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  1. gizmoboy

    How closely does Tesla look at trade ins?

    I'm sure others have mentioned as well, but you can likely get a much better deal trading to a local dealer through KBB or CarMax. I got offered ~3K more than Tesla for our Model 3 when I bought our new Y from a local dealer and they weren't particularly picky either.
  2. gizmoboy

    Model Y....should I wait for 2024?

    How can you tell which version of HW in a MY. Thinking of trading in my wife’s original Model 3 for a MYLR but would want to see the latest HW in there to give it a little more legs…
  3. gizmoboy

    November/December Waiting Room

    But it also says the the forfeiture on your current car is irreversible after accepting the agreement...
  4. gizmoboy

    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    Never happen. Never did, and likely never will. Just not worth it for them (too few for it to be worth the effort and $$$). This always happens with every car, but with Tesla the challenge is you're never sure when a new feature will drop, so someone is always juuust on the wrong side of it...
  5. gizmoboy

    Who upgraded their old Y for a new one?

    I really enjoy my 22 MYP, upgrading from an '18 M3P. Ride is smoother, the seating position is better, and the build quality is much improved. I know going from 3 to Y is more of a jump than model Y to newer Y, but the P jump is fun.
  6. gizmoboy

    New MYP -- AP Following Distance Can't Use 1?

    Just started driving my new MYP after having spent the last 3 years in a M3P. First thing I noticed today not eh way into work was the car was following at an unusually long distance under Autopilot. (If you drive on the freeways in. L.A., you know that leaving too much room is unsafe as people...
  7. gizmoboy

    Gemini wheel resale market?

    I am. South Bay Area.
  8. gizmoboy

    Any info about software versions 2021.43.xxx appearing on new vehicles?

    I'm on 2022.3.101 with my MYP; both of our 3s are on 2022.4.5.3, but not a lot of obvious differences.
  9. gizmoboy

    Cargo Cover?

    Thanks, I will check it out on Amazon!
  10. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    Mine had Ryzen FWIW, as the SA indicated. VIN 393xxx.
  11. gizmoboy

    Cargo Cover?

    Does anyone have experience with this cargo cover for the 22 MYs? https://abstractocean.com/products/model-y-trunk-cover Or recommendations for any alternatives?
  12. gizmoboy

    Gemini wheel resale market?

    same question. Just got my MYP, and am looking at replacing the 21" uberturbines with 19 or 20s for a better ride...
  13. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    Agree to disagree, I guess. You're positing that the only difference between the two is better performance, and concluding no reasonable person would refuse it based on that premise. I'd say that's a fairly clear example of a straw man argument. One definition of such with which I agree, is "a...
  14. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    For clarity, this was a typo. I meant to type "my original M3P" -- sorry for the confusion!
  15. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    Ugh -- sorry! M3P is what I meant. Edited to correct.
  16. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    This is a bit of a straw man argument. If (and this is clearly debatable at best or flat out wrong at worst) the only difference were the speed, I agree that it's a cut-and-dried argument. If, on the other hand, there are tradeoffs in the new unit (e.g., performance for reduced range via...
  17. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    True, but I don't understand the relevance to the post to which you're replying. My point was that Tesla has done some MCU updates in the past; it's not out of the question, but there is no real reason to think they will do it here. Ultimately, however, my point was that the sniping seemed to...
  18. gizmoboy

    MYP Estimated delivery date

    Got my VIN today and a scheduled delivery date (contactless) of Saturday shortly thereafter! VIN is NF393xxx, SA claims it's AMD CPU fwiw.
  19. gizmoboy

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    This is a fair point; with my original MYP, which I had bought (and never gotten) FSD for, they did upgrade me to MCU2 as part of that. Did I notice huge improvement? Not in any practical sense. The map stuff still lags more due to internet connectivity than CPU performance; I don't play many...
  20. gizmoboy

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I've heard people saying they can get 2500+ for the Uberturbine wheels and tires. Doesn't exactly cover it, but it really helps...
  21. gizmoboy

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I'm planning to sell my wheels and replace them with either 19s or 20s. I have 19s on My M3P and it's a decent ride. I like the look of the T Sportline TSVs or maybe TSTs.
  22. gizmoboy

    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I've never contacted my SA... might want to change to cash as I will likely finance through USAA. How do I reach them?
  23. gizmoboy

    Phantom braking in my new Model Y

    Same. For me, going up the 110 and down the 110 there is one spot that hits the brakes hard every time. Mostly, I remember to disengage AP before then, but when I don't, sure gets the heart pumping!
  24. gizmoboy

    Model Y - SoCal Delivery Time - 2022

    MYP Blue/Black w/Tow no FSD OD: 1/9/22 EDD: 2/28-3/28 Los Angeles
  25. gizmoboy

    ioniq 5? too bad its a hyundai.

    The interior looks pretty good, but the walkthrough video of the internal controls sees like a real complicated mess with buttons ad touchscreen and other controls. Which is a shame, because I considered it momentarily.
  26. gizmoboy

    HomeLink DIY install

    It never occurred to me that new MYP wouldn't have Homelink... I don't think I've had a car that didn't have it built in in 20 years, including my 3 prior Teslas... I presume there's a thread on this? Just Tesla cheaping out?
  27. gizmoboy

    2 Month Tesla Owner - Fed up and Done

    It is an interesting dynamic of announcing one's intention to the world. Feels trolly or condescending. But really, he's free to do anything he wants, within the law, and he probably won't take a bath on the car in this environment. Someone who wants one will get a new car more quickly than...
  28. gizmoboy

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    Same here.
  29. gizmoboy

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    My observation as well. That doesn’t gibe with the “it’s server side and servers are overloaded” explanation going around.
  30. gizmoboy

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    Any idea when they might make another trip to Los Angeles? I have my kit but need an installer... trunk and foot sensor.
  31. gizmoboy

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    I ordered the trunk as well. Interested in finding an L.A.- based installer if others are knowledgeable on folks in the area... South Bay or Hollywood preferred.
  32. gizmoboy

    AC odor removal and cleaning

    We had this done this weekend by mobile service in my wife’s 3 which had developed the rancid vinegar smell. Charged us $260. Seems way too much but she was pissed at the smell and my eyes glazed over trying to follow the DIYs on here. :)
  33. gizmoboy

    Safe to Charge Things from Cigarette Adapter?

    I'm curious if folks are charging things like drone batteries or cameras while out and about with their cars; is this safe to do, and what would you use to get a 110 connection out of the car? I was looking at something like this, but I am not sure how safe it'd be to use...
  34. gizmoboy

    Car Shutting Down At Rest

    Yes, I can drive the car but no audio and have to manually engage the seat settings.
  35. gizmoboy

    No sound

    I get it intermittently as well.
  36. gizmoboy

    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    Why can I not find this in Musk’s twitter feed? Because it’s a reply to someone else’s message or because I am twitter challenged?
  37. gizmoboy

    Car Shutting Down At Rest

    There's no "play" in them at first (like the mechanism isn't charged), but they come up when the system powers back up. Takes ~60 seconds. If you power down your car sitting in it and wait until it powers all the way down, you should be able to reproduce this sensation. (At least I can...)
  38. gizmoboy

    Car Shutting Down At Rest

    I have been getting the audio issue as well, so some correlation there (though it hasn't happened since the last update for me, but these shutdowns continue. Sorry, but I know what I'm talking about. The brakes are dead just like when the car is in a power-down situation. But after a tap on...
  39. gizmoboy

    Car Shutting Down At Rest

    Seems like ever since 9.0, my M3P seems to be shutting down a lot when I park it. When I return to it from work, say (or sometimes just shopping in a store), the car is "all the way down." Hitting the brakes is dead feeling and the car takes about 60 seconds for the T on the screen to appear...
  40. gizmoboy

    No audio bug in Model 3

    This happens to me about 3-4 times a week. Seemed to start a few weeks ago, but not AFAICT right after an update. Power off resolves it.
  41. gizmoboy

    "Tez-la" or "Tess-la" how does Elon pronounce it??

    I thought it was because that was how Nikola Tesla pronounced it, but research seems to indicate he used the unvoiced S ("tessla").
  42. gizmoboy

    PowerWall Delivery

    Where in California? Solar Optimum in SoCal is a Tesla certified installer and they claim to have 500+ PWs in stock. If you call there, tell them I sent you. (won't do anything but make me look good... ;)
  43. gizmoboy

    Solar Comps in Los Angeles

    Solar Optimum's quote is significantly higher than all of the others' (including Tesla's), and they're the only one pushing Enphase inverters over SolarEdge. They claim they're superior and have a better warranty. They also have PowerWalls in stock, which is appealing. But their price per kWH...
  44. gizmoboy

    Solar Comps in Los Angeles

    I reached out to Solar Optimum, will post my experience with them here for posterity. Also waiting on some quotes via EnergySage.
  45. gizmoboy

    Solar Comps in Los Angeles

    I'm looking at an offer from Tesla on solar for our house (12. kW system for ~99% offset) at ~3.50/w. Would like to see some competing offers from other reputable installers. Can anyone recommend good stable ones who work in LA/SoCal?
  46. gizmoboy

    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    Agreed. Can't imagine how they legitimately would price a trade-in, given the comparable car doesn't exist any more (and did for so short a time), but I imagine it would value at very close to an AWD, which is kind of the point of why I feel wronged. My P3D has no analog to hold value and will...
  47. gizmoboy

    Model 3 Key Fob is here: $150

    Agreed. My wife is still very salty about this. I'm annoyed but more sanguine.
  48. gizmoboy

    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    The M3 used to do this before an update in the Jan/Feb timeframe... The red stickers have already been announced to be good until 2022. The number of us (myself included) who pre-bought FSD on their P3D- is surely low enough that they can offer us some other compensation for making our cars...
  49. gizmoboy

    Performance Upgrade Price Change!

    I responded to my initial rejection from Tesla with a calm thoughtful response as to why the original response wasn't satisfactory to me, and this is the response I got: Thanks for your reply. We understand this is not the answer you're looking for but we appreciate your time in looking into...