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    Supercharger - Russell, KS

    The car still doesn't know about this one, but I saw a wait at Hays so I looked it up. I am the only one here and charging at full speed!
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    Android 13 update phone key not working

    I was having this issue with my pixel 6 after the Android 13 update. Got the pixel 7 on Thursday and it worked great until today. So I guess this issue still isn't fixed... Sigh.
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    Multiple dangerous Autopilot regressions observed after accepted to FSD Beta

    I recommend opting back out of the beta, or force yourself out with enough strikes. I opted out after I quickly learned how bad the phantom braking was without radar. Even with radar, I have seen a number of regressions to AP the last couple years. Boggles my mind how many people still believe...
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    Possible to deactivate TACC and use "regular, dumb" cruise control? Phantom braking & unexpected slowdowns

    I didn't notice it mentioned there but the phantom braking is primarily a problem with the radarless cars that came from May 2021 and newer. I noticed when I was in the FSD beta, which disabled my radar and suddenly AP was unusable in certain situations so I opted out. It was night and day...
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    Feet are frozen

    I might have a fix for your cold feet! I have the opposite problem when my wife is passenger, my feet get way too hot! Why you ask? She puts her purse and large bag against the center console on the passenger side, blocking her airflow and forcing it all to my side. So as long as you don't have...
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    Battery Degradation Related to Hill Climb to Get Home?

    Even less stressful if you can free your mind of ever thinking in terms of miles to begin with. I wish Tesla would switch the default display to percent. The nav directions used to show percent at destination right there with time at arrival. I wish they would bring it back. As it is, tap the...
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    Battery Degradation Related to Hill Climb to Get Home?

    Doubt the hill has anything to do with it, unless you're charging immediately upon arrival at home and the BMS calculation is just off from the climb. Honestly, switch to percent on your display, and ignore the battery report from teslafi. My battery has bounced all around on that graph in my...
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    Model Y Wheels

    I'm wondering if the 18" aero Model 3 wheels will fit on the Y and what that will do for the range? Hmmm...
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    298 miles is my new 100% (LR RWD)

    Well, what do you know. I drove down to 5% last week and now I'm right back to 310 range ever since. It has also been warmer, so go figure.
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    Battery degradation analysis?

    I'm sitting at 310 after almost 22k miles and almost 1 year. It had dropped to around 300 but either the warmer temps lately or the fact that I drove down to 5% recently has me popped right back up to 310. Love this car. Lots more miles to go...
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    Past Leaf Drivers Users Group

    We still have a 15 Leaf with 47k miles and all bars. It was my gateway EV that got me hooked. I find that LR RWD +aero is even more efficient. I would get maybe 5.4 mi/kwh at best commuting in the LEAF and in the 3 my best was 169 wh/mi or ~ 5.9!!! The LEAF will be replaced with a Y...
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    298 miles is my new 100% (LR RWD)

    I have only been using TeslaFi the last 2000 miles or so. LR RWD with 21k miles in less than 11 months. Battery report varies from 298-302. 5.15 didn't show any change for me either. I leave display on % for one reason not to sweat these small changes. I think temperature has a lot to do...
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    Increased performance on 28.x?

    Hmm, I thought I was just having more fun flying around traffic the other day but now you have me wondering... only one way to be sure, time for another drive... :)
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    What’s the average Wh/mi you are getting

    ~2800 miles and sitting at 207 wh/mi. aeros, normal Regen, normal acceleration I did a 180 mile trip this past weekend, mostly highway, top speed 80, but lots of heavy traffic and stop and go as well. got 202 wh/mi on that trip. Could have gone 370+ miles if I had done it again. Biggest tricks...
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    At car wash, how do you avoid charge port opening?

    I have seen multiple posts now about pressing hard to put car in hold mode. Not sure if this is something that has changed in recent updates or not, but in my 3 I simply maintain light pressure on the pedal for an extra second after coming to a stop to activate hold.
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    Poll: Model 3 Efficiency (Battery-to-Wheels)

    214 lifetime, over 900 miles now. Aeros. Majority at or below 65 mph.
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    More excellent efficiency to report

    Just using Tao Jones method above. 230/.64 =360 / 311 = 1.155
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    More excellent efficiency to report

    One week of ownership and I am at 607 miles and 215 wh/mi. (aero wheels) I did a trip to up to Breckenridge and back, 230 miles round trip, 3000 ft elevation gain and got 201 wh/mi with only 64% battery used! 115.5% efficiency! That was 55-65 mph hwy speeds most of the way with slowdowns through...
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    Auto Park reverse into garage - how to???

    I am in the same situation, leaf and 3 and shared j1772 at front of garage. I bought the 20' j1772 extension from Emotorwerks but now i am trying to get the hang of this backing in thing instead. Not sure yet which I prefer.
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    VIN Assignment

    Got my VIN yesterday for red + aeros. Ordered 4/6. I was shocked when I logged in given the apparent aero delays. So there is hope! Unfortunately the wait continues...
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    What is the future of 100 mile EVs? Leaf, Focus, eGolf?

    I've had my Leaf over 2 years and still love it. Like others have said, there is a market for them but the price must come down. I think it is crazy that the MSRP of the Leaf S/SV is still about 30-33k yet it is pretty easy to find the dealer/nissan incentives that get them down to about...
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    How long do you plan to keep your Model 3?

    Until I'm dead and buried alongside it.
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    Getting ready for my Model 3

    Congrats on the Leaf. I've had mine over 2 years and love it. Can't wait to get my 3 though. Using a Juicebox right now for the leaf, just plan to share it with the Model 3 when I get it. Each car can charge every other night. I charge the leaf to 100% every other day on a timer that has it...
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    Charging Port on both sides of Model 3 please?

    I will vote for bottom! This means wireless right!? As a leaf owner the front has always seemed like the obvious choice. Backup camera or not when you are in a crowded parking lot and you're forced to drive past a spot to back into it that is always more complicated. Oh well, we already know...
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    First Annual Tesla Only EV Rally in Cripple Creek, CO

    So I know the rally is for Tesla only but if I happen to show up in my Leaf could I get some time on one of the charging stations? I'd love to come see all the Teslas and I will be an owner myself once the Model 3 comes out. :) I was interested in the Drive Electric Week event that popped up...