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    NVX BOOST sound system upgrade (Denver, CO)

    No idea. I was told by several Tesla guys that these were hard to find and out of stock. But that doesn't seem to be true anymore. I guess we'll find out. People are always free to a make an offer.
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    Model S seat covers; standard seats; black/red (Denver, CO)

    These are the covers sold by EVannex. It is the full set (front and back seats) sold there for $870. Selling here for $450 obo. Used these for two years. No damage, just the mild wear of typical usage, but these things are pretty sturdy. I've had them professionally cleaned.
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    NVX BOOST sound system upgrade (Denver, CO)

    Tesla Model S Sound System Upgrade Purchases from EVannex three years ago and had it professionally installed and uninstalled. Save $140 over purchasing new. $850. Pics available upon request.
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    Gen II Matte Black Wall Connector (Denver, CO)

    $500 obo. Still unopened in box. Received through the referral program.
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Amica. My coverage offered me 30 days at $20/day. Cheapest rental was $25/day. I chose to drive our third beater car instead of spending $150 to drive a Ford Fiesta for a month.
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    No idea. Car was built in Dec. 2015 with sale price of $87,500.
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Yes, there was the tiniest bit of frame damage. Nose cone was just scuffed.
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Maybe 20mph. I was stopped in traffic and he had just started accelerating when a light turned green. FYI, damage was $30k!
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    Vehicle was driveable, but hatch wouldn't shut so the vehicle couldn't be secured. The other driver was uninsured. I have been in communication with Tesla since the 3 month mark and have been bounced around, call unreturned, etc. I'm a small business owner so I don't really have the time to...
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    FYI, this was the damage to the vehicle.
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    Rear ended by uninsured driver.

    FYI, the original $10k in estimated repairs ended up being over $30k. And, it's been 5.5 months and I still don't have my vehicle back. (See my other thread I just posted.)
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    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    There is a lot to take into consideration when weighing your options for a new vehicle. Here is one x-factor you may want to consider: This is a copy of an email I just sent to customer service that will give you the gist. 9:16 PM (0 minutes ago) to customersupport, kemartin Hi, Calena...
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    Rear ended by uninsured driver.

    Yeah it's not looking good in that front. 19 year old kid in an old Ford Ranger with existing body damage. And when the cop asked him for his address he pointed to the holiday inn right next to us.
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    Rear ended by uninsured driver.

    A couple questions if anyone has any insights: 1) Any idea of parts/repair turnaround times these days? 2) I've heard from an acquaintance in insurance that they recently totalled out a Model S for a customer on what would have been only about $5000 in repairs. Anyone experience similar to...
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    Haven't seen anyone mention the door handles.

    It looked like two of the three cars displayed had rectangular recessed door handles similar to the S. However, the red model 3 had a sort of hockey-stick shaped handle. Are they just trying out different looks to see what folks like? Or could this be some sort of option? ...or the website is...
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    Will this table fit in my MS?

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    Will this table fit in my MS?

    End table measuring 4' x 14" x 32". Any idea if that will fit with the seats down?
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    blacked out chrome and powder coated wheels UPDATED WITH PICTURE

    Looks great! What did you black out the chrome with?
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    Another "Got my custom plate" thread :)

    Love it. I'm in Denver and have never seen that plate. How did you arrange to get it? With Tesla handling the paperwork, I just assumed I had to sit here and wait for plates to show up.
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    Do they think Model S owners are suckers?

    Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed with evannex. I got all excited waiting for my 85D and ended up placing a big order with them: NVX sub, seat covers, caliper covers, center console, and mats. The NVX sub is the only thing I'm happy with. Everything else, upon receiving the product, made me realize...
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    evannex/wet okole standard seat covers, black w/ red trim

    evannex/wet okole standard seat covers, black w/ red trim These are brand new. I was under the impression evannex allowed returns on them, but I was wrong. I like them, but have other aftermarket priorities at this time. Asking $600, including shipping. Will save you $50 off an identical set...
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    New owners and early adopter owners: Do I detect a major difference?

    I can only speak for myself. I took delivery of my 85D just a few weeks ago. I would never for even a fraction of a second have considered spending $90k on any other vehicle. I did it for the following reasons: 1) I believe in Elon's vision, and I want to support the man who one day will be...
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    What do you expect in three years?

    Great point. I hadn't even thought of this. The fed and state rebates are the only reason I could justify getting my 85D. I do hope Tesla reduces prices to cover the loss of the federal rebate, because I'll still be out the very generous $6500 Colorado rebate.
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    What do you expect in three years?

    I've had my 85D for just a few weeks, and I'm already thinking about what my next MS will be when my lease is up in 3 years. (And I mean that in a good way.) What are your expectations with respect to technology vs. cost? How will a $90k build now compare to a $90k build in three years? Will...
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    Faraday Future

    And that is why Tesla will continue to dominate.
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    Just put a deposit on inventory P85D built Sep 2015

    What did this run you?
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    I understand "Rated Range" but PLEASE explain this to me

    I've been meaning to ask basically the same question. No matter how conservatively I drive, I've never averaged less than about 410 wh/mi. So I'm not sure where the "rated" 300 wh/mi is coming from. Full disclosure: I've only been driving my 85D for 2 weeks.
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    What Swag did Tesla give you at delivery?

    I got what I do believe is now standard: coffee mug, pin, pen, umbrella, and two leather fob holders. And after dropping a hint with my DS, due to the significant delays in delivery, I also got two Tesla jackets. :)
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    Beginning to think something is seriously wrong with my car.....

    I feel your pain. I was in the same boat. For what it's worth, I ordered almost a month prior to you (Oct 7) and just took delivery this past Saturday. Our delays are because the cars weren't perfect coming off the line an had to go through QC, which apparently is really backed up.
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    Upgrades to a leased vehicle.

    Yesterday was my first full day with my 85D. It's everything I expected. I'm looking forward to getting the new wheels, caliper covers, a few vinyl accents, and the de-chroming done (plasti-dip). All that stuff is pretty simple to remove when I return the vehicle in three years. My bigger...
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    If there is no light from the charge port, does that mean it's done charging?

    If so, all 4 superchargers at Park Meadows mall in Denver are occupied by vehicles that aren't charging. Sorry for the rookie question. Haven't even had my S for 24 hrs yet.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Also picking up today in Denver. FINALLY. Ordered 10/7 Confirmed 10/14 Entered production 11/10 (roughly) In transit 12/14
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    Lease or buy Tis the question of 100k!

    While it's still not 100% clear how the math works, Tesla definitely does not keep the $7500 federal rebate. It's factored into the cost of the monthly lease. If you run some basic numbers on, say, a $90,000 build, you'll see that lease payment Tesla quotes is much, much lower than what the...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Sounds like you got the same lucky draw I did. The problems with our cars were in quality control. Something wasn't right coming off the line and QC is really backed up. So if it doesn't come off the line ready to go, it turns into a huge delay. My car just hit Denver today. I entered...
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    Thank you for the helpful comment. I'm sure you can understand the difference between putting down a deposit before the car had been designed, when everyone had the same wait, versus waiting two months during full-fledged production when many cars were being built and delivered within 2-3 weeks.
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    I think he means that for the last two weeks they've continued to tell him "any day now."
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    Any reason not to let Firestone mount my wheels?

    Excellent info, guys. Thank you.
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    Yep, it's finally on the road. Still haven't actually scheduled delivery, but I'd be shocked if isn't available this weekend. Ok, not true. Nothing would shock me at this point. But at this point I'm pretty sure my DS wants to get rid of me as badly as I want my car.
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    Any reason not to let Firestone mount my wheels?

    After about 70 days from order to delivery, I should finally be picking up my MS this weekend. I ordered wheels from Jason and tires from Tire Rack, which were delivered to a local Firestone. Any reason not to let them do the mounting, balancing, etc?
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    Found out my production delay is due to "repairs." Need advice.

    Yeah, I empathize with your partner. Apparently it's taking them weeks to "repair" my otherwise completed car, meanwhile, your car is built, shipped, and delivered in two weeks. You'd think at some point date of order would take precedence in the factory. Who knows.
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    Found out my production delay is due to "repairs." Need advice.

    Yep, this is pretty much the story. I emailed my DS and said at this point, I just want some details. He finally put in the effort to call his manager, which is really all I wanted. Turned out it's being help up by a variety of QC issues, like one handle not extending at the same rate as the...
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    Found out my production delay is due to "repairs." Need advice.

    Yes the state rebate still applies.
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    Found out my production delay is due to "repairs." Need advice.

    I've mentioned in other threads that my production has been taking a really long time. I ordered on Oct 7 and I've been in production for 24 days now. I finally heard from my DS, who told me he got an email from the factory saying my car is one of several undergoing repairs. I asked what kind...
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    Originally it was "Late Nov - Early Dec." Shortly after entering the production queue, my DS called to tell me my production was being pushed by a week. No idea why. The estimated delivery then changed to the much more vague, "Late Nov - December." It still says that. - - - Updated - - - Yeah...
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    I am now the proud owner of: 4 new Niche M117 wheels 4 new Conte DWS06 tires 1 set of black rim protectors 1 evannex center console 1 set of evannex caliper covers 1 set of lloyds mats 1 new sound system (via evannex) 1 new driving cap 1 pair of driving gloves Sadly, still no word on...
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    Evannex CCI front console

    No idea about the iPhone, but yes, the door will still shut with the extra cup holder in place.
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    I work from home with zero commute, am I allowed to buy a Model S?

    Easy. Every morning you get dressed and drive 10 minutes to a Starbucks and back. Seriously though... I work 2 miles from my home. It'll be a miracle if I stay under the 15k miles per year my lease allows.
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    Am I setting a record for longest delivery?

    Ok, thanks for offering some perspective, guys. I'll get over myself now and be patient. :)
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    Do not use automatic car wash!

    This is what I love about you people. 500 posts and a quote from the owners manual, and still more than a year away from even owning a Tesla. Awesome.