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    Lowering the Model 3

    As someone with a lowered gasoline powered car, I would not want to lower a car that has a battery at the bottom. Speed bumps, driveways, and city streets will cause problems with both your bumper and the under carriage. This requires a minimum of a camber kit, higher spring constant, and...
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    Model 3 EarthX ETX900 Battery base 3-d print

    I want $0, but anyone can donate if they want. I've only had the battery for a few days, but I'll report back of there are charging issues like the other brands. Make your money. I'm just looking to help, not criticizing. I'm working on a better option for teslafi/Tessie app, as well...
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    EarthX ETX900 12V Lightweight Lithium Battery Tesla Model 3

    Take a look at this if interested: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-3-earthx-etx900-battery-base-3-d-print.281405/
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    Model 3 EarthX ETX900 Battery base 3-d print

    Hi, All. A few months ago, I saw a guy on a Tesla forum trying to sell the EarthX battery and 3-d printed mount for $100+ surcharge. I recently needed to replace my battery under warranty, so I decided to print the base for the battery and share it with others who may need it. This battery base...