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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    My retrofit appointment last Saturday went reasonably smoothly but definitely took much longer than the 4 hours that the service centre quoted me when they denied my request for a loaner. Ended up taking 8 hours but since I'd had benefit of the feedback from those of you who posted here, I...
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    My appointment for the install is this Saturday (18 Nov). I messaged the service centre asking about a loaner and was informed that the install will only take 4 hours and no loaner will be supplied. Bummer. But still excited to get my retrofit done.
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    I ordered my retrofit kit on the day that I got the notification that they were back in stock (23 October). It was reported as being out of stock again on 26 October so it would seem that either supplies are limited or demand is high. Prior to that, it was out of stock on 15 Sep (1 day after...
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    Aside from @msb175 , can anyone else who as had the retrofit kit installed comment on how long your service appointment took? I've got my install appointment scheduled for 18 November and I'm wanting to set expectations on how long I'll be without a vehicle. Is it truly a couple of days for this...
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    Tesla launches new automatic electric trunk for Model 3, upgrade available at official service centers

    It's available now for 2019 and 2020 Model 3s: https://shop.tesla.com/en_ca/product/model-3-powered-trunk-retrofit You order it through the mobile app and schedule a service appointment to have it installed.
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    I just got an alert in my Tesla app that the retrofit kit was back in stock. Of course, because I'm selfish, I made sure to order mine, schedule my service appointment and get confirmation of same before coming here to post this update. :)
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    Navigation data not up to date

    It gets pushed as an OTA Navigation Software update. My Model 3 just updated late last week (the last Navigation data update I'd received prior to that was last year sometime).
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    Yeah. I know it makes me sound very selfish but I keep checking the store in the hopes that all of these canceled orders would result in me being able to order a kit for my 2020.
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    Power Trunk Retrofit on Model 3s now Available Direct from Tesla [09.14.2023 - 2018 model 3 not eligible]

    Sadly, I missed the boat too. I'm really hoping that Tesla will restock this kit soon.
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    Rear ended M3 [is this totaled?]

    That doesn't surprise me at all. I just got my Model 3 back today after it got rear ended by a contractor's van back in October. Rear end damage was a little less severe than what you posted in your original post but fortunately, there was no front end damage. Mine wasn't written off and it...
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    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    Agreed. I did not expect -- nor did I ask for -- a loaner when my Model 3 was dropped off with Tesla. My insurance company rented me this misery-inducing Kia Soul that I absolutely abhor driving. As for the repairs, there's finally been some activity. My vehicle was torn down and the official...
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    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    And how, here I am almost a month later and repair_still_ hasn't started on my Model 3 and Tesla is _still_ unresponsive. At this rate, I'm not sure I'll get my car back before summer. Incredibly unhappy but at a loss as to what I can do about it at this point.
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    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    I'll go in a completely different direction and say that I absolutely love my Model 3 and enjoy driving it every time I'm in it. But I'm really starting to sour on Tesla the company... specifically their customer service and vehicle service. My vehicle got rear-ended quite some time ago and has...
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    M3 Rear-ended

    Understood. But to clarify: I didn't take my car to a "Tesla-authorized collision center". I took my car to the "Tesla Collision Centre" which is owned and operated by Tesla themselves. Opening the mobile app and seeing a status of "Last seen 18 days ago" is depressing.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    [photo snipped but appreciated] Absolutely gorgeous.
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    Winter tires and storage Model 3

    I'll add another positive vote for both Kal Tire (the Waterloo branch has treated me very well) and also for the Nokian Hakkapeliitta as a good winter tire. Only complaint with the Nokian's is that they are definitely noisier than your summer tires. But I expect that is true of pretty much all...
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    M3 Rear-ended

    I've opted to stick with Tesla. The repairs to my vehicle are going to be quite extensive and I want to ensure that it's being done by Tesla themselves. Sadly, my car isn't drivable and it's now sitting in the Tesla Collision Centre's lot awaiting teardown. In the meantime, I'm stuck in a...
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    Tesla rear ended; advice on repair centres?

    I have an appointment with the Tesla Collision Centre in Oakville but the earliest one I could get was for 05 Dec. Tempted to look at one of the "Tesla Certified" shops. Does anyone have any experience with or feedback about either: Fix Auto (Waterloo) or CSN Golden Triangle (Guelph)
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    M3 Rear-ended

    <sigh> My M3 just got rear ended yesterday so I've joined the club. Scheduled a collision repair appointment at the Tesla Oakville Collision Centre and the first available appointment slot was 5 December. So over a month before they'll even start looking at my car. :( On the one hand, I want...
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    Tesla rear ended; advice on repair centres?

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated. The Kitchener location does service but I don't believe that they do collision repair. Still waiting to hear from my insurance adjuster so hopefully I'll know more soon. I agree that it would seem best to stick with Tesla for the repairs if I can.
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    Tesla rear ended; advice on repair centres?

    My beloved Model 3 got rear ended on the highway last night. Sadly, dashcam failed me and I didn't get footage of the accident but the case was pretty cut and dried since I was stopped with traffic in front of me and the van nailed me. So aside from just venting, what I'm really after is any...
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    FSD price increase - AGAIN!

    I *was* saving up to add EAP to my Model 3 but with this new pricing, Tesla can go f#@% themselves. There's no way that FSD is worth $20K even if you could get it (since not everyone gets into the beta). And even EAP's value is questionable at the new price point.
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    Auto Insurance in Ontario

    Glad it worked out for you!
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    Auto Insurance in Ontario

    Try reaching out to Duliban Insurance Brokers. They have partnered with the EV Society of Ontario to offer group insurance rates for EVs. I've dealing with them since I bought my Mode 3 in 2020 and have been happy with the service I've received from them. They ended up putting me into a policy...
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    Road Trip Victoria to New Liskeard questions

    You're going to need scuba gear if you want to go under Lake Superior. The extra drag moving through the water will definitely affect your range as well. :) Based on what I see on A Better Route Planner, there are Superchargers available regardless of which route you choose. If you're planning...
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    I, for one, forgive you if only because by posting that, you saved *me* from being that guy.
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    where do you go for brake calipers cleaning and lubricant and tire change at the same time?

    I second the recommendation for Wheeler Automotive up in Innerkip. Cyril is a great guy to work with and he knows his Teslas.
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    May I have some suggestions that where I can find a good shop to tint Model 3 2022 near Guelph?

    And if you're willing to come to Waterloo, I can recommend Niko's Signs & Grafx. They did the tint and PPF on my Model 3. https://www.nikosignsandgrafx.com/
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    App Rate Plan - Ontario Hydro

    I'm in the same boat. Trying to set up my rates for Waterloo North Hydro but can't edit the price fields.
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    Winter Tires - Guelph / KW area

    I bought my Nokians from Kal Tire in Waterloo and was very happy with the service I got from them. They didn't even get overly mad at me when I forgot to turn off Sentry Mode and the car started screaming at them right after they hoisted it!
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    Rims in Ontario

    I bought my rims and TPMS sensors from Wheelwiz.ca and then bought the tires and had all the swapping/mounting work done at KalTire. I was able to buy the TPMS sensors from Wheelwiz because my M3 is a 2020 so it still uses the old sensors. If you have a 2021, I think your only choice is to get...
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    Rims in Ontario

    Congrats on your reservation, Here's hoping you get your car sooner rather than later. I went with the Hakkapeliitta R3 and drove my first winter on them this past winter. I was very happy with how they performed but I will say that they definitely increased the road noise. I was warned about...
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    Ontario home charger

    That's a good tip and something to keep in mind when you go to get your outlet or charger installed. Keep in mind that not all cars have their charge port in the same location so if you get the outlet installed so that it's convenient for your Tesla, it may be in a horrible spot should you...
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    Rims in Ontario

    This is almost the exact thing I did last year. I ordered my rims from Wheelwiz and then had the tires moved around by my local Kal Tire. The pricing you're quoting above is roughly in line with what I paid. Wheelwiz charged $202/wheel + $240 for 4 TPMS sensors + $65 for an installation kit (Hub...
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    Recommendations for winter wheels & tires in Montreal, Quebec?

    I had a set of Nokian Hakkapliita R3 tires (Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 - Winter tires / Nokian Tires) installed on my Model 3 OEM rims and moved the original summer tires over to a set of replacement rims. Drove through my first winter here in Waterloo and had absolutely no traction or control...
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    Easy entry

    Under your driver profile settings, isn't there a check box reading "Use Easy Entry"? You should just have to select that and the car should create an "Easy Entry" profile again. NOTE: I've not tried deleting the "Easy Entry" profile myself so this is pure speculation on my part using this...
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    The Tesla Wave!

    Yes. Here in my neck of the woods, flashing your high beams at someone means they're heading towards a speed trap or some other police presence.
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    Need a Power Trunk Installer in GTA

    Thanks for posting that writeup @garygazza . Much appreciated.
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    Is the Ontario, Front License plate holder added at destination, by Tesla Toronto?

    I don't know if you can pre-empt the installation of the front holder or not but I *can* tell you that removing the holder is fairly trivial. I got PPF applied to my M3 shortly after taking delivery of it and my installer removed the front license plate holder before he even started the paint...
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    Tesla Shop Pomo Code?

    I got a promo code good for 20% off apparel only when I joined my local Tesla Owners club here in Ontario back in July of 2020. For this year, we had to fill in a survey form to request the discount code and we're supposed to receive one direct from Tesla sometime in the near future. So they...
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    Need a Power Trunk Installer in GTA

    Thanks for sharing that information. If I understand you correctly, that price includes purchasing the kit on your behalf, so no need to order one in advance? If so, I may just reach out to them as well.
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    Need a Power Trunk Installer in GTA

    Roughly US$450 - $599 depending on whether you go with Hansshow, Tesla Offer or some other brand. Price will also vary based on options (kick sensor, no kick sensor, etc) and whether or not you get in on a group buy.
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    Acceleration Boost - M3P / LR - AWD

    I picked up my LR AWD last July and had every intention of purchasing the Acceleration Boost. However, even without it, acceleration of the M3 is ridiculously faster than most people will ever need. From any red light, you'll be well above the legal limit within seconds after flooring it. Given...
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    Need a Power Trunk Installer in GTA

    Thanks for that recommendation @mrElbe . I know I'm not the OP but I'll check them out as I am also looking to get a trunk kit installed (as soon as I order one). Another potential installer might be Cyril Wheeler at Wheeler Automotive. He's not quite GTA (he's up in Innerkip) but he's a former...
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    The Tesla Wave!

    Here in Waterloo, I wave at every other driver I see on the road (yes, I'm *that* guy). But about 90% of the time, I'm just ignored. Makes me sad.
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    Hitch installer in Kitchener-Waterloo?

    May I ask what Cyril charged to install the hitch (in round figures)? Did he quote you an hourly rate or a flat fee?
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    Any suggestions on where to get the Induction/Performance wheels for a Model 3?

    I've got the Replika R241 wheels in Space Grey fitted to my M3 and am very happy with them.
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    Tesla recommends cleaning and lubricating all brake calipers every 12 months or 20,000 km

    When I took my Model 3 up to him to have the brake service done, he charged me $150. One caveat: he does not accept credit cards. Strictly cash or e-transfers. His website is Wheeler Automotive – Specializing in Teslas. When I texted him (the number is on his website), he responded quickly and...
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    Anyone own a red Model 3 or Y?

    2020 Red Model 3. Which, as everyone knows, is the only correct colour for a car. :) This was back in August fresh from PPF and ceramic coating.
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    did you clean your brake and caliper after one year of ownership of model 3? If so, where did you get it done in GTA?

    I just got the brakes on my 2020 M3 that I bought last July. Figured I'd do it at the end of every winter when I'm getting the summer wheels put back on. I took my car up to see Cyril Wheeler (Wheeler Automotive – Specializing in Teslas) in Innerkip.