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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Does that mean that the temporary ones are online?
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    Supercharger - Coralville, IA

    I remember seeing a pin on the future location map on Tesla.com for Davenport but figured I was far out! That will save me considerable time since I was hitting Puru on the way back from Moline. This is awesome!!!!
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    Supercharger - Coralville, IA

    I had no problems with Peru. Did you report the low current to Tesla?
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    Supercharger - Coralville, IA

    Has anyone had a chance to check on this in the last couple days? I need to drive to Cedar Rapids tomorrow and if this isn't up I'm going to have to drive the TDi and offset all the greenhouse gases I've been saving this year!
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    Overcoming range anxiety.

    The trip planner at EV Trip Planner is pretty accurate and is a good guide. In short, if you drive straight through with no breaks currently it will take longer. If you currently stop for meals and breaks, you can plan your stops accordingly around superchargers and it'll be similar to what...
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    Evtripplanner Down?

    I think so. I was just coming here to see if it was just me or if anyone else knew what was up. It's sad, I could really use it right now!
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    Improved Trunk lighting - Is there demand?

    Pete, I'm attempting to install the lighting in my 70D (June 2015 production) with premium lighting. I noticed that the legs of the OEM lights seem a little wider and while they fit nice and tight in the 2 trunk locations, the Abstract Ocean lights are very loose to the point they would fall...
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    Is there an app that tells you if supercharger stalls are full?

    Tesla is the only one that has the data for this. They know when cars are supercharging, and could probably determine cars that require charge (routed on a trip) that are at a supercharger, but not yet charging. If you add the current usage level of the available chargers they'd know exactly...
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    Best "value" Model S

    Trust me. It's really easy to go from shopping Hyundai Genesis -> A6 -> CPO Tesla -> new base Tesla -> new loaded Tesla. ;) No regrets, but glad I waited to test drive as long as I did.
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    12v battery died 250 miles from SC making me pay for 150 mile towing

    I carry this in the MS: Amazon.com: Anker PowerCore Jump Starter 400 Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger Power Bank with 400A Peak Current, Advanced Safety Protection: Automotive It's a really good flashlight and I've jumpstarted my Subaru with it several times with no problem...
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    Does anyone else's interior lights go out when opening the power liftgate?

    I noticed that the other day. I'm not sure if it's always done that or not though.
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    Men's Health has Model S on front cover tech guide

    Wow, I can only imagine his hood is dented like crazy!
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    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    I used Heart of Gold too. I expected to see it much more common, but we'll just have to share it. P.S. Eddie is my laptop. :)
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    Model S Buyers: What's Your Income?

    Just an interesting data point...my coworker found out I got a Tesla and said there's no way he could spend that much on a car. He made > $800k last year and leases a fully loaded 5 series. :confused:
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    I never got this aggravated driving ICE cars

    Incompetence is a much better explanation than malice.
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    TACC with 7.0 - unexpected slowdowns

    In my experience it has always happened on highways with no cars stopped on the shoulders. No difference if there are any cars around and I've watched the screen and it does not indicate detecting any cars. Given the correlation with overpasses, it seems more likely to be GPS data related.
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    Chicago owners, your opinions please

    70D is perfect for Chicago! The range is great and can get you as much driving as you could need in the city and suburbs. Autopilot is a god send in heavy traffic, so I'd go with a newer one for that alone.
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    TACC with 7.0 - unexpected slowdowns

    I've had the same situation and can reproduce it pretty easily. It happens to me on overpasses. One is a new overpass which isn't even on the GPS map yet. My theory is that it speeds back up after it has crossed all the lanes of the road beneath. Location 1: Google Maps Location 2: Google Maps
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    Should I stealth wrap over my deep metallic blue MS?

    You've made me realize how dirty my car is. That looks amazing!
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    Firmware 7.0

    I woke up at 4am (thanks baby!) and started the install so it's complete and I'll be commuting with it in Chicago traffic soon! "Good luck everybody else!"
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    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    And I have a long trip on Wednesday! That just means I'll have to make more long trips.
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    Can you drive a Tesla and still be a REAL MAN(tm)?

    Guys, comon. Real men drive trucks:
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    What's your 90%?

    My 90% is usually 212-213. It was 214 at delivery and 211 this morning. A range charge gets me 239-240 miles and I'm often below rated wh/mi energy usage without moderating my driving style (however I use TACC a lot).
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    This is so simple it's genius! I have to test this as I've been using the neutral/emergency brake technique.
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Probably the most inconsequential thing yet, but it surprised me this morning... If you have the Cold Weather screen up with the rear defrost on the side mirrors will light up red on the screen indicating that the mirror heaters are on.
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    Tesla moments

    You're an awesome guy! That kid will never forget it.
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    70D, let me tell you how it feels to drive.

    I agree fully. I decided I would start test driving with the 70D and move up, fully expecting to be "meh" about it after driving my 450HP Subaru to the test drive. After driving the 70D I realized it felt much stronger and was more satisfying to drive, even if on paper it was slower. No...
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    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    How sensitive are they? I know I drove past a few yesterday at no more than 5 over, but was certainly going with traffic.
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    Suction cup mount & Valentine One on the S windshield black dot area....wont stick?

    I've used a couple layers of clear packing tape over the bumps to smooth it out and give a nice surface to suction to. It works great, but the tape glue will fail eventually, probably 5 years or so. If you want a cleaner method, look at the BlendMount: Tesla - Blendmount Radar Detector Mounts...
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    Tesla moments

    I had a middle aged guy with his family come up to me and say, "Can I have your car?". I wasn't sure how to respond to that other than laugh.
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    Same, especially while coasting on a slight downgrade.
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    Does Your Tesla Make You A More Aggressive Driver?

    I was riding with my mother-in-law while waiting for delivery of my car and pointed out that there was an S60 next to us since she had never seen a Tesla. At green the Tesla went and easily pulled away from us. My MIL made a comment about how fast she was accelerating. I said "she's not even...
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    I've noticed this too on my 70D. It's especially noticeable in downgrades when I'm coasting with no accelerator input.
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    Trip near Yosemite... Manteca supercharger enough?

    I would also charge to 100%. I also think that 20 miles to vampire drain over 4 days is a bit high, but better to plan for the worst case scenario and have no worries.
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    Does Your Tesla Make You A More Aggressive Driver?

    I drive quite a bit less aggressively. My last car was a turbo Subaru with ~450HP, but to get to the power you had to really get into it and once you're in boost you're not going to let off immediately. Now with torque available at all times I don't have to get to it since I have it on demand...
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    Firmware 6.2

    I can now log into TuneIn with .36, so that appears to be fixed.
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    Eyeglass clip pano roof

    Can you provide the name of that or link to it?
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    Tesla moments

    I had something similar yesterday that my wife caught and I completely missed. I was getting a new tank of propane and the frunk is the perfect place for it. I swap tanks and as I'm getting in the car my wife asks "Did you see that woman?" Me, "No, why?" "She was staring at you the entire...
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    Official Model S Child Seat Thread - reviews, pictures, and discussion

    The manual says to only use the seatbelt in the middle position and not use LATCH.
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    Anyone in Chicago want to trade your piano black interior for my matte wood?

    I'm keeping my piano black for the same reasons. Where you planning on getting the work done and what finish?
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    If you Do Not Order Autopilot Convenience Features do you get Cruise Control?

    I use TACC for at least an hour a day 5 days a week. So far it's been well worth it for me in heavy traffic. I'd say I've already gotten my money's worth in 1 month even without other autopilot features. On more rural two lane roads it's still nice, but not a killer feature and I wouldn't...
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    I just got big-timed by a fellow Tesla. 85s can't hang with P85Ds apparently...

    There's a red Model S in my area that I keep missing (see him in the same parking lot, but don't cross paths). The other day we were driving in opposite directions and he sticks his hand out to window and waves. My window is cracked and I'm excited to wave back. My window wasn't open enough...
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    Need advice: used P85 vs new 70

    I went new 70D. The cruise with autopilot was more than worth it for me in Chicago traffic.
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    California Gas Restriction Act of 2015... Mentions Tesla Owners.

    Sorry, just making a joke about having a tesla and them saying it won't matter, so....
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    California Gas Restriction Act of 2015... Mentions Tesla Owners.

    Meh...doesn't matter to me. ;)
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    70D stuck in production?

    Congrats! Just be patient with the speed of that train. It'll get there!
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    Wish List Center Console

    That looks like a decent idea. I typically like the yacht floor, but for the trips where an extra cup holder is needed this will be perfect. Just ordered a couple! If anyone is searching for it it's the "Bell CO51 Octopus Cup Holder".
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    Beltronics STI-R installer recommendations, Chicago area?

    I'd love to know too! Anyone?
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    EW! Don't dump your trash beside the Supercharger!

    I think there are also a lot of us buying Teslas that wouldn't have been caught driving an S-class Mercedes or other luxury cars *because* it could be perceived as elitist. I hope there are enough drivers with your attitude to balance out the few with the green halos.