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  1. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Very strange delivery experience in Dedham, MA near Boston. Quick summary: It took about 30 minutes and went very well, and I'm thrilled with my new Blue/White Model 3! :D Details: - Originally scheduled for 10am Monday but got a text on Saturday saying it would be 3pm instead - Got there...
  2. karmamule

    Percent or Miles & Why?

    In terms of dealing with range anxiety, you might want to play around with setting a nav destination even when traveling someplace you know well. If you are going to be in danger of needing a charge the navigation system will route you thru a supercharger, and if it doesn't then you know you are...
  3. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Like others I was wondering if the latest developments would delay delivery for me in the Boston area. Just called the Dedham Tesla location and they confirmed my new M3P is currently passing thru Indianapolis and on-track for either Friday or Saturday delivery, so my Monday appointment is still...
  4. karmamule

    Hows night visibility with 20% tint all around?

    Out of curiosity I looked it up for Massachusetts and we're limited to 35% on side and rear windows, and can't tint windshield at all except for top 6 inches. Glad I wasn't thinking of it or I'd have serious FOMO right about now.
  5. karmamule

    light hearted request... your car name? - and why

    All my EVs have a name with EV in it: - First Tesla Model 3 is Stevie - Bolt is Evan - Performance Model 3 (getting delivered next Monday!) is Evodio, an ancient Greek name meaning "he who follows a good road"
  6. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Ouch, I'm sure that's very disappointing. :( Good luck!
  7. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    My Tesla guy is working on Sundays: later in the afternoon not too long after my VIN showed in source code he mailed me to say my car would be in the area on the 21st and ready for delivery on the 23rd, so I now have my appointment scheduled! If it goes through as scheduled then it means it was...
  8. karmamule

    Do I wait for "Battery Day" to order Model 3?Or are we not expecting major changes post battery day?

    Tesla almost always seems to have some big announcement waiting in the wings. Once more info on the battery comes up there will be some other eagerly awaited nugget of info coming out. Right now the order lag is pretty high given end-of-quarter timing so you'll have plenty of time to cancel if...
  9. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Hurray, VIN in source code as of Sunday Morning. Eventually heading to Boston area (if not already on the way) Order placed Feb 27 (blue/white/FSD/stealth version) Modified order to include PUP March 10 (after Tesla called and said stealths aren't being made until summertime) VIN in source code...
  10. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Congrats! You look so happy in that picture! :) I hope you have many years of safe fun happy driving in your M3 ahead of you! \o/
  11. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Other than FSD that's exactly what my order is, so fingers crossed I'll be getting assigned a VIN soon too!
  12. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    That's great news! Looking forward to hearing your delivery day story :)
  13. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Just got a call from Tesla and was given a choice: I had ordered a Performance but w/o the PUP (for various reasons detailed elsewhere). But, they told me that configuration wouldn't be made again until sometime this summer, so I could either stick with Performance w/o PUP and wait until some...
  14. karmamule

    Stealth Model 3 still wanted?

    We're switching to 2 model 3s so keeping it :)
  15. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Websites often use Base64 encoding on images which basically sends the images to your browser as a long seemingly random string of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and other characters. Occasionally an encoded image will randomly have '5Y' or '5YJ' in that sequence. If you're using...
  16. karmamule

    What did you name your Tesla?

    I like to always choose names with 'EV' in them: My chevy bolt was Evan My current M3 is Stevie My on-order M3 performance will be Evodio. (Old greek name that means 'He who follows a good road'....seemed appropriate)
  17. karmamule

    Stealth Model 3 still wanted?

    I have a new M3 Performance w/o PUP on order: - Don't like the look of the spoiler - Don't want the stiffer suspension - Don't care about track mode - My current M3 has great cornering so I know stock cornering is fine for me - Don't want the hassle of changing tires from 20 to 18" then trying...
  18. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Looks beautiful, congrats! I'm waiting on a blue w/white interior. Fingers crossed I'll get it sometime this month. Have fun... :)
  19. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    I probably shouldn't read too much into this, but I just placed my order on 27 Feb for a Performance/Blue/White interior/FSD and the wait was at 3-5 weeks. Today it just dropped down to 2-4 weeks, so it's looking promising I'll be getting mine before end-of-quarter.
  20. karmamule

    Performance Waiting Room

    Yesterday we ordered a Model 3 performance, blue, white interior, fsd, in MA area. The site was saying 3-5 weeks for delivery. Let the wait begin! :)
  21. karmamule

    List of Android phones that work >99% of the time

    That joke may have had some merit a few years ago, but as a gadget fan who has had 2 lines, one Android and one iPhone for the last few years I don't think it's true any more. (My two current phones are a Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X) In my experience the number of oddities and quirks on my iPhones...
  22. karmamule

    Tesla threatening my deposit

    I'd imagine the laws governing this situation vary by state, so I'd recommend googling "<my state> consumer support" and hopefully you'll find a resource to talk to about your issue. For example when I searched "Massachusetts consumer support" I got led to this site. If I were in your shoes...
  23. karmamule

    Android users: phone-as-key FIX

    For anyone using a recent Samsung Galaxy phone, there are a couple equivalent things you can do: In settings go to apps, find the Tesla app, and check to make sure it has been granted all permissions, and also on the Tesla app page find 'Apps that can change system settings', go into that and...
  24. karmamule

    Is the Model 3 your most expensive car?

    Nope. A few thousand less than my E300 and way less than the Model S I used to own.
  25. karmamule

    Went from refreshing daily to see if I can configure to refreshing daily to see if I have a VIN

    Yup, I'm on step 5....though in my case I'll be picking up from Dedham, MA
  26. karmamule

    Went from refreshing daily to see if I can configure to refreshing daily to see if I have a VIN

    I configured on 3/28 and it's been crickets chirping until today. I noticed my VIN this morning, put in my financing details, and my delivery specialist e-mailed me a couple hours later saying my M3 is in "final stages to prepare for delivery" and she'd let me know the delivery date early next...
  27. karmamule

    Got the word, my 3 is on the way!

    Great news! Looking forward to hearing your impressions when you finally do pick it up.
  28. karmamule

    Model 3's Best Feature is often Overlooked: Dynamic Directional Airflow

    This is one of those 'lesser' features that I'm really excited about too. I'm very fussy with aiming my air vents, especially in the summertime. (Me and high heat do NOT get along). I'm looking forward to getting my Model 3 before summer and hoping that behavior will become a thing of the past.
  29. karmamule

    They do exist

    Did you get your VIN yet? I just configured and placed my order last week. Here's hoping you might see me on the area roads in Boston metrowest area sometime in May!
  30. karmamule

    Model 3 - 1st impressions (for real this time)

    Definitely, I like that idea! I'm sure I'll be posting when I get my VIN then take delivery, and will try to remember to specifically give a shout out to you and the other Boston area folks. (And I live just a couple miles from that bridge and yeah it felt that long!)
  31. karmamule

    Model 3 - 1st impressions (for real this time)

    Glad to hear about your power usage! Out of curiosity, did you get any sense of what the ratio of 3/S/X was for those 40 cars? I just configured and placed my order a few days ago, live in Waltham, so maybe in a few weeks we'll see each other's Model 3s on the road. :)
  32. karmamule

    Service Plan: Mileage Requirement Reinstated

    I don't think the two Tesla quotes the OP cited are contradictory. Note that the latter one said the mileage INTERVAL limitations have been lifted. That's different from the absolute limit of 100,000 miles within which you have to make your 8 visits. They used to require that your 8 visits...
  33. karmamule

    Did you feel that? The rapid acceleration of depreciation of your P85

    This release may be more significant than most, but they're going to keep coming. Tesla will not stop innovating. Even if you were to take a hit on your current Model S to get one of these lovely new Ds, odds are very good that within a year they'll be releasing something else that'll make...
  34. karmamule

    how many kept your old ICE around as a backup? And how long before selling it?

    My Model S is my only car. The only long trip I worried about doing was my drive from New England to North Carolina to see my Dad and with the supercharger network that's very do-able. I'm going to arrange to have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in his garage and and then will be all set for...
  35. karmamule

    Upgrading from LEAF to Tesla

    Welcome, Baw (and ZsoZso!). It's fun and interesting to hear comparison/contrast between different plug-in/BEV vehicles. Baw, if you do decide to move forward on your Model S purchase please do keep us posted on your thoughts. And ZsoZo I'm looking forward to your future impressions too! :)...
  36. karmamule

    EV Charging etiquette

    Anyone who presumes to know a stranger's situation and insult them on those presumptions has no moral high ground to stand on. When I see a plug-in vehicle in a space meant for a plug-in vehicle and it's actually using it, then that's end of story: they have a right to be there. We can quibble...
  37. karmamule

    Your Happiest ICE (New or Used) Auto Dealer Story

    In my case it was when I bought a Saturn around 1995. They had a fixed price sheet they handed to you so you knew you were getting the same price as everyone else. You worked with the salesman to figure out exactly which options made sense and it was surprisingly similar to my Tesla buying...
  38. karmamule

    San Diego Man's $58,000 Nightmare with a (Salvage Title) Tesla Model S

    I think this guy went running to the media a couple steps too soon to earn any sympathy from me. If he had signed the waiver, Tesla had inspected the car, and then refused to enable it for some minor point and/or wanted an exorbitant repair fee, then he could have made a better case for Tesla...
  39. karmamule

    Wait for my order or take available inventory

    I worked with the staff in Natick & Watertown MA and very much enjoyed the experience overall! I made one request for a change soon after confirming (coil -> air) that ended up being allowed (but they had to get the mothership to approve first), and a few weeks later I inquired about a shift in...
  40. karmamule

    San Diego Man's $58,000 Nightmare with a (Salvage Title) Tesla Model S

    One thing I was wondering: how many other cars need "enabling" like a Tesla does in this situation? Is that common with modern cars or is it still a rare thing?
  41. karmamule

    Delivery Expectations

    I got two gray hats at time of ordering. For delivery I got one fob w/cover, one w/o. No clothing. (I did order a nice black Tesla jacket with red lettering for myself to mark the occasion....) I had read the delivery checklist multiple times before going in, but didn't literally follow it...
  42. karmamule

    PLEASE DON'T HATE ME! - I work for BIG oil but...

    Congrats jstepy! I just got mine last Friday and have had an amazing amount of fun with it in these last few days. My driving life has changed for good. I hope you have a blast with yours too! I remember this thread from when I was still early in my wait, so seeing it pop up again and recall...
  43. karmamule

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Congrats, and get ready to experience two of the longest days of your life! ;-)
  44. karmamule

    What Color and Options for the best resale value after one year?

    I think the start of deliveries for the Model X will be a bonanza for anyone hoping to buy a used Model S, and the steady stream of available used vehicles will keep the prices down. One reason I financed through Tesla was to have a guaranteed no muss/no fuss value if I decide to step up to the...
  45. karmamule

    Delivery Delay - 2014 Model S

    Sorry, just saw this. I'll try to remember to post a couple tonight.
  46. karmamule

    Anxious Almost Owner with Questions.

    You'll see a status of "Your car is being prepared for delivery or shipping", and if you follow the pattern I did that'll be the last status you'll see until delivery. On delivery day you'll see an "Accept Delivery" button and at the end of your overview they'll ask you to push that and...
  47. karmamule

    Delivery estimate chaos

    Finally owning and driving a Tesla changes things radically. I think for most people the pre-delivery anxiety/anger vanishes and is replaced by copious amounts of insanely addictive driving. All that other stuff quickly fades into the background....
  48. karmamule

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    @seanahan So now that you're past delivery how does it feel be an Owner? :)
  49. karmamule

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Great news! You got a little more notice than some of us, but it's a great feeling when that message finally comes in, isn't it!!! I hope you're out driving and having a fantastic time right about now. Let us know please!