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  1. Chips

    FS: Model 3 20” Zero G OEM Wheels Set w/ Michelin Cup 2 Tires

    Any chance you can ship to the east coast?
  2. Chips

    Model 3 Performance spec Zero G +34 full wheel set

    I’m hoping for these along the east coast. West coasters get all the good stuff 😊
  3. Chips

    Model 3 Zero-G Performance Wheels OEM Tesla $2500

    Still available? TPMS work for model year 2018 ?
  4. Chips

    Model 3 20" Zero-G Wheels & Tires - Seattle

    Wish Seattle was closer to Cocoa Beach. Love those wheels.
  5. Chips

    Used Model 3 or Y Zero G Wheels w All season tires Chicago +40 offset

    I know! And I live in FLA!!! Killing me here!!!
  6. Chips

    FS: Tesla Model 3 20" Track Rims & Tires 40mm Offset So Cal

    Man those are beautiful! Wish I lived closer but living in cocoa beach is good
  7. Chips

    FS: Zero-G 20" Referral Wheels

    Man ‘o man I wish I lived near you!!!
  8. Chips

    Model 3 Zero-G 20" Performance Wheels

    Yea bad timing for sure. So wish I could afford them.
  9. Chips

    Model 3 Zero-G 20" Performance Wheels

    Man those are awesome looking!
  10. Chips

    Model 3 zero g wheels, tires, and TPMS Dallas, tx

    I need to see if this offset fits non-performance model. Then Google Cocoa Beach to Dallas roots
  11. Chips

    FS - Model 3 Referral Wheels 20"

    Damn I wish you were in the Southeast ☹️
  12. Chips

    2020 Model 3 Performance Wheels and Michelin Tires

    So wish I could Prime it for free shipping
  13. Chips


    Man I wish I lived in San Jose. Those are beautiful!!!!!
  14. Chips

    Vendor Carbon Fiber License Plate frames / Slim For Chrome Delete

    Sweet. Hope the red looks sharp as I just ordered one.
  15. Chips

    Model 3 Sport 19" Wheels W/ Tires and TPMS

    Excellent. Sounds simple so thanks. Just a wee bit more than I can pay. Maybe a NewYears Eve sale from Greglorious Inc
  16. Chips

    Model 3 Sport 19" Wheels W/ Tires and TPMS

    I was wondering what might be required to get the TPMS all set up. Pretty straight forward?
  17. Chips

    Model 3 Sport 19" Wheels W/ Tires and TPMS

    Oh man, soooo tempted to Merry Christmas to myself!!!!!
  18. Chips

    Vossen HF Series wheels?

    Ok I hafta know what is the package price? Maybe I can swing it.
  19. Chips

    Vossen HF Series wheels?

    Oh I just love those wheels on the 3 but I know they’d be outta my $ league.
  20. Chips

    F/S - Original Tesla Duffel Bag

    Can you give rough dimensions?
  21. Chips

    How often do you use frunk?

    They opened it at delivery and told me how fragile the hood alignment is and how you have to be super careful when closing so I haven't opened it since. I scared of bending the hood. Wish it had an auto-close and latch function.
  22. Chips

    How to install vinyl over your door opening switches.

    I'll second what LM-5 said and add a couple cuz I know I'll mess at least one up. 6 please if'n when you are really bored and start making 'em for your friends in low places :)
  23. Chips

    Was your window sticker correct?

    Window sticker? I didn't even get one.
  24. Chips

    Garage Door Opener Interface in Model 3 - just wondering where it is?

    Had to do it 2 times but yes pointing at front bumper. We have a LiftMaster 8500 unit at one house and a Ryobi GD201 at the other house. Both work just fine.
  25. Chips

    Cash buyer - ACH vs. cashier’s check

    FWIW...My credit union WONT do ACH transfer but rather say I HAVE to use one of their draft checks. They said they have had a few "bad experiences" with delivery refusals and it creates quite the headache whereas the draft has none of the negative impacts.
  26. Chips

    Carmax Appraisel Submission Question

    Just yesterday I got my CarMax approval (4K more than the Tesla offer for my GS350 FSport) and sent a picture of it to my DA. Zach said he would get it to the appraisal team and get back to me in a couple of days.
  27. Chips

    Soon to be ownwer wants to see whee his car is....I have a VIN

    Yea, no luck. The VIN you entered was not found. Please double check your VIN and try again or contact us for assistance.
  28. Chips

    Soon to be ownwer wants to see whee his car is....I have a VIN

    So I have my VIN but delivery is still 2+ weeks out. Is there a way to see if the vehicle is in production? transport? sitting in a holding yard? At my local dealer? TIA, Chips
  29. Chips

    Just got my VIN for Tuesday pick up

    VIN 975xx Orlando delivery 10/03/18 McR dual white aero
  30. Chips

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Oh yes this is awesome. Can you add Launch Federal Credit Union?
  31. Chips

    New estimated delivery on Tesla page

    Yup. Went from Aug-Oct to “Estimated delivery by Oct.'18”...sigh.
  32. Chips

    HPWC ceiling mount with boom for cabling

    Something like this post has? Swinging charging pole
  33. Chips

    Recommendation needed: Installation Shop for Lowering Springs in Orlando?

    What config did you order? I went MCRed performance with white interior and aeros. Congrats on your Friday delivery. Are you picking up at the Orlando store?
  34. Chips

    Recommendation needed: Installation Shop for Lowering Springs in Orlando?

    I got what I thought a pretty good quote from Tint World in Longwood on tint, PPF, and ceramic. They offer 10% off the total price if you do all 3 at the same time. I don't remember if it was Pete or Chase/Jace (not sure of this name) that I talked to. They have a number of videos of their...
  35. Chips

    Adding refferal code to existing order

    I called and after a few rounds of being put on hold while the rep (located in Utah she said) continued to check on how to do it was finally given the answer that since I had already configured that only my DA can add a referral code. I pressed a little bit, while at the same time not trying to...
  36. Chips

    Vendor 20" Vorsteiner VFF-107 Zara Gray Wheels for Model 3- Lightly Used

    Dawg those a gorgeous. Look how nicely they fill the wells!!!
  37. Chips

    Vossen HF Series wheels?

    Oh! Just Oh! Man those rock!