'm in there I'll use half a can of $19 Klima-Cleaner and use the other half the next time. If it really is just the filter that would suggest the activated charcoal they...
  10. Timbo2

    Cabin Air Filter Replacement Questions

    I’m on my second set as well. Just changed it yesterday. No difference from OEM in my experience either. I’m on year 2 here in the Northeast and just noticed a slight funk that prompted me to change it and clean the coil. Mine had minimal debris, no mold, and no smell from the filters. My...
  11. Timbo2

    Calibration of Radar sensor (not cameras) on m3?

    If you have a 2.5 Gen computer I believe it still is running the old stack with radar.
  12. Timbo2

    Service Mode Alert

    Do you have Scheduled Departure on? I recall seeing this error, but not since a few firmware updates. In my case if you two button reset the car it will go away. However, Scheduled Departure and/or manually calling for HVAC from the app would make it come back. My best guess is that when the...
  13. Timbo2

    To DIY or not to DIY? Front Camera Replacement: Fisheye and Narrow Cam Dropped Frames

    I disassembled my camera to clean the glass in front of it. What should have been a simple job wasn't exactly simple. I really felt like something was going to break after I undid every fastener, especially the mirror. It's absolutely doable for a home mechanic, but I feel like you have a...
  14. Timbo2

    Another option to get 12v switched

    Interesting, but keep in mind Tesla loves to make random firmware changes that could break some the outputs. Also it is only low current at 250mA. https://catalog.pac-audio.com/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=2095
  15. Timbo2

    Model 3 7.2” Rear Entertainment Display Install and Honest Review

    They have a smaller one that is basically just HVAC and Seats and some basic audio controls for about half the cost and you retain full rear vents. I'd be tempted, but Tesla likes to completely change the PIDs with firmware updates. I'd hope that HVAC is fairly stable, but you just never know...
  16. Timbo2

    Why is the battery icon no longer green?

    They are looking here for ideas.
  17. Timbo2

    Cabin camera broken

    The part has 12 months. But, and this is Tesla, if they decide something else is busted I’d say you have a low probability of a goodwill repair. Hopefully you just got another bad camera.
  18. Timbo2

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    I completely agree. I 3D printed a part some kind owner put on thingiverse that restricts the bend radius of the harness. I also have the all black cable. I’m still waiting after 1 plus years to be notified when it’s available. Given the part I’ve made I’m not especially concerned, but it’s...
  19. Timbo2

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

  20. Timbo2

    Vent Oscillation No Longer Works

    I have a 2018 and had the same issue. Do they just make clicking sounds? I had the left and right actuators replaced under warranty. I checked my invoice and it was all zero cost - so no idea on price. My WAG is $100 x 2 plus $100 or so for labor. It should be under an hour of book time.
  21. Timbo2

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    Send them NHTS letter. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2021/RCAK-21V00D-5533.pdf
  22. Timbo2

    Mini Spare For Model 3, Hyundai Genesis 18" works

    Fair point, but minimal UV exposure assuming it’s in the trunk.
  23. Timbo2

    Urgent question: green liquid on passenger floor?

    I’m betting car wash soap. But I agree about being surprisingly bright. Other people have posted about similar car wash issues and from memory improperly sealed windshields. Passenger footwell. if it were my car and under warranty I’d get it looked at by service.
  24. Timbo2

    Steering wheel alignment alert

    There is a distinction between checking the alignment and setting the alignment. It would seem the Goodyear didn't reset your steering angle sensor after completing the alignment. It's interesting that Tesla seems to compared indicated to actual steering angle and will throw an error if there...
  25. Timbo2

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    BMW says hold my beer. BMW Battery Registration BMW Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) On the plus side with Tesla at least you don't have to buy a scan tool to change the 12V battery. The BMW varies the charging based on the age and health of the battery. If you don't tell it you've put in a...
  26. Timbo2

    Reverse instead of Drive by Mistake?

    I don't disagree with the human factors here and never cared for all the stalk juggling. My solution is to use the brake pedal to deactivate recognizing you don’t want to be inconsiderate to following traffic. But usually a brief brake tap is not problematic.
  27. Timbo2

    Scanmytesla + S3XY Buttons?

    Pretty much any splitter should work. It's only power, ground and two data lines. The one I used was: https://www.amazon.com/iKKEGOL-Profile-Straight-Splitter-Extension/dp/B07CJTNJ1M
  28. Timbo2

    Keep lights and car on while opening passenger door

    From memory, don’t fully shut the driver door. Have so it is only partially latched. I seem to recall that keeping the hvac on.
  29. Timbo2

    Tesla 3 and Pixel 6 - Tesla App to run in background

    Press and hold the tesla app icon. Select App Info. Select Battery. Select Unrestricted.
  30. Timbo2

    Scanmytesla + S3XY Buttons?

    If I my understanding is correct the Commander uses Bluetooth to communicate to its proprietary app. For whatever reason they didn't or couldn't use the format that all the industry standard ODBC Bluetooth dongles use. The WiFi is only used to create a private AP using an open source protocol...
  31. Timbo2

    Scanmytesla + S3XY Buttons?

    They work fine together with the splitter. I ran them outside the inside rail of the driver’s seat into the footwell. After that I put a Velcro wire wrap around both And stuck it the carpet on the side of the center console. They are basically invisible but easy to access to unplug. Seat has...
  32. Timbo2

    Scanmytesla + S3XY Buttons?

    Far more detailed data. Depends how useful you find it. You can find things like the 12V battery charge level and charging current, HV battery status and draw among other things useful. To me it was well worth its modest price. Since the S3XY commander will send data to the app there is no...
  33. Timbo2

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    And funny enough about two days ago the recall came back in the app with a “don’t call us we will call you” note when the parts are available. It had disappeared roughly three months after the recall was first announced. My plan is to get it done with the CCS retrofit unless they send a...
  34. Timbo2

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    I think I read someone repaired the cable and a full power cycle (contactors off) worked to get the camera back. Might have saved you the trouble of calibration. Could you do one camera or do you have to do them all?
  35. Timbo2

    2019 Model 3 LR DIY PTC heater change possible?

    @emptyspaces - good point on the HV. You made me jump over to the service info to see how much needs to come out. It's not too bad, but you need to get under the car to disconnect the HV. Mind you the service manual has the flat rate 0.1 to change the cabin filter. Good luck making that...
  36. Timbo2

    2019 Model 3 LR DIY PTC heater change possible?

    At least in the US the service information is now available for free directly from Tesla. If I recall from skimming it - a large chunk of the dash has to come out and that's the reason for the large labor charge.
  37. Timbo2

    2017-2020 Model 3 recalled for trunk/rear camera issue

    I just had mine in for other work and the recall wasn't done. I didn't even bother to ask as it isn't showing up in the app. If you have access to a 3D printer I'll put in a plug again for the following: 2017-2020 Model 3 Trunk Cable Guide (Recall "Fixer") Used four links and so far no...
  38. Timbo2

    Wet orange look replacement roof glass

    A quick scan here and elsewhere suggests that Tesla stopped using the "orange" glass in in early 2019. I'm assuming you are buying a used piece of glass? So you'd need to find somebody with a build somewhere in that time frame and ask what the part number is. Do you know where/if it is...
  39. Timbo2

    Full sized spare tire for Model 3?

    That’s me. Keep in mind it is a compact spare. You lose the width of tire in bottom and about 15 inches at the top. The loss of capacity has never been that much of an issue. You can also access the “lost“ capacity by folding the rear seat to gain access. For example I store an insulated bag...
  40. Timbo2

    Help: Bosch Icon Wiper blades - can't seem to install them!

    Being able to just snap on wiper blades and go is well worth it to me. However, as best everyone can tell Bosch OEM's Tesla wiper blades. As has been mentioned before if you can live with a Bosch logo on the blade they appear otherwise 100% identical to OEM and they about $12 cheaper without...
  41. Timbo2

    Springfield NJ Service Center - Good Experience

    When you decide to check the battery you asked to be replaced and realize that service didn't install the vent tube and that the elbow connection to the battery is missing you have two choices. 1. Drive back to Tesla and/or wait another three weeks for an appointment. 2. Give up and spend $7...
  42. Timbo2

    Model 3 EarthX ETX900 Battery base 3-d print

    Still not showing up on Thingiverse for me. Anybody else have any luck?
  43. Timbo2

    Springfield NJ Service Center - Good Experience

    I figured I'd share a positive service experience. People are quick to jump online to complain, but its more rare for people to post positive experiences. I decided I was going to post my experience before I went regardless of the outcome. My 2018 Model 3 had the somewhat common issue of...
  44. Timbo2

    Side repeater cameras not working

    Sorry to read. Did you do the scroll wheel reset it without the USB drive in place. If you haven't try that as well.
  45. Timbo2

    Side repeater cameras not working

    Are you using a USB drive? (Assume so since you mention Sentry). If so pull it out and see if the turn signal issue remains. If it goes away you might want to try another USB drive and see if Sentry works. Sometimes they become permanently corrupted.
  46. Timbo2

    Supercharger - Manahawkin, NJ

    Coming southbound it's not a big chore to get off at Barnegat and back on the GSP before LBI. It might make more sense to use the new one going northbound from LBI, however. Not sure which side it sits on from memory. Yes, there is one in Egg Harbor but nothing between there and Cape May on...
  47. Timbo2

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Good news! Also odd news. I downloaded 2022.20.8 tonight and my Dec 2018 AWD has the regenerative braking improvements. The odd news is when I was running 2022.16.X it showed "Tire Configuration" where it now shows Regen on the latest software and has moved the Tire Configuration into 2022.20.8.
  48. Timbo2

    Using SATA SSD for Dashcam/Sentry

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/recommended-usb-drive-for-dashcam.130650/page-9#post-3881762 My Samsung SSD 850 Pro has been working fine for three years including single digit F days. That said @smogne41 is correct - it is only rated to 32F for operation so I was initially a bit...
  49. Timbo2

    Supercharger - Manahawkin, NJ

    Interesting. its only 5 miles from the one in Barnegat. You’d think they would want spread them out more or that one in Barnegat must be jammed. They are both right off the Garden (not Golden) State parkway. It would make more sense to put one between Egg Harbor and Cape May in my opinion.
  50. Timbo2

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Have hope. My bet is they do AWD variants first as I think that is a larger part of production.