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  1. vangogh

    Roof rubber sealant melting

  2. vangogh

    Roof rubber sealant melting

    I just used a razor blade and removed the cracked/deteriorating trim. the empty space looks better than the crumbling trim, but I wish I could find a suitable replacement I could attach...
  3. vangogh

    Rear Drive Unit Failure DI_w126 Alert

    Wow...about a month ago, I started hearing the same noises coming form the trunk, that I had heard a year ago before I got the failure message "reduced speed and acceleration - car may not restart" which ultimately required Tesla replacing the entire rear drive unit....The car is now in the...
  4. vangogh

    my brand new MXLR just died in my garage (while plugged in)

    I had a similar thing happen...2016 X was parked with battery over 50% charged. Opened and closed doors and trunk a couple times at 11am then when I went to drive at 4pm, the car was completely unresponsive. Mirrors did not unfold upon approach, doors would not open when handle pressed, fob...
  5. vangogh

    Rear Drive Unit Failure DI_w126 Alert

    In March '22 they agreed to do the half shaft upgrade, found the Front drive unit was cracked and replaced it (under warranty). Now in Jan '23, I am hearing the similar rolling/knocking sound I heard before the last Rear Drive Unit Failure in December '21. I have a service appointment...
  6. vangogh

    Help identify acceleration clicking noise

    It says they need to lift the car and hold the FDU on a stand during the documented service...Don't know if there is an alternative that could be done during a mobile service call....
  7. vangogh

    Rear Drive Unit Failure DI_w126 Alert

    Got my X back with a new rear drive unit. They just said it was a failure of "communication between the RDU and the HV battery". Don't know exactly what that means, but the new drive unit is working well....Unfortunately, they did not look at the clicking noise I'm hearing during acceleration...
  8. vangogh

    Help identify acceleration clicking noise

    Can someone tell me if the clicking sound I recorded during acceleration in the result of the issue addressed in the service bulletin or something else??? (started at around 45k miles and seems to be getting progressively worse - now at 65k miles. I just had my rear drive unit replaced when I...
  9. vangogh

    Rear Drive Unit Failure DI_w126 Alert

    I am now thinking of a trade in option when my extended warranty is close to expiring. I was really hoping that a fully autonomous (no steering wheel) capable car would be available before trade in but that is looking like wishful thinking....
  10. vangogh

    Rear Drive Unit Failure DI_w126 Alert

    I have a signature 2016 X (65k miles) and a couple weeks ago, I got a warning "car may not restart/service required" and "max acceleration and speed reduced". I called Tesla service and they said it was likely a battery issue, but after a week of diagnostics, they said I need to have my rear...
  11. vangogh

    Deteriorating falcon wing door moon roof gasket on early model X’s

    I luv Tesla BUT…. With their poor design choice of integrating a substandard gasket material (which started to disintegrate after 3 years) to a very expensive falcon wing door moonroof, and their analysis that this pieces is merely cosmetic (and not covered under warranty), I decided to strip it...
  12. vangogh

    Auto open/close frunk system

    Anyone know an installer near San Jose Ca?
  13. vangogh

    Awesome Dash Cam - Owl Cam

    Just installed the Owl Cam in the X...Took less than 5 minutes Plugs into the OBD2 port for power - wire just tucks in around/behind the dash - out of sight Front and rear facing cameras Live streams video to your phone via LTE Voice activated video clip production with voice enabled titling...
  14. vangogh

    Bad Luck Comes in 3's

    First I get rear-ended April 4th on 880 near the Tesla Factory...Luckily my bike rack absorbs most of the energy... Only impact to bumper and lower hatch area (that had been wrapped with a protective file and clear coated) I was able to get a very fast appointment at the San Jose Tesla Body...
  15. vangogh

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Yes...I tried going back in and I could still configure if I wanted to......
  16. vangogh

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Here is the config page
  17. vangogh

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    I'm looking to get the basic model (for a family member), so I'm not configuring..but hit the button to keep me on the list
  18. vangogh

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    I'm an X owner...Live near the Factory...and ordered at 10:15am on 3/31/16...Not an employee
  19. vangogh

    Tesla Quality - Key Fob Indestructible???

    I went diving in Monterey Bay last week-end. I accidentally left my X's key fob in the wet pocket of my dry suit After returning from a 30 minute dive to over 80', I realized my mistake. (At the time I found myself thinking it was going to be a very expensive mistake) I opened the fob and took...
  20. vangogh

    Reservation date changed on My Tesla

    Nope.... : )
  21. vangogh

    X: What's your 90%?

    P90D 21k miles 90% at 214 (100% 235?) at delivery 90% produced 221 4% loss in 18 months of driving
  22. vangogh

    New Model X Cubby Drawer...Outstanding!

    Got mine...Fantastic...Thanks Norm
  23. vangogh

    Anyone else still waiting for 8.1?

    Finally got mine last night... Love the drawing pad, headrest adjustment and favorites channel improvements....
  24. vangogh

    One year

  25. vangogh

    Interesting Error Warning - Car may not Restart

    Got the car back after a week....they had to replace a HV harness and they replaced a noisy air suspension compressor... 2nd issue I've had with air suspension...I hope this is not a reoccuring issue... Concern: Customer states: Alert appeared: Car Needs Service/Car May Not Restart...
  26. vangogh

    Interesting Error Warning - Car may not Restart

    If it is failed high voltage battery contacters...I hope it is an easy repair...and not a several month wait for parts : (
  27. vangogh

    Interesting Error Warning - Car may not Restart

    First time I've seen this error....Driving home from work, got the error and called the SC. They said it was likely nothing but to bring it in when I could so they could investigate. Since I was only 4 blocks away, I swung by and picked up a loaner. I'm glad I did. When they went to start...
  28. vangogh

    Telsa Front Floor Mats Installed

    I think you should definitely take out the carpet mats before installation so the velcro on the bottom of the rubber mats can attach properly and can't move accidentally....
  29. vangogh

    Telsa Front Floor Mats Installed

    Try tucking the edge under the door molding...Then it looks and fits great....and no water/debris can get between the door jamb and the matt. Look closely at the initial pictures of the thread...
  30. vangogh

    Telsa Front Floor Mats Installed

    I think it really depends on where you position the mat (where the velcro is placed). If you have it too far from the side molding (even by 1/4 inch) it can pop out...Try repositioning a bit Notice the picture above how CMdrThor's positioning does not have the sides under the molding
  31. vangogh

    PG&E Offering $500 Clean Fuel Rebate

    Applied Jan 20th...got check Feb 21...
  32. vangogh

    Telsa Front Floor Mats Installed

    Fit and Look Great
  33. vangogh

    First row Model X All Weather Floor mats

    Just installed mine....Look and fit great....
  34. vangogh

    Model X floor mats

    Just got my Tesla Front Floor mats...Fit and Look Great
  35. vangogh

    First row Model X All Weather Floor mats

    Finally...Mine will be here tomorrow....Just in time for more rain...
  36. vangogh

    First row Model X All Weather Floor mats

    Finally...Now I'll have the entire matching set...
  37. vangogh

    Center console won't stay open

    I set a credit card on the closed cover and it slid back on the the top of cover under the back panel . It did not fall into the cubbie but it jambed into the locking mechanism and cuased the problem you are describing...
  38. vangogh

    Ludicrous Mode delta energy use?

    Is there any inherent energy use increase just by having the vehicle is in Ludicorous mode? ie ...if you accelerate at the same rate or drive at the same speed with or without Ludicrouse mode enabled will there be any difference in energy use? Or is the extra energy use only associated with...
  39. vangogh

    What is this item?

    Oh...I thought it was a way of monitoring the cars temperature.... : )
  40. vangogh

    P100D vs 100D - $37K?

    With this in mind...I'll certainly only order a M3100_ when my reservation hits... I'll have one quick car and one inexpexpensive car.... After a year of driving it, I still can't get over the acceleration of the P90D off the line and passing in traffic... The P100D must be awesome...
  41. vangogh

    P100D vs 100D - $37K?

    I sttand corrected....I always thought the P was for allwheel drive.....
  42. vangogh

    P100D vs 100D - $37K?

    You're forgetting the all wheel drive, active spoiler and red caliper brakes.....
  43. vangogh

    PG&E Offering $500 Clean Fuel Rebate

    Yes...Thanks...I applied and hope funds are still available...
  44. vangogh

    Heads-up on front door latches

    I've not had the issue but was scheduled to get them replaced tomorrow...but then they canceled saying they don't have the parts... I'm an early Signature 27X....
  45. vangogh

    8.0 eliminated Surround Sound...

    Just noticed today....Called SC and they said it would be coming back in the next update .20
  46. vangogh

    Rear spoiler ?

    After the 8.0 update, I sometime find my spoiler up about 1/2 inch when I approach the car after it was parked. The SC is going to look at it at my next schedule service....
  47. vangogh

    V8 and autopilot

    I see pros and cons... Sometimes a little more unstable on straight roads - moving slightly more left and right but it seems to handle curves much better...it feels almost as if the car can anticipate the upcoming curve better its hard to put into words, but it seems there is much less oversteer...
  48. vangogh

    I got my 8.0....Did you?

    So Nice....