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    Battery Fuse Replacement 2016 Model S 90D

    My original quote a week ago was $661. I fought with them to remove the $200 diagnostic fee, which they said they would remove if I accept liability that changing the fuse might not remove the error message. I said fine, accepted $461 estimate, scheduled 3 weeks out. Today it went to $0. I hope...
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    Pyro Fuse Fuss

    Tracy, what did they say? What other component could there be that trigger this warning?
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    Pyro Fuse Fuss

    My SC is being an a*hole I was quoted almost $700. I asked them to remove the $200 "General Diagnosis" fee as there's nothing to diagnose. They replied "It still requires diagnosis. If replacing the fuse doesn't solve your problem, we're not liable. You ok with that?" What should I tell them?
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    Pyro Fuse Fuss

    MX 75D 4/2017 just got the message, so 6.5 years and 44K miles. I'll wait out the 5 days.
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    Model X Creeking sound Reare

    Move the second-row seats around a bit to see if the creaking noise stops. Sometimes it rubs on the side causing that noise.
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    What does (will) your personalized plate say?

    Been driving since 2017 with this:
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    Anybody install an Ohmmu battery in their X? Looking for feedback.

    It's for my 2017 75D, out of warranty. SC is far away and I don't want to wait around. I'd rather put some elbow grease in and get a good battery while I'm at it. But the reversed terminals with the short cables kinda worry me.
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    Anybody install an Ohmmu battery in their X? Looking for feedback.

    Ohmmu's website says it's shipping the ones with reversed terminals. I'm in a pickle because I need a new battery immediately and the terminal cable issue is worrying me.
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    Jumped 12V working fine. Replace anyway?

    My 12V just died after 2 years without warning. I jumped it and everything appears to work normal. Should I be proactive and replace it now? (with Ohmmu 12V) I'm 90% leaning proactive since the batt is 2 years old. It's just weird that it died without a replacement warning. 100 degrees heat...
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    2022.8.10.1 on MCU1

    Yeah baby! First update in like a year. Rejoice oh abandoned ones. Just got it myself.
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    MCU screen yellowing and no UV fix...

    Insist on getting the screen replaced under warranty. Tell them numerous owners have had theirs replaced, mine included. They did the UV thing on my 2018, said it helped but it was obvious that it didn't do jack. So I went back in and asked nicely that it be replaced under warranty, which they...
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    CT jump queue?

    In the past, MX and MS owners were able to jump the queue to buy an M3 if desired. Is there such a thing for current owners to jump the CT waitlist?
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    I got my SS to 98 for a couple of days, but Christmastime spent in LA/OC reduced it to 96. I decided to opt out of FSD request last night; SS went away. This morning I redid my FSD request. Tonight I got FSD 10.8 despite a 1-day SS of 94. I suspect my 98 a few days earlier got in at some sort of...
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    2021 Holiday Update Version Differences

    I got my Safety Score up to 98, then Christmas driving in LA knocked me down to 96. I decided to opt out of FSD request last night. This morning I opted back in. A few hours later I got FSD 10.8 with a Safety Score of 94. Interesting to say the least.
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    Model X New Rear Tires Need Replacement After Only 7,000 Miles

    My 75D got 27K miles on all 4 stock 20" Contis My 100D at 23K miles: stock 20" Contis front tires 1/32nds and rear tires 5/32nds. SC replaced front tires only. Just another data point.
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    MCU1 - who’s gonna try 2020.48.37.8?

    Just to clarify: Are you saying the MCU2 upgrade would cause me to lose unlimited connectivity? Or is it a general statement not relating to MCU2?
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    MCU1 - who’s gonna try 2020.48.37.8?

    I gave up. Scheduled for MCU2 upgrade. EMMC issue causing frequent reboots with no fix in sight. Elon won. Take my $1500.
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    How much does Tesla service charge for a 12V Lithium battery?

    I was at my local service center this past Monday. I inquired whether they do 12V Li-ion batteries and was told that while new MSs come with Li-ion, they still do lead acid replacements. No word yet as to when Li-ion roll out would occur. I will check again in a couple weeks when I come in for...
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    MCU Yellow Border - Fixed!

    My 12/2018 MCU2 developed the yellow border. SC did the UV thing, said it helped. I came out to the car to see the same darn yellow border exactly like before. I promptly marched back in and nicely said "is that the best you can do?" "ok I'll replace the MCU for you, parts requested" Sweet...
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    How much does Tesla service charge for a 12V Lithium battery?

    Tesla now uses 12V Lithium batteries in MS/MX. Anyone know if Tesla SC will replace a dead 12V to Lithium for free under warranty, and if not free, how much do they charge to swap to 12V Lithium? Thanks
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    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    Then their eMMC swap should go a lot faster than this. There are quite a few owners who went for the MCU2 upgrades, leaving their MCU1s for refurbishment and ready for swapouts to those who are sticking with MCU1. Then the process repeats.
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    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    Is the eMMC recall ongoing for cars that don't quite have issues yet? I have an MCU1 car, has been getting non-responsive issues that resolved with a reset, which happens almost daily. My service center refuses to replace the eMMC until there's an issue that a reset won't fix. Should I press it...
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    How do I know if my older 75 X has the performance boost upgrade?

    I had my 2017 MX 75D uncorked, but it doesn't show in the account details page neither. My 2018 MX 100D shows "Non-performance acceleration". So now I'm unsure if the uncorking was ever done to the 2017 car.
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    Dipped my 20 factory rims with Hyperdip

    Are you leaving the lug nuts undipped? If dipping the lug nuts as well, how do they hold up after tightening? I'm asking because I want to remove the wheels before dipping, as opposed to leaving the wheels on.
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    My wife just confirmed it. The mobile tech did not close the driver door when he shifted to drive. So the public service announcement is when jumping your dead 12V, don't do anything that may lower the voltage, like closing the door with the brake.
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    That is an excellent observation! You're probably right that the door closing shut took a lot of energy that could've been used to activate the car. We're spoiled sometimes with the auto door closing on brake. That's a good mental note for next time for sure. Post #7 I said "I did press the...
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    Mobile tech was able to jump start the car with my battery jumper pack. Not only was he able to get in the car (I was able to also) but he was able to shift to drive without issues (I was not able to). I wasn't there to witness it, but my wife was. So I guess it was user error on my part. My...
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    Thanks scott, What do you think is going on with my car? The DC-DC converter must not have kicked in at all, leading to the car displaying the message "Unable to start, car needs service". I guess the 12V battery is so dead that it doesn't accept a charge, or perhaps another unknown reason.
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    @cobra I did press the brake while the screens were still on. The driver door closed shut. Then the jumper pack made a beeping sound indicating that the +30s timeout was going to happen, so I immediately opened the driver door to get out because I didn't want to get trapped inside. I didn't try...
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    Thank you for your replies. It's my 2018 car that just died. It does have a sulfur smell. My 2017 12V battery also had the sulfur smell when its 12V battery died. I was able to change the appointment location from the office to my home and will be staying home tomorrow. What's a bummer is that...
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    How to get main battery to charge 12V?

    My 12V died. I was able to jump the 12V and start the screen by pressing the jumper battery repeatedly (jumper stops the charge after 30s but screens need longer than 30s to start up). I scheduled for mobile service tomorrow at my office to get the 12V replaced. I'm hoping to be able to drive...
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    Section 179 tax benefit question

    This question has indeed been asked many times. You can only deduct the % (has to be more than 50%) used for business. Commuting miles don't count. Having said that, due to the 2017 Trump tax act, the way to write off 100% of the total cost (up to $1M) is to buy an MX toward the end of the year...
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    Tesla Offer Frunk Group Buy

    In case of a dead 12V battery, the frunk can be manually opened by pulling a wire underneath to jump or swap out the battery. Can it still be manually opened after the electric frunk installation?
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    Charging option other than current scheduled time

    With ever-increasing number of BEVs, I can't help but think we as a group must be putting a significant strain on the grid at the top of the charging hour. For example, I have mine set to charge at 12AM PST. I'd wager that the majority of BEV owners also set to charge at 12AM. Not counting...
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    Carrying a plug kit paid off this weekend

    I have a tire inflator in the car. I'm planning on just stopping and adding more air if I ever get a puncture. Should be enough to limp to a safe place?
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    12 volt battery question

    How low is "low"? The sweet spot for the main battery to be in is between 50-80%. I agree with the plugging in advice, but not the leaving the level low advice.
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    I see Gen 3 home chargers over heating, what about Gen 2’s?

    I had the same thing happen to me. Same signature HPWC. Same leg burnt out. I was charging at only 40A. Tesla gave me a new non-signature HPWC. All I had to do was take the signature fascia off the old and pop it into the new. Handle is shiny, not matte. HPWC comes with 4 year warranty.
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    Supercharger - Traver, CA (LIVE 18 Nov 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    Wow thanks for looking that up! If the job provides me with an FSD beta car, I'm in! I won't forget you guys. As soon as I'm hired, let's have a goat-feeding grand opening party. I'll throw in free supercharging for the day for anyone who comes out. Just bring some carrots. BYOC.
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    Supercharger - Traver, CA (LIVE 18 Nov 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    It doesn't make sense to bunch it up like you said. It's not like Tesla SCs are growing like weeds everywhere. Tesla employees have to drive too. Not all Tesla employees are certified electrician/tech, but I'm sure there's enough of them around, particularly at service centers, to simply swing...
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    12v battery issues

    I have a battery jumper pack stored in the frunk at all times for this reason. I've had a 12V battery give warnings and a 12V dying all of a sudden leaving us stranded. 12V jumper in the frunk allows us to get into the car and drive since the frunk can be manually opened. If you're getting a...
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    Supercharger - Traver, CA (LIVE 18 Nov 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    I was the guy who talked to the county inspector. He said that the electricity was live. He didn't know why the superchargers weren't on. So definitely not PG&E. Anyone know if it's normal for Tesla to wait a few weeks post-inspection to turn on other superchargers?
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    NEMA 14 - 50 or Wall charger

    I went through all 4 scenarios below: 1) NEMA 14-50 with mobile connector. The mobile connector is short and we have 2 MXs, so my wife and I constantly have to remember whose day it is to charge. We got tired of that, so when we got our reward referral HPWC, we pigtailed it to a NEMA 14-50...
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    Supercharger - Traver, CA (LIVE 18 Nov 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    I stopped by at around 11AM this morning. I tried 5/16 connectors. None were on. I talked to the county official present there. He was checking on the transformers in the white cabinets. He said all inspections have passed and they should be on. I told him no, to which he was surprised and said...
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    Tesla ContiSilent tire quote

    My 20" Contis got 30K
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    Supercharger - Traver, CA (LIVE 18 Nov 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    There are not a lot of things to do at the Traver charger location. There's an antique shop and a cannabis joint across the street. I love antiques but I'm afraid that will get old after awhile. I guess I can get into the cannabis habit...hmm Channeling my inner Elon
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    Supercharger - Visalia, CA #2 (under construction May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    I think it sucks that both the Betty Dr location and Traver are North of Visalia (North of the 198). It would be better if there's a supercharger N and S of the 198.
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    USB drive is not accessible by dashcam

    Yes. It used to happen more frequently but less so now, although it still happens. Basically, you have to run a chkdisk on the drive to repair some non-existent error.
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    Lost 18 miles just sitting in Garage for 1 hour.

    This happened to me before. I went to a restaurant with 16 miles left. Supercharger was 5 miles away. Hour and a half later I came out to a car with 6 miles left. I literally was the slowest car on the road while trying to conserve as much power as possible to make it to the SC.
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    First Time using a Super Charger this weekend, I got some questions....

    Speaking of the short cord, if possible consider using stalls that require backing in, leaving stalls that you can go forward in for others with trailers, bike racks, etc. Nice thing to do.
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    First Time using a Super Charger this weekend, I got some questions....

    You have a 2018 X so check to see if you have Free Unlimited Supercharging included. If you bought it before 9/2018, then you have FUSC. For me, it's all about the destination. I like Tesla, but I'd rather not be in the car any longer than I have to. That means I have a lead foot. I go 80-83mph...